2 steps to 100 dollars per day with affiliate marketing – Even if you’re brand new!!

hello everyone my word is Jackie Strohland in this video I’m gonna give you guys two steps to $ 100 per daytime with affiliate market even if you’re brand new. This works for anyone! First, ifyou’re brand new now, please stumbled that subscribe button and that bellnotification down below. I announced brand-new videos every single Wednesday all aboutmaking you coin and give you free teachings and coming you pay freedownloads you mentioned it every single Wednesday brand-new video so stumble thatsubscribe button and that Bell notification right now.I wanted to tellyou guys why I made the decision to do this topic I are currently in affiliate market nowfor about one and a half years … I’m a little sick. I’ve been in affiliatemarketing now everybody you’re gonna have over this year and a half. I havebeen to live incidents … a duet live occasions. I’ve done hours and hours and hours oftraining. I’ve had one-on-one coaching. And it got to be flustering for me. It wasalmost like it was too much.My psyche was full of all these wonderful goldmarketing pieces … like priceless information! But I didn’t know how topiece it all together. So I “ve talked to” my coach-and-four one day and he said hethought I should make this 30 era challenge and I thought to myself I’mnot taking another online course. That’s the problem here. I need someclarity I don’t need another trend. And he actually listened to me andunderstood where I was coming from and I said search I know this is gonna help youjust merely try it out. So for the trophy that it was I pondered, Ican’t lose. So I did it and I’m so glad that I did! Because I lastly get clarity.I was able to piece some things together. I’m seeing results and it’s incredible.It’s incredible so I took a step back and I was thinking about you guys and Ithought, How do I streamline everything that I simply made break it down andshare it with you guys so that you don’t have the same strives that I did? ” Sothat is how I was put forward by these two steps to 100 dollars a day so if youlook down below this video there are some corresponding things that go withthis.Part of this is a funel. If you already have a clickfunnels accountthere is a funnel down below, it’s a shared move. You click that tie andit’ll automatically be dropped into your sound moves account. It’s an affiliatemarketing pour that’s already set up all you have to do is plug yourinformation into it. The second thing is there’s acorresponding PDF with this. You can watch this video, you can soak up all thetraining, but then you can download that PDF so that we are able to have that to referto anytime that wishes to. So all the information I’m going over inthis video is also in that free PDF make sure that you download that because it’sawesome/ I invested so much time on it and I’m so glad to be able to share it withyou guys for absolutely free. Alright before we get into two steps I want totalk about what affiliate commerce is. And what the very best products are too. So when you are an affiliate mostly you are finding a produce a service andopportunity that you believe in, you must be passionate about it or you’re goingto burn yourself out, and you’re not going to enjoy selling it.Make sure you arepassionate about it. You are just the middleman, alright, you are justreferring people who are in your same infinite to this product because you knowit’s going to help them. And that is all an affiliate is! I enjoy this businessmodel because there’s no product cost, there’s no shipping payments, and if youchoose the claim affiliate produce any time somebody makes a purchase( once youget them in the door) any time somebody makes a purchase on the back end, you’regoing to get boards on those commodities as well because you are the onethat pertained them over. Someone else is doing the selling for you and a lot oftimes those back end products are high ticket that implies high commissions foryou! So what are the best commodities to sell? Well seems like everybody thesedays has a Shopify store or something like it. They’re doing slip shipping…They’re on Amazon … Whatever it is those physical makes are very small profitmargins. I’m talking 5 to 7 percent. Because of the product overheads! It costsmoney to constantly realise those physical commodities and there’s sending costs todeal with too.So you’re looking at merely a 5 to 7 percent benefit margin. But ifyou’re selling digital produces tracks, application, ebooks, and that sort of thingyou’re looking at a 30 to 50 percent board frequency! Sometimes even more thanthat. They’re instantly delivered to your purchaser in their inbox, and there’sabsolutely no product penalty. And if you guys ever decides to spawn your owndigital makes you only have to make it once and you can sell them over and over andover again. It’s a beautiful business pose. But it gets even better! If you areselling digital commodities who are in need of monthly memberships, “youre ever” makingcommissions every single month off of those membership rewards! And those peoplewho are part of those memberships are more likely to buy your high-end, highticket stuff that other beings are selling for you.It’s not unheard of tomake $1000 or more per era from those back end marketings if you have a good amountof parties, a great amount of parties, that you have got through the breast opening. Alright let’s get into these two steps to $ 100 per epoch. Step 1 build a highconverting funnel. So before you freak