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Hey affiliates! I know you’re probablywondering, “What is the best affiliate program? ” And I’m putting up the 12 bestaffiliate programs I’ve come across in this video. And I’ve separated it out byniche. So, I’m going to be going over the three best monetary affiliate programs.These are big money. I’ve got for what to call make money online or educationalprograms. I’ve got three health-related programs and two affinity orself-help pertained affiliate programs that I’m going to show you. And I’m going toexplain exactly the Commission’s you can make and where you can go to sign up.Let’s get it. Whoo! Check out that affiliate coin. Okay, let’s get into this.So, now I am on what I believe is the top affiliate program really of all time, okay? This is the affiliate program I came started with and this is the affiliateprogram that actually helped me quit my job. And it’s run by my mentor, KellyFelix who’s one of the most prolific marketers in the world.Now, it’s calledRAwealth marriages. So , now where you go to sign up for this program isthere’s a relation in the specific characteristics and you’ll be taken to this page where youcan sign up as an affiliate marriage. So you only click this button right here.Now, what’s fantastic about this program is first off, this is a company … They’reshowing you know they’ve been films featured in Bloomberg, Huffington. Post alot of places. But the Commission’s are huge, okay? Because you’re dealing withthe financial industry.You’re literally are working with an manufacture where trillionsof dollars are already flying around every single year. I’m not joking.Trillions of dollars in the asset battleground. And this programme has madeaffiliates, you know hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months. You canget money for sending a lead just for somebody entering their list phonenumber and email address, you get $100 which is pretty amazing. And for allinvestments that are made, you get 3% of coin devoted. The median distribute is65, 000. So, the average Commission is actually about $2,000. Which isunbelievable and it’s really cool. Over three hundred and six million dollars ofbusiness has been referred to by this affiliate program and a great deal of money hasbeen paid out.So, this is huge beings. And the chance to earn boards as highas $90,000 from one click and the ability to clear $100 just from a identify phone number and email address is outlandish andthat’s why this affiliate program tops my schedule in terms of how it cultivates. Now, when you sign on through my relation, you’ll be added to my various kinds of what’s called mysecond rank or my mentorship curriculum. And what that’ll do is I do specialtrainings for affiliates that are in side of this. You’ll be promoting a linkthat ogles sort of like this. So, you see you’re getting beings to fill in theirinformation that are interested in investing their resources. Now, this mainlypertains to people who were older, who have 401 ks and IRAs, etc. The dashboard isreally sick. As you can see, “youre seeing” all of your material and just to give youan idea of the success that’s come out of some of my mentees in this.I justrecently started mentoring parties in this program. We can check out some of mystudents have earned hundreds of dollars with this affiliateprogram alone, which is really exciting. So, as you see in this program, some of mystudents have gone on to earn $ 286,000 here. Let me zoom in on that in case you don’t see that. One of my studentshave gone on to earn $ 287,000. Another one of mystudents has are in $ 77,000. Another student hasearned $44,000. And so on and such forth. So, some of mystudents have been earning lots of money with this individual affiliate programand it’s really exciting. Link is below if you want to join.The next planned I’mgoing to expose you to is called eToro. And this is a social investing network.Once again, you can get big commission’s from this. Over 87 milliondollars. Not as much as a regal resources. Total 87 billion dollars of business hasbeen fixed … This is actually commissioned, sorry. So, 87 billion dollars has beenpaid out to affiliates. So it’s actually bigger than regal assets and helpingpeople invest. You’re helping people trade stocks and it’s based on whatother parties are doing. Unfortunately, I do not guess eToro … eToro is not in theUS. But that said, eToro is all around the world. So, you can tap into where as regalassets certainly focuses on the US market. eToro focuses on everywhere except theUnited Position. So you can have just massive reach all over the world there.And mostly tap into this trillion dollar industry both in the US andworldwide. Really immense substance. Check out my connection below about to begin and get apiece of this big Commission pie.The next program I’m gonna flaunt you to isstill in the financial niche. It’s the third program called capitalistsexploits. And this is sort of a monetary education platform. And this is a programthat helps people … They, financiers exploit comes out with instructs on howto help people trade