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Hey guys hello to the video today I have a really good video for you today and I think this is It would be very useful uh particularly influencing if you were trying to start affiliate sell Work because what I want to do today is just override tech chatter just like you I “ve known you” all know that you have to do certain things to create an affiliate marketing company You need the characteristics of website you need the type of autoresponder sequence the traffic needs from Kind of a legitimate root like all these things are technological babble and technical detail But what I want to do today is kind of like I’m not sure if he’s taking a stair or taking a pace Again but what I truly want to do is I want to really talk about what’s going on now Because let’s be honest, maybe you are in this position, you can follow all techniques Step by pace you can do everything but still fail to get the right develops It can be really forestalling because you might look at someone else and say oh lover do the same Something like them, I have the same funnel, the same email sequence, the same right traffic source But for some reason I’m not getting the same the outcome and that’s what I want to cover In this video, really quickly, my figure is Brian Pryor, I’ve been an affiliate purveyor since 2012. I don’t have any trends to sell, I really organized this direct or this group by About where you are watching this video in order to help share my experience and to help you kindly To fit the baffle articles together uh so that you can finally build profitably And the affiliate commerce business that we hope will allow you to achieve your goals whatever they are It could be whether you quit your work, go on vacations, settle some proposals, buy a new car, whatever So let’s talk regardles what is really going on here so affiliate market is freedom Uh, if you are familiar with me then you know that I am an affiliate primarily promoting others Beings produces and I’m typically in the application opening just fine, so for example I’m promoting Click funnel is a website builder that allows you to easily generate websites You may have heard about it anyway, I am promoting clink converters as an affiliate I also promote educational makes, uh, so I working in collaboration with a legendary purveyor, uh, the above reasons I work Legendary Marketer There are various reasons but one of the main reasons I working in collaboration with Legendary Marketer since they are sell market education and that is most important to me Something that you can learn if you want to be successful online like all those other things if you time learn How studying to be a good marketer you are ready because you can partner with other fellowships You have properly contacted auctions so if you are benefiting from their auctions process and exactly you Actually good purveyor, you are able to never have to worry about branding to create Business that has coin whatever you are always asking for and that’s why I working in collaboration with them But when you think about the products I’m actually promoting of the human rights software Uh, software as a service, education, sell, education, truly, all I sell is information It is true that there are no physical makes out there like the software is just educational make system, uh It’s just an info now the benefit of to purchase a course or something else The datum organise themselves so that you can actually follow the process You appreciate a kind of success and you really get an assimilation with a kind of aptitude but The bottom line is we really swear by what I’m selling what I’m promoting The info are accurate and as we all know the information is a valid commodity, uh, let’s talk about it It actually happens like why can I get results and there are two things that should happen here And it doesn’t talk about the value of the information properly like talking about the how Good, that won’t cut it like saying clickfunnels is awesome, it’s awesome Website Builder Well, there are a lot of enormous website builders out there or say like Legend Marketer Great software has some of the best market education that may be true but there is also Plenty of two alternatives available uh and why would someone make my recommendation precisely There are hundreds of different website builders out there thousands and thousands of different ways to learn Marketing well, there’s more going on right here so we can’t just say, it’s the very best Seven dollar trend I got it right, and that’s not good enough So the first thing we need to do is get beings to believe in us so I told you that there is There will be two things you will have to do, uh, to succeed with an Affiliate The first market is that you have to get parties to believe in you, well, if you are going to sell Someone is or is promoting something for him, but you need to make sure that he feels Vic firstly, so how to make love right is like inviting the million dollar how to do Get beings to believe in you well First and foremost you have to promote it A product that you believe in accurately such as if you do not believe in the make you are promoting How would you expect anyone else to believe in you, let me give you an example for me I just got a messenger from a guy today and I’m not just trying to embarrass someone He tries to use that as an example and said you know I obtained sound funnels I got the autoresponder setup and I’m not hear any results what I’m doing wrong I asked about and I said you know what you are promoting and he said he is promoting Kind of a keto commodity like keto weight loss, and I didn’t know that The guy but I can imagine he’s not the prime expert on keto as I imagine the keto diet is Not like his true passion, he might have seen it as a good opportunity and so he started Promoting a keto product is probably a clickbank produce or something so I’ll be willing I speculation he doesn’t believe in the product he’s promoting, I wonder if he’s used it before The produce he is promoting and what I have told him is very simple, you connected to me You are clearly very interested in affiliate marketing and it is obvious that you are very interested in it Make Money Online Why not promote a commodity that helps others earn money online properly because Then you can become an expert in that niche, niche, or anything else, and then you can really help Folks are right, it totally builds impression well so that’s the first step Now let’s say we have This product we