3 Tips To Make Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work For You (watch now)

hey what’s going on jeff lerner now and in this video we are talking about how to vanquish it with the amazon affiliate program i’m going to be going over three critical tips to maximize your success with amazon and likewise make sure that you don’t blow it and get booted out of the program if you’re not familiar with the amazon affiliate program it’s by far the biggest network of affiliate produces on the internet they have over three billion makes i’m probably telling you nonsense you already know the amazon is huge it’s been around for 25 years now founded by jeff bezos in 1996 who’s now the richest guy in the world and you’re going to help them get a little bit richer if you promote their products as an affiliate but it’s also going to help you get a little bit richer so without further ado let’s dive into three keys to maximizing getting the most out of the amazon affiliate program okay so the first tip for maximizing your results with the amazon’s affiliate curriculum is to deal with the geographic editions amazon is actually they break-dance the world countries up into 12 different regions and this creates some specific challenges with being an affiliate on amazon because the actual link that you get let’s say you’re based in the united states like i am the link that you get as a us-based affiliate actually exclusively runs if the people clicking the link are in the united states or in you know that particular region so let’s say somebody in singapore views your attach or gets your email or watches your youtube video or whatever you’re doing to distribute the link and they click on it it’s actually going to redirect them to the i guess that would be the south asia platform of amazon and it’s actually going to break the affiliate tracking so as you apparently on the internet it’s a world-wide business a world markets as you’re diffuse these attaches you can end up losing a lot of marketings based on geographic matters okay so the highway you deal with this um first of all is you want to actually sign up as an amazon affiliate in all 12 right now right now as i’m shooting this video there are 12 regions that’s not to say that amazon wouldn’t maybe generate more regions but you want to go ahead and sign up as an affiliate in all 12 regions of amazon and to you are well aware get that schedule you can basically google amazon you know world parts or so forth and they’ll give you the actual associations of the different amazon programmes and i should actually go ahead and tell you that the amazon affiliate program amazon’s period is called associates now when you do sign up as an amazon affiliate and plainly you’ll have to do this 12 seasons or more if they’ve got more spheres by then you’ll have to let them know how you’re going to be generating contributes so you either need to have a website or a youtube canal and you’ll need to mostly time agree to some compliance periods or their terms of service which we’re likewise going to talk about here as an important part of maximizing the amazon affiliate opportunity because if you flout that then you’ll get booted out and you’ll never give any coin and then once you’ve signed up for all 12 fields it’s also important to know you’ll need to acquire three sales within your first 180 daylights otherwise they will actually close your affiliate chronicles and you know i will say i’ve been an affiliate marketer for several years now well over a decade now but many years of just dealing with amazon and they do deepen their terms all the time so anything i say in this video has to have an asterisk by it to say it could change but at least at the time i’m shooting this again 12 world-wide regions and you have to offset three marketing three make sales within 180 dates or they’ll closed your report down so let’s talk a little further uh once you get signed off with all the different regions of amazon as an affiliate let me exactly kind of give you a scenario let’s say you’re based here in the united states and you put out a u.s located affiliate connection but somebody in australia clinks on that tie-up it’s going to redirect them to the australian place and you would lose out on that commission because it violates the affiliate tracking so if you’re already an australian if you’re already an australian affiliate you would have captivated the commission if you’d use the australian attach but plainly when you’re place ties-in out to the market you don’t certainly know who’s going to click what or what link’s going to go where you’re on a stage like facebook and parties could see it from all over the world so what you actually need if you’re going to see this strategy the whole way through is you need some sort of a tie-in redirect implement or a tie assembling implement where it is possible mostly generate one associate that has you are well aware mostly read a geographic located redirect to all these other associates and for that i really recommend a tool called genius relation so a genius relation is going to allow you to do is create your own customized tie-up url and then you can set conventions in there that basically govern and say hey if somebody in the united kingdom sounds this tie-in um then actually uh redirect them to this other tie-in which “wouldve