3000$/Month My Secret Affiliate Marketing Strategy 2021 (Full Course)

One, here is last-place month Number two Three Four Five Six And seven Not exclusively that If you open here, my affiliate planneds I am promoting today morethan 28 affiliate curricula With merely one programme My secret strategy that I will revealtoday for you in this full free course Stay sung! Hi everyone! I’m Hasan from H-educate And today I’m really so excitedto publish this new free course Where I goes to show you how youcan promote not only one or two Maybe up to hundred affiliateprograms with simply one technique Using one method and make at least 1,0002, 000 or perhaps 3,000 dollars or more As I do with affiliate marketing I don’t want to squander your time It’s a full course We have a lot of work to do So let’s go directly and start in our job But before, please don’t forget If you like to watch morevideos about affiliate commerce Online business, digital market And much much more Please go now smacked the agree button Like the video and turn on notificationsto get every new update almost everyday And don’t forget In this video we have an awesomegiveaway 1,000 dollars currency giveaway But for those who watch the full direction So keep aria Watch the course Start implementing and assemble our giveaway Let’s start together I envisage since you are here in this video You already know aboutaffiliate marketing in general But precisely incase for apprentices Let’s see what is affiliatemarketing in like 30 seconds exclusively Simply affiliate marketing ispromoting a produce for someone else And you will earn per commissionwhen you sell a product for someone You will give a commission of that sale It’s so simple, okay So what you are going todo in affiliate marketing? You are going to pick an affiliate produce A produce you will promote for someone When someone buys that productyou will earn board And affiliate commerce is one of the best onlinebusinesses and strategies today to work with Because simply you don’t need any investments You don’t need anything to start with You can start totally from scratch withoutmoney without websites without anything You can start immediately with affiliate marketing So that’s it, it’s somehow simple Let’s go now to my screen and learn thestrategies I’m implementing in my own business If you go here to my H-supertools stage If you are following me you know H-supertools.comis a free SEO and digital commerce platform We have a lot of free tools here If you don’t know about it, you can go and check it now Anyway if you go here and clickon Affiliate menu, going to see curricula You will see I am providing this simple tool A table filled with affiliate planneds We have like 34 programs today And I ever update this table So what is this tool? It’s simply a tool that helps peoplechoose an affiliate program to start with As an example you are abeginner at affiliate sell You want to find a produce You start now and start sought for a productthat fits your content or fits your topic We have a lot of produces here You can select one of them and hear the earnings The list, the cookie and whatever And simply click, let’s sayyou chose SEMrush to promote Click on SEMrush And you will go and sign up the affiliate programand start making money and promoting this make Okay, that simple, this is the tool This is the front end of the tool What this tool does simply, it’s helpingpeople to start with affiliate marketing But what’s there in the back end What’s there behind this tool What is the psychology ifyou demand behind this tool If you go now and hover over any of these links You will see it is my own connection Look at the link it’s h-y it’s my own short-lived relate So whenever you click on any of these products You will be sent to my affiliate connect That simple So this table is helpingpeople and at the same time is promoting all these affiliateproducts together in one page You participate the influence of such a strategy? It’s really very powerful Maybe you ask now Okay here beings are coming to sign up for theaffiliate program and not for buying the service You are right But “when youve got” traffic like this one here When you get like 119,000 calls per month on this website Of route a lot of people will see someservices and they will buy the services Even though if they arelooking at affiliate programs They will buy the services Not merely that, if you look at this page You will see I have here banner ads You will see I have this banner ad here It is also an affiliate flag If you look here I have Google AdSense ads So I likewise monetize this sheet with ads We will see in this course, in this video How to implement this strategy essentially Believe me it’s very powerful Take a look upon my earnings Here is impact network for thismonth $ 427 till today till now Now CJ you can see last-place month it is $ 1,800 Yesterday $ 23 so every day I am getting board This is another service, hirewriters This is digitalocean I made till today $4,700 Pending $300 This is TubeBuddy We