✅ How To Start Affiliate Marketing [Affiliate Marketing For Beginners]

Affiliate marketing for beginners how to startaffiliate marketing fast. I’m going to give you by the hand and showyou step-by-step on a plan how to start your affiliate market for apprentices veryquickly, and I’m also going to show you the tips-off and jokes that top affiliate and I’mtalking about super market Affiliates. I’m going to show you exactly what they doand For each point. I’m going to provide you with a video resourceso you can hone in on your knowledge. Why am I doing that? Simply because countless brand-new amateurs I’m talkingabout affiliate market apprentices are perplexed stymie and overtaken by all the contradictinginformation that they watch on YouTube videos and simply that makes them forever to getstarted because they have to sort through all the right and Long and try to figure outexactly what they need to do in order for them to get started very quickly by the endof this video you get to know more than 97% of all the Affiliate who are trying to starttheir business online.There is no pitch here for you to buy a route. This is totally free of charge. All I asked you to do is subscribe drop alike and make sure to show your patronage. For this canal by hitting the Like button. I’m going to show you all that on my screenlive so you can follow step-by-step. Hello and welcome. This is Mark Daniells. And as I promised you I’m going to go aheadand make you by the hand and establish you exactly how to start your affiliate marketing forbeginners how to start affiliate marketing. Fast because a lot of people want to get itdone fast and lately. I’ve been getting a whole lot of commentsand matters regarding. What is the first thing that I was also necessary dofirst? What is it? The second thing the third thing and mostpeople are starting in the wrong place on the wrong pace. So I’m going to go ahead and take you exactlywhat steps that are necessary for you to start your own affiliate marketing.Very quickly and fast. So now what we’re going to talk about. The first thing is going to be a niche now. This is very important very very important. You can not start with step number2 before starting with step number 1. And so a lot of people are reaching that mistakeand this is going to cost you a lot of things. It’s going to cost you day fund and you’regoing to be overwhelmed and most again most Affiliate marketers quit because they getoverwhelmed with the information because they get a lot of wrong knowledge from YouTubevideos and they do more harm than good for some reason and that’s why I’m not a goodbig propose for you are familiar with, going all your material from you are familiar with, person or persons time becausethat person you know charismatic or whatever it is. Whoever can provide you the highest value. So the first thing That you need to startwith isn’t it? And I know some videos out there and I’m talkingabout YouTube videos and I’m surprised flabbergasted by some of these parties that are supposedto know better than this and they sit there now, you don’t need a niche exactly pick up aproduct and just keep on exiting and this is the worst thing that you can do you need aniche and this is not anything brand-new now the niche that is necessary. you need to be passionateabout Out and again, I have learnt videos on YouTube saying that you don’t need to be passionate. Just yeah, maybe you need a niche merely picka niche and then you don’t have to be passionate about because if you’re intense about youmight not find one well nowadays, you can find anything that you can pet be passionateabout you can find anything that you can be passionate about and you can make money fromit and I have proved it to you in other videos that I have made.For so, let’s go ahead and need to go now. Now. What I’m going to do is just to prove thispoint. This is was my belief a long time ago. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to havesomebody that you already know telling you the same thing people say you have to havea lot of fury for what you’re doing and it’s totally true-life and the reason is is becauseit’s so hard that if you don’t any rational being would give up and you have to do itover a sustained period of time If you don’t love it, if you’re not having fun doing it, you don’t really affection it. You’re going to give up. I genuinely hope the excerpt from Steve Jobs madesome sense to you because again, if you’re not fierce about what you’re doing, yougoing to give up very quickly and like any other business you going to have some setbacksand especially if you’re doing something that you hate don’t like more than likely humanbeings will give up very quickly.I’m not going to have time to tell you everythingabout Niche but I have some good story for you because I have the financial resources for you foryou to go. I made a video on YouTube and I’m going toput everything in the comment area. So you don’t have to go and search for it, but don’t worry about it. I in this video right here I was really deepabout how to pick the best Niche for affiliate marketing.I previously have 27 ready Niches and this isa downloadable. Can download the blueprint and you can usesome of these niches exactly an FYI some of these spasms I go deep because I’m gonna explainto you in this video up here in this video best niches. What various kinds of niches are they and how deepyou need to go? So I’m not