1.6$ Per Action (CPA Marketing Tutorial For Beginners)

IMG 1 TTRTAG 1 TTATAG 1 TTRazer has temporarily diverted its attention from developing top-end gaming hardware like the ATAG 2 TTBlade 15 and Blade Pro 17 laptops to unveil a gloriously over-engineered reusable drinking straw. The humble drinking straw has become a very visible example of a disposable, single-use plastic commodity that civilization ought to move away from and there has been a shift towards biodegradable and reusable straws. Allied to a commitment to sustainability, a fondnes for feature lading, and an fervent fandom, the drinking straw culture shift presented an ideal merchandising opportunity for Razer.

RTAG 2 TTItSSSSSs no stranger to quirky merch either. Quite aside from rolling out its ATAG 3 TTSSSSSProject HazelSSSSS smart face mask to protect against COVID-1 9, Razer has been known to dabble with prepaid cards that light up on payment, pulverized glas mixes, and Sneki Snek pillows and opulent playthings. Among its more banal cases of merchandise, meanwhile, are posters, water bottles, and numerous items of clothing.

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RTAG 4 TTFor the environmentally-conscious Razer fan, thereSSSSSs now the ATAG 5 TTRazer Reusable Straw to add to the wish list. Crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel, Razer describes the straw as featuring “an resourceful collapsible design that can help you experience your favorite refreshments from a great variety of cups with ease.” It weighs between 3.9 and 9 inches, depending on whether it is extended or not, and weighs in at a highly practicable 10.7 grams.

IMG 2 TTRTAG 5 TTThatSSSSSs far from the full specs rundown though. A silicon cover for the sipping-end tip of the straw ensures users wonSSSSSt be scalded from red-hot drinks and thereSSSSSs a cleansing clean( also telescopic) for scrubbing the interior of the straw after employ. All of this bundles away into a silicone carry case with a carabiner for bind to a purse or region curve for quick-draw access. These peculiarities, as well as RazerSSSSSs noticeable branding, are available for a not-extortionate $20.

RTAG 6 TTThere is, of course, a serious aspect to all of this. The Reusable Straw is a way for Razer to highlight its light-green credentials and encourage its community to follow suit. Among its initiatives are ensuring lettuce practices and reducing its carbon footprint as an organization, ATAG 6 TTdesigning sustainability into its products, feeing sustainable behavior among its both consumers and marriages, and investing in environmental and sustainability startups. In addition to reducing the number of expendable plastic straws use, the Razer Reusable Straw contributes to this vision by being 100% recyclable.