been” your united kingdom affiliate link for whatever that that amazon produce was privilege so essentially what you’re doing is with geniuslink you’re creating a lord link and then uh 12 different sub links that that tie-up will redirect to based on geography it may sound kind of confusing but once you go into the hang of it gosh i don’t know what the the best way to describe it would be think about it maybe it’s like sending a piece of mail to an office and maybe the office has 12 different suites and will vary depending on what agency that mail is addressed to if it’s addressed to customer service or if it’s addressed to uh billing or if it’s addressed to the ceo then when they you know when they get the mail whoever gets the mail says oh this needs to go to this suite this needs to go to this it’s mostly the same thing it’s just all happening online you have a master link that redirects to 12 different regional associations on the basis of the the point of the person clicking the link so the link the link router is going to look to see the ip address which is if you you know i don’t want to get into fancy technical terms but if you’re not familiar with that it basically just necessitates it’s a it’s kind of a connection that’s specific to the geography it’s kind of like a gps coordinate merely it’s referencing you are well aware a site on the internet and so the system can identify based on the ip address where they are and it’ll redirect them according to your rules that’s how you deal with it so that mode you can have one link you can distribute all around the world for any amazon product that you want to affiliate with and you’ll always get a commission no matter where the person is that’s clicking it[ Music][ Laughter][ Music] the second tip is how to deal with the reality that most makes on amazon are not very expensive and most makes on amazon irrespective of their toll don’t offer very big commissions amazon is generally what we would call in the affiliate commerce space a low-grade ticket affiliate curriculum so you know even if you send 100 people to buy a commodity on amazon let’s say it’s a hundred dollar commodity and it offer a four percent commission that’s four dollars per marketing oh 400 bucks which may sound enormous but you know if that’s if that’s what you originate let’s say you you work really hard to write a great blog article and you are well aware 100 beings click the link and you induce 400 and you say well “ive spent” 10 hours writing the essay i spent you know i guess you have all your costs of your business perhaps you hired someone to help you or you have an i.t guy that helps you with your blog like it’s in as far as actually extending a business you know doing affiliate commerce as an actual business owned not just like a hobbyist it can be hard to make a lot of money if you’re just making 100 horses now 200 bucks there so the amazon program you exactly need a really large volume of marketings in order to stack up to a lot of money so there’s a few behaviors that we deal with that first of all you basically want to have groupings of relations so with amazon instead of merely casting people directly to a relate you could create like let’s say a resources sheet on your website that has a large number of affiliate ties-in so let’s say for example at the end of this video it was willing to do and i’m not saying i’m going to do this but let’s say i was like okay want to clear your own youtube videos click natural resources page link to go for a list of all the gear that i use to oblige youtube videos my my cameras my microphones my lights my computer a link to a service provider for an editor or a my transcription application or my teleprompter application or whatever there’s all a lot of different things that can go into shaping videos i can have one sheet that rolls 20 different joins on amazon and as someone clicks through and let’s say they buy three or four members of them now i’m making three or four commissions not only one and then the next thing that you can do is whenever you post affiliate ties or you’re giving guidance around purchasing affiliate concoctions indicate numerou commodities again even whether it’s on water resources page or it’s just in the way you hand the message proposes multiple commodities because the way amazon labors if somebody goes to amazon they click on one connection they go to amazon they they add that one produce to their cart whatever they buy during that seminar on amazon and again amazon’s changed their rules a few meters on this but currently at least the last time i checked it was anything they buy within 24 hours or within that one open discussion where they have they actually leave the page open on their browser anything they add to the cart that they buy from after sounding that one link that you put under you’re going to get commissionings on so again the more concoctions you recommend even if they’re only clicking one of your associates if they proceed buy numerous commodities you’re going to get numerou commissions and i also think with promoting amazon concoctions it’s really important to be recognised that not all products pay the same commission percentage and especially at the time i’m shooting this video we’ve we’ve been impacted by covid and since covet happened it’s actually had a reasonably major