5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs With Recurring Commissions!

[ Music] hello everyone this is Spencer from billto preneur and we’re gonna talk about my five favorite affiliate programs in this video and a little background these are the programs that I use to make a full time income okay so these five programs supplement my part income I was able to quit my job just by promoting these five planneds so let’s dive in and I’m going to give them to you in order okay so the first one is the very best one the last one still breathtaking but not the best one we’re gonna start with clickfunnels if you’re not expending clickfunnels as an affluent marketer both to use and to promote you’re missing out clickfunnels has what I consider the best affiliate program in the world countries for a lot of different grounds I’m going to mention them here the first one is a 40% repetition fee so any one you get to sign up for click pours which is a hundred to three hundred dollars a month plan any one you get to sign up you get 40% of that so if they sign up for the hundred dollar plan you get 40 horses a few months if they sign up for the 300 dollar program you get 120 horses a month awesome stuff the second thing is click moves is so reputable and so good in aspect as a software that they retain parties very very well so you get mortal in the door and they tend to stay for a much longer time so you’ve got to be promoting click funnels the second largest one is o Pesta I’m gonna pop over here real quick o Pesta al Pesta is a facebook Messenger bought software and if you’re not familiar facebook Messenger bot they’re just getting started and they are exploding right now they’re just about to time be the one of the biggest things there is but parties are still just now starting to understand and then figure them out and you can capitalize and go in right at the opening up of that okay so al Pesta is not only in a brand new market but they are a brand new software that’s actually launching two days after this video so I’ve been part of the pre promotion for Vista very cool same thing as clickfunnels they give 40% recurring boards so anybody that you can be attributed to a past epoch you get 40% of everything they pay for the rest of their life it’s an awesome awesome deal second thing is it’s just a really good platform and so beings that come to a pest of looking for messenger bots software will stay because it was constructed awfully is a good one there thing convertkit convertkit is an email automation software and you need to be promoting at least some email automation software as an affiliate because everyone that you promote to is going to eventually probably sign up for one of those okay convertkit super cool they offer 30% recurring committees you various kinds of view the focus now recurring reappearing reappearing we affection recurring commissions so convertkit offers 30 percentage reappearing you don’t have to have any kind of crazy tiered platforms or anything like a lot of the other autoresponders do second they are very very nice to affiliates you don’t have to actually even be using convertkit to be an affiliate of them which is a lot of autoresponders don’t allow so awesome deal with convertkit fourth one in Stata io super cool software that helps you grow your Instagram account just so fast it’s crazy there 29 bucks a few months and you get I feel 50% of that as the time of this video one of the best Instagram automation software’s I’ve ever seen I’ve never seen one that exactly toils so well and it’s so simple and has no issues whatsoever last one you to me if you’re not familiar with you to me it’s a solo ads provider a lot of people like don’t know what solo ads are but what you to me is is basically a method for you to get on to access other people’s email registers so if I have a huge email list of 50,000 parties and you want to send something to that email roster for an offer or an affiliate give or anything that you want you to me is the place to do it and you to me you can get 15% life-time commissionings on anyone you pertain so if I referred you right now and used udemy for the next 50 times I would be making money every time you spend money on brand-new to me for the rest of your life cool cool program all five of these programs offer recurring commissions and their high value commodities that work that’s exactly what you’re looking for is an affiliate now let’s talk bonuses down below you’re gonna see a tie I’m gonna give you links to sign up for all of these and these links are really cool because a lot of these actually don’t require you to sign up for the program so I’m gonna give you the link where you don’t have to actually sign up for the software second thing I’m gonna give you the complete affiliate discipline that I built after I quit my job so this is the training that evidences stepbystep precisely the strategy that I used to market these five products successfully super super helpful if you’re just starting out or if you’re method into a hoof market him predict you that you will learn something link down below totally free slap that agree button and thanks so much this is bill the preneur[ Music]

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