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By precisely labouring 30 minutes a day for thepast 5 to 6 dates, I was able to get these results, as “youre seeing” I am moving mouse, iam spotlighting the amount you can see my epithet over your Singhania that is my name thisis my live PayPal account and I have made almost 16000 Indian rupees if I merely convertthat that is over $ 200 that I have earned very very easily for free by merely walking3 0 minutes for the past five to six daytimes this video is for all the beginners “whos doing” wantingto make money online for free with no talent and without waste any of your time and weare starting right now if you want to be an online entrepreneur and want to start youronline journey consider that like button demolishing the agree button so that you don’t missout on any money reaching opportunity if I just take “youre going to” my paypal dashboard as you cansee i am highlighting everything over here you can see my mention over here, that is SinghaniaI have earned nearly 16000 rupees that is almost 200 US dollars in the past one weekjust by expend 30 minutes per day on this very simple free and awesome approach that Iam just about to show you and why does this method wreaks because the traffic source Iam about to show you in this video is consistently getting over 80 million monthly pilgrims forfree and there is a lot of traffic for everybody and if you start doing this method you willalso surely get a lot of traffic so in order to get results like these we will be doingaffiliate Marketing where you will be promoting someone else’s commodity through your speciallink and if you are able to generate auctions that person will give you a trimmed of the salesfor finding different makes to promote you need to go to an affiliate Network anddigistore2 4 is a very popular reputed website and the best part is that the sign-up processis very very simple and it is available in almost all the countries just come to digistoreand click over here on get started for free then what you need to do is to time have toenter a few details you don’t need the merchant and affiliate note because we are not sellingany product we are promoting someone else’s product so we are not a merchant we are justand affiliates so we just need to create an affiliate account you can write a usernamejust write a email address repeat the Email address password timezone everything is supersuper simple the Skype name or the telegram ID is not required it is not compulsory soyou can leave that the phone number you can write and everything is very very simple itis nothing that you can’t get over you can’t right over here once you’ve created Your digistore2 4 chronicle just come to the market place of that Network and as you can see there areso many makes that you can promote there are many lists like the pets categorybetting category health and education this that there are n number of different categoriesif you were to make my recommendation there are three evergreen niches there are threeevergreen categories the make money online the health and fitness and the relationshipand dating category these are the three categories that every rookie should try because thesecategories goes makes today we are going to use the dating and relationship industryso precisely clink over here on dating kindnes and relationship and all of these various productswill appear that you can start promoting all you need to do is you just have to click hereon promote now and you can see that you have got your affiliate link over your this isthe link that you need to promote this is the link that your audience will click onand they will go to the sales page of that produce and if they purchase the product youwill receive 75% Commission for this product it can be different for different productstoday we are going to promote his secret obsession so this is the affiliate link for this particularproduct in order to promote this we need traffic so the traffic source that I am talking aboutis a traffic informant of roughly 80 million and there are a lot of people who are making alot of fund for free and I likewise did it in really a few cases daytimes the website that I am talkingabout is called scribd.com as “youre seeing” over scribd.com but satisfy delight watch thefull video because the people who don’t the people who are in a hurry I can guaranteethat you parties will face troubles you parties won’t be able to get Views From this websiteif you don’t watch this full video now in order to get Views From this website we needa few pdfs that we can upload over here.the easiest way to get pdfs will be you can justcome to a website announced free PLR downloads and you can just search for your niche asyou can see there are so many niches over here really search for your niche and really downloadany record from over here and reupload it over there now the problem with this method isthat the contents of these notebooks are already in a PDF ebook format so there might be someproblems with copyright and all of these things so we need some material that is not alreadyin a pdf format available online for that all you need to do is just come to Googleand just search for something related to your niche like our is the dating niche so i havejust search over here for the very best sits for the first time this is a valuable contentthat people want to read if they are interested in dating and really find any essay from overhere just make sure that it is a long article so that we can fill the sheets of the PDF sojust click over here on any of these articles and as “youre seeing” all you need to do