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what are you doing, it’s here again and today I have a digi shop 24 appointed tutorial for apprentices taught to constitute fund with digistore affiliate market expend a brand new website, guys take a check out this new locate exited from 50 million viewers to 50 million viewers in one month from December to January and I do you want to show exactly how to use digistore2 4 to take take advantage of this amazing brand-new website which operations practically the entire t1 countries so you can make money with digistore2 4 I’m going to give you all the manoeuvres all the tips so you can get started right after watching this video let’s see what happens to you it’s alan again here from the smart money tactics direct where i post trusted material to help you make money online if it is the first time you come to my canal go in the bottom punched that subscribes turn on all notifications so you are notified each time I announce one of these brand new videos to help you make money online and if you guys want to know what i do to make even more money, feel free to click on the first join in my description here it’s a great way to learn how to make money with a sprig market and start for approximately the price of a coffee, watch it guys this is a great brand-new strategy today guys i want to show you how to conclude digistore2 4 make money online with a brand new website and for the persons who do not know what is digistore2 4 it’s an affiliate market system where you can go and sign up from all over the world and you can promote digital commodities you can promote physical products, that is a great area guys and all “youve got to” do is sign up absolutely free and the government has some of the best concoctions in the world, so what do you want to do chaps if you subscribe to digistore2 4, it is will make “youre going to” a sheet that looks like this and you want to go up to the market and you want to make sure you all selected affiliate busines offers well and then as you can see here we want to choose digital concoctions here and when you unfurl you are going to see all these different lists I will show you now it with this digi collect 24 manual you can use any niche with this brand new website but there is a quirk to use this website how you go to post these connections and I’ll appearance you it at the purpose of this video, do not miss it, guys now for the purposes of this video chaps I’m going to show you what I initiated on that site and of course to make money online each I usually select the enterprises and investment affiliate market money online etc even YouTube but you can come here if you are fit you can choose fitness you can use you are familiar with family and friends you can use appointments and relationships you can come here if you are interested business if you like photography personal proliferation boast spirituality is one of these niches go work with the digistar 24 manual I have for you today but what i want to do is that i want come here precisely want to interrupt it very quickly video people to ask if you experience this content do not forget to crush it like button in sympathy and go by and commentary, let me know what seminars do you like to see the best it is with digistore2 4 clickbank cpa marketing YouTube goes down the sole and observation let me know what video you so wishes next and what country where you come from know exactly who to target come we continue with the video and I require affiliate type marketing and I want to find a produce now that someone promote in the affiliate grocery nation if you come here all you have to do is click on to search and as you can see here, there is a produce here it is done for your services affiliate sell system okay now it product can you earn as much as 500 for one single cadre okay not bad okay so what you will do is that you can come here guys and you can click on grab some implements here if you require and this is where you are going to come this tie-in so you could come here photocopy this link guys and then you can simply simply paste the link somewhere so you is right because we’ll need that summon okay and then you can overcome here guys and you can take a look at the affiliate tools they give we are not going to need it for the the purpose of this video I’m going to represent it’s fun and easy for you now if you imitate that connect if you come here and glue the link over here and press recruit what it basically does is open it up the make you are going to be promote okay so you have a want to look at the concoction you want to make sure you are happy to promote this make from now on people what you want to do is find how you are going to release it traffic this is true I’m going to show you this brand new website and the website I talk to about today guys is this one now announced gab.com this locate was actually establish to me by one of my subscribers in specific comments okay so when they sent it to me intelligence I went out and looked at it and I made immediate action and I want depict you exactly how you can do the same so what is gab.com chaps, this is pretty much a social scaffold very similar to facebook but it’s brand new and it’s ultimate take off as I demonstrated you when you come here people you can literally procreate groups here and i’m going to show you exactly what what looks like you come here, you have apps “youve had” patronizes “youve had” vogues you have so much information now and as you can see, parties post here every day and i lead show you exactly how you can do the same so what is it you people want guys to do when you come here and click on groups this will make you to a sheet what it looks like now look at this now you have all these different radical guys who originated parties and some of them have 200,000 representatives 38 representatives 50 you know 60,000 representatives 50,000 members and all these different nations are people in fitness and affiliate commerce and make money online and cooking and outdoor undertaking clique fish domesticateds any niche you miss chaps people is working on these groups and everyone you develop must do is to affix material in your own group and you are going to see come adherents because what it website does it propagandizes your content it print your forward to a larger audience you can too use hat assessments and you can start making money with digistore2 4 and I’ll indicate you today how to create a very fast group then I going to see display you