have debounce all these transactions This is sendinblue I have a lot of services Not only those you can see here my table I am promoting more than 28 affiliate works And those are only examples of what I am promoting This approach is really very powerful It helps you a lot to promote with almost no work You simply need to get traffic to this page andimplement it and included some ads and flag ads And I will show you everything indetail step by step in this free course I hope you got the idea Now we finished the theoretical constituent Let’s go essentially and startimplementing this strategy Now in my occurrence H-supertools is nota script or a WordPress website I developed this stage thoroughly from scratch: html, css, javascript, asp.net, c #and some python scripts and so on It’s totally out of the scopenow to learn programming We want to manufacture things simple So I goes to show you how to createa similar website abusing WordPress How to create this table with WordPress How to add banner ads Simply in like 20 minutesto create this full website So let’s go directly andstart by getting a hosting And create a WordPress website and followup step by step in this awesome free course But before we continue As I promised you We have today a new giveaway After we finished the last giveaway The $500 money Today I have a bigger one, $1000 cash giveaway If you want to join us Please follow up A spate of beings ask me how to join Please listen If you want to join: Like the video, expressed support for my direct and go tomy description in this video below You will find a small link to join the giveaway Click on the link and affiliate it on my website, okay So that’s it Let’s now go and start by creating our website In order to create and publish a website Obviously you need a hosting work Also in simply one minute for beginners A website is simply a aim of folders likeWordPress is a program developed in PHP It’s a aim of records You need to situated those files on an online server Some where online to be accessiblepublicly all over the internet So we need what we call aweb hosting service, okay In my other free courses if you are following In my other free course I demonstrated how toset up websites on fee VPS business In this course today I will showyou a shared entanglement hosting busines Because a good deal of you contacted me They do not know how to work with VPS servers They want something easier So today I decided to createthis video exercising a shared hosting And we have a lot of services that are like Bluehost We have NameCheap we have Hostinger We have a lot of network hosting business I will leave in the description below alist of relates you can check if you want Anyway feel free to use whatever service you demand Now in my case I will choose hostingerbecause I think it’s the cheapest one maybe So anyone can start and follow upand test this strategy if you require So let’s go down to WordPresshosting here in Hostinger And I will select this single WordPresswebsite to implement this strategy And click to add to cart so I am goingto buy a hosting programme from Hostinger As I told you, feel free to use whatever you want Whatever service you require, you feelcomfortable with you can use it We only need a WordPress website, okay I will select now, 1 month, it’s like$ 8 You can go with if you require 48 months to payonly $1.5 per month it’s a good deal by the way Let’s click 1 month now And I will create an account I will be implemented by my Gmail account Or let’s log in with Google, it’s easier Very nice I will go with credit card, okay So let’s recruit my call now After you enter the pay infoclick on submit secure payment Just wait a little bit and really nice! Here is my dashboard, click on start now And now it will tell you or askyou if you want to buy a new subject Or use an existing domain If you have a domain maybeon Namecheap or whatever You can use it now If you don’t have one you need to buy a subject In my example, since I want tocover everything from scratch I will buy a brand-new arena also Select on buy province and let’s searchas an example for affiliate assistance maybe Something like that Search It’s not available Really nice! So Getaffiliatehelp.comis my testing orbit for this course Click on continue Which way do you want to go Build a brand-new website or move my website Of route it’s a new website Click now select I will go with WordPress Select WordPress and open the chronicle appoint I will recruit my password now Okay so this is my email and the password Click on continue Now it will tell you to choosea theme for your website Skip now, I don’t want a template Okay finish setup, you can seeusing a shared hosting busines will make things a good deal easier than VPS But in a VPS service you will getbetter performance, cheaper costs Full manageability, but youneed to do some more task I explained in detail in my othercourse as I mentioned before Okay now just wait a couple ofminutes to finish the setup for you Okay you can see my website is ready I