is justopen a word document and merely imitate all of this content from over here now as you cansee that I’ve just copy and glue the contents on a word document you can just make thisas beautiful as presentable as you miss like really do some spacing over here are just somespacing make this heading more bigger or mutate the quality or you can do anything you wantjust make it more passable precisely make it look much so much better better another thing thatyou need to do is you need to copy this material from the second page because the first pagewill automatically become the cover-up of our PDF to you need a very big title over hereyou can just impart a appoint to this article will make sure that it is very very big and veryvery bold then you can just go to Google really search for any picture related to your nicheand precisely paste it over here exactly make sure as I told that the first page will automaticallybecome the treat of your PDF so make sure that it has a big big headlines it has somepictures some colours some borders whatever you demand you can do once you have done thatthe next thing that you need to do this you need to place your affiliate tie-in in thisarticle in the middle right as we can see this is just a catchy line that I have writtento entice beings to click on the link like I had only just been returned want to know the secretsof making a person fall in love with you so this is a exceedingly catchy interesting wrinkle thatwill attract parties and they will click on the link to insert the link only sounds overhere on insert clink over here on hyperlink then just clink over here on browse pagesand over here in the address you need to paste your affiliate connect of such products so justgo back to digistore get your link and glue it over here like this click over here onok and as you can see this has become a clickable connect that parties with click on and you willmake money if they are buying your make once you are done each and everything just savethis text substantiate now come back on your browser and we need to convert this utterance documentinto a pdf format for that we need to search for a word to PDF converter use any of thesesoftware they are all free and they are able to do the work is click on the first one uploadyour name paper over here once it is all proselytized simply click over here on downloadand just download your PDF document if I just open this PDF document as you can see thisis our first cover page and if I merely scroll down below you can see that this is a clickablelink as you can see this is all blue if I merely click on this and open it in incognitotab you can see that this is my affiliate link for the digistore concoction once you havedone all of those things just come to scribd.com merely organize your simple free history clickover here on signed off and you can just sign into scribd with your Facebook or Google orany other email address it is free and highly quite simple once you do that then just takeover here on upload after that this page will appear as you can see reach more than 90 millionreaders for free in order to upload your PDF document time sounds over here and upload yourPDF document while the PDF is being uploaded really make sure that you enter a good titleand a very good description now what is a good title and description when it shouldhave a lot of keywords that your public will scour like ardour dating relationshipsbreakup sweetheart sweetheart something like these things in the dating industry in theweight loss industry can be something like keto diet weight loss fat loss overweightfor fatty or wait for something like this so only make sure that you are writing a goodtitle and description then time clink over here show advanced positions and in the copyrightsand licensing just adopt public domain because see if your uploading material in the publicdomain scribd.com will not scrutinize will not filter your content as much as they willnot check your material so much better so merely make sure that it is in the public domain thisway you won’t get blocked and merely to make sure that this box is unticked because justsee what is written over here make this document private we don’t want it to be private sojust uncheck this box and that is how you can just upload your certificate over here clickover here on done and your PDF will be very very easily uploaded as you can see I didit live I did it in front of you and I didn’t came blocked it has my affiliate relation it hasall the content and this is what I did just for 30 times everyday what I did was I justuploaded 1 new PDF one brand-new paper each and every day it literally made me only 30 minutesand I was able to make over $ 200 very very easily into one week working just 30 minutesper day you can do the same time put in the effort and simply try it out along with thisif you want to learn how I attain large-scale affiliate fees on a daily basis i provide one-on-onevideo call learns to my both students and my students are making money within the firstweek as well abusing my special free programmes so if you want to be personnel trained byme contact me on my Instagram link to that can be found in the description box belowif you like this method of making money online and want to learn another method in whichwas shown how I spawned over 2,000 US dollars in simply one week I am not joking all the liveproof is shown click on the video that is flashing on your screen right now if you wantto learn how I made $2,000 free of charge in just a week all the live proof all the steps arealready shown

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