how to post on that group, I am go generate a very fast landing page that I will show you where you can do it so you can utterly do this and do not let your announces was eliminated so the first thing you want to do chaps are you want to come now where you sounded groups you want to come to and you want to give it a plus, okay once you get it on, it’s going asks you to create your own group so that you come here you enter the name to the working group in the description category and this is where you would place labels okay and I only want to show you a great deal soon this is the group i created like that I’m going to come here, I sounds on this this is my smart money tacticsCS group I created it and as you can see I has a very fast procreated referendum likewise okay and basically I did so I can see what people are interested in so i know exactly what to post and i will establish you how to make love so you can see guys as soon as you initiate them the working group you are going to have a group like this and what happens from there then “youre ever” will see these options now you can come here and you can have a lend photo you can know you are building some emojis this is where you would simply do a poll like I did and you have all these options now and this is where you can come here to post well when you post it comes here on this feed and it this is where it is printed to people who are interested in it nature okay unusually very simple things and as “youre seeing”, beings are adding decorum alike to every one of the posts that they sit up, that’s exactly what you can do but let me show you that it really is project because when you are over now among groups of people and you actually type in something like affiliate sell like I have here you can see that there is all this substance radicals under affiliate marketing well so if we open some of these basically radical what you are going for acquire here a group I opened here i just let roll up it’s called affiliate marketing psyche intelligence and the good thing about this new approach is that you can come up with some really cool mentions that has not been able to been taken yet because this platform is not saturated but it perfectly blows up again if you flatten here you will notice that people are neighbourhood a entire knot of material and then you are going to find that many of them have a link here, so we’re going to open a lot this joins good, we’ll come here and realize exactly what these beings promote well so that someone’s the promotion of group benefactors as a subsidiary and if you come down here you can open make up a lot of this trash, let’s take a check out the working group here let’s open it now and let’s meet what was promote because that’s how we can see if they do this and they make money you are familiar with with their affiliate connects there is no reason why we can not acquire coin with digistore2 4 so the links we just opened are okay guys so here is one we opened selling person looks like a book okay it’s with gumroad so actually they got a book from a free plr place and it’s 2.99 and probably what they did they probably supplemented associates inside this book okay what’s going to drive beings to clickbank proposals or even saved your presents whatever it may be so that they can earn money with affiliate sell very much smart programme people the other one we opened up about now we come click here it proceeds to bring us now as soon as possible see someone is promoting a concoction over here we click to come immediately access here okay so as you can see is someone to promote this product now, it is a affiliate marketing commodity how to spawn coin online etc so you can see that people are promoting these different affiliate makes and you most likely go find it okay with every single nation it’s only seven dollars left now it’s either a clickbank fighter plus concoction ens and people will click on it and they will buy another one what was opened okay someone is promoting something from kickstarter now as you can see they promote a commodity here, it’s all connected sell guys you can get back with such projects by and all who promote it are going to see make money online so how are you going to make money with digistore2 4 is the first thing that “youve got to” do guys is when you come here and formerly you made your own radical, you are going to see a sheet like this is what we want to do here now do we want to promote this commodity that we have from digistore2 4 and the work requires a ground sheet okay so to get a landing page the make I intimate “youre using” this is called convertkit here now I do have a link in my description and the reason why I promote convertkit there are some reasons for these people but number one is absolutely free so unlike other areas like click funnels and all these other parties they go to to blame you 97 a month for which you can perfectly start free with this if you come here can see that it’s free with these plans manage up to 1,000 customers free and what it entails is you obtain emails and you can target again these people with even more offers whether it is now through sell of fitness affiliate e-commerce relationships whatever it may be verify what the hell are you do this unlimited disembark sheets and uses well so you can perfectly generate it free i intend there are paid strategies if well but you perfectly do not have to use it and I do that connection in my description people from there, what happens is as soon as you ratify tot convertkit this will take “youre going to” a page what it looks like you want to come past to the sheet of the disembark pages and shapes want to come here and you crave click on landing sheets and why we create a landing page is because the site itself does not work enabling you to affix fresh ties-in, you must have a landing page so that your tie-in is pre-populated so that you can post this affiliate offer, but I want to show you exactly how to get it on step by step so you do not get so stuck if you click on the ground sheets formerly here this will make “youre going to” a page it looks like this and you can be beautiful many pick any of these different types templates the one i ever allure people because it is beautiful and easy to use, very simple to use is this here so you demand come on, you want to choose it and as soon as you choose that it proceeds takes you to a page that was like this and as you can see at the moment say do my free ebook now okay it has it all this is how it is written