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What’s going on, guys? Matthew Sabia here. Now, you guys have basically beenbegging me to move more affiliate market videos. In this one, I’m going to do somethingpretty special and truly over-deliver. I’m going to show you how to build the exact case study filethat’s responsible for generating over a fourth million dollars in pure advantage affiliatesales over this past year. Not simply that, I’m going to be establish you accurately the trafficsource that we use to get hot buyer traffic to this funnel as soon as tonight. You guys areready for this, let’s strap in and get started. I’m going to show you guys exactly how to build afunnel. We’re going to go over how the whole thing operates. I’m going to show you how to build thevideo for the pour, which is very, very simple. You can do it on any computer, you don’t needany video sciences, you don’t need to be on camera. I’m going to show you how to setup your emailfunnel, and how to get traffic to that funnel as soon as tonight.Without further ado, let me hop onto my computer. I first want to show you the results of this funnel fromover this past year, like I was telling you. Then we’re going to hop freedom into my ClickFunnelsaccount, I’m going to show you how to build this funnel yourself, and I’m going to link to thisfunnel down below as well. If you guys crave, associate below in the specific characteristics, it’s goingto import this funnel into your account, all you need to do is replace the video, replace it with your affiliate tie-ups, and you’re going to be good to go. Now, beforeyou build your first case study file, it’s very, very important that you click the like buttondown below. It truly facilitates out this direct, the YouTube algorithm, and leavea comment down below as well. If you have any comments, questions whatsoever, I read and reply to most of them now.Of course, click subscribe if you want to see more videoslike this. But without further ado, let’s go ahead and rush right into this. All privilege people, here we are inside of one of my JVZoo reports, and what I want to do is head over here to myaccount and click on JVZoo pay. As you guys can see here, on this account, I’ve generated justover $744,000, 718,000 of which has been paid out. It’s too much money coming in, so youguys can really see the potential of this. For all the really cynical people who say, “That’s probably a commodity that I’m selling, I’m doing it as a marketer , not as an affiliate.Well, what I could do for a little bit more proof is actually head over here to affiliates and clickon affiliate dashboard.I’m going to come down now, and I’m going to set this to the beginningof this year, to the day that I’m filming this video. January 1st, to today, I’m going to clickon freshen. If you look who it is here, you’ll see that we generated $ 229,000 exactly under a fourth of amillion dollars, in affiliate earnings this year. I’m actually going to go ahead and blow thisup, just so you guys can see. We have the full deterioration, the stats here. Now I am going to goahead and blur out the actual product honours we’ve been promoting, mostly because I don’t wantthis video to go on to get a million views, then I’m responsible for people not followingmy tricks accordingly, and communicating these poverty-stricken merchants a assortment of garbage traffic, andthen I get a bad name in the industry. I’m going to go ahead and blur those out, butyou guys can see all the real numbers right here.You can see that some of these downhere, they actually don’t have any clicks through to them. Those are the upsells, orOTOs, within the pours for these products. We have one product now for 92,000, 61,000, 42,000, these are all the main products that I promoted this year using these case studyfunnels I’m about to show you guys. Now that you guys understand the power of using casestudy funnels for these type of affiliate offers, we’re going to hop in my click pours account, I’m going to show you exactly how to set this up. If you guys require, you can steal my exact funnelby clicking the link down below.It’s completely free, it’s going to import it right into yourClickFunnels account. Let’s do a quick dislocation of this case study funnel. Again, the linkis down below if you guys want to copy this into your chronicle, or precisely copy what I’m showingyou on the screen right here and construct your own. Now, first thing that we do is send them to thissimple opt in page.I actually are happy to settled the product logo up at the top right here, then youguys precisely replace the headlines. Insert product benefits, that room your case study video willshow. Hey, do you want to see how I did X within X? Go onward, check out this free video, somethinglike that. Make sure it’s linked up to your auto