2 Conversions in 48 Hours! (Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Case Study)

Hi friends! How are you? Two days ago or three days ago, i started thinking about a strategy that helps amateurs, really fledglings, in affiliate market to get their first shifts. And get this motivation, this thrust, to go and scale up their work and start working online. So what i did simply that three days ago i introduced myself instead of you, you as a beginner. You don’t have any talents. almost no skills. You can’t expend any dollar online and you want to start with affiliate marketing. So i created this full case study. And to be honest with you when i got exercised this strategy, i expected results in like three weeks or perhaps four weeks, but i was appalled i got two shifts from the first 48 hours. So this constitute me publish the video, somehow early, to show you this outcome. Maybe it can give you some motivation to really go and work hard today and copy the strategy in your own way and represent your first changeovers from the first week maybe or firstly 2 weeks. So stay aria and don’t forget in this video we have a 50$ cash giveaway.The only health is to watch this video till the end to see how you can join this giveaway. So stay tuned and follow up with me in this really awesome video. Welcome everyone! I’m Hasan from h-educate. And today i’m really so excited to share with you this case study. I will share with you everything, how i thought about the strategy, what is the idea behind it, how i apply it, and everything else. And what’s nice about this strategy is that i get only few sounds on my links and i got some transitions. And i analyzed the results and i concluded two factors helped me get this changeover release too fast. So i will share with you also these factors so you can get the idea paste in your brain and then is implemented in your own way to get and start your own affiliate marketing business online. So let’s stop waste epoch and start together in this strategy. But before if you like to watch more videos like this about affiliate commerce, online business, digital commerce making money online, and much much more, please don’t forget subscribe now to my channel and turn on notifications.And please like the video to help me, to support me, publish more and more videos like this. So let’s start together. What is this affiliate marketing strategy? So what i did simply is i published an essay on my blog. Don’t worry i goes to show you now everything just focus with me well. It’s very important to understand how things exertion. The section will promote multiple affiliate products. In my bag i select two makes and you will see why i chose to in a little. It’s very important likewise. So you create an article, promoting several products in the same article, and simply you get traffic to this article. Now you may tell me i don’t have a website.Don’t worry you can start one now in blogger.com. I justified this before. I goes to show you this in a little bit also. So this simple strategy is creating an article, promoting numerou products. So let’s see this on my blog. You can see here is my blog h-educate.com. And this is the article. You see it? I got only 29 ends. So it’s really a new commodity i published like three days ago only. I published it just for this strategy by the way. Just for affiliate marketing. What is this article about? Is a comparison.Please memorize this. Please focus well. It’s a likenes between two products- Sendinblue and GetResponse. Both are email sell works. So just think about it well. Anyone, who is coming to this article, what do he expect? And what his goal is? It’s simply to know which produce to choose? Which one to buy? You see this? This is the mentality. This is the psychology behind such articles. You are equating two produces and when someone predicts the article his point is to buy is to choose between them. You see this? Let’s open this article. I will open it to show you really live in front of you. So here is the article again. You can see simply 29 opinions. I get two transitions. It’s really amazing. I was outraged. But i will tell you now why this happened? You can see now sendinblue vs versus GetResponse. So you can see all the way i am linking to those services. You consider? All the way i am linking this and this is my affiliate link by the way.So this is the comparison blah blah blah. You can see here. And too at the end when he want to decide which one to choose, i lent these two buttons. You can be found in! Click now to start Sendinblue for free and get now GetResponse for free. So whatever you choose between Sendinblue or GetResponse he will subscribe to the affiliate produce i am promoting. So this is the power of this article. The mentality, the psychology behind it. So now what you have to do is to think about an section that compares two makes and both are affiliate products. You are promoting them. So whatever the user choose you will get paid.You will get a conversion. You see how things employ. In my example i subscribe to Sendinblue and GetResponse. Now you may tell me i don’t have skills on paper such similarities and refreshes. Do you know what i did? Simply i went to google, really like this. I went to google i said Sendinblue vs GetResponse like this simply. And i was downed and you can see here i have just been this article here and this one. So simply i think this one yeah. I got such articles, such articles, the same one you ascertain and i wrote it in my own terms. I time rewrote this article. If you want as a apprentice you can start with the same article. It’s okay. But because i am publishing on my blog and i want to publish merely unique material “ive written” the commodity from scratch. So it’s up to you, Yes it’s better to rewrote in your own commands, but regardless as a rookie you can start by using the same article.So you can get this article, these articles, and go to a website called the blogger blogger.com. Or you can go to wordpress by the way dot com and begins with a free schedule. Or maybe go to wix.com and start a free scheme. Or maybe go to google locates and create a free website on google locates. We have a lot of options. You don’t need to pay anything by the way. So this is the google site. You can create a new website here. Click on plus and you can see we have this web page now. You can add idols, you can add text, buttons, whatever you want, you can add. I don’t think this is complicated. I don’t want to waste my occasion now in creating a web page. I will create last-minute full videos on how to create websites, but for now i want to concentrate on the strategy.So create the website maybe using wix, maybe using wordpress.com, sign on for a free account. Maybe using blogger, i showed blogger in one of my videos before. You can check it step by step how you can create articles and publish on blogger absolutely free of charge. So you write such articles on a web page. Okay! And you have this web page. Now step two is promoting the article, is getting traffic, is targeting the right people who are really looking to know which is better and to buy the best one between them. That’s simple. Now, i reiterated always, this is the psychology behind this strategy. This article this type of articles, analogy between two commodities, and you are targeting the chastise people, people who are coming, clearly you will have a higher percentage of conversions.So this factor number one. I think i concluded behind the programme that this type of articles by its organization can have higher alteration rates. So you get an article comparison between two commodities. If you miss you can