gonna cover it right now. I precisely I’m concerned about a lot of peoplethat really don’t know which step to start first second and third I informed the committee that before Forjust like baking a cake. If you have a cake, you want to roast a cake. You do have a recipe for it. Let’s say chocolate cake.There’s a recipe for it and they tell younumber one. Number two what to do number one the firststep the Second Step third gradation and so on. Now if he started with the third step insteadof the first one what’s going to happen. Are you going to have a cake? Probably not it’s not going to be what kindof a cake is it going to be and it or if you started with Number three and then you wantto forward then you want to two and then one it’s the same thing with business. The law of business is very much the samewe have to go through steps. Now, the number two that I want to mentionhere is very important, which is all product must have the same Niche. Now when you first get in started you musthave the same Niche what I want by that is very important. You cannot switching niches too much becausethis is going to overwhelm you Now I’m going to cover this here in merely a little bit morebut I only want to give you a heads up when you are choosing a niche here.Don’t go and choose three, four niches. Okay, exactly choose one later on you can expandif you want to but don’t do that at this place and I have realise some people on YouTube, youknow one day there are you know advocating for state product the second day for relationshipproducts, you are familiar with, and it’s all over the place and it’s very difficult. There’s a reason why I’m saying that I will revealthat here in just a second. Now the second thing that you need to do afteryou pick your Niche and you decide which one that you like, you need to go to the marketplaceand again in YouTube videos, what they do is they exit the top 5 marketplaces number 1. Is this number two, is this a number thereis no number two, there is no one thing no marketplace now One Marketplace that is isgoing to be good for you and for somebody who’s been doing it for five years or tenyears.So it depends where you computed in the process. So, you know, if you are a beginner, it’sdifferent Marketplace that you need to be looking at than somebody who’s a ex-serviceman thatmaybe been doing it for a long time because you need to be able to qualify easily. And I too have a video on that so you don’thave to go and try to Invent the pedal and go all over the place. I have one right here. It says the best affiliate sell programsfor 2020. Now what’s unique about this is I predictedthings that are going to happen before they did happen.I’m not going to go over that and also I gowith the pros and cons for each one at there and I’m going to of course you cannot talkabout every single one, but the ones that are favourite, so let’s go ahead and go to numberthree now quantity. Three is that you get to pick your make. Now. We find the niche. We want to the marketplace that is suitablefor our Niche and the things that we want to do you watch this video right here thattells you the pros and cons about everything and in there in this one I do have in thisvideo right here. I do have a recommendation for novices, but I want you to see what’s out there as Also, I want to see okay, I can start withthis. But then after I contacted for example, the $10,000 threshold that I often recommend is that I need I can go somewhere else regardless, so the third thing is that you need to select your product.A lot of Phillies start the error by goingstraight to the product but ninety percentage or ninety eight percent of them go and theypick a product because they so it really nice video on YouTube that is pushing some kind. And of such products that they like and what happensis that they extended and they bought it and it’s a problem. Okay. So the reason is that you need to pick oneNiche. The reason for that you are building youremail list. How do you build your email listing, you buildyour email index based on your potential question because like I mentioned before in differentvideos you are providing Solutions. You’re not in the business of selling productsyou’re in a business of solving problems and providing solutions by the way of promotingaffiliate products.So if you are in need, let’s say you are inthe niche of let’s say health Niche for example, so you are building your roll. Okay, I’ll talk about that here in only alittle bit you build a new register to for people who are interested in health product if yousit there and you Change that and now you are promoting a different commodity. For precedent a relationship commodity. These beings not going to be interested inthat they’re interested in the health industry and there’s a whole lot of concoctions that youcan sell for that your directory that is worthless.Now, you got to build another list for peoplewho are interested in a different Niche which is you know, relationships. Don’t induce that mistake, specially when youfirst go far started now later on when you become bigger, then you can do a entire Lotwith that in another word. You can have a big email list for people whoare for example interested in health wealth and then affairs. For pattern, let’s say you have a health product. Number one number two, and amount three. The intellect for that is that you have in thislist is because let’s say you are sitting out there