responder, click here to watch the video. That’sgoing to make them to the actual case study page. Now this is it, it’s extremely simple.Case study, exactly how I exercised this tool to generate $ 718 in 24 hours without paying for ads or an emaillist. You have this little subheading right here. Obviously, this whole page, it’s very salesy, it’svery MMO, but this page alters like crazy. What you guys want to do is have case study, exactlyhow I utilized this tool to generate, or merely benefit, without hurting point.What your leads-in are goingto want to achieve, whatever niche you’re in, without something that they wish to avoid. Goin and supplant the stuff on this sheet. Now, the reason you want to do this is to makesure that you soared your changeover paces and you super pre-sell these leadsbefore they go to your affiliate relate, and they get your vouch for this product. Now, you may be wondering, well Matt, is thatgoing to lower the amount of people who click through to your affiliate give? Well, yes and no.Maybe time a couple of people who are just really slothful, they’re not going to click through. Buthere’s the thing, those people probably weren’t going to buy regardless, and if they do watch thisvideo and they get your vouch for this product, they are much more likely to go ahead andpurchase the product because you’re depict them how it toils. Mostly, your leadsare coming to this page from your solo ads, or wherever you’re drivingtraffic, and they’re saying, “You show me a remunerate stub for $72,000 on it, I quit my job right now and I work for you.” And you’re using this case study funnelto say, “Hey listen, I quit.” Makes sense, right? Now what do you want to do for thecase study video that gone on this page? Well, it’s fairly simple.If you’re on a Windowscomputer, there’s plenty of free screen recording apps that you can use. If you’re on a Mac, allyou have to do is open up QuickTime player, click on file and going to see brand-new screen recording, andyou can actually record your screen with audio right from the microphone on your computer. Youdon’t need any crazy video revising knowledge, and you don’t need to be on camera if you don’t wantto. Though, I would recommend it, because it probably will improve your changeovers a little bit.People like interacting with real people, okay? As I said, it’s very salesy, it’s very in yourface. But I want to show you guys exactly how I organized these videos. We have this coollittle shot of me counting the money in the beginning of the video. That certainly goes peoples’attention. After that, I show them exactly how I use the tool, I show them the research results thatI got, and then a call to action, certainly, to go ahead and click through to get instantaccess, which this button is going to lead to your affiliate link.Now, you guys may noticethat in all my case study videos, includes the one I presented you guys earlier, I always putthis little timer in the bottom of the video. Now, that’s there for a very specific reason.This is called the cognitive completion bias in your brain. I’m going to leverage that to getmore auctions. You guys may have noticed before, you are eligible weed through a sales funnel, and you seea progress forbid along the top that accomplishes the further you go along in the funnel.That’s tappinginto a cognitive bias in your visitor’s brain that wants to see things completed. It’s thesame purpose as when you’re on Instagram, and you experience some people threw those phony littleprogress disallows at the bottom of a video, it’s much more likely someone will follow through to theend of the video if they see that timer there. Now, you guys can set this in there. I usePremiere Pro, but I’m sure whatever video editor you’re using, there’s some simple course toput that in there. I highly recommend you guys add that as well. Basically, the outline of yourcase study video should look something like this. First things first, you want to make sure you havea hook in the beginning, something to really get folks’ tending and keep them watching, inmy speciman, clearly “were having” me counting the physical fund, and that’s something parties seein every video, they use screen shootings and digital stuff.It certainly get races’ attention, and theykeep watching the rest of the case study video. Next thing after that, you mostly want to havea tutorial expres people how to use the actual product that you’re promoting. Excuse my sloppymouse handwriting. You want to actually show them how to use the tool to get the results thatthey’re looking for. Then speaking of, you want to make sure that you was an indication some of the resultsand certainly sell them on the benefits of using the product and at the end, you want to closeout with a very strong call to action or CTA, as we’ll call it, to click the