will go to my control panel in Hostingerbecause I still have my domain I have to pay for You can see here my subject statusgetaffiliatehelp is not paid As I “ve told you” if you have a domainyou don’t need to pay anything It’s up to you, it depends on your setup If you have hosting you don’tneed to is everything here But this is from scratch for total fledglings You need a province and a hosting I’ll simply repeat this for fledglings Again I will choose my poster Very nice! After you offer it will tellyou to set your info Next step Contact items Now it will configureeverything for you automatically Let’s wait a little bit You can see the video is divided into areas So you can skip any part youwant and go to the point you crave You “il be seeing” the entitlements andeverything, the timestamps Click continue And the last step is verification It will send you an email So I will open my Gmail inbox here And you will see verify your email address Click on this link to verify, support email And now “we ii”, verification accomplished I will refresh You can see now the letter disappeared Everything is awesome now Now you need to go back to this screen Website is ready! And log in to your WordPress dashboard Sometimes domain migration will take some time Maybe 24 hours so if you click on thisbutton and shows you an error it’s okay It’s migrating so don’t worry about this It might make some hours maybea couple of hours maybe 24 hours So just wait till the migrationof your domain finishes Then you can access your WordPress website Till now to this quality we finished the technicalpart which is hosting domains and so on Now we have our WordPress websitewe are ready to setup things Create counters, the affiliate counters and so on As I told you before The video is divided into areas It’s like lectures in a direction you can go towhatever you want and hop-skip whatever you want It’s up to you But I recommend to watch everything to get the ideas the gratuities the tricksthat I’m sharing with you Maybe in some points of this course So let’s go back This is my website is ready page I will click on administer WordPress here And you can see this is my website My empty-bellied WordPress website It’s totally new, there’s the Hello World! I “il be going” here simply and say wp-adminto login to the WordPress back end I will enroll my email and passwordwe employed when we created the website Just log in And here I am in WordPress dashboard Super simple Okay the first thing we aregoing to do is to install a theme Of direction you can installa premium theme if you demand You can go as an example to Themeforest now And go to WordPress and go to themes here Search for whatever theme you crave it’s up to you But here in this course Iwill go now with a free theme Maybe in this way anyone canfollow up with us for free But if you want to scale the business Create something special for you, youcan use a premium theme it’s up to you So I “il be going” here toappearance and click on themes You will find these defaultthemes installed in your website I will click on Add new to add a new theme And I will go and select a simple theme Let’s say going to see popular now We have like Astra is goodone I measured we have Neve I use Neve for my own website by the way Let’s use this, click on position Really nice! Activate the theme And here “we ii”, we triggered our new theme If you now open the locate again You will see this is our brand-new simple theme Now what we want to do is to edit the homepage Add a simple title And what we want to focus onis how to create the table The affiliate table like in H-supertools If you go now back this is mywork is to create table like this one to promote affiliateand how to add banner ads How I lend banner ads, I will showyou everything, uncover everything All appropriate tools I use, everything in this course So stay carolled So here is my homepage I willgo now to my back end again And going to see pages click on all sheets This is sample page, I will click on add new And I will create a brand-new sheet for my website I will simply call it Home, anything you want And click on publish Now if I end this sheet it will look like this An empty home page, okay What I’m going to do now is tocreate a table and add to this page How to do this? Go back to my dashboard in WordPress And go to plugins now and click on add brand-new We want to install a pluginthat helps us in creating tables So examination here for tablepress, table press It’s a free plugin by the way you cansee 800,000 active installations 5 superstars It’s a excellent plugin Click on install now to install this free plugin Activate the plugin And we will have the plugin here tablepress Go to add brand-new table to create a table I will call it Affiliate anything affiliate table I will go with how manyrows and rows do you want Let’s see here what do wehave 1-2-3-4 we have 5 rows So I “re just saying” 5 pillars How many sequences? Let’s say now like 2 as an example And click on supplemented table I will fill the counter