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Hi, I’m Tamara and I’ve got some incredible newsfor you today! You will have never seen anything like this I assure you it’s a totally done foryou affiliate marketing system that my good friend James put together. It made him almost a year andthe only reason he was able to do it was because of the unique auto-tagging feature that is inBuilderall which is what this system is built on. If you’re either a fledgling in affiliate marketingor an established affiliate marketer frankly this system is going to blow you apart. Plus I’ve gotsome incredible bonuses for you as well so make sure you stay adjusted to see those! So in a nutshellbasically you’ll get pre-approved to 40 different high-pitched ticket affiliate programs which sometimes youwon’t even get approval or have to wait months for but we get fast-tracked.You also will have Ithink it’s now 390 professionally written emails ready to go for you so over a year’s worth ofemails going out to your pass with very valuable information it’s not just all spamming bullshit. Aswell as 12 pdf ebooks genuinely again very helpful and informative but the best thing is that youraffiliate links are included in it all like you don’t have to do any messing around, editing, writing emails which is my least favorite thing to do! It’s all there for you so you’re goingto be earning from multiple flows of income and literally, it will make you maybe two tothree hours peak to be established your big affiliate blueprint. This is what this donefor you affiliate marketing method is called. It took James one year to employ it together.I’mgoing to make you inside& we’re going to have a sneak peek and then we’re going to look at allthe different facets plus my bonuses so bide sung and let’s go! Okay just before we start intothe big affiliate plan or MAB for short-lived I just wanted to say that youknow I merely promote or recommend products that I actually use so we’reinside of it so you know I’m exercising it. And it’s awesome it’s so easy and there is noother done for you affiliate marketing plan like this out there I can guarantee that! Sothis is James he is the creator, it made him a year to articulate this all together and with theamount of occupation behind the scenes that you’re gonna see in a minute, it’s no wonder why it tooka year.It would take me probably two years to do this and if you’re new to affiliate marketingwell then just good luck. Okay so we would start off now so he’s got literally step-by-step videotutorials demo you exactly what you need to do and it actually can’t get much simpler thanthat! So this is what you’re gonna get all of this plus he’s always supplementing brand-new stuffas well. There’s actually 390 done for you professionally written emails and I’ll go overthis bit more when we go into the features page so you just have to click I concur and then youstart now. And this is where you’re going to get your Builderall account so for one dollar youget unlimited use for 30 daytimes. This will be going away soon because Builderall’s discontinuingthe free schedule there are just too many spammers. So you just get this for a dollar right and thenjust a quick look inside Builderall you get like 40 online commerce an instrument for a ridiculouslylow price and if you join before august 15 th then you’re going to be locked in at the price itis now because the price is going up in mid-august so don’t sleep on this! All liberty so onceyou get Builderall then you would go to your next organization and you will download the wholepackage the emails, the pas sheets, the pdfs, everything.And this is what it looks likeokay so here’s all your different induce magnets which are really valuable actually themselvesthere’s a good deal of good info in there. Your thank you page, members area, and yourwhite description done for you affiliate selling training course so there are 22 videos and youcan sell that for however much you miss. Okay so like I said he exactly basically makes you step bystep how to do everything and so now you’ve got the done for you affiliate selling arrangement setup it’ll make you, it took me two hours so it’ll make you between two and three hours to set itup but like I said it made him a year to build it! The allure of the whole system is because ituses Builderall’s unique auto-tagging serve and you will not find this in any other platform.Builderall is the only one that has it and James’s Massive Affiliate Blueprint is the only one thatuses it to such an amazing degree.So what happens is basically once you download it and defined it upall of your affiliate ties-in for all 40 of the high ticket affiliate platforms that you’regoing to get automatic approval to, I represent many of these you’ll have to wait monthsto get approval if you get it at all. You probably would get affirmed extremely if you’re newto affiliate sell. So you get pre-approval to over 40 high-ticket affiliateprograms& all 390 of your emails will have your affiliate associates& your pdfswill have your affiliate associates and your refer so your name will be signed at the bottomof all those emails, all the pdfs.You also get a sales sheet to the lily-white name affiliatetraining course which is 22 videos as i said and all your affiliate connects will be included inthere as well as your super checkout so you can receive your commissions. So all you have to do issend traffic and with all of the traffic training, this is for Tik Tok down here that he’s gotfor you plus he includes brand-new training all the time. You’ll too have access to his exclusive trafficrolodex this alone is worth thousands of dollars trust me on that one. And if you’re brand newto affiliate marketing training you’re gonna get all this training as well.And then theextras so this is the bonus VIP conferences which he pays between five and ten thousanddollars to get qualify from the best affiliate purveyors in the world gravely! I’ll support youthat in one second and then you also get monthly q& a coaching calls so both of these youcan jump on zoom and