button down below, which is going to link to your affiliate tie-up. Again, simply immediate summary. Hook them in thebeginning, got something to get races’ notice. Do a tutorial of such products, whenyou want to be on-camera, when you really screen record your computer, which is fine for softwaretools and products.Make sure you convince them of the result that you’ve got using the make, and then a strong call to action to get them to sounds the button and going to see your affiliatelink. Now, one thing I like to do on these pages is actually set the call to action buttonto not show up until a last-minute station in your video, or maybe until the entire video is complete.You do that right inside of ClickFunnels, you are eligible to have aspects not show up for a certaintime period. It’s right there in your establisheds. Now, let me quickly go over how to actuallyfind winning affiliate offers to promote. What I recommend you do is go onto youraffiliate network of select. We’re using JVZoo in this example because they mostly promotesoftware makes, which project great for these case study funnels. But if you’re promoting thingsfrom Click Bank, Warrior Plus, maybe a private affiliate planned like ClickFunnels, you guysget those returning fees every month, go on there and sort the proposals by bestconverting, peculiarly if you’re a beginner, that’s going to be the most effective way to find offersthat are pretty simple and easy to promote.Now something very important you want to dois make sure you’re following up on all these leadings who opt in on your case study page withan email sequence. You guys can use any email automation tool you require. There’s Aweber, there’sConvert Kit, there’s MailChimp, there’s Sendlane, they’re all basically the same. You guys hearme say all the time, don’t get romantic about the tools that you use, they’re all the same thingat the end of the working day. Or, you could also use your ClickFunnels account where your actual case studyfunnel is to program email follow-ups as well. If you go into your ClickFunnel fixeds, you seeyou could actually line up emails scheduled to go out when a person opts in. Decide whatever toolyou want to use, and the place you’re going to get the content to throw in those emails is from theaffiliate product creator. If we go back onto our affiliate network, you guys are going to noticewhat’s called an affiliate or JV page relation on the affiliate proposal sheets. Now, this is where theaffiliate product builders are going to give you all the tools and natural resources you need to promoteyour product.Email swipes or email templates, which they’re announced, go on there, imitation and pastethose, merely put your own affiliate link in there. You’re going to get custom-made adds, usage video, social media uprights. They’re going to get you everything you need to be equipped to promotetheir product. Okay, once you have all this set, you chose an offering, you improved your case studyfunnel, and you have your case study video rock and ready to go, how do you actuallyget buyer traffic into this funnel to start generating fees? Well, what we’re going tobe doing is leveraging what are called solo ads. Solo ads are basically you buying slits on someoneelse’s email directory to promote your give. Instead of spending times built up a massive emaillist to promote your offerings and your moves to, you’re buying spaces on someone else’s lists.You guys are familiar with how influencermarketing works on something like Instagram or YouTube, where you pay an influencer topromote your produce to their existing adherents. This is the influencer marketing ofemail marketing, I guess you could say. You’re paying another purveyor to send anemail with your link to their list. Now, the prime website you’re going to be using forthis is called Udimi. You can sounds the link down below, and that’s actually going togive you$ 5 off your first solo ad. Yeah, it’s an affiliate connection, so I’m going to get$ 5, too. It’s kind of like a win-win. If you guys want, a little of revealing, I know somepeople get prompted about that for some reason. I know I’m going to do$ 5 if you guys clickthe link. But what we’re going to do is navigate over to Udimi.com, and you simplywant to go and try and find solo ad sellers the hell is selling traffic in the same nicheas your affiliate offer.As “youre seeing”, we can sort by how much the cost per clink is, this is how much they’re going to bill per click to your bring page and to your affiliatelink. You can also sort by the number of purchasers who really got marketings from the promotionsthat they bought from the solo ad vendors. For speciman, we’ll go over here to Glen’s offer.If you “ve been looking for” here, we can see how many return purchasers that Glen has had before, we can see thathe has a ton