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CPA marketing is one of the best and easiest acces to earn money From online and sitting at home. I will share with you in this video Everything about CPA marketing. What is CPA? How to is starting Where to start. Where some tips-off and quirks Stay with some more interesting things Did you are familiar with By downloading an app to person or simply entering their email Or you can make money by doing something simple You can make one, two, three, four or more dollars by doing one errand. Imagine this This is amazing! This is CPA. I roared from H-EDUCATE I’m so excited to be with you in this new video today! I will share almost everything with you about CPA marketing. Or “money per job” marketing. This video is imperative. Later, for me on affiliate market I have shown more than four live subject studies on my canal. How to make money online. Which can duplicate and apply. The same project in CPA. To is a success, after the case study You need to understand all the basic techniques About CPA. Which I have explained in this video About 10 to 15 times. So this is really a short video Please check it out. I promise I will give you the truth every time. Which can change your life. So lets get started together. But please don’t forget You wishing to more videos like this about digital market Online business marketing and making money online Hit that subscribe button now and the bell button to get new informs almost every day. Now, what is CPA? Let’s get started. CPA or “money per job” and a kind of affiliate marketing. So we are a product for someone in affiliate commerce Or promote the service.And when a person buys our product- We give fees. How CPA is The only difference in CPA is that we are not going to sell That’s pretty! So how to make money? Only in CPA can we make money by promoting you as an example A portable its implementation and when a person simply downloads The app doesnt merely buy it; By downloading This will allow you to earn some fund. The project is: to download an app. Another sample is whenever someone enters his email In a casket. You can see easy money This is another job and so the full organize of CPA: C= overhead or money Per action= every action. Then he stopped earning fund for every job. Make someone do something. Key Question: Where can I get a CPA offer for advertisement? If “youre watching” my affiliate sell video I suggest you really like it You going to see my direct; Go to my playlist, you will find affiliate marketing Affiliate commerce for beginners and you will get Affiliate Marketing Case Studies If you watch these videos You know, we have an affiliate commerce network Click Bank or CJ Affiliate or Impact Network. We now have numerous affiliate networks In this video we will be discussing CPA systems Where can we get CPA offers simply CPA systems? Come and accompany two examples now One of the top best patterns CPA Network Worldwide This is Max Bounty now Max Bounty( Quite advanced) Not for beginners They will not accept anyone.Other videos goes to show you how to sign up For rookies “youre supposed to” can You can go immediately to Maxbounty. You need to go to another scaffold. The best example for newcomers is: CPA Lead.com. Okay. You can get a lot of CPA proposals on these programmes Lets look at an example to see things easier for you. Here I am at Maxbounty And you can go to the browse section here and you can see The safarus is OK. Let’s go search to find something here A advertisement and you realize the CPA rate that you can earn as much as 26 per 1.6 per produce per leading and so let’s day in these extent stacks When 5 000 giveaways are in a field This is where anyone can offer Enter her email address and you will be able to earn 1.6 per Email input which is great.I think you have to look very good now Offer before you go and start promoting as an example You can see that the authorized countries here are on top of the United District This conveys if you want to promote the furnish You time have to preach to us. You don’t have to be in America Not the marketer. Promoting the offer to the person He ought to have Yau S. You can be found in the daily cover you can do here Can perform 300 activities per daylight. If we calculate, we calculate these 300 by your 1.6 You can make up to 4 480 a date with Farty( 300 exertions) Here you will see the accepted traffic As such you can promote relevant and blogs Ad search ads expose native ads on social networks, mobile ads and the like. So this is a general illustration about an email lead or email Input CPA campaign where you can compile 1.6 per advertising and result Let me go over other examples of CPA leads now And let’s see if you can go down and check the gives and you can notice Here you will exclusively see something known as a locker Speaking instantly about this, this is really very important And great possible options for newbies, so delight focus well and “re coming with me”. So for example it is a mobile app if someone downloads the app, you can earn 75 0.75. Don’t buy and merely download Thats enormous, thats okay so this is an example about a portable app Choose Norton Secure VPN and have someone download it for you Earn like 0.75 and there is one more example of this 1.6 60 earnings per lead-in You can go now here and sign up and rummage For volunteers and can see the rate of payment Provides search for what you want Now I have a very important note to tell you before I continue Okay, about as I mentioned in my affiliate commerce video Marketing video but I want to mention here again because I believe this is very important, it has to do with your moralities It has to do with your humanity.Just be careful in CPA particularly in CPA We got a lot of misleading offers, we have very bad offers So if you want to be human then this is my advice for you You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other beings Make sure online that you choose the offering In principle you can promote lots of game employments All of this advertising is legitimate and good but you will get plenty Misleading content when you research in CPA A good render is selected for you to promote my opinion Anyway this is your advice this is my advice Continuing our work for you we now understand what CPA is And I understand that you can start with CPA networks To start the campaign here Key Question: How can we promote CPA offer? Where can I promote human rights? We will give three examples of how to promote CPA offers For a newbie probably like you that