and you are promoting a certainproduct that is a health product and the person or persons perhaps you send them seven emails and I’lltell you precisely I do have some videos that tell you exactly what you need to do.How many emails you’re supposed to pick whatkind of emails you’re supposed to send so you can watch that this is not the subjectfor this video. So in case, they didn’t like produce numberone now, you can send them something like product number two or make digit three, but how about if you start with for example Health product number one as an introductorythen okay product.Number two is a continuation of product numberone and product digit. Is a continuation of product number two, sothere are different policies that you can use that with I only want to let you knowthat let me make this a little bit smaller here now. I just want to let you know that I do havethis video. Also, this is these are like a resource areally nice good source for you to go ahead and know exactly if you need help for examplehow to do that you can go. Go to this one now how to structure affiliateproducts. Now this one here how to make money with affiliatemarketing for amateurs. Now, this one here is going to explain toyou very important stuff what I’m talking about some things that top affiliate do okay, which is right here. I appointed this here what I was educating. This is very very popular and you can useit as well.So this is here the portfolio. I call it Affiliate produces that can modify don’t wantto talk about it too much now. But I really want to let you know that thisone now, you can learn about it because this is so important for your success. It’s inside this video right here. Okay. Just want to give you a heads-up or not. Now number four how to choose a winning product. I also have a video of evidencing you how to pickthe earn produce with one click of a button. Okay. I do have a video on that. It’s right here. I’m going to introduce it also in the comment sectioneasy to pick a niche produce. So it’s very important not to waste too muchtime trying to figure out. Okay, what kind of product and what is itthat I need to do? Because there’s a lot of videos out there. They go by gravity and seriousnes is not theindicator of how successful this produce is selling.So there is pluses and minuses but you are familiar with, it’s like somebody makes a video about it and then another person reproduces them. And another person copy them and then before, you know, do you start to see the now all these slithers then it becomes true. Oh, yeah, it’s you supposed to pick with aproduct with the highest gravity. No, it’s not. I’m going to show you how to do that withone click of a button. So this is very important for you to alsolook into now as far as the tools. Now a lot of people want this right here. They require this nice beautiful Tower, okay. Example this is like imagine that this isyour Empire your business Empire. And this is what you have in your subconsciou andall the sudden you end up with something like this where the quantity Shack with outside Plumbingor no plumbing and you wonder why and you wonder why what’s going on? Why is it why is it bad? How come I’m not, you know getting the stuffthat I actually want.So let me go ahead and Make this fit here. So I’m going to go ahead and just let youknow why a lot of people they want to like show up. They want to build this right here, but theywant to build it with exactly a screwdriver and a spade. They want to go ahead and say like well, howcome I didn’t attained I because you don’t have the right tools to get it on. I’m not I’m just this is just an example. Okay, but let’s say you want to build something. It doesn’t matter what it is if it’s a business. This if it’s a platform if it’s a softwareyou going to need some tools to build that you desire to build you have to have tools andsome people don’t want to do it free. They don’t want to is everything. They precisely want to go like, you are familiar with, whatI’m going to do everything free or they pick up an autoresponder that is wrong for affiliatemarketing beings don’t know that they just pick up an autoresponder “thats really not” affiliatefriendly has to be an affiliate.Friendly. These are the tools I use they’re also inthe comment area as well. Okay, you have to have a sales funnel can’tjust trying to make it big without a sales funnel nowadays. You can because 5,000 and brand-new websites arecreated every hour. So, how can you participate by simply generating one? The other one is hosting you probably goinglike well, you just said that you don’t need a website.Well, you need an internet site because you don’twant to be homeless online beings going to look. you up. I do have one as well. I don’t sell commodities on it. I really settled a little bit about myself becauseyou want to create a home online when someone review you up. Hey, you’re there. You’re there is a picture of you and you doexist. Then the other one that you need is a trackingsoftware. You cannot supplanted without tracking softwareand you cannot scale up without a tracking software because you cannot do Automationand I get it on with the tracking software.It takes me from one residence to the other. There and it values everything for me. Okay, the other one is traffic without traffic. For lesson, you’ll have nothing you can createor you can you want to promote the best product out there, but if you don’t