with 2 examples to makethings easier for you and to follow up with me So this is the affiliate table And you can see here we can fill the tablewith texts, with html with whatever we want So the first cell here or the firstcolumn will be the portrait, okay Let’s go back to our table let’s see this is theservice the earnings, website list and cookie So the first one is the servicethen we have the earnings Then we have the URL then we have thecookie and we have the category, okay That simple If you go down now you will check this thefirst row will be the table header, okay Let’s go down and I will uncheck thisfeature so this is the table started What you will do now simply isto mimic this brief code, photocopy it Go to the page now and pasteinside your page that simple And click on update And now if we go here and refresh our page Sorry our homepage Let’s go to position sheet You will see now we have thetable inside our homepage That simple okay Now we need to fill the table So the first cadre or the first line willbe a small image with the service name How do we do this? I will go back here to my table to edit it I will close this, I will continue this pageopen to refresh and see how we are doing So let’s say we want to add the first servicewhich is .. Let’s go now to number one Which is bluehost as anexample, bluehost service okay So I will mimic this statement Bluehost I willgo now and I will write Bluehost now The earnings, how much bluehostearns? Sorry it’s around $ 65 per sale Only paste it now The URL is bluehost.com The category is hosting and the cookie is 90 daytimes Okay So now we are I will now save changes So if we go now and refresh you willsee bluehost is added to our table “Weve had” two difficulties or two things to do One is to add a small imageto offset things professional And the second thing is to addthe link, your affiliate tie-in Which is the largest connect As an example in bluehost by the way inbluehost here you can go to affiliate And anyone can sign up any amateur can sign up Even if you don’t have anything youcan start with bluehost to promote Now in my example I will get my affiliate tie-in okay So I “il be going” now, right sounds and copythe link address the affiliate link And go back to the counter and weneed to add the affiliate join Click on position connection, okay click okay Click on the cadre again Enter the URL and the link text Anything now, open a brand-new invoice, add connect You will see now it will supplement this “a link”or the fasten taglink or the link tag I will duplicate the bluehost link and paste inbetween the “a tag” bluehost.com like this You can also copy this the same one andpaste it here and write here “Bluehost” And save table, save changes, refresh now Look now at the sorcery If I click on Bluehost it willopen the bluehost affiliate link If you click on this link it willopen your affiliate link and so on This is how you can fill the table Let’s do another example I will add one sequence now Click on supplement and you have a brand-new sequence I will compute a tie-up, insert connect Let’s say now I want to addanother one which is digitalocean Let’s reproduce this URL So digitalocean I will mimic this, ctrl+ C Link text and the URL, let’s get my URL Of course you need to get youraffiliate links and not mine If you do this you will promote my relates Paste it now and you cansee we lent digitalocean I will emulate this again, adhesive now And I will get the URL digitalocean.comctrl+ c and paste inside the anchor tag here And how much per auction, it’s $25 credit Whatever, the cookies are 60 daytimes, adhesive it here, it’s also hosting Okay, save changes, refresh the table And you can see now we have digitaloceanand bluehost added to the table You can see in this way you can fill up your table I think it’s somehow super easy, super easy Just get a WordPress website Install tablepress and establish the table Maybe you are asking why the counter looks like this This here and this down and this up We can sterilize this easily Go here and before these paroles you can addthe break tag here and the infringe label now And so on and click on savechanges and refresh again And here “we ii”, we have this awesome table Now what you will have to do is to sign up foraffiliate programs, networks, whatever you want And fill up the counter, okay So this is step one to create the website tocreate the counter and publish on your website Now what we need to do is to make this page, this sheet as the home page of our website So simply sounds, move here to customize Open the customization editorof your WordPress website Just croak now to layout to homepage defines And click on a static page and simplyselect your homepage, that simple Publish.Now if we get our region, glue and open We will open the homepage as ouraffiliate counter page, that simple A simple website with this table, okay As much as you can, lent more works Sign up to a lot of services and lend in the counter Now we have really an important tip If you go back to my website