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welcome to ask the dan prove my question today comes from broadcast tv and broadcast zivi question illustrated now you ask questions and I refute in the tailcoat that I have chosen for this following one right movie it experts fetched all my fellow members and friends to the side joschka budach and he will now explain what is the amount of money and what do you legally have to pay attention to welcome to a new series of expects in denn and lennart me grad sent by post if I could ask him questions about domain commerce can answer and of course I like to do that, I’m already budach and internet busines sell constitutes a form of policy recommendations market it is like that there is once the merger and once the lust and the merchant is those individuals who delivers the commodity, for example, delivers the online shop for shoes or a software something that sells and that is missing is simply someone that i said okay i want to promote this commodity and per sale The entire thing is remunerated via a coockie moving in order to be easy ascertain who of all those after wiltz has been possible to the concoction delivery whoever does the sale there or who likewise does it himself for those who like it I often do that via coup-based tracking that you do ok can simply receive which marketings partner is it actually coming from marketing because individual actually merely demands a sales partner for the the coincide doesn’t work but can recommend products and then with success based on provisioning, he then get one for every marketing provision is easy to explain in practice and there is genuinely already told in “the panels recommendations” sell place sell and although there are different ways of telling sell almost all cases are really based on recommendations, for example a youtube purchaser in his video description said I have my camera there attached because people are interested hell with which camera filming the whole day then has to be easy in the video description down there situated his camera rig and then the link for example to the amazon sheet where the camera is listed and where the customer can buy it and continue via this join that the affair has placed so in the case of the Youtuber then receives the regional commissions for the coffee when the customer buys the for example ten percent 20 percent digital place it can also be 40 50 be percent there are different board theatres normally too the murger, so the one who needs vils Since the advertising material is still accessible, it can also be that you are based on an electric toothbrush and if you click on it then it is a person who has switched this advertisement because simply knows probably cheaper can advertise to draw more auctions than maybe that commodity provider was simply better off in terms of market Marketing is actually talking about the provisions contained in makes on the internet with a sales partner in between you have to use the license plate of course you have to observe that because in germany “youve got to” Separate editorial content from publicizing content quite clearly and it has to be also be visible to the user and in this case marketing for coffee especially it’s not so noticeable to the customer because he thinks the combat gone on the recommendation and saying a completely normal recommendation is the problem buffett sell that is definitely a grey area if you do that and you could also be forewarned for it by a challenger you have to mark fit connects on the internet but there are still starting, yes there is simply no clear the rules of the recipes as they have to be labeled they must definitely be marked, you can of course immediately behind the apple associate if “youre telling” my camera here you do it with a excerpt and then yell this is a commercial-grade pushing join of this advertisement that what is tagged naturally requests In all such cases, marketings are very blatant because people think okay then get yes fund for it if I clique it or maybe she is recommendation yes no real recommendation because that exclusively establishes it up monetary grounds and I want to recommend you then simply so middle way because who actually very common is currently the very many spawn why the foundling one throw a little asterisk behind it, so insert in using the keyboard your website or on youtube and then at the end of the website or at the end then hack the youtube description to the asterisk explanation a what one is missing a link and that you get a commission for it that is definitely the centre move that you are able to make, thank you joschka for the answer to the question of broadcast tv the link to the oscars direct become available you in the video description below and next time there are three more unbelievably great gratuities from joschka on the subject of field marketing and until then jackson again the last video up now up you don’t subscribe to channel 6 every possible stages leave your question there with the hashtag asks that we think we’ll bite again soon


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