start with the same strategy. It’s up to you. But i really prefer to do something that you are aware of. Maybe something you desire. Anything you miss. So to have an idea maybe you get some comments on the on the blog. You want to follow up with parties and so on.It’s up to you anyway. Just get the idea now, the policy, get it. Get two concoctions affiliate products. Sign up for the affiliate curriculum. Like in my case if you go here i am signed up to GetResponse. You can be found in. To the affiliate reappearing curriculum. So by the way, the conversion i got here in GetResponse, let’s see it, you can see 1 auction. It’s returning, so every month now i will earn this commission. And you can go to Sendinblue now. And you can see now in october1. i got this shift. By the way what’s nice about Sendinblue also get this important point, if you go now to conversions in my dashboard, what’s nice about Sendinblue? It gives you board on a full note creation.So when someone create an account on Sendinblue working your association, a full approved account, you will earn five euros. So it’s about like seven or eight dollars. You see this? I know these lists is not that big deal. You know i am honest with you. I don’t tell you will acquire tens of thousands of dollars from the first month. You know me, you are following me, you know that i don’t lie to you. I tell you everything, frankly. But the idea is in this case study, if you can get your first couple of transitions from the first month using such a strategy, you can make like 50 or 100 dollars.This will be your budget to scale up, maybe to create a professional website, to maybe ranged some paid ads, to research things, and so on. So in this strategy you can start from zero without anything promoting these affiliate commodities and make money following the exact same programme. As “i m telling you” in my suit i am subscribed to GetResponse affiliate program. I will preserve all the links in the description below, by the way, you are eligible to really check them. And “youre seeing” also the Sendinblue. It’s also an email marketing company. So get two products, create an article about this concoction, likenes between them and promote the products. Okay now you can see i got only, as i told you, exclusively 30 ends on this article. So please don’t tell me don’t give self-justifications it’s only 30 ends. I got them really from Quora as explained before. Merely go to quora. Please! Some of you contacted me before like two days ago and told me i exerted the policy, i tried quora, but i didn’t get any traffic.When i asked them how much hours you spent on quora or how much period you tried it? They tell me one week or maybe two weeks. Working one hour a day, answering three questions. Friends! Just do some hard work. If you want to be successful online there are only two factors for this patience and hard work. When i say hard work i don’t mean to work 10 hours per day. No! It may be only one hour but time put your indignation and truly labor from your middle. Don’t exactly copy and adhesive and penetrate the links and so on. No. Try to do some real labour. Try to think. Use your subconsciou. Use your brain. So in quora just go and search for these products.So or maybe as an example best email sell services. This is what exactly i did. I’m telling you what i did. Now in your occasion it was possible to products related to i don’t know to mental health issues, to maybe diet, or whatever. So it depends. Exactly go and search for questions related to the products you are promoting. You can be found in like what are the best email marketing service providers? So simply i can affix my answer here. So simply you can open these questions and answer them and link to your commodity. Not your affiliate association, to your commodity. Really duplicate the url of the clause and adhesive it here. Why quora? Again in this video, in this strategy, why quora? Simply because people who are asking about these makes, miss an answer, miss a mixture. It’s not like just gluing associates on facebook, or whatever, anywhere. No. On Quora people wants answers, craves mixtures. So those who are clicking on the links and learning the blog. They actually want to know which is better.They want to know this. So when they read and decide which one, there’s really a good chance to buy the product, and you’ll earn the commission. So that’s simple. How this strategy drives, this is exactly what happened to me. Again publish an clause about two or more products. Do a likenes between them on the clause. You can go with blogger, with wordpress free history, with wix.com, with google areas. Really create the commodity. You can rewrite it. It’s better to rewrite it. And then promote it on quora or wherever you want as i explained in my full video about promoting affiliate associations. You can also check out how to get traffic to affiliate joins in the description below. Also i explained in detail step by step, i don’t want to waste your time now again and again i have this video on my direct now, you can go now and watch the video about step by step promoting a make affiliate commodity on quora.I registered you everything in detail. You can go there watch the video and start the strategy today. I know like 90% of you now will not even start a strategy. Will not even try this. Simply because they are lazy. They want to waste their time on facebook and on youtube. Go now please! Be from that 10 percent who will try to apply the strategy at least for two or three or perhaps four weeks, and you really have a high high-pitched high-pitched chance to be successful in the approach, then to scale up and start your online business. And by the way later on i will show you how i will promote these articles use paid announce on facebook, on quora ads, and with native ads. I will create three strategies- Showing you how to run paid advertising to promote commodities and promote and get earnings and get committees with affiliate marketing.So please stay chanted. And subscribe now to my channel and turn on notifications to get every new update. Now it’s time to announce the giveaway. As i told you we have a 50 dollars giveaway in this video. If you want to join simply like the video and statement down below “I am in the giveaway” between brackets( affiliate sell brand-new programme ). That simple. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please if you have any questions tell me about it in the comments below. If you have any incredulities, anything you want to clarify. If you tested this delight share the results with us so you can help other parties. If you have any ideas, any suggestions tell us about it in the comments below. And i want to tell you the last thing before i cease this video, you can see here, i got only 29 opinions. Okay! Let’s say i didn’t get transitions. I will say now, we didn’t get anything. But just imagine that you are getting hundreds of views, thousands of views when you work really hard on quora and using my other procedures to promote affiliate links i explained in detail. Please check the video. Please learn i illustrated everything. Precisely watch the videos and start utilizing and coming traffic. Precisely imagine we have like one thousand or two thousand deems or three thousand ideas like my other essays here. Do you know how much alterations you will establish? You’ll make at least at least like five hundred or six hundred dollars.And you can really start your online business. You have the budget to start and scale up your work. Thank you for following and see you in the upcoming video.[ Music].

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