youwill see that my links are shortened I’m adding short links to my counter, why? Simply in this way I can track all the links I can track clinks I can manage them centrally from one sit By the mode attach moving or connect shorteningis very very important in any online business If “theres going” now to my YouTube channel I composed a full video excuse theimportance of a short link service Go here you can see this video “One tool you must use” you can checkthis video in the description below Go and watch it, it’s very important Anyway, after you implement this table And add your links and fillup your affiliate attaches We need to add some bannerads or maybe monetize with ads So we can get more and more clinks andpromote more and more works okay How do we do this? So what I’m going to do isto add a widget to my sheet So I will divide this page into two parts One for the counter and the rightside will be for widgets and ads As in my website here again You can see this right widgets, thisis an ad this is an ad and so on So I will go back to my backend, to my homepage settles And I “il be going” now to Neve gives You can see the sidebar options Click on freedom or left, I wish right And click on update And now if you go back and refresh the sheet You will see now we have this right area Where we can add some stuff Forget about this I will fix everything now So I will go back to my dashboard andclick on appearance and going to see widgets Where we can edit the widgets okay This is the sidebar I will eliminate probe I will remove recent poles I will remove recent explains And I will include my own widget, okay Which is a custom html widget Where I can add an advertisement or an ad As an example I will saysponsored now as two examples And now you need to paste the html ad code How to get this? Let’s say I am promoting something from Impact I will go to Impact again I will log in to my report justto show you this in practice I will show you two examples now from Impact I will log in to my detail, sign in, okay I will go here to ads and click onAds& Links so I can get a banner or something I will go here to Canvalet’s say I’m promoting Canva Click on probe You will see now we have a lot of ads now I will, let’s get this one like in my website I will get this ad I will click on get system here You will get the code, exactly copythis system, reproduce to clipboard Go back here to widgets andpaste and click on save, okay Now if you refresh our website, look at this “Weve had” this problem, you need to go backto your page and time weaken the content width I will make it like 75, update So now we have 75% of the page for the table And 25% for the ad, refresh! And awesome! You can see we have now the tableand the patronized affiliate ad, that simple! Let’s take another example Let’s say you are workingwith CJ affiliate network Now is CJ this is my account I will go to advertisers now I wanna give you another example Maybe in this way you will get somemore opinions when you publish ads Let’s say I want to publish Let’s search for one of myaffiliate curricula Contabo, hunting Click on do ties By the course by the way If you are a total rookie, youdon’t know anything about CJ, Impact, about affiliate marketing I have a full free course on my canal If you go back here on my canal, go to playlists You will see in the free courses section I have this course: How to start $695 per month for free withoutwebsites without abilities starting from scratch If you like to learn in detail from scratch You can check this course Also I will keep the link in the description below Anyway I will go back here andlet’s pick an ad from Contabo Let’s say this one, click on getcode, again facsimile this html code Go back to my widgets and I can pasteinstead of this Impact code, save Done and go here and refresh You precisely need to wait a little bit forthe cache to be refreshed and so on Anyway you got the idea Here is how you can add widgetswith the table on the same page Also another tip-off another important tip If you go back to H-supertools You will see I am monetizing with Google AdSense So too after you implement thiswebsite and finish everything You can apply to Google AdSenseand monetize with Google ads As I explained in detail also in this free course How to make around $ 1000 fromGoogle without writing content I explained in this course howyou can create a implements website So in our sample today thisalso is like a tools website Where people can come here andget help in affiliate marketing You are also welcome to monetize withAdSense and with affiliate ads So in this way you can make and doubleyour earnings with Google AdSense too Beside affiliate marketing, okay Now we still have a couple of things likechanging the entitlement and somethings here And contributing personas I want to show you these gratuities exactly to makesure you got every idea in this course I “il be going” here back to my tables, all tables And disappear now edit this affiliate table And I want to add an likenes beside this