have a trafficgeneration platform is like a bird-dog with no teeth, for example, you can do anything youhave the stuff but you can’t use it. So I do have that inner it’s free you cango in. But of course, you want to start to use itas soon as you are eligible to. I likewise have a $5. Her off. I’m not trying to sell you anything chaps, but I please individual did supply these things for me because if they did accommodate these thingsfor me, I wouldn’t have had to go through a whole lot to find exactly what works whatdoesn’t work because I made a lot of mistakes. You know, when I firstly get started over 11 several years ago. I made a lot of mistakes because there wasnobody tells me the right stuff. Now you have it all the stuff that that isup here. You can learn somehow Okay, you can learnsomehow but there is no way you can learn how to create your own autoresponder yourown auctions pour and all these are like a month free or half a few months free. What a lot of parties do is they get startedespecially with Sales funnel. You have to have it. You can even build a website inside of itand on top of that if you don’t want it, if you don’t like it, you can just cancel anytimeyou might say Yeah, well you they’re going to ask me questions.No, one of my people I had him. Just want to make sure that they do it hewent in and he applied it for half a month or so and then he canceled not even one questionwas app. So go ahead and use it. It’s free people. It is free. Everything in here is free to start lateron you will pay hosting is a whole month free. It’s like three dollars or something likethat a few months. I only don’t understand when some people havean issue with that and I did that one time. I had a comment from somebody proceeding like ohyou trying to sell me something. Well, you know what? I choose soul tried to sell me somethinglike that that already been proven to work and it’s good. You cannot build anything. You cannot is everything. You have to be upfront with yourself andyou have to be honest or you want to go and make it 20 gloriou a month without you buyinganything. That’s a pie.In the sky, it will never happen. All privilege. Now, I precisely want to let you know the reasonfor that is because it’s very simple. It’s because a lot of the people that in mychannel following me and things like that, they no matter what they go and they go toYouTube and they try to find some information or whatever it is. I is clear that and that happens, but Ijust want to let you know that or a lot of scammers out there on YouTube.I’m going to say it again. There’s a lot of scammers on YouTube. They inspect legitimate. I’m not saying they’re going to go and stealyour coin away from you know, but they give you a hope camouflaged by hype. So they hype you up for something so you canwatch their videos. So don’t fall prey for somebody like thatbecause these parties exist and in this video right here. I’ll tell you what was do how youcan avoid them. And it is required to do that because you will runinto them.Go onward and watch it so you don’t fall preybecause your time is more valuable than money money. You can get back your time. You can never get it back when it is gone. It is gone. You can never is everything. Now. I want you to think about all this informationthat I have here for you now , is not merely I’m telling you exactly what you do what to dofirst second third and so on. Go on I’m also supplying you with some videosto help you with that particular pace. For pattern Niche. This is a video considering that. about Marketplace. This is a video about that now. I time want you to understand that this isright here the information that I have here of for you right here. This is easily could be a course that is worthover $ 2,000. The reason I’m doing it free because I wantto I want to help other parties and all I request Is patronage this canal by subscribing droppingalike and make sure to share it with somebody that you care about the above reasons I do this isbecause there’s a lot of misleading information on YouTube and online that is more harmfulfor you than any other platform.I’m not saying got something for me. I don’t need anything that I’m saying? Is that take it to heart take it to heartand I’m getting a whole lot of applications by. But you know creating my own trend regardingthat I’m not sure about that. I might I might not it depends. Let me know if you just wanted to so I can show youexactly what you need to do. But if I have enough people asking me to createan affiliate marketing or how to start your business online for fledglings, let me knowand if I have enough beings I’ll be more than happy to do that. I certainly hope you like this video. If you did, please agree drop a like Andmake sure to smack that notification button and don’t forget to share this video withsomeone you be concerned about and like I mentioned I recognize you supporting this channel bygiving me the vote which is a thumbs-up that will help a whole lot.That would tell me you like the informationand I can maintain realise more free videos for you. So make sure to do that. I notice a lot don’t but this is so importantfor me because it’s an. An indication that you liked this video and youwant to actually learn more remember don’t let other people’s ruling of you determinehow you is an indication in life and as usual I’ll see you at the top.

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