4 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites in 2021 REVEALED | Affiliate Marketing 2021

– Today, I’m going to be clothe four affiliate websites thatare killing it right now, demo you from ad, tolanding sheet, to cart. I’m going to explainto you what’s going on, why they’re successful and tell you how you’re going to be able to replicate this on your own ads. Let’s jump in and catch out.( upbeat music) Hey chaps, thanks so muchfor meeting us today. We’re going to be coveringfour affiliate websites we think are totally killing it across our biggest traffic beginnings. So that’s going to beFacebook, Native ads, email, and finally, the content website. I’m going to break down fromad all the way to order form of what we think is really doing well.And only to tell you howwe define success here, because I don’t have accessto the backend multitudes, but we’ve seen these adseither across variou emails or being performed for awhile in the same capacity. And if beings are spending money on an ad and they continue doing it, that’s a pretty good indicatorthat it’s successful. With that, let’s actuallyjump into probably the source that you care about the most and we get the most questionson, which is Facebook. All freedom, so we are on this actually is my Facebook page, but just so you know, or we saw this one right here. I want to break downwhat’s so good about this. First off is you’re scrolling. Anytime you have video, that’s going to be exactlywhat your target audience want to wish, which isdelicious banquets and quick cuts.It’s going to captivate the eye. We can exactly put onscrolling here. Cute dog. Wait a second. I identify action automatically dallying. On top of that, theydo a incredible errand here at expending portraits and emojis, peculiarly if you’re doing ayoung or younger demographic, but to visually bring mein and put me in a climate of what they want to see, right? So you realise an avocado, you realise different meat, there’s a prawn in there. And then too exercising other emojiswith money, strong, season, all to kind of do these quickskimming cleverness to say, “oh, okay, I kind of alreadyknow what this is saying without having to read anything”. And I’m seeing this video that’s exhibition me really delicious snacks. In addition to providing that, they are doing superimposed textbooks in now, really quickly highlightingthe points that you want to see on the actual video, which is huge. Because again, we want skim-ability. We want to get people’sattention on the high points that really matter, beforethey click on the ad.The other thing now, juststop struggling to eat healthful, stop struggling to eathealthy keto dinners. Right? Really, really quick and easy. It’s telling me exactly what it’s about right off the get-go. Nice short, punchy imitation in now. Bulleted, easy to glide. “Finally discontinue dinner prepping all Sunday.” So that’s an interestingone too, cause they’re, they’re assuming that peopleare already trying to do that on Sunday, I know it’s a common date, getting to where theirtarget audience needs to be or how they might be experiencingthese problems right away. “Get chef-designed mealsready in two minutes, ” chef designed, they’re adding credibilityto spice and appreciation, which I visually could see below. That gazes better thanwhat I could cook myself. And so if chef’s clearing it easy, that represents it’s going to smack good. And peculiarly if I’m on a banquet assistance, there’s a good chanceI’m not a great cook. So, doing something whereyou’re going to be able to make it easy, but deliciousis obviously a big factor.They’re lay in herewith the money savings, save $90 in free send, right? They’re really focusing on the money that you’re saving there. Still not showing the cost, which is really important because I don’t want tomake a price-based decision. I want to make a savings-based decision, at least to click and catch out more. Important to remember, this is not trying to sell you. This is trying to get you to click, to shop more for it, right? To get to another experience.And then we have theshop @factorseventyfive. com. So we’re going to click on the ad. Maybe we can click on the ad. There “theres going”. And now we get to the website. So from here, again, we could see that it’s really pushing for renders right off the at-bat here. They want to unlock. They want to get a commitmentfrom you, right away. They talked about that $90 in savings. You can even still seeit beyond this pop-up.”Discount applied to even $90 “. So it gives you a little more details, but it continues to reallyfocus on that savings. And so I are given an opportunity of worsen or I could unlock an present. Again, enormous website interactivity here. So, this is already theoffer that they’re doing. They merely started an opt-inin a way for me to engage, to be able to essentially enjoy the proposal and are involved in the furnish. Right? So, they’re getting that emailfor retargeting determinations. But the great thing here is, I still don’t know howmuch any of this cost. It’s just saying, “Hey, $90 to get your email”, right? They determined it