6-FIGURE BUSINESS Case Study #1 – Affiliate Marketing by Daniel Wiafe

apologies about that so person was telling me that periscope was acting glitchy my person Carlos from Florida was so me that periscope was acting glitchy and that people were on my periscope from the last room yeah recognized there’s like 50 or 60 of you guys on there so I’m still not interpreting any comments or hearts so what I’m going to do is I’m just gonna talk and this is actually kind of weird nothing anybody talk or interact or observe or hard-bitten it up or anything like that but is moving forward and put your notes in there and your hearts and whatnot and share with your adherents share with your periscope admirers okay so for those guys who don’t know who i am i am daniel we are fee and some of y’all may know me as the house-flipping ninja my partner and myself we had a 13 -episode series on HGTV announced flinging the heartland and so I would say hot it up if you guys can hear me but I want to be able to see the hearts would I so anyways look there’s a been a bunch of different businesses that I’ve been in over the years I’m 36 year olds right now I got into business when I was 24 years old okay I was stone-broke I had determined that I could not do a job I was not furnished or built to work a j.o.b and I “ve made my decision” 12 years ago okay that I would pretty much be the master of my own fate okay and so right here let me go ahead and give you all a go of viewpoint of this and won’t give you a Pam you of the consortium locality I’m gonna let on a free giveaway okay and the free giveaway is going to be to some random person that I adopt from this periscope programme who has shared with their periscope adherents okay so what I miss “youre going to” do everybody is share this broadcast with your periscope admirers okay I’m going to give away a free 30 instant coaching entitle with mortal from this programme okay we’re going to talk about your business your real estate business doesn’t matter what you’re doing okay whether you’re in real estate whether your internet marketing I’m a marketing guru okay I enjoy he’s more leader but I’m a marketing lord all right and I can pretty much take anybody from zero to hero in any business okay so looked at to me my big head all right so appear when I got started in business for some of you guys who don’t know I went through bankruptcy okay and I went to bankruptcy at an early age I was doing things that I should have been doing all shooting girlfriends i was spending money that i should have been spinning and it was a bad meter for me okay and so long story short is i moved to tulsa oklahoma and I reinvented myself okay it’s very important for you to reinvent yourself okay and what I did was I operated a bunch of different menial errands when I get down to Oklahoma I was working as a piece of delivery person i was working at a bunch of temp chores i was working at telemarketing hassles pretty much anything that you could think of I did it okay and so back in 2004 i started in eBay business okay and what i would do is i would go to garage sales and owned sales and i would buy different pieces of stuff all right and i would resell them on ebay okay I spawned you know jolly reasonable money off of it i made about perhaps 800 or 900 bucks a month part time plainly that’s nothing large-hearted nothing special but you know it showed me the dominance of entrepreneurship okay and so one thing led to another and then what I did was I started selling ebooks okay and you guys all know what a ebook is what i would do is i would buy ebooks from various beings and i would resell them on ebay okay and i made about maybe 1,200 1,300 horses a month alright so this was the next step for me time because at that point I didn’t need to have physical makes okay I had which was and intangible products okay something that I could repeat until thousands of okay so an e-book you can sell it and if you sell one ebook it’s the same cost the same expense as if you were to sell a thousand of 2,000 volumes okay which was lovely all right and so one day I stopped on educating myself in internet sell you are familiar with I figured that hey this internet marketing it’s easy to do I love the money coming in and somebody being in their young in the early 20 s I was like this is beautiful and so what i did was i think back in 2005 i want to say i bought this website off of somebody you’ll sound these geese gander earmarked flying over the condo alright so back to me six figures all right so look I remember you guys share this periscope broadcast with your periscope admirers because I’m gonna pick one person and they’re gonna get a free 30 instant time coaching conference with me okay so I’m gonna pick one random party from this a call okay and so um regardless I bought this website off of ebay and it was announced pctv sidekick soothe okay and basically what it did was it allowed beings to go into the website and they could create a membership and they can log into your website and they could watch TV channels in live brooks from pretty much anywhere across the world okay they can watch NBC ABC ESPN they could watch a assortment of soccer directs they are unable to watch movies and these flows came commonly came from China and Hong Kong okay and so yeah obviously internet Tv is big now is 2016 but back in 2004 -2 005 that that was not the thing you know you could not find TV online all right and all man they up now touching the little mallet they fixin to pull over here so it’s a bit noisy so looking um what I did was about it i bought this website for 30 horses okay and i was a web designer okay and so i articulated my special handle in there on it I constructed the website more user friendly okay and I sold it okay and at that time all I had you guys was a three-hundred-dollar credit card okay I had the three hundred dollar credit card that they would give to parties that have bad credit ok the 300 Allah credit card where they took like 150 dollars and costs from you time because your credit suck so badly all right and I use that money as my advertising fund okay I use that on google adwords and i bought advertising okay very important do not be afraid to buy advertising pay do not be afraid to buy marketing okay and i apologize you guys I cannot see your statements I cannot see your natures but i’ll be able to check it out at the end of this program okay so i’m not dissing anybody if I’m not replying to your criticisms okay make sure you share this periscope broadcast with your periscope adherents okay I’m gonna pick one random person’s earn a 30 instant coaching ask okay so examine six-figure business alright so anyways I advertise this website and i provided my budget at thirty horses for that first day okay I’m scared you know to lose money and so 30 horses vanished alright my bride and I we didn’t have our kid back then we went to go eat spaghetti all right I make a mean spaghetti dish it’s really really good I promise you I’m a good beaker and so 30 