here these are very simple things guys are over here you want to specified it so you are familiar with exactly what this disembark sheet is so you can come here and you can write something like digital 24 volunteer or if it makes fund online okay, you can make money online so you know exactly which mooring page it is and then now, guys it is mostly precisely click and delete if you want or character whatever you demand okay terribly very simple things then now guys what i tend to do is that i tend to copy the disembark sheet on which this locate already exists have a good subject when we come to the platform page we opened “youre seeing” he says how to turn you free time a profitable online business if you to imitation it as two examples okay and you’re coming back here can quite easily really click on this ov you can delete it okay and you can mostly precisely duplicate that inside and as “youre seeing” I have have now been originated one now so I travelled here and I filled out a lot of this nonsense beforehand but it’s very simple, only facsimile and paste adhesive so I mostly went back to the land page chaps I mimicked them all this nonsense here and i am only pasted it now okay so as you can see all I did was click on this you can double click on it you can delete it or you can category very well very easy guys formerly you led now and you are organized everything you want to say very important in your ground sheet guys below you want to make sure that you use the affiliate link at the lend concoction you promote so firstly here you want to click on now and you want to type something like this yes cross-file my target now here you want to category something like meeting sure you have a registry plaza today okay it’s going to look like this it first but you simply just wanted to remained unchanged a bit and then you want to make sure guys do you want to get over it here and you now want to click on fixeds as soon as you click on the specifies, “youre ever” start see here where it stands redirect to external sheet okay you want to make sure it is differentiated because as soon as they open their email and click on to register my target which I’m going to show you how it works it’s going to take them over to the digistore 24 product and if they buy, you make money with digital 24 plus you accumulated their email address when they do not buy, then you can send out email transmitting promote other concoctions and then you will stand to earn even more money with email sell are you all right powerful substance guys and very simple to positioned as “youre seeing”, we copied it affiliate connection okay so we just go to imitate that I will show you exactly how it work it will be generally empty guys so it will look like this let me go here again, it’s going to look like something okay it will exactly be empty-bellied, everything you need do is paste it in there and then just click to to save there guys you just wanted to do is you want to come here, can you get an example that concoctions where reference is arrive, you can click on preview it is exactly what that produce will look like your ground sheet and that’s what we are going to promote and then from there what you want to do chaps are simple you want to come here, so go out preview whatever it is you want to go where it says, share it as soon as you click on persona you just wanted to replica it click here to imitate this tie-up now when you set up convertkit report people may not use your epithet like i’m good usage something else in whatever niche you are in, so your specify does not exist but nobody is going to see it anyway so you come here click to follow it properly, so once it has well simulated this is what you are going to use when you promote this digistore2 4 make now now that we have what you duplicated want to do is that you want to come back on this website here okay let’s just come over here and this is where you crave promote this product so i disappear pick it up fast, I’m going supplement the link we’ll affix it, I can show you exactly what it looks like and let’s say you can repeat it and do accurately the same so you can start originating your gab-affiliate commerce fitness whatever radical you want to set so let me type it in quickly and I will show you precisely what does it look like, guys, so I precisely typed it very fast again basically what I “re saying i” ever wanted to start a profitable squad approach to draw extra money from house if you have and you do not know where to go I’m starting a with you share wonderful opportunity where you can get begin by watching a free tutorial or a free video for hundreds of parties did it and made some incredible coin with a area commotion or even a profitable business then all i did people the link pasted this is our ground sheet now okay so what you want to do now is you exactly want to click on raise and as you can see write in success so it’s now affixed on this feed now guys and if you come here someone click it’s going well, it’s mostly take it over when someone clicks on this attach guys it exits straight-from-the-shoulder to them take now and as soon as they come here as they penetrate in an email address okay so just leave me participate me one of my mailing address click on yes register my arrange now guys it makes them straight-shooting over you saved these chaps for that is a great way to get started digistore2 4 chaps and perfectly crush it in 2021 employment free transaction as you viewed it it only took us such matters of instants to form a profile with the chitchat causes a landing sheet with convertkit okay get a product from digistore2 4 and organize it up as long as you are consistent what you are going to stimulate fund in 2021 online all you have to do is come here and affix cost daily( people) follow other people to follow them you announce very good valuable material and you can definitely crush it with digistore2 4 in 2021. so this was my digi store 24 tutorial for fledglings “youve been” hope experienced it when you did make sure you divulge the various kinds of button rating and was down make sure you signed off because as I deter saying a few more huge content that comes your method and like ever i will have some more videos that is going to pop up now from others paths you can also certainly realize well coin online chaps expressed appreciation for very much for watch another of my videos, I’m Alan of smart money tactical help of yourselves and goodbye.

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