interactive, they reached it seem entertaining. So there’s gamification to it. Genuinely, really fantastic opt-in here.Why’s this opt-in so strong? If you don’t know, I now have that email. If that customer doesn’t buy it, I could still retarget them. Right? They might’ve been a littlehesitant on the cost. They might’ve been like, “Hey, I want to go talk to the other person thatI’m doing this diet with”. Well , now I have that email, so I could retargetwithout even media expend, exactly moving them emails. Super impactful, unbelievably smart-alecky. And they make it almostfun and hard-bitten not to opt-in to something like that. Now from here, health eating determined simple, do healthful chef devised mealsdelivered to your doorstep. So they’re fight right toseeing snacks and pricing. Now, I’m going to tellyou that for the concoction, this makes a ton of sense.We construe the meat pornthey settled all around this. Delicious ogling banquets. They appear healthy, but they’re health in away that I want to eat them, especially when you’reseeing things in now, and I’ll say, things you’re not attending. Who now understands a big old-time salad? No, there’s no salad, right? We’re visit flesh. We’re construe veggies. We experience cheese, we seemore cheese, a big steak. These are things that almostanybody would want to eat. It’s not just a generic salad. And if they’re doing veggies, that maybe parties don’t want to eat, they’re still portraying them in a way that’s really appealing, Like, I really do want to eatthat broccoli and cheddar. Just – it’s impelling me hungry right now. It is pretty close tolunchtime as we’re filming, so that could be a reason, but they’re doing a fanciful errand here.And then again, only above the fold, they now have their perform ratings very. So it inspects luscious, it gazes easy. I came in through meat and now I instantly have some credibility, right from the get-go. Because this is a very simple ask, we’re not trying to do anything complex. There’s not a big, long storey. I’m really trying to drive: “You’re going to save $90 in an desire buy that’s going to make yougetting menu easier”. You could be more aggressive with how soon you show that CTA. If this was a product thatwas going to take more storytelling, I need to sell something that was complicated and more specific, this would be a really bad idea. So, I want to realize that distinction, that when you’re doing this, know what the sales page looks like, or know what the render looks like and erect your ads for this.They erected ads withdelicious food, savory food, savings, savings, savings, impulse buy, inclination, buy. That is the whole thingthey’re playing for now. And at a minimum, give meyour email on an compulsion. So, truly important, I were really, I speculation they move their adsaround mealtime, as well. So, I mentioned this is before lunchtime. It probably was acted up to us, because it knew that lunch was coming and food was in the mindset of the viewer. So another thing to pay attention to, when you’re getting into those ads. So now, they’re doing a skimthing to just soon justify,’ cause they got somebodyprobably bought into this, but they might be not sure exactly what they’re getting into. So really quick, simple causes with some fanciful animations, demo you this is how the process cultivates. And then again, it’s just givingyou some more food causes to show this what theproduct actually looks a lot like. Look how savory it is. I can’t say delicious, sorry.But actually, really fantastic stuff here. More bulleted spots. This part, I actually, really desire, follower favorite recipes of your order, right? And why supporter favorite? So large-scale is one, I’m gettingthe credibility to say that yes, “its good”. But the second thing is, it’s social proof, right? One of the large-hearted intellects that we acquired the items that we obtained, that we don’t always talk about, is we buy things to makesure that we could identify that we’re part of a group of individuals.It’s an auto-selection ofthe type of person we are and the tribe that wewant to be a part of. So, something like favorite banquets sounds into that social pressure and that desire to be a part of something along with everyone else. So when I see that everyone’senjoying this dinner , not only do I anticipate, oh, that’s social proof, but then I want to be part of that group. I want to be a part of the people that enjoys the barbecue drawn chicken. They’re just like me, right? So we’re actually now buying only to be a part of agroup of individuals. And so working something like fan favourites, or if you have something that’sgoing to be a multi-option, be able to show that social proof as a channel to identifyme as a social segment like this is doing, is reallypowerful for conversions.And again, with a demonstrative produce, something that’s verydemonstrative like nutrient, huge idols exit a long way. So if you’re going to beshowing epitomes of ingredients, of nutrient for a nutrition curriculum, they better looking naughty and delectable as hell. If it looks like somethingthat’s on a cafeteria menu or one of