will really start CPA and It wants to see how it wields and when other methods run If you are familiar with CPA you can start ranging advanced expeditions so come on You start the beginner programme here as I told you before Locker.If you go to CP then go to lead Go to Lockers and then click on File and Link Locker I will explain everything in detail last-minute. But please given attention now The main idea is that it is very important to get places. Okay, “weve had” like five minutes So satisfy have some fortitude to learn what I am telling you now As an example of file and associate cupboard one click create and you Here you will see a listing of record cupboards. Let’s take a look The instance is to understand the concept directly I will select this one ebook locker. Click on the usage template and now you are eligible to Upload an ebook portrait and penetrate the details and ok Now sharpens with me and now you can find the locked register URL now Enter a link to download a PDF Now let’s say this is my temporary url Now let me tell you a test to save and preview this Save something and finish the preview OK joins you will get this connect now Check out this great strategy.Just copy. You don’t need a website Here’s how to open this link You will see that you will have this landing page in the browser Anyone can download this free ebook You’ll upload an portrait now as two examples When someone clicks download ebook now This cupboard will open to unlock this download You must complete one of these actions It is very easy when you accomplish one of these actions You will receive the ebook. That represents the target person will get the ebook And you get the idea that you will make money. You are locking up A free download with a content locker so anyone can download your ebook You can make money with this content locker. Great strategy by the way for newbies. So let’s go here again You insure, you don’t need a website to promote this connect. Now you can tell me I have not yet been ebook or anything to download I’ll give you a very interesting strategy now Go to Google now and search for free plr ebook You can watch free plr download.Of route let’s open this one If you have an ebook for you, that would be great. But I’m telling you this Small-scale Tips for Beginners You will now visualize many free ebooks You can download for free and reuse your own. You have the right to use them and sell them You have the right to do everything light to revise There is no copyright here. For example, this e-book generates your email index Check it out You see here We have a lot of video software plr produces you can download for free and be provided to parties So you can take an ebook from here on this website or any plr website that you can see Go here it’s like 1.49 MB Download. When you download the ebook it is a zip file You upload to Google Drive or whatever and then you lock it with a locker And tell someone or promote it on your website on social media Wherever you crave and when someone downloads you ebook You can make money with this content locker. Which is for newbies I think this is one of the best strategies to start with. I’ll simply highlight it once again to get the idea.So we’re going It’s great to download an ebook for free or if you have one Ebook software is free. You get these free things And you can lock it in CPA lead now with any content cupboard that is easy for you and Start promoting on social media in whatever email you like You can share it for free. You can give it for free This is a free produce via email you want to give to someone now When someone downloads an e-book Content now by unlocking it.The locker is unlocked. This is a great strategy to get you started I hope you get the point because if you have any questions You can go to the comments. And you can write any question about special topics or simply go You can submit any question by going to h-educate.com/ forums/ You can get free help in education meetings and I. I will answer you almost every day The question here in this forum is actually now The gatherings simply refer your questions and will be happy to support you Free so this is the first method: Content Locker Lock now if you go to the next programme We talk about advanced programmes that have two main important strategies These are: native ad and push ad If you visit my youtube path( if you retain) If you have seen the Affiliate Marketing Case Study I demo a live case study of how to promote a 25 25 per era affiliate product This is the same idea through native ads but for CPA If you are interested in know more about Native Ad But watch the video and I promise to publish it to you Dedicated Live Case Study Video on Promoting CPA Offers with CPA Native Ad With move supplements and so much better later but satisfy focus now Okay let us continue for two minutes and Finish our video to promote the first programme 1st procedure: MG ID to promote native compensate ad Outbrain and other sources of traffic( pilgrims) are: Push Add.You can go to corporations Servers are like zero common and a propagandize advertising campaign. What is a propagandize ad? Sometimes you get push notifications on your portable This is a push notification on your mobile You can promote this with these services and send push notifications It costs 00 0.003 per clink. It really is a extremely cheap traffic beginning. This is one of the best strategies to promote CPA offers I will share with you in detail on my direct last-minute So please don’t forget to subscribe and get notifications With each new update we have zero park We have a propeller ad network Which I will explain later and on my direct So in this video I justified what CPA is and how CPA networks can be promoted How to start promoting to use advanced customers Press on Notifications and Milligrid Native Ad Network and more And however, MG ID has both native ad and push ad so you can use it For both, if you want anything, I’ll show you Later in other videos I dont want to make this video too long today So I hope you’ve got enough projects If you have any questions or need any aid. Provide comments below this video I will be happy Being able to reply to your mentions. Or precisely submit these to the forum so we can discuss together and facilitate everyone. CPA, affiliates and everything else. Online marketing and online business( in all cases ). Don’t forget to subscribe. Turn on the buzzer button now. Like the video and told you in the upcoming video . .


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