impact on amazon amazon has you are well aware undoubtedly boomed in terms of its importance in the world since so many people have been quarantined or put at home and now so much shopping happens at home amazon’s included something like over a hundred thousand brand-new employees since covet started but also it’s changed the economics of amazon and they’ve actually had to cut some of their affiliate commissionings so it’s really important to know not all products in amazon pay the same commission and not all products in amazon compensate even what they used to let’s say a year ago or six months ago prior to shooting this video so depending on when you’re seeing this video i think it’s it’s worth doing studies and research to to go look at what categories of concoctions you’re going to promote and what commissionings amazon’s compensating on those and this really drives your results with the program for example if you’re in the health and beauty space which patently a lot of bloggers a lot of content architects talk about health beauty makeup cosmetics complements you know anything related nutrition or fitness that used to pay four percent now it monies 1 percent well i mean that’s they’ve cut it by 75 percent it’s it’s actually kind of hard to build a really thriving business selling relatively low ticket produces like 30 dollar makeup or you know 60 bottles of complements that that that only compensate one percent they used to pay for now they compensate one so you sell a 60 bottle of supplements that pays one percent you’re literally only realise 60 cents whereas other niches it’s a good deal easier to make a lot of money take for example outdoors uh and tools so that would be like hardware you know teaches mallets i’m not awfully handy so i’m going to struggle to rattle off a big list of hardware but uh camping substance fishing substance backpacking mountaineer hiking all that kind of stuff that all wages it used to pay five and a half percentage but it still compensates 3 percent plus those components tend to have a lot higher toll stations than say your average piece of cosmetics so maybe you know in the time of covid or based on whatever you know you look up and research in terms of amazon’s commission structure you’d say hey for the next six months you know i’m gonna i’m gonna tailor my content around my cherish of tenting and we’ll get back to talking a lot about makeup perhap you know next year when the the commission’s normalized plus those commodities tend to have prior higher expenditure pitches so your median tent might sell for four hundred dollars your average uh lipstick might sell for i don’t know 22 i don’t buy a good deal of lipstick so i won’t pretend to be an expert on that so anyway you get the idea be really really strategic about what produces you can promote and and be really informed about what boards they compensate and the final thing to know is even though from amazon’s point of view you know they you’re only dealing with their list of products as an affiliate purveyor you have a huge range of concoctions that you can promote not just amazon i have other videos about other affiliate marketing networks and cpa marketing i’m actually getting ready to do another video where i specifically talk about high ticket affiliate commodities or high ticket affiliate market so keep an eye out for that video but you can actually construct what we might call pours or we might call product sequences so you could say hey you know i had a whole camping jaunt and here’s my net spool and here’s my orders and here’s my baits and you have amazon connects but maybe you go to you know bass pro shops you go to cabela’s and you find other attaches for other makes you know affiliate marketing is is huge virtually every retailer in the in the world now is likely to have an affiliate program so you can go find other commodities from other supermarkets or other retailers that may pay more and kind of construct these these lists of produces where let’s say they buy one from amazon but then while they’re on amazon they check out and buy some other stuff for their kids academy back to academy or whatever but then they hop-skip over to cabela’s and maybe they buy the the sleeping bag there but while they’re there they too grab you know i don’t know tip-off for their arrows or whatever um there’s there’s like you can get truly imaginative and “ve got a lot” of range in accordance with the rules that you stack these things together so actually organizing strings or packets that pull together multiple affiliate concoctions or from multiple affiliate programs and then being like i said really intentional about whenever possible searching out a higher ticket affiliate product that you can weave in and as i said i’m about to time a entire video on high ticket affiliate marketing[ Music][ Laughter] and the third tip on maximizing the amazon affiliate opportunity is to make sure you don’t get kicked out of the amazon affiliate program by complying with their terms of service and if you go into different groups on facebook let’s say or different meetings and you are aware of beings that are in the amazon affiliate program you’re going to read numerous fright storeys about beings getting booted out and they don’t know why they don’t know what happened they weren’t open any caution they don’t certainly