those sketchyrestaurant you went to see, that you thought they probablyuse this weird cheap menu to kill cockroaches with, that’s not going to go well. You need something thatjust looks beautiful.And if you established anybody, I could probably picture a vegetarian that barbecue plucked chicken and they’d be like, “Yeah, that looks pretty good. I’m salivating a little bit right now”, because you’re doing such a good job. So, then I would recommendif you can’t find good stock epitomes, or ifyou want to do your own, hiring an actual foodphotographer would go a long way. They can be expensive, but even on Fiverr, you get people do a great job with it,’ cause it’s a different kind of talent. So, you could see( ambiguou) all that and then eventually theyactually demonstrate the pricing, right? Another thing they’redoing really well here, most popular on their largest banquet alternative. And they’re too lookingat: it’s only$ 9 a snack. So I actually don’t, I’dhave to do math to say nine terms 12 to figure out my costs.Most people are not going to do that. We are not great at quick mental math. People accompany$ 9 per snack and theythink hey, 12 meals, huge. It’s more popular. I’m going to go along with that one. Although, six meals endsup being the cheapest, which is actually kind of weird. But in general, this is justwhere I think you’re getting a really, really nice CTAsection that they have here. And they’re building offthat social proof again, which is actually further supported by oh, I bounced over it. Where’s my devotee favorites? Oh yeah, favorite meals. So they’re doing a reallygood job there to drive that. They do have an option for more. Now, if you’re a little bit reluctant, you get more of that social proof and it’s specific reviewsfrom people talking about it. Then again, they’re hitting the ticket, claiming that render for that email.FAQ’s, so on and so forth. But, let’s jump into the”Get Started” section. So we can see here, they give you more alternatives in selecting. This is unique to this product, so obviously you don’t havethis numerous excerpts here. But again, the one thingI would just say here, that’s really important on now, is just the cohesion, right? The more similar that it feels and the more cohesive it feels, of an experience for abuyer, hugely important. From ad, to arrive sheet, to order form, I feel like I’m in the same place. So if you’re an affiliate, and you’re locate thatyou have a huge drop off, in say, your click through, to ad, to actual shifts, you most probably have reallysevere incongruencies amongst ad all the way toorder form, or acre page. Make sure that these things look similar. That travels a long way into providing trust in building a good alteration experience. Last thing I’ll mention here that’s great, that $90 give they’repushing to continue to drive need and longing, they have a countdown timer on it.I think they could make this even bigger, but genuinely, effectively functioning, say, “Hey, you just got thisgreat $90 off, but guess what? It’s only good for 30 minutesto be able to use it”. So really fantastic there, first time it shows up. Guess what? It’s on the order form, soI don’t want to leave this. I’m going to make all my decisions here. So again, merely to kindof summary now, chaps, they did a great jobcapturing and segmenting the target audiencewith a really lively ad testifying longing things and using the likeness todrive my starve response, as well as the emotionalchallenges that I’m probably not feeling like I’menjoying the nutrient I’m eating, but son I’d like to and still be health. So, they likewise use a coupon and a promo to drive a lot ofurgency and a great deal. And in the social proof aspects as well. So think about that in your ads, chaps, and you’ll definitelyfind yourself get a much more successful Facebook campaign, if that’s where you’redriving your traffic.Onto the next one. Okay, so the next one we want to cover is going to be Native ads. So, just so you know, I always like to say, we’re not trying to show Breitbart, because we aren’t politicallymotivated by Breitbart, but they do got a lot of Native ads. And that’s the only reasonwe’re select this. That is my CYA statement, to make sure that we areapolitical here at ClickBank, but what I want to show you right now, is for those of you that aren’tfamiliar with Native ads, this is going to be an adthat looks like it’s a part of a website or a content website.The one we’re going to focus on here is, “Do this to get rid of rodents.” Now, I picked this one out specific, because it’s so darn simple and it shows the image of a mouse and kind of a big ugly oneon a table, inside a dwelling. For anyone that owns a dwelling and does not like the ideaof mice being in involved with it, or any sort ofrodent, which would be me, that would instantly captivate my nose. And then, “do this to get rid of rodents.” It’s just so straightforward. So anybody that has rodents, unless they have them for domesticateds, genuinely doesn’t want them.So just super simple, super easy. And one of the reasons whyI really liked this too, is even though I couldsee that