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Chaps once again with a great question from Quora on affiliate commerce Today I am going to give you parties an enormous piece of contentwhich can help you constructed your affiliate profession. and the question is what is the highest, affiliate curriculum? that settles $1000 per sale! Can you imagine? guys Time look at the thought of this person who has posted this question thattell me one such affiliate platform .. Which has the potential to provide you with $ 1000 really by one sale If I talk about Indian money It “re gonna be all” 75,000 INR approximately it symbolizes precisely sell once and you don’t have to worry about the finances for next one month.Because 75,000 is not a small amount in Indian Currency for some people it is considered that this amount could be only achieved by high-pitched pay science beings if a person is salaried with this amount Parents get desperate to get their daughter marry to him means this is the mentality of Indiansociety, towards this particular amount and..to do thisamount simply on one marketing means to achieve this amount really by one auction is this possible? so, Today’s conference is basedon totally on this question which are theprograms, in this world that are giving you thismuch of fee amount and if in case they are giving this amount, is it possibe for affiliatemarketers like us to earn this extent and promotethese various kinds of affiiate planneds chaps, stick to the session skip isn’t allowed the information i will be sharing in this particuar session can blow your thought! and may you become so serious that you may start doing affiliate market from today itself, to achieve this amount so guys if you require these kinds of videos related to affiliate marketing, continuously you are well aware, is attributable to real affiliate marketing and not spamming various kinds of techniques and stratergies i coach you legit affiliate commerce, here on my direct so, this path would be more than enough simply subscribe it If wishes to offset carrer in affiliate market promptly subsbribe and press bell icon, so that you don’t miss important modernizes So guys the motivating of earning $75000 per sale simply by one selling once that is our destiny for today we are moving head, accordingly so Firstly! before telling you thename of those curricula, where this thing is possible let me make a base related to them so that you get the idea to achieve this amount after discovering it The biggest question is, will anyone give such a massive amount for a single sale? is it even possible? so guys the answer to this question is YES! there are some programs in this world that are ready to give you $ 1000 per sale so, today i will tell youthe names of two such programs that arealready giving this amount next..I will even leader you if you want to cotinue with those programs and bring conversion to them then what is going to be best for you? guys “i know i m” stopping you in between and i instantly want to tell you that This Sunday 11:00 AM i am conducting a live workshop on affiliate marketing some videos which iam impelling here i will provide you with moreknowledge in that workshop that is for sure, willalso show my live stats there and i will tell you that how i have achieved that myself, so if you get to understand that stratergy you will start achieving like i did and you might become a better affiliate purveyor than me because you will get to know about my stratergy and along with it you will apply yours and you could do good affiliate marketingwith both the stratergies blended and even though they are, you’re a beginner this workshop is still going to be excellent because i will start with the base grade and will take it upto advance level Base for those newbies andwill take them upto advance so that they can get a clearknowledge of affiliate marketing there’s a simple booking ticket quantity of 149 INR you don’ t have to pay abig amount, and you will be eligible for for this liveworkshop on sunday at 11:00 AM let’s start promptly so for example if someone is ready to give me a shift of $1000 for a single sale i am assuming now the make is going to be at the price of $ 1000 and up let’s expect it could be of $ 1500 or even more like $ 2000 or so firstly, see thatDo you have potential to sell these kind ofhigh ticket produces? to sell you need an public basi there is a requirement to an gathering do you have an audience base? and if you don’t have it can you engender one? this is another question and if you can generate it, can you pitch this much of high-pitched ticket concoction to them? if you can pitch them the make then guys this program is for you and if someone can give this much of huge commission in this world or even if a companyis giving you this amount then clearly it can’tbe a retail corporation signifies it could not be a B to C busines conveys business to customer selling to an individualor a group of individuals is called retail butthat’s not a action here guys this case is only possible when this thing falls under business to business case see there’s a company, makes a business is giving service to another business because when the service is given from one enterprises to another then the revenue, the event amount is always deemed to be a high-pitched ticket then in that case this thing is possible so guys if you have an audience or consumer for a business to business service then clearly you can earn this much of big-hearted amount this thing is not possible for a business to customer service Firstly! the service which i am goingto tell you now and which have nerves to pay you thismuch of big commission rate are hosting firms guys we all know hostingcompanies are always ready to pay hugeamount to thier affiliates they know that hosting is such an industry that is very competetive the public here is very limited that is why if they want to target that special audience they apply more fund to affiliate marketers because out of competetion that restraint public have slew of options so they preffer affiliate marketersbecause affiliate marketers influence the audience tosubscribe to a particular hosting brand and that’s why hosting firms compensates so much you’ve seen me promoting hosting fellowships because I promote hosting corporations a good deal and my maximum incomes 95% of my entirerevenue is coming from the hosting industry becasuepayout is high here but stop this one thing in mind.This is very competetive if you do it as a newbie so i don’t think so that you can promote it the reason is simple there’s a strongcompetetion inside it and also it’s competetiveto target it’s audience so in your initial eras you may face obstacles but still i will tell you the name of the program that you can start promoting and … guys platform identify i would be telling you here is Kin-sta kinsta.com guys, kinsta.com is a huge hosting company and if I wanna depict you the affiliate platform of kinsta.com then you would be sickened to be noted that, they