have a way to appeal or if they did request it went revoked i will say from experience of is not simply my working experience but working with a lot of other affiliate purveyors amazon can be kind of hard to deal with on the subsidize back and and frankly from their point of view they have probably millions of affiliates certainly hundreds of thousands of affiliates so they’re not actually that worried about losing any one affiliate they’re much more worried about maintaining the unity of their curriculum and enforcing firmnes with their terms of service so the best way to not have these challenges is to merely be really really informed and compliant with amazon’s expressions of service you could literally have an affiliate account or an associate’s accounting and i’ve actually heard of this i haven’t done as much volume with amazon as other people but i’ve heard of people that have literally done two or three billion dollars in committees not marketings fees through amazon which means they’ve probably directed over a hundred million dollars in sales like floundering amounts of fund and they get their account shut down with no reason like there’s there’s almost nothing you can do to earn favor with amazon whether they’re gonna make an exception or plow you any better than exactly you know a peon so again time don’t screw it up and with that in mind i’m going to give you three specific things that you can do to stay compliant with amazon expressions of service the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re not doing what they call incentivization you’re not incentivizing or bribing people to sounds your amazon attach you don’t want to positioned an amazon relation out and say you know if you uh click this link to buy your you know i’ll stick with the camping the camping niche if you click this link to buy your tent from amazon i’m gonna throw in my free follow of you know how to survive in the timbers right like that’s you’re virtually bribing them to use that attach if amazon sees that they will shut you down the second one is that you always need to disclose to your audience that you are an affiliate marketer and if you’re using amazon affiliates you need to disclose that you’re an amazon affiliate amazon doesn’t want you getting paid from beings patronizing on their pulpit without those people knowing that you’re getting paid from shop on their platform and the delightful thing you might think oh that’s embarrassing if people know that i’m i’m making a buck from their shop the nice thing is this is very common in fact if you start you know checking your emails and inspecting down at the footers of your emails you will find extremely very often if you’re on like newsletters or email lists from people that you know promote substance or have business online customs or do marketing like you’re almost always go to these affiliate revealings and rejections now so you’re not going to be doing anything that the market isn’t very highly used to it might feel ungainly for you if you’ve never done it but i predict you the market is very particularly be applicable to it and the overwhelming majority of beings aren’t going to care if you’re an affiliate and you’re acknowledging that you’re an affiliate of a of a tie-up that you’re promoting at the end of the day they just care if it’s a good product and if it’s a great deal so precisely make sure that you’re completely transparent about the fact that you are an amazon affiliate or again amazon accompany and then the third thing that you want to do to make sure that you’re always compliant with the terms of service is that when you make those tie-ups if you’re using that genius tie-up pulpit that i mentioned or if you’re just grabbing the links instantly out of amazon plainly if you grab the link directly out of amazon it’s going to say amazon in the link or at least it’ll abbreviate a lot of goes they just say amzn in the link and undoubtedly amazon’s fine with that if you use their link but if you’re using the redirect implement like geniuslink you have to make sure that the word amazon appears in the link amazon that’s one of the things that they consider to be a model of opennes with the links is that your relation actually says amazon in it so time to recap those those three elements for maintaining compliance with the terms of service don’t use any sort of incentive or wage to get parties to sounds the link ever disclose that you are an amazon associate and give people know that you could earn a commission if they sounds the link and made to ensure that your relate has the word amazon in it or clearly indicates that you’re redirecting them to the amazon platform so that’s three tips for maximizing the amazon affiliate program if you’ve enjoyed this video please give me a like and and cause other parties and the youtube programme know that there was good content here i invite you to subscribe to the channel if you want to learn more about affiliate sell or how to generate business online or generate income online uh and i’ll also invite you to visit millionairesecrets.com you can get a free copy of my digital volume the millionaire shortcut you can subscribe to my podcast and in general learn a lot more about what i do thanks for your time i’ll see you on the next video[ Music]

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