furnishes. You can form pretty big commissions from this. Ibelieve the average Commission is somewhere about 1 to 2 thousand dollars as well. So once again, you’re getting high-pitched ticket commissions. All youneed is one sale a few months and you’re making a pretty nice side income. Onesale a week and you’re earning in the top 10%. And one sale a date andyou are in the top 1% of income earners in the world. So pretty cool program.Again, links are in the description. Or you can just google you know capitalistexploits affiliate curriculum. Boom! That was a lot of coin right there. Financialindustry has treated me well. And if you’re a serious affiliate, you go wherethe most money is. Now, the second best niche which I like the most is calledthe MMO niche.Or make money online niche. And this goesover education of how to start you know, internet business or how to build aninternet business. How to build a website. All that sort of stuff. And the fact ofthe matter is, the Internet is exploding. And education on online education isexploding. And to become part of this, you are familiar with, to be part of this Gold Rush is agreat place to be. I have a 6-week training course. I’m going to go over myaffiliate curriculum which compensates outrageous sums of money to affiliates. But I’llbe going over four niches here. But that stands for make money online and let’sget it. Okay. So, here is my second-favorite affiliate program andthe make money niche. Maybe my … I don’t know. Maybe one of my first. I don’t know.But I enjoy this affiliate program. And it’s the clink funnels affiliate program.And if “youre seeing” by this headline, join the clink moves affiliate curriculum andlet us buy your dream vehicle for you.I got a dream car! I got a dream car! So, I get $1,000 a few months that clink funnels will pay me for a dream auto because I’ve beenpromoting this program for a while. And what’s great is you know, as you see here, they give you really cool reinforces. They have really cool occasions. I get free entryto all of their pour spoofing happenings. And you know, they employed me on stageand they gave me approval. They give me awards.It’s really, it’s really neat.And they have a great community. I love this. Click pours, what it is, is it’s atool to build websites if you don’t know program. And I don’t know programming.And … So it’s just a terrific thing. And they offer 40% commission’s toevery single affiliate. So, I was put forward a tie here to join this program. I wouldhighly propose you get along with this. A much of large-scale beings are part of this. As you seeTai Lopez is an affiliate. Robert Kiyosaki is an affiliate. Stan Henry, Greg Jacobs, etc. A pile of parties are affiliate of this program because it is awesome andyou’re helping … Everybody needs a website if you’re starting an online business.So, it makes a lot of sense to only be an affiliate for clink funnels. Now, as youcan see here, I’ve build … You know, I’ve made a lot ofmoney with them. And I induce you know, repetition commissionings every single daywith their affiliate curriculum over $111,000 there. And if we go over to the next page, you’ll attend only more affiliateinformation. They have a lot of data and swipes to help youpromote. They’ve pours for you. As you interpret, I’ve got over almost 300 parties thatare on recurring subscriptions. And at 40% board. Let me do the mathfor you here. So two hundred and ninety-six right here. Times $ 97 a month, which is the cost the program. Times 40% fee, okay? Times 0.4. That’s one of my recur receipt generators. So, I have about roughly $12,000 of recurring income month over month over month. So now, parties stay onthis program for a long, long time because they cherish it. And if you look atsome of my stats now, 100% of the people who sign up for the freetrial end up staying around, okay? For this programme. Because they desired it somuch. Beings are signing up for free which is the easiest thing to do. To getsomebody to sign up for something for free.And they abide. And that or theystick has the word is. And then if you likewise see here, the churn. Churn represents howmany clients nullify every month. What percentage of beings. You know what’s thelikelihood of somebody canceling. And parties merely nullify 11% of thetime. Which entails people are remaining on with clickfunnels and using it for atleast a year or so. So, that intends it’s a highly liked program.People are stayingaround after the free inquiry and you draw repetition receipts. It’s great. And youget recognition. So most recommend this affiliate program. You can check the linkbelow if you want to get started and get on this commission game. Now, if you aregonna be joining the click moves program, just go in the comments rightnow and nature in ” #dreamcar” because I want to know who’s in on thisprogram. It’s really exciting and if you’ve been getting price so far fromthese suggestions. We have a lot more affiliateworks we’re going to go over. Only time slam that subscribe button. Hit the like. Makesure you enable notifications because I’d love to see you on more videos onthis