are having so many large-scale programs because of this, they are Eligible to pay you $500 for a single sale Guys, if you sell their “Enterprise” plan then, they are ready to give you up to $ 500 in their Enterprise version emphatically, it’s not $1000 for a single auction but, atleast $500! This is the first program where you’re getting this much high commission for promoting hosting services and as “youre seeing”, their hope starts from $50 and it goes upto $ 150 and in Enterprise plan they are ready to give you upto $500 as your affiliate commission again, this the first program about which, i’m telling you right in this particular session so, if you think that you can promote kinsta then, this is the right option chaps , now let’s find out that, what is the price of Kinsta’s Enterprise plan so let’s go to Kinsta to see the price of it’s Enterprise plan and chaps in order to find out it’s Enterprise plan i have to go here guys, it’s Enterprise plan is starting from $ 600 and in which they are going to give you $ 500 Now, think about this now if you can sell a $600 plan to someone $ 600 is somewhere around…I will say, almost 50,000 Rupees in Indian currency i should not be wrong here but still i would like to show you an accurate so $600 Yes! so let’s premise 45,000 INR something a mean with a pricing of almost 45,000 INR so, chaps can you sell a hosting contrive of 45, 000 INR to your audience? do you have such patrons or publics that can open these action plans? and if “youve had”, then guys Kinsta is that offer for you you should go … with this Kinsta plan but, this is too expensive i won’t believe that in India you can get it’s audience offcourse no! So, if you’re targeting the Indian audience whether you’re targetting from your YouTube channel or your blog site or whatever it is then this thing is not going to happen for sure! it’s not going to work it’s better for you to, target international audience for promoting this try targetting tier one and tier 2 coutries, like people of the US and UK maximum because you will get high compensating purchasers there that is the first one now let’s move ahead towards that planned which is today’s “KING”program the programme I will be sharing with you today has potential to provide you with more than $ 1000 affiliate commission on monthly basis and you really! can’t believe that this thing is happening so, for this again there’ll be B 2 B Business which i am going to show here please go and check it right now? So chaps, the next platform is Hub…Spot Yes! HubSpot also offers you to generate affiliate commission you can become its affiliate marriage and now, I’m going to share that what exactly the commission percentage here is? so guys, now you have to choose between two furnishes followed by percentages option 1: – either you can earn a recurring fee of usefulnes 15% from them or whether, you can earn 100% commission at once symbolizes, sell their product and get upfront commission depending upon the cost of the product now! people now, it is said that they sacrifice an average commission of importance $276 to their affiliates $276 is a big amount! median commission it wants, there must be a high commission amount after this i mean, there must be commission quantities of $500 To $2000 this is how the commission becomes an average of $276 so, it’s good news for you likewise, a good signal for you guys, I will definitely try to get to an upfront payment because, if they are going to give me a recur commission of 15% for upcoming next years so guys, it will take a lot of time to come and I will go for upfront remittance if I am selling so much better of high-pitched ticket produce so , now i am assuming that if they are ready to give me 100% upfront remittance let’s rapidly check out their products too the pricing of the products now, if i croak here you guys can see these product are of HubSpot that I have filtered out through pricing and see here, they have so many software for marketing, sales, customer service, and so on…So guys, there are some of the softwares that lies under affiliate assistance of $1200 per month it symbolizes, human rights committee for first month $ 1200 will come to me if i manage to sell their Enterprise version so Enterprise version is like $1200 means you have to search for an audience or a client who can afford to buy their Enterprise plan of $1200 you can check it out later on Sales Hub is a product in which they cure a business to build its customer services if you are able to find such a purchaser? so guys in one shot you’ll be giving $1200 per auction so this is how, this affiliate marketing succeeds guys, this is how the affiliate market manufacture manipulates so, if this issue ever is in relation to your spirit that, can you get a commission of upto $1000? Yes! unquestionably but how are you going to work for it? you just have to take care of that thing now if I tell you, you all together are audience base I am assuming here, among you beings there would be very few people who would be running big businesses otherwise, I won’t be able to find a big business I won’t be able to promote such a high ticket product and it gets tough for me to convert this Enterprise plan so rather than going with the tough hassle what is do is, I try to pick up an easy duty with my own strategies the semi-easy duty can also work but! i don’t go for a tough duty, because in order to reach this point it takes a lot of epoch, heap of policies, a lot of efforts along with your manual intevention manual intervention means you have to be manually present at that moment maybe, before pitching this much of huge program I have to be on call with them with my patron so, is that thing possible? if it’s possible in your speciman, make love! do it right away try to find out your your customers to whom you can pitch such types of program “ve been trying to” originate them undestand this program try to convince them and help them tell them how HubSpot can move them succeed their business in an easy way try to pitch your buyers this channel after that clear them follow your affiliate tie-in and buy the product and this style you can start inducing $1000 more than $ 1000 every sign on but you need to find a new patron every time formerly you are done with the previous one clearly! you can’t pitch the same client every time so guys, how was today’s seminar? tell me definitely because, i will try to continuously give these various kinds of videos on affiliate marketing and I will try my best to regularly update you with real stats and real strategies of affiliate marketing here on this canal so, if you haven’t subscribed to my path then make love and don’t forget to like this video chaps, if you don’t press the like button then how will my motivating elevate up? and how will I raise this type of awesome content in real-time now on my canal? i will meet you in my next video people till then, have a nice day see you like it right now Bye!

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