see it live. If you miss it then they’re recorded under here. okayso this is what I signify these are the top guys, the work requires some daughters in here or some women in herethat’s for sure.You know Dave Sharpe he’s the owner of Legendary Marketer, John Thornhill topguy, Matt Bacak is the email affiliate marketer out there mostly. Tom Beal so yeah these arejust videos that you can watch or you can join live on the zoom. So mostly when you click thelink below you’re going to be taken to this page and you’re going to grab one of these soyou can see for yourself how good they are, put your email in, then you’re going tobe taken to a thank you page you sounds the button below and you’re gonna be taken to thispage. So there’s James again the first-bit kind of gives you a little bit of his backstory howhe’s basically come from rock bottom to being the number one Builderall affiliate in the worldas well as he’s the top in two other high ticket affiliate programs, so he knows what he’s talkingabout. He’s an honest person he’s not one of these bs guru people that really speak nonsense mostly he’sthe real bargain and he’s always available to you. As well you get invited into his exclusive VIPFacebook group so he’s always on hand that you can get in touch with plus you’ll also be able toget a hold of me either through Facebook or reply to any of my emails and I’ll be there to helpyou so you’re basically get two Builderall attested collaborators as well as everything elseyou’ve seen.So he has lots of testimonies which is always something you want to look for and this is it like you’re basicallygetting a business in a container and as I said before over 40 differentincome streams. You know they say the average millionaire has seven different income streamswell we’re kicking ass because we got 40 plus. So there you go yep top of the boardhe’s done a lot of motivational speaking Okay I’m just trying to get to thefeatures so this is what i’m saying all of this will have your name aswell as your affiliate joins only one click download and you’ve got allof it.We call it automagically I represent just think about it how long wouldit go you to write 390 good emails with lots of valuable information not just you knowspamming and selling stuff but actually giving you useful information? So yeah no editing at allfor you exactly set up the system and it’s good to go all you have to do is drive congestion to one ofthose 12 opt-in pages with all the various pdfs, and he is probably undervaluing it but i’m tellingyou there are many other structures out there that i have seen that i’ve even bought for a lot moremoney than this, that merely didn’t deliver what I expected.You also get priority subsistence andlike this was the traffic rolodex so these are the features I’ve been talking about really toshow you again the quality is incredible man! And this is version 2.0 of the MassiveAffiliate Blueprint so he first propelled it in October of 2020. The new 2.0 which he’sjust recently propelled when I became a member it’s even better but I haven’t shown youmy bonuses more! Okay so that just goes on talking about each feature in more detail andthen you can go to the bottom, so here we go everything you’re gonna get. He also has contestsand races where you can win a thousand free solo ad clinks to your give so total price andthis is legit it’s not just bs I’m telling you as well as my bonuses of course. Sothat’s it 997 dollars and you can also opt to pay to split up the payments intothree but he’s not gonna be keeping this offer open for very long at this pricebecause it’s just ridiculous price! So now my my bonuses are worth this much, actually, more so I’m going to simply give you a quick look.So there’s me and james hanging out, just for joining my email roll you’re going to get these bonuses I make this is 140 sheet work, yourtop free implements, this has went over 140 returning affiliate platforms but like I said you’ve gotpre-approval to 40 of the best through MAB so you don’t even have to apply or anything, you’regoing to get all these even a free inn giveaway! Okay and to make it even better foryou once you become a MAB member, I’m going to see in my Builderall dashboardonce you meet for the dollar for 30 days. Well, I’m going to send you over a print of this website, there are two pages so this is the page you’d send you can just are additional to your emails when peoplejust join your email index so they can get these bonuses.But then when they join eitherBuilderall or massive affiliate idea then you can offer them all of the bonuses so that’swhy I determine it up in two sheets this is the free page and then the premium page all the links areactive. So that’s what I’m saying my bonuses alone plus you get to use these for your leads like it’sreally various kinds of a no-brainer truly. So now you’ve got a totality arrangement you’ve got awesome bonuses andall you have to do is drive traffic and with all the training that you have inside MAB for trafficyou’re on to a win and this is what I mean you’re literally going to have a business readyto go within two to three hours, 45 -5 0 different income creeks coming in and as well. Let’stalk about human rights committee so you’re going to do 40% fees on all of James produces plusthere’s a second-tier so that’s another 10%. It’s how Builderall offices it’s two-tier which is thisthe best way to make love really because I bring in someone through MAB and then they bring in otherpeople that I’m going to make 10% on whoever they bring in on top of the 40 percentage from the peopleI bring in.So that’s why I adore two tiers they’re very good! So if you have any questions or commentsleave those below the video or responded to one of my emails and make sure you grab your free bonuses upat the top now. Okay and make sure you subscribe and touched that notification buzzer because i’ve got alot more videos coming out to school you all about affiliate market and about Builderall.Cheers and have yourself an magnificent epoch ..

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