of positive feedback, he frequently answers within an hour, and about 43% of peoplewho buy solo ads from Glen’s roster actually manufacture auctions. Now, one thing to keep in mind, if you’reusing solo ads systematically, after a while, you’re going to be using the same vendors over and overagain. If someone’s get auctions on your offers, you’re going to be consistently exerting their soloads, and buying from them over and over. They’re going to give you copes, you’re going to build a relationship, you’re going to go on a marry dates, things aregoing to get pretty serious.Before you know it, you’re engaged and you’ve got a couple of kidsand you have an affiliate marketing empire. Now when you’re first starting out, though, and you’re trying to find good vendors, Udimi gives you a couple of tools to filterthrough the person or persons on here. Down below here, you can see we’re going to decide how manyvisitors we want, how many sounds through to your present. Then after a while, you’re goingto be able to calculate how much one visitor is worth to you formerly you start to see howmany sales you get from your affiliate offer.You certainly do the math in your pate. Anotherthing I most recommend you to do is only buy what’s called prime freight. The higherquality freight that you buy from people, sure, it’s going to be alittle bit more expensive, but the transition proportion is going to be muchhigher. I’d recommend you buy prime traffic, right in the initial stages. Especially, if you havea smaller budget. Which again, I know, it’s a little bit ironic, you have a smaller budget, you’re going to be spending a little bit more, but you’re going to get more results for the moneythat you’re set in.Make sure you’re always buying prime traffic from top tier countries, it is going to be worth it, take my term for it. Now, Udimi offers some really great otherfeatures. Like you can save premade ad tech. Let’s say you’re sending out the same promotion overand over again. You can save it in there instead of copying and pasting it each time. You couldadd friends, you could message the solo ad purchasers and negotiate things and figure out when they’regoing to send it, maybe they’d actually are contributing to out with your imitation sometimes. It’s definitelythe number 1 home I’d recommend to go buy solo ads. You can see exactly how much it’s goingto cost title down now, you want to schedule it.Then down now, you can actually decide thecontent that wishes to the solo ad dealer to blast out to their list. Now when you’re givingthem the link, like we gone over earlier, you want to make sure you have an opt in pagethat runs before your case study video. Because you want to make sure that you’re buildingyour own email roster to promote offers to, from the solo ad marketers leads.When they refer someone to a attach, it’s going to go to your opt in sheet, wheresomeone’s going to enter their epithet and email. Now you have the same lead that was on their roster, then you can promote to them again and again. Make sure you’re sending your solo ad trafficto an opt in sheet. It’s extremely important.Don’t only send them to the case study video sheet, and if they don’t buy, you’ve lost them forever. Make sure you can follow-up with them. That, guys, is essentially it. You can go out there, steal my accurate case study file that, again, isresponsible for over a part million dollars in pure revenue affiliate auctions over this pastyear, on one, single affiliate structure. Start buying some solo ads, improving your own emaillist, and get your own affiliate commissionings as soon as tonight. Guys, again, as always, I reallyhope you appreciate this video. The next one’s going to be a little bit different. I’m goingto do is being done more case study videos like this. I know you guys like the affiliate marketingones. But I am going to be making more e-commerce videos, which is my main bread and butterbusiness model that I use day in and day out. I’m going to be doing more of those videos. As ever, delight, make sure you smash the like button down below. It certainly facilitates out with the YouTubealgorithm. If you have any questions whatsoever, left open in a comment down below.I read andreply to as numerous as I possibly can. Of route, sound the subscribe button if you want to seemore videos like this, and turn on notifications to see my live business house livestreamswe do on this canal all the time. Guys, again, my name’s Matthew Sabia, Ireally hope you experienced this video. Be great, be anointed, I’ll talk to you guys next time. So, we are in line right now to see the tree, Rockefeller Center. We need tostand in line six paws apart. We’ve been here for 2 hours and 35 instants. Theline starts direction down there.Welcome to 2020..


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