it’s an ad, I’m probably not going topay too much attention that, if I’m motivated by whateverthis concoction “wouldve been”. It’s going to catch my heart. It stands out quite a bit tothe other image next to it. Right? I’m seeing a good deal of talking heads, a great deal of idols of grey-headed haired, grey humanities. And then here we are, wesee a mouse right there. So I’m like, oh wow, okay, that flasks me.It pays attention, it’svery, very simple and direct. I think sometimes imagesare really, really powerful when you’re doing Native, toreally catch the eye first. And then knowing youdon’t have a lot of seat for your Native ads, getting something that’s direct and to the point, employing a suitable epitome andpairing those two together, can make for an effective click-through. And if I can learn how to sounds. So we go on now, this is labeled. Again, they were required to threw thatit’s an advertorial in now, but again, inspect how this looksexactly like another commodity. Right? So I don’t feel like, I was on a material website, I was reading articles, allof a sudden, I go to an ad, but boy, this ad justfeels like another clause. It even has ads on the side of an ad, maximizing their cavity. So something I would actuallyreally feed you to do because boy, if you situated some of those, only, this is just Googledisplay that they’re lay in there, most probably, or some sort of a dynamicad sufficing software.They now get affiliate commissions on their other affiliate-dedicated offers. Super smart. Smart , not only from amonetization standpoint, but, it manufactures it feel morelike where I just came from. I don’t feel like I havea disparity event, which constitutes me start thinking, am I in an ad( and so on )? From here again, great imagery, right? A mouse devouring whatlooks like a household X, I think that’s a persimmon, but, it could be a tomato. It’s just some sort of vegetable or fruit. So, instantly, that’s gonna conclude person that doesn’t want mouse fall, “Holy crap, I need to get rid of this”. From here, it time readsagain and genuinely centres like an article, but itreally liked the first row. “Wouldn’t it be nice if younever had to kill another rat or defined another mousetrap in your residence? Thanks to( ambiguou) opinion, millions of Americansnever have to worry about ascertain another rodentin their mansion again.” Yes, please.That’s exactly what I want, a really nice qualificationright from the beginning. Now, it’s going to go on and explain that, again, we identify immense portraits in now, and then it goes to the product and interpreting the productof what Pest Reject is. And time describing this more, we insure social proof on here, which is really important, right? And you could look right here and encounter kind of what they’re saying. Is it really worth all the hype? You could see that they have social proof, all that good material, lots ofdifferent remarks in here. And then we jump into costs and then we’re putting it like that. And now they’re currentlygoing on sale for 50%, right? So they’re driving allsorts of things down now. They do have natural notes on here. So be aware if you’re having a page, that that could be a troubling part, if you don’t have switch over that.But from here, several CTAs are just are embedded into the link. And then it goes to the arriving sheet. From here again, theydid a really good job. “Don’t miss our one-time fire sale.” So they created congruency. It’s same portraits, right? We picture some of the imagesthat were used there, including information on this page, it looks very similar and that’s importantto see that congruency, like we talked about before, and again, yes, I require 50%. So on this page, we havethe countdown timer, 19 hours, inventory alarm, everything’s really drivingtowards this flame marketing. “Number one rated pestrepeller in America.” Really, very simple. They could do a simple early CTA on this, again, because of the page right before, spending all the time talking, training on the subject, and connecting the bridgeof “I don’t want rodents”, to now, I want to get this great deal on this Pest Reject thing. So, this moves more in depthwith some of the technology. Again, social proof, putting that all very heavy, but a very short simplified sheet, because of the undertaking thatwas done beforehand.So then yes, I crave 50%. Again, precisely on the order form now, they have some nicebranding, social proof. Again, cohesive, above thefold imagery is very good. Oh, they have an exit pop, which I didn’t see last go. So this is great. So you can actuallysave an additional $ 10, that has a countdown timer to it. And then it’s just selecting from here. So again, this is really prettysolid stuff, very simple. And I think sometimes simpleis really important, right? Simple, effective marketinglasts a lot longer and is a lot easier toexecute on if you do it right, than complex, large-scale, long stories sometimes, which could be breaking.But if you have all thatspace to figure it out, you might have a lot of areasthat it’s breaking from. So, something like this isreally, really effective. I think