channel. I’m learn affiliate sell all day every day and love tosee you around for more videos.And if you subscribe to the click funnelsprogram, I will see you at the pour hacking events that happen every year.Say hi to me. Now, the fifth curriculum I’m going to go over and the second make moneyonline program is actually my affiliate platform. And as you can see here, we havepretty insane payouts. We compensate 50%. So you get $500 and a $125 repetition every month. So, where as clickfunnels you get something like you know, $40 a month per subscriber. Youget $ 125 a month with micro curriculum. So we have verycompetitive payouts we have hundreds of affiliates that are representing auctions everysingle year. Maybe even thousands at this phase. So, we have a really successfularmy of affiliates. Bunches of parties are shaping auctions. I cater so many resourcesto my affiliates. As you can see here we are converting. You can buy ads onFacebook, buy ads on YouTube, buy ads on Google. You can do email, whatever. Thisconverts and we’ve you know I’ve I’ve been doing marketing for a speedy secondhere. So, I’ve built my program very well.I have a ton of resources that you cansee on this sheet. Tons of top marketers have promoted and recommended my6-week training course. Which is if you haven’t gone through it, absolutelyamazing. We update it every 6 months and it is absolute height. If you’regonna get started in affiliate marketing, you owe it to yourself to go throughthis course. It’s only $1000 and it’ll mutate your life.Best educational asset you can ever utter. And I cherish … I adore my students. Asyou ascertain, we have tons of success from my students. Many parties are made earningyou know, we have multiple million dollar earners. Here’s Tyler Ellison, RonnieSandlin. Tyler Ellison payed one 1.4 billion dollars last year from American Fork, Utah. And slews more. But what’sexciting is got a lot of ads that are already donefor you.So if you’re looking to get started and start deserving you are familiar with, putads out and realize that money back right off, we got you. Click funnels, the moneycomes back. You have to wait till somebody finishes the free test, right? So, they’re on a 14 -day free inquiry. Whereas with my planned, you get paidweekly. Every week. If you’re spending ads, you get that money back. You know, week. So, that’s what’s great about Clickbank. The affiliate Network, I run it through. Andwe have just an ultimate glut of resources to help you advertise on everysingle transaction source. So be taken to ensure that out. Make sure if you want to sign up for myprogram, you are going to have to sign up with the Clickbank affiliate Network andit is in the marketplace right there. Just search my reputation John Crestani. Andyou will be led right to it. Look at that. $500 norm a sale .$ 400 average rebill.You come lots of money to help you out. So check that out. Or go through thetraining course. Whatever. It’ll be worthwhile. Okay. So now the nextaffiliate planned is from my boy Kevin David who is an absolute beast of amarketer of dropshipping of FBA of digital routes. This person is a is ananimal, is the only way to describe him. So for everyone to hear who’s heard ofKevin David. Type in #ninjaFam in the comments. I’d love to see how manyKevin David allies and family we have here. So Kevin David is an internetmarketer, he does affiliate market, he does Amazon, he does drop send and hedoes digital tracks. And he’s made coin doing every single one of those things.He has an affiliate program for his courses.He sells over $10 millionof courses per year. This chap is insane. A mas of amusing and you are eligible to checkout his affiliate program right here. I’m going to introduce a tie-up in the specific characteristics. Thisis for a Shopify ninja master class. And you can sign up to be an affiliate forhim and his other planneds. Signing up here will give you accessto be an affiliate for his other curricula as well. I’m sure this is right. So, makesure to sign up for his affiliate program. He compensates jolly competitivecommissions. You can give up to $ 500 a sale. So you are eligible to make a lot of moneypromoting his curricula. And I know a lot of affiliates. Hundreds of affiliateshave been very successful and performed thousands of dollars selling his stuff.So, truly most recommend this guy.And check out his material. Link is below ninjafamily. Whoo! There’s a lot of money going on here. These affiliate programs payoutso much money. And we’re talking … We’ve already went over hundreds of millions.I’m provoked to show you the seventh biggest affiliate program on my index. Andalso the last of the make money online programs. Then we’re going to move into thehealth programs and the relationship or self-help curricula depending on what youlike. So, abide tuned. We’re going to check this out. And if you’re getting valuefrom this, make sure you made that subscribe and notification button. Andleave me a comment that just says, massive quality, if you are getting a lotfrom this. Let’s go on to the next program.Shopify! Shopify is the software. It’s the.. Like