believes in now What we like How to build people belief Because we remember that this is the first step, so the first thing we can do is show the research results accurately So, let’s say I’m promoting a legendary purveyor, let’s say purveyor lore Help me earn 20 K this month well if I prove you that I have earned 20 K Legendary Affiliate Marketer You’re going to be awesome, I fantasize I want to have a In that right, this is one way we can do it but if you don’t have such results This is remarkable, it doesn’t matter.There are other ways to get parties to believe you, uh Observations is likely to be displayed accurately like, you can take advantage of other people’s ratings as if it were a lot of people They leave comments about how immense Legendary Marketer is, or their move sounds or Whatever product you are promoting, you can show it to people and this is social proof And you can find access to these reviews and then people are so beautiful, it works for it This party being this person , now I think you are right, likewise you can show knowledge The right to earmark a ethic proving that you are qualified in the privilege subjects, so if you are demonstrating that you are You are qualified in any planned uh that you promote, beings will be like Cool This chap really knows what he’s talking about or this girl genuinely is well known she’s talking about I believe them and the practice you do this is that you actually learn the product that “youre ever” Promote it if you are promoting a program like Click Paths you know the program demonstrates Uh, if you’re promoting a make like Legendary Marketer that is digital Marketing education transfers through routes, take a 15 epoch challenge and then take the information You learn and recombine them abusing your own angle with your own voice and this You will show competence and people will also believe you what you can do as well Can you use a bible that I return to every time an expert mysteries, uh, you can use it Like one convict of compensate exhortation procedures you can encourage people’s dreams um You know that if you say hello man, I know you can start an affiliate market busines People will be like, yeah I think you are just as right as people want to hear Like parties are used to being told to not like a mom who knows I want to quit my job and voyage World No, you can’t do it because you have girls right or I want to drive 150 mph The freeway because I just got a new auto , no, you can’t do it claim so if you tell people like Hey you can do that, they’d be like this person and you know so well, for that As one direction to do it other ways to justify their outage like Um, know if you want to be Affiliate Marketer I recommend Legendary Affiliate Marketer or, uh, they are a company with you 20 or more hires, and they’ve been doing this for years if you try to learn Affiliate Marketing In the past you might have bought some cheap Clickbank products or Uh I get with someone who was a straight man just like I bought someone’s trend properly like Some tribes straighten out right so the majority of people will be like Yeah Well You have just justified their omission, it is not their mistake, the above reasons for their omission is that they are The make was wrong, so when you justify the collapse, they’ll thinking you Legendary Marketer or whatever thing you use the same as if “youre gonna” having trouble By structure a good website that alters in the past, you might have abused WordPress Well if you use sound moves, the most important thing is to create websites that alter You vindicate their default, uh, they shed their horrors, man.Do not perturb, you know, uh You may be worried that no one will be able to help you if you go and start memorize an affiliate busines Marketing well, guess what a mythical affiliate purveyor has a support group of 23,000 people and they have You “ve known you” get your instructor right, you don’t have to worry about having nothing to fear Plus they have a 30 -day money-back guarantee just like you, only assuaging their concerns they can be like Okay, great. I think this guy, uh, has confirmed the impressions now and that’s kind of defence Outages like hey, there are a million different ways to make money online but guess what you have I’ve never noticed how most of the people who make money online with amazon fba spawn the majority From their money-selling hertzs on how to sell on Amazon, yes I bet you suspected you were guessing what Real money promoting digital makes, so let me show you how to do the acclaimed one The purveyor is the key they’ll believe you because they are as if they were I think to themselves yes I recollected most of these teaches were making all their money on such courses and Don’t sell on amazon and that’s just like throwing boulders at enemies like Don’t rely teachers right if you just say the sentence people will become like yes the three men These people are cheating and they’re more likely to believe you properly, so there’s a assortment of Different spaces you can use persuasion with one sentence and I emphatically believes in the product that you are Promoting Display Results Reviews that substantiate proficiency are in all great ways to get people to believe You now have people who think you mainly get their attention and that’s kind of Since we are in, uh, they are willing to invest the time in listening to what you have to say And that’s really all I’ve accomplished at this site like now do you know if you go tten You’re in 12 instants of this video talking about whatever I’m talking about, I hope you’ve stumble upon A little value, hope you follow me but maybe because you believe me True as if you’ve likely seen my outcomes, they’ve shown you the efficiency Uh, you might have seen how the products I’m promoting helped a lot of novices They hit it big as if Joshua interviewed a gentleman His name is Joshua that day and he’s been struggling for years until he finally got to To Legendary Marketer Uh Use My Clickfunnels Site And Finally Get The His first commissioning is just as if you’ve seen this stuff and that’s why I helped about it But you might not have bought it right yet, so perhaps you think about it on your death Suppose you are an affiliate who has an audience of whether they are two parties 10 A person or a thousand people open your emails and have entered your group that you know Your Facebook group may have subscribed to your YouTube channel, these are the big winnings for those They are the people who think you are right, these are the people who