they did a very good job, if you’re looking for an example for a Native ads item that could do well. One last thing I’ll mention on now, this premium spot, right? So we realise $240. I convey, the premium objects onthis, on average, are probably , commonly going to be wellover a hundred dollars. So on a physical produce, that’s important toget Native ads to work. You actually need something that’s going to be overthe $ 80 to $90 series, for a concoction like this. Next up, we’re going togo to a material website.So, I started this one really simple. I just Googled in something. Most beings, with lotsof content websites, unless they’re regularly going to them, they’re just going to Googlea question or an entry. So, we did natural weight loss capsules. We have a lot of advertisements here, but the one I wanted to focus on was the very first contentarticle that popped up. 12 popular weight loss lozenges, and supplements reviewed.So, Healthline is obviouslya huge content company here, but again, they do somereally great things and there’s a reason whythey’re so good at it. So, we do have obviouslyserved up ads in here. We don’t need to worry about that, but I genuinely require youto focus on nutrition. And the thing I actually adore in now, it has this check markwith evidence-based. That is so disarming right off the at-bat, to tell me I’m gettingcredible knowledge, which is super important, even though you’re going tobe offering affiliate presents and they do positioned ties-in inhere for affiliate concoctions. I don’t want to think thatyou’re only trying to tell me about something because you’remaking money, right? So when you settled evidence-based in there, that’s moving me continue tothink, okay, I can trust this. This is just offset, fair report. I also think precisely “1 2 popular weight loss lozenges and complements reviewed.” The actuality that it’s really simple and it’s not sensationalized, because this is goingthrough Google content where people are alreadyasking a question, sometimes not being aggressivecould be in your advantage because they’re doing it most probably’ cause they don’t trust adsor targets they’re served to.Remember where your position is when you’re doing material market. You need to be the advisor, the trusted advisor. So if “youre starting” showingthings that draw you not being relied, you’re notgoing to be as successful. And they too articulated an likenes right here, of who “the authors ” is, with a link to their work. Obviously not everybodycould do that, but again, we’re talking abouttransparency and trust. Right at the top, I thinkis incredibly strong, particularly, dependingon where your demos are. So if you did have writersthat fit demographics, son, if I was a woman lookingfor this and I examine the status of women within my demographic alsowrote it, win-win-win. This one, I don’t think is doing that, but really an idea out therethat really pranced out to me. So they have some … they do have some disclosuresthat they have to put in now. So if we’re lay that in small-scale writing, “here’s our process”, they’re explaining that and it presents the linkfor individuals here.Again, really great portraits are key. They don’t overly pushtheir attaches as well. The interesting thing now, is it’s very intelligible. Oftentimes, I check these revaluation locates and there’s just big blocks of textbook. Most beings aren’t comingin here to read a novella. They’re here to skip and be more informed. So make sure that youdo one to two decisions. Keep it very skimmable. Use forcefuls and exactly look atthe breaks in this, right? None of this seemsintimidating for me to read. So you’d “re going through” here. They likewise are putting thingsin now like caffeine, but they’re going todrive to caffeine pills and things like that.But their links are justsuper straight forward. They have very simple, easy to understand, they break down for, firmnes, how it manipulates, effectiveness, side effects. Make sure it is consistent, right? Those are some things thatare going to be important. So a kind of a general rangeof what to look at each time. So again, when you goand click on these connections, it’ll just drive you to the sales page. It “couldve been” through Amazon, it could be a direct linkto their landing page. It doesn’t really matterwhat I can click on these, but they make it so embedded and easy to drive on these hyperlinks. And now, they’re doingit to the other articles on some of these extremely, Sodon’t worry about that. But, it’s really impactful and it continues to showand make it seem like, “Hey, I’m just now to giveyou good advice and by the way, if you want to buy this, here’s how you do it”.So you’re just recruit yourself, right where you want to be in the decision-making process and flattening it out to the website. The huge thing about doing it this course, is you don’t ever need tohave as aggressive commerce, if you don’t want to, on those sales sheets, because you’re effectivelygetting people in there, asking for the question, wanting information and you’re answeringthose questions for them. So by that time, they’remuch more warm to