relate So simply I click on insertimage and then select the cadre And I just wanted to upload an idol I will go and download like Bluehost from here Save image on my desktop So I can upload here on my website from my desktop Bluehost, upload it very nice You can also lend the alt text It’s important to get moreexposure on Google or whatever Bluehost your area figure whatever Click insert in table, and this isthe image I will imitate glue now And click on save changes Let’s see now our table, refresh And here is bluehost beside your list You can also add whatever htmlcode you require in this table If you are familiar with html You can go now now to plugin alternatives You are allowing likewise custom css to your table We have a lot of details I can’t include now everything in this course By the path if you go now to mywebsite H-educate.com as an example If you go now to my E-Books page You will see here I am working thesame plugin to add my E-Books And by the way this new E-Book this new freeE-Book was published like a couple of days ago It’s a full free E-Book about email sell If you are interested you cango and download wholly for free Also if you go now to my homepage again And click on recommendations page You will see also this is here thislist is also a table employ tablepress So you can add whatever portraits youcan add links you can add layouts Whatever you want to this plugin But I can’t go in detail in it in thisvideo course it’s somehow out of the scope But you get the idea you canjust edit whatever you want Edit the code now, do some Google search If you miss help you can openthe question on the forum I will try my best to help you likewise, okay So this is our simple website You can see it’s updated now with the brand-new ad So this is our simple website Our affiliate table, our ad You can also publish Google ad as I explainedin my other routes you can check also So you can build your own online business A full business, affiliatebusiness with ad monetization And now you only need to get traffic Which is the problem of maybe 90% of beings here How to get traffic to these websites and start promoting alot of service and ads in their website Before I move on to the laststep which is getting traffic I want to show you how to revise the name Just click on customize hereagain merely incase you don’t know You can go now here to the headersection, to the logo change logo You can select a logo and image orsimply as an example change this Get affiliate help as two examples, it will automatically rename You can add a tagline and publish And here is the title you can editthe menu also if you go back here Back we have the menus, youcan add whatever menus you want The primary menu, footer menu, secondary menu, whatever you want You can add in WordPress, okay If you are interested also I have afull free course here on my channel If you go back to my canal, certainly the problemis I clarified almost everything on my path But you still sometimes askquestions I already answered If “theres going” now to my path youcan find my full WordPress course How I composed a blog like H-educateyou check also in the description below Anyway so we implemented thewebsite we did everything Now the main problem isgetting traffic to this website Of direction try your best to makeit somehow professional and so on So we need to get traffic to this website The question is getting trafficis somehow a big concept Requires maybe a full trend Now the surprise for you in a couple of dates I will publish here on my path too A full free course aboutgetting traffic to any website In such courses in got a couple of daylights I will show you everything in detail Almost all the strategies toget traffic to any website If “theres going” here to my website again H-educate You will see I am getting todayaround 140,000 visits to my website You can see if you look at thechart it’s always increasing If you go back to H-supertoolsagain and take a look at my transaction It’s also increasing So in a couple of periods I willshare with you a full course Explaining everything in detail how toget traffic to any website like I do But in the meanwhile if you finishthis course and start implementing it And you can’t wait two days You can go now here to my direct to my playlist And you can see the come transaction playlist You can go now now to get trafficto your website playlist I explained in more than six videos a lotof strategies to get traffic to any website But anyway in two days I will publish the trafficmastery course altogether for free here on my canal So don’t forget please to agree To turn on notifications to get every new update And don’t forget to join the giveaway Like the video and go to thedescription below, like the video And that’s it for today Ihope you enjoyed this course We appointed this small website that I hope willhelp you start a real affiliate marketing business Somehow readily and start makingmoney online as I do in my website See you later!

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