website program that beings use toset up their e-commerce supermarkets. It’s fantastic and it’s a company that doeshundreds of millions of dollars a year. And it’s very easy to promote theirprogram. Because almost everybody who’s getting started online they’re eithergoing to become an affiliate or they’re going to be selling products.And anybodywho’s selling concoctions is going to want to use Shopify. So, Shopify’s the bestsoftware out there. So you can sign up for their affiliate planned. Won’t go toomuch deeper into this. But they have almost a million people use them. They’vepaid out millions and thousand of dollars. I know parties moving millions ofdollars per year time recommending shopkeepers to use Shopify. So, this isreally good. Well promoted. If you are also a … You know, doing some sort of education. If you are teaching people about how to set up adropshipping store or how to you are familiar with, select the best products, etc. You know, doing YouTube videos, blog announces, etc. Instagram. This is a great program topromote for those paths extremely. Cool. So, the next planned is … It’s actually a CPA Network. They have a number of differenthealth-related programs. They’re called above all offers. And this would be mynumber one recommended CPA network. They have a bunch of health programs whereyou can promote different state produces that help people with skincare, that help people with their weight loss.That help people with musclebuilding. So, I recommend above all furnishes. Icouldn’t pick a single program on their network. But they roster all of the topproducts that you can promote when you sign up. I positioned a tie-up down below. You’llactually get access to hundreds of commodities to promote. So, merely adopt theones that are the top. They’ll have a little segment. And you’ll findthem actually easily.So, I would recommend that for state offerings. Now, the nexthealth give I would recommend is actually a produce I use myself. They’vehad over 30 billion dollars worth of business. And … I don’t know … I actuallyuse this every day. Like multiple times a day. It’s called, organifi. And they dogreen liquor. So, it’s like little pulverize. You mix in your your imbibe. They havetheir green booze which is very much filled with … You know, just like healthygreen superfood stuff. They’ve their crimson drink which is filled with antioxidants.So then they have their yellowed sip. Which is helpful to go to sleep.I just know them by the complexions. But you can make a lot of money selling it. Andagain, you get recurring fees. So as you construe, the due is $60 amonth. And you get something like 30% of all marketings. So, every month, youget brand-new purchasers, you are actually building a repeat receipt foryourself. So, that’s pretty exciting.Here’s the green imbibe. So, I don’t know.The can is like … It’s like this big and again, it’s a great commodity. It’sreally great for withhold you health. Quantities of affiliates have promoted thisprogram. You know, the government has testaments, etc. They have a lot of … They have a lotof simply things to help you. You can sign up and get extra resources. This programis through the Bank affiliate Network. So, you’ll need toonce again, sign up for Clickbank. Go to the marketplace right there. And thenjust rummage organifi. And they’ll pop up right here. As you assure. Now, check this out.Average sale is $75, right? But here’s what’s more exciting. Do you see this? Average rebuild total. $305 This is where the moneycomes in. When you build up your repeat receipt … And this is the bigsecret to online commerce and being a full period online marketer, is you buildup that repetition revenue, you’re untouchable.You can do whatever you want.You can stop promoting. And you’re good for a long time. You have one ad campaign.One ad “whos working” and comes you customers for a few months. For a month.You are set with your repeat receipt for a year, times, whatever it is. I am setwith my recur revenue for years. I “il be going” dark. I could go to the … You know, middle of nowhere and I would still have dozens of thousands of dollars a monthcoming in to my bank accounts. So, that’s what determines this a really good program.And that’s why I recommend this.Okay. So, jet-setters. Now, the next affiliateprogram … I’m just going to show … It’s actually a structure. But I’m going to show aspecific program in that Network that is highly converting into health space. So, this is The Affiliate Network. This is a CPA Network. Now, the downside just aquick rejection is: They won’t countenance everyone. Now, I’ve construct millions ofdollars with affiliate. This is a great affiliate network. It’s a CPA Network.They got a lot of offers. But they won’t accepted everyone. “Its for” advancedaffiliates exclusively. So, if you’re not an advanced affiliate, if you haven’t donethis before, if you haven’t gotten started. If you just watch videos … And again, my persona now as a teach is not to have you just watch my videos. Take action.Make sure this gets put into action and that you actually apply for theseaffiliate programs and you get