buying because of your recommendations. So let’s move on to thenext one, and final one. Although, I would say it’sthe classic and the OG, which is email. So when we look at email, whatwe’re gonna really look for, I’m actually going to showyou guys as we go through, Is one, deliverability andalso what catches your nose? So it might be differentfor each one of you, but I’m going to pull somethat really pranced out to me in what … this is my honeypotemail, is what I call it. But anytime I see a reallygreat product or a company out there, and they’re askingfor emails for opt-ins, I have this email in here.So anytime I need to golook at email marketing, I can go check it outand I have a ton in here. So, what we’re going tolook through here first, is the fact that you wantto look at ones that are in my primary inbox. So we can see that there’s aton here in the publicities tab. That means that I’m most likelynot going to look at them, even though there’ssome great ones in now, I exactly just wanted to make them out and say, “Hey, these are in the primary folder, these are the ones that aregetting better deliverability.” So the fact that I’m looking at them, is a really, really good sign.Vers … if I wasn’t looking at them, that signifies I’m not going to open them up. That tell me anything, one that dida really, really great job on their subject linesthat I did want to show you and wanted to walkthrough now, is this one. So, it captivated my eyeand I altogether stopped and looked at it anyway. And I know that they most likely have some actually, really fantasticdeliverability outside of this one. So, but we look in here, again, this is from an individualthat was the individual when you bought the make. So this would be a buyer email inventory, so that’s how I entered in on this. But, it comes from theperson who is the character for that make. So when you see that, thatthat’s going to be familiar. Now, “youre seeing” other parties are going to play with that “From” name.Again, it truly depends onyour list and your public. If you have no relationship to that, be a little bit more experimental, like “Defender Union” now. I precisely want to get another example. We’ll see if we have onewith a different “From” name that might be interesting, like “From the Universe”, for example, right? The Universe isn’t the name of a product, but it rushes out to me and you can see that’s usedpretty often for theirs. Here’s another one with “Your Balance”. So it’s from “Your Balance”, how to prevent falling at any senility. That’s a pretty good one to jump out. We see this stimulated the main inbox and is really going toattract somebody coming in. So we’ll actually lead from here. So from here, we seethat it’s “Your balance, how to interrupt falling at any senility, ” if I’m concerned about that, it simply catches your eyes right away.And that’s important to remember, that you’re not just getting opens. You want to qualify youropens for your volunteer. An evacuate click, to somebodythat doesn’t characterize, it doesn’t do you better now. So, you really want to get theright people to pay attention. So, this is a very short email. I’m a bigger fan of shorter emails. Apparently there’s long ones extremely, just know what youraudience answers well to. But this is an example ofa really good short-lived one. So you can see here, “I want you to know thatyour fear of precipitating is a hundred percentage apologized , no matter what anyone tells you”. This is huge, because it’sreally once building into the idea: it’s not your mistake. People say you’re crazy, you might feel crazy. You might feel alone. One of the biggest driversof parties feeling irritable, misinterpret, sad, disheartened, why they want to go find solutions, is’ stimulate no one understands them. They distinguish this right off the at-bat. They’re immediately connectingthat “I am on your side”, moving over to theindividual, that’s the reader.A genuinely, really great first statement. “So you verify , not many knowthis, but every 11 seconds, person over 60 in this country falls, which results in a tripto the emergency room.” Again, I know I’m probablytargeting an elderly demographic, and I’m now putting suspicion. I’m saying, “Hey, your panic is justified”. Let’s dial up that suspicion and remind you why you’re afraid of it. And then we’re going to putthat even more dramatic, by “Every 19 instants, somebody dies from make of their fall.That’s a whopping 28,000 demises a year from a year from errands and falls.” Super dramatic, right? So if you, again, wereworried about falling, I am now at a heightenedfear regime by read this, it’s also super easy to read.I planned, these arestraightforward, short-lived sentences. Not challenging by any means. Not only that, if you doslip and come,( indistinct) the chances of you wantingto go to nursing home triple. More panic. “And if you precipitate morethan twice in one year, according to research, yourrisk of passing away within the next five years increases by over 200%. “That’s why I demand you toknow your fear of descending, even if you haven’t taken a terrible spill, is a hundred percentage