out, like I mentioned earlier there is a linkbelow if you’re already a clickfunnels representative, you can click that association and havea premade affiliate marketing funnel put straight in and you just have to pop inyour own information and make it your own.But I’m going to show you guys stepby pace how to build an effective affiliate marketing funnel so let mejust switch over to my other screen. Alright I hope everyone can see myscreen now here’s an example of a simple affiliate marketing funnel and Ido have something pre-built for you just like this underneath this video and it’scalled it says share move. So if you click that associate it will automatically beloaded into your sound pours account. So this is your basic simple affiliatemarketing pour. Your first sheet is an opt-in page. Here on this sheet you needto be giving away something of value. Something that gives your audience an instantaneous make. It’s so important that you know who your perfect potential is.Youneed to be giving away something for free something that gives your audiencean phase winning. Okay and you’re going to be trading that intelligence, that freebie, that ebook, that training course, whatever “its all for” their email address. Okay thisis where you’re collecting their email address. So on the back end this funnelis going to be depositing that message, the email addressinformation, into your autoresponder and then your leading is going to be going overto a Thank You page or a connection sheet. On this sheet you’re going to have a videoand in this video you’re going to tell a story. You’re going to introduce yourlead to your affiliate concoction, which is on page three, okay, and then under thevideo there’s a link to get over to page three. Here is a pro tip that not verymany people are going to tell you about. On this Thank You page, on this you wantto separate yourself from everybody else who’s selling the same product that youare. So if you have bonuses that you will give people when they sign up for youroffer on top of what they’re going to get from your present, this is only throughyou, this is going to threw wildfire on your sales.Okay, you need to separateyourself and be unique. And you cannot give away enough evaluate. Let’s sayyou have a hundred dollar proposal and you’re giving away three thousanddollars worth of bonuses, it’s a no brainer to the person that’s on yourpage. So establish your volunteer inescapable and do it right here. On your thank-you page.So that’s that’s basically it guys! It’s an opt-in page where you’re giving awaysomething for free, a thank-you page where you’re introducing them to youroffer, and giving away fortunes and a lot of freebies! Batches of free bonuses and thenyou’re sending them over to your affiliate offer.But in the mean time ifthey don’t sign up for your affiliate proposal, you are following up with themthrough your autoresponder and emails that you have set up and have ready togo. Awesome we’re gonna jump into gradation two now, but before we do that please givethis video a thumbs up if you are enjoying it and if you were getting valuefrom it. And leave me a comment below and let me know if you guys have had any ahamoments any lightbulb moments.I would like to hear some feedback from you guysas well so thumbs up and criticism! Step two … traffic. The best highway to get traffic toyour funnel, your brand-new, beautiful, pour that you just devoted so much time on andput all this love into is through social media! Whether you’re doing free trafficor paid traffic is completely up to you. I do most recommend waiting on thepaid traffic until you master your free policy. Whatever you choose, make sureyou master that strategy first so that you can effectively test yourfunnel and make sure it’s something that parties actually crave before you startputting money into it. Now you can use any social mediaplatform that you want … Pinterest Facebook, YouTube, alright it’s really amatter of personal preference! What you prefer doing. If you’re a writerstart a blog. Okay I recommend squandering medium because that’s a platformthat already has a ton of traffic on it and that style you don’t have to worryabout SEO and all that other garbage.If you like doing video use YouTube, right! If you like Facebook be on Facebook. If you like Pinterest be on Pinterest.Whatever you choose, pick one master it! And stick to that one strategy.They’re all great. They all effort. It’s just such matters of personal preference. Solet’s recap. Step one a high converting funnel. Step two traffi. Free first andthen paid. And that will equal one hundred dollars per day or quitepossibly even more! So if you would like to take the same free schooling that Idid, the same 30 date challenge that I did, It’s called the one funnel awaychallenge. I cannot say enough good about it. That is joined below and if you takethe challenge and complete the challenge you can refer beings in your same spaceover to the challenge and get 100% fees. The challenge itself is ahundred horses, and then you make a hundred dollars for every person thatyou refer over to it. Easy hundred dollars per day and you could definitelydefinitely plug that give into the funnel that I added you. So be sure toget the download that goes with this video.You can refer back to it that islinked below as well as some other free trash. Thank you guys so much for beinghere leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of this video. Iappreciate you guys bye-bye for now ..

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