started locating your associations and making somecommissions. But what’s great about this program is its worldwide. It doesn’tmatter where in the world you are.You can get paid through PayPal, you can get paid through Western Union, Wired or whatever. So, I’m going to log in now andwe’ll see this affiliate program … You’ll find the top affiliate programs rightover here in the top offers area. You can be found in by what is the kind of highestconverting by what’s the EPC. Now, if you look at this health program, tinnatech right here. This is actually a very interesting niche. It’s called tinnitus.It’s where people feel like they have ringing in their ears. It’s kind of … Ithink caused by technology or something. And it actually converts really well. So, I’m gonna see you this program right here. They too got a lot of various kinds of … Alot of other very hard-hitting diet programs and skincare planneds. As I said, I’ve draw millions doing it. They’re pretty hardcore. But let’s check out this.So, watch or tonight is departed. This is tinna Tech. And it pays $71 persale. Let’s zoom in on that right there. Look at that 71 dollars every time youget a customer and these are built for conversion.So right here, you see it’sgot a vsl. I’m not going to play it. But it’s a high converting program. It’s oneof the top planneds on computer networks. And affiliate is one of the top healthnetworks. Moving onwards. Woo! This is a marathon. But we’ve realize it eventually tothe last 2 which are the relationship platforms. So, let me know in the comments.After I “re going through” these, which affiliate platform you were most interested by. I’mgoing to show you these 2 rapport programs. Then let me know which you weremost interested by. So, the next program is called manifestation magic. And thisis one of the top platforms on the Clickbank network. As you notice, Clickbank comes up a lot because they’re a very big affiliate network that paysout over 400 billion dollars per year. Now, if we go to clickbank. Again, we’ll goto the affiliate marketplace and we’ll really click exploration right here to seetheir top products.Now, you notice the number one is someweight loss offer. The crowd 2 is another weight loss … Weight loss offer.And we have the count 4 volunteer on the entire network is manifestation magic.And the reason why this is the top … In the top four offers is because itconverts like crazy. And it’s a self-help offer that helps people kind of I prove what they want or something like that. It’s … If you ifyou’ve ever read the secret, okay? Or same spirituality notebooks, this is for those styles of beings. The best keyword you could advertise on forthis offer would be literally “The Secret.” Exact match. So, it says how to magicallymanifest real spendable cash in the next 24 hours. So, this is a great offer andit’s on Clickbank. Now, Clickbank will pay you 2 ways.They will either send acheck to your address or they will send a wire transfer to your bank account. Now, they only admitted people from every country in the world except North Korea, Nigeria or Bangladesh. So, that’s just to keep in mind if you’re from thosecountries. Now, the last offer that I’m going to go over is also a Clickbank offer.And that is called his secret obsession. And this is a relationship educationalproduct focused on women. So, you see this is a relationship program for women. Andit’s paid under over nearly 5 billion dollars in boards to affiliates. Andwhat this does, this program is … This Secret Obsession is actually helpingwomen kind of induce husbands hope and addicted to them and you are familiar with, somehowlike perform souls want to please them. Not definitely physically. But you know, toreally offset lovers only hope them more and reach them behave better in theirrelationships and whatnot.I don’t … I haven’t been going through the commodity but itis a relationship product. And I imagine … You know, I’m actually I “re going through” oneof my notebooks on my table is a relationship related concoction. It’s calledMating In Captivity by Esther Perel. I’m persistently really speaking relationshipbooks. Because it’s not taught in school or anywhere for that are important. It’s nottaught properly by our families. It’s not teach properly by our schools.Nobody truly approaches it from a studied attitude. So, I think this is agreat thing to promote. So, if you got big price from this and I hope youdid.Make sure to reach that subscribe button. Hit that like button. And let meknow. Which affiliate program did you find the more interesting? We went overregal assets. we went over you know, capitalist exploits, eToro. We went overclickfunnels, Kevin David, my own platform, we went over health programs and thoselast two liaison curricula. Let me know in the comments what you procured themost exciting because I’d love to know what I should concentrate on in the future.Because I can go deeper than any of these programs and help show you how topromote them and make those affiliate fees. Talk to you soon and untilthen, let’s build that coin ..

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