think you can help them wonderfully But what do we need to do to get them to buy properly like this is the key and hmmm, so parties I will listen when they believe you but they will buy when they believe in themselves Well, for example, let me give you an example that are able to look at me right now and think Hey Brian, that’s great because you know you are making x horses of dollars with shocking affiliate commerce I think you can do it but I don’t think I can do it like you are thinking about it right now Hmmm, so I have to sort of my goal now like now that I have your attention Um yeah, I have to draw you think you can really do it so how do I make love well, demonstrate The junior results are just as valid as I present other beings doing exactly what I say They “ve never” represented money online before but unexpectedly they only making money online Well this is how I am going to prove to you that you can do it, he tells my tale how it happened I started uh when I had a brand-new baby and I was working in the restaurant 50 60 hours a week in 249 lenovo A laptop you know as if I were telling those narrations, these floors are real but I help you to understand the like Hey, you are familiar with I wasn’t always a full day affiliate purveyor, there was a day that I didn’t Learn about Affiliate Marketing and make it work properly, these are the ways I can do it You can also be in touch with beings, which is what is so cool like Newbie entering the field of making money online or promoting makes like Legendary Marketer Why? It’s great because if you are a beginner but are starting to discover it as you do Your first committee and you are sharing that narrative with people who will be closely related Like because I might sometimes lead head over heels if you are a beginner who loves to talk too Too much depth, or extreme interpretation, or talk merely of conceptions that are just that Not genuinely is available for beginners because I’ve been doing it for a long time but if you are Like a guy, I didn’t even know what a pour was three weeks ago and now I have a funnel And I would have uttered my first 50 dollars right with it or with God if I had just known all I needed was it An intermediate page and a good make that you know very well and then people will be cool What is this and it will be like this here, this is what you gotta do right like this cool Another method is if you simplify the process right such as if I depict you what the hell is do step-by-step What you need to do to promote mythical purveyor well you will be good now i know what to do And when you know what to do, you think you can do it right, and that’s it The goal here is I’m trying my best to impel you think you can do it right And this is what you have to do with your public, you need to get them to believe that they are I can do light up too and the last thing you know too you can handle some loads properly like For example, I present my Legendary Marketer Funnel because it’s always better for you to use your voice in Your Marketing But if you exactly need a solid start, you can just imitate my alteration pour like import With one click, I exerted my follow cycles so I made some consignment right, I attacked some Of the process and so when you realize that this is something else that I don’t have to do Then you’ll be cool and I envision I can do it now because all I have to do is focus On traffic, so if I demonstrate you that you can get very accurate traffic, it will be like Awesome person, I was so worried about starting a YouTube channel ah it resounds so daunting but I can do tic tacs are videos that are only 15 seconds long so you’re now believes in it right and that’s the process To bring you closer, like why am I telling you all this because that’s my goal with this A canal or this group or wherever you watch this video would like to be 100 transparent with you Because the first thing that will establish you successful is to see Someone who does it right then actually cherishes to see what he’s doing freedom as I “re going to tell” You “re going to have to” step by step what to do and that would be like 20 of the remedy equation nonetheless If you like to look at what I’m doing, why does this video portray why he has this Facebook The group Why has this hash tag Why email cycles glance the same if “theyre starting” Let’s really love to look and read between the lines and start slicing like what’s going on now Then you’d be cool, I started checking him because that’s the way it is I got off to right as if I just didn’t do what people were trying to tell me to do Uh, simply buy a route and follow the steps as if I were all about buying courses, it is a shortcut You know 2000 sounds like a lot of money, but like you think about it, you’d rather learn what you require You could learn in six months in six weeks because you devoted two thousand dollars or whatever you wanted You often learn in six months so you can learn in two weeks because you ardour I don’t know how much You get an hour but most people earn more than that at the liberty hour so I’m all for the cycles/seconds however You have to understand the whole formula and the best way to learn is By watching what parties do because even though they are you exactly learn how to run ads like A huge path to invest your fund, is like learning how to run Facebook ads Or, catch out how to properly arrange videos on youtube But all of these things right as such a entire ecosystem as my tic tocs facilitate my ads help my ads It all assists my YouTube channel and everything assists my Facebook group like It’s a great ecosystem that you start building your digital footprint and the like Suddenly, there are multiple focal point and I seem a little off track nonetheless That’s why you have to see what’s going on and say like why he’s doing it right Which is why I hope these videos are useful to you, I know many people are not We’ll watch this 18 minutes because it’s a little fuzzy, and it’s true that it’s not like ABCD But if you did, I hope you get price from this if you do then you have to remember that 18 Minutes I time be used in your education get you too ahead of the unprepared To sit through 18 times, so you have a huge advantage now I hope uh Helpful, there are obviously joins about this video or go to my1 5daychallenge. com If you want to start promoting Legendary Marketer because I think it’s the best way to start With a 15 -day challenge let me know if you need anything we’ll see you soon now 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