minutes whoa about an hour last-minute okay we get done with our meal and we watch a little TV and I go back to check to see how many auctions I went okay and I was selling this produce for 15 but now silly this commodity for i believe uh yeah 15 horses okay and i go back to my computer and i see that I’ve spend ten horses and publicize okay I depleted ten bucks and push okay and then I see that I’ve sold I accept was five or six bundles of that fifteen dollar produce okay so six eras fifteen horses you guys that’s 90 bucks okay I uttered despues 85 to 90 dollars and i am just expended ten dollars i was like oh my god are you serious i spent that much money and so what i did was i increased my budget on Edwards okay and the next day I had sold about three hundred dollars merit of makes okay mostly parties Oh was Sir type in watch Tv online or watch live soccer online or watch NFL football online they were typing into Google okay my google ad would pop up on google on the google adwords parties would click on it okay and then there will be taken to my website in my place was still the 15 -dollar membership ok it was a lifetime membership they sign up pay their money through paypal right money comes to me right and they are directed to a attach where they can create a membership site okay and like it worked for me like clockwork okay and so long story short you guys the first six months that I loped it raced that website you know I was making between ten thousand to fifteen thousand dollars a month from that little website that i am expended thirty horses on okay and so my perimeters on there were pretty good okay so generally for every dollar that i was spin in market for that website i would get back five bucks okay means that if i spent a thousand bucks on sell i was getting back five thousand dollars revenue four thousand dollar net profits okay if i was a spending three thousand dollars in marketing right I was getting back fifteen thousand dollars in revenue okay that’s really really sweet okay so what happened you guys and it’s getting kind of dark out here the Sun is setting in the West Coast but what happened you guys and make sure you share this with your periscope admirers somebody’s going to get a free 30 hour coaching label with we ought p i’m gonna picking individual at random okay so what happened you guys was i led that for about 6-7 months right and I pretty much Google they crack down on me okay they said that basically what my website was doing was he was stealing and hacking into other websites and so they basically said I can advertise my website anymore so oh somebody that sucks you know game over okay so so I can’t I can’t extend that website anymore okay so what I did was I had come to the conclusion that internet marketing was a thing for me you know this is back in 2005 was a year of 25 year olds back then right and so what I do who is you know I do some research and I find about find out about affiliate marketing okay and what affiliate marketing does you guys is it allows you to get somebody’s commodity promotes careful product and then if you sell it or you get somebody to fill out a lead sheet for that product it gives you coin okay so let’s say you have somebody who’s selling let’s say you have somebody who’s selling a thirty dollar concoction okay you sell it online and out of that thirty bucks you get five bucks of it okay and so what I did you guys was i did a knot of various types of affiliate products but my biggest one was doing ringtones okay each ringtone and back then ringtones we can get ringtones for free now as 2016 but back in 2006 you had to pay for ringtones okay you can adjust like download it for free okay or record it all right and man I’m looking like a dark over here it’s gloom and so what I did was uh I was gonna pay sixteen dollars for each ringtone subscription that I will sell okay and so I got to appoint you guys where applies to you not I was constructing two thousand three thousand dollars a day in revenue okay I was operating my my business on Adwords okay and I is generating landing pages okay and I was pretty much for every two dollars in income that I was get in I was spending one dollar okay in market okay so yeah a little tighter numbers for me there but it still worked for me okay and so on average you guys I was bringing in fifty to eighty thousand dollars a month at the age of 26 year olds okay back in 2006 this was impressive this was incredible and so if I had let’s say a fifty-thousand-dollar a month commonly i was spending about twenty five thousand dollars in promote okay and this is from a person who a year and a half earlier have bad credit had no job had no money okay I was stony-broke as a joke I was a mess okay and so this business pretty much less it for me for about about a year year in that’s okay I promoted all types of things like ringtones and payday lends dating proposals I made a killing I made a fortune ok I was able to pay off my wife’s graduate school education i was able to pay off her student credits my student loans has already been of our vehicle lends i was able to pay off most of our house it was wonderful ok and so the biggest takeaway from that you guys that would make with internet marketing you guys is that internet market gives you a passive river of income and it gives you a lifestyle where you can go travel anywhere you want ok and you’re not you’re not demoted to having to work at a single location ok it’s the perfect type of business for you if you want to be able to travel ok and so that’s definitely something that I think that everybody should at least that’s something that everybody should at least look into should at least study internet commerce ok because for me it was a beautiful time period ok and it uttered me a ton of money alrighty and so this is a beautiful pool which i’m not going to jump in because i’m gonna freeze my tail off so anyways you guys I rationalize that I was not able to answer any comments or any middles or anything like that because I could not construe them so I was not being shady or anything like that but again you guys make sure you share this with your periscope partisans because I’m gonna pick one person from here and they’re going to get a free 30 hour coaching hearing with me we’re going to talk about commerce and how to excel your business from zero to hero ok this is day one of me talking about six-figure businesses I’ve had four six-figure businesses ok this is day one tomorrow I’m going to talk about the second six-figure business that I had ok second six-figure business that I had was a divorce business so and that’s going to be quite interesting a pretty interesting story for me to tell you so treaty idol bless I’m going to join their own families in the jacuzzi later on if you have any questions about anything that I said here on this broadcast go ahead and email me at home flinging ninja at gmail com house-flipping [email protected] gmail.com you


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