ordinary, okay”? But don’t worry, because I’d like to show youa ten second come prevention, which instantly realizes yourbody fail proof in minutes.” Fear, dread, nervousnes, anxiety, fright, all the way up to the heightened nation, where it’s just almost unbearable and then say, “Hey, butdon’t worry that got you”.Super, super valuable in terms of exactly what this has meant todo, drive to a clink. And let’s see if I can learnhow to click on a laptop. Perfect. Again, here’s a couple of things I think are really powerful, is the play button onthis for the click-to-play and the video is full screen, right? We could see everything. And then again, we havereferences and so and so forth. This is actually not the email index. This is a pure affiliate offer. So we could see here, you couldeither read this record, watch the video andthen play on the video. I won’t articulated play here. But what I will do, let’s see if I could get that back again. So if you were everlooking to get order forms, and you don’t want to watch a whole video, although you clearly should, if they have a text option, it’s a great way to precisely get to the CTA.So, I’m not going to gothrough the entire dialogue merely to show that it’s a good looking VSL, it starts at a phase of theatre, which is super important. I’ll actually merely prove youon the textbook parcel here,’ case this is the same script, but it starts out here with, and I affection that they do this, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Those ad campaigns were so successful. I think we could all hearthem echo in our front room during daytime TV, withthe noblewoman on the storey and the “help, I’ve fallenand I can’t get up.” Why that’s so importantis this generation, we’ve all grown up on those ad campaign, gather from the shared experience and be called to that dread, where we used to laugh , now there’s a group of individualsthat have that same anxiety. Those advertisements meanssomething different to them. So they’re doing that toreally start on a meridian of drama and then they go again, let’s talk about the fears.We use fear, we said there’s a solution, stoke up the anxiety again. And then they go on andcontinue to describe everything and make it really great. It’s a entire long-form salespage that’s successful, I don’t want to go through all that. There’s other videos where we do break downthese types of sheets, so be sure to go and checkit out if you want to. I really want to go here andgo to the “add to cart, ” so we can see the order form, appearance some consistency through here.Again, they’re doing a really nice job. This is actually Ithink a little bit busy, but they’re prove cohesiveness, the color schemes all the same, doing a really nice job herethat it’s safe and secure. They’re too putting the big ones you want on your order form. You’re going to show themoney back guarantee, that they’re assure, they have instant access for digital make and for physical, something about sending, whether it’s fast, easy send, there’s a ship to your door.There’s lots of differentthings you could put in there, but you need to talk aboutthe delivery portion. So in fact, here’s another, and this is a ClickBank specific thing. Make sure you know thisis what people experience. I think this V whatever, probablywasn’t meant to be there, but it’s definitely explain something that you wouldn’t want.But other than that, thisis a great order form, really fantastic job of notputting too much in now, but lending a lot ofcredibility and actually trust, which is all you want to drive, when you’re on the orderform, is just trust. You’ve clicked now for a rationalization and let me not give youa reason to click apart. So with that guys, we covered a lot ofdifferent traffic generators, a lot of different things, I foresee just some large-hearted themes I want you to remember that hold true with all of this stuff.I’m going to say cohesiveness, make sure you’re hittingthe right pain spots, in the exact same space that your volunteer is. We has spoken about thefear of this email one. They did such a good jobbuilding suspicion of descending, and guess what? It was the exact samefear that got projected on the bring page and on that VSL. So, make sure you’re doing that. If you are not matching up your commerce, you’re probably going tohave a problem with success. On exceed of that, very, buildtrust and segment with your ad.So, you want to make suregetting a proper segmentation and you’re doing in a way that’sdirect, honest, feels good. If you make it seem too salesy, or you’re not qualifying beings properly, you’re going to get discrepancies and it’s going to hurt your shifts. So anyway, such is people that are doing a very successful job. If you have more questionsor you’d like more videos like this, please commenton the yarn below. Likewise, be sure to subscribe tothe channel as we have more content coming your channel. And if you like these videos, we’ll have more videos like this, so you can know to makeyour ads most successful and start drawing more bank.Have a good one, bye-bye ..

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