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what’s up YouTubers, Tyler Horvath hereand in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how I has allowed us to make almost $7000 in one single month with affiliate sell so first things firstly makesure you affected the agree button below, like this video and make sure youwatch to the very end because I have a really important bonus tip at the end ofthe video that will really help you generate more sales and more Commissionwith affiliate marketing so let’s get started and ability to the computer so I’mgonna reveal you exactly how I was able to generate this much revenue income withmax bounty so max prize is a affiliate Network where you can create an accountfor free and you can mark it or promote different makes services offerings allon this this platform so signing up is really easy just go to an affiliate andthen sound become an affiliate and you’ll sign up with all this informationhere and then formerly you sign in you’ll be on this dashboard here where you canlook for your proposals so there are a few different ways to get paid with maxbounty you can get paid per conduct or some of them are percentage of the sale theway that we are going to be doing it this time you don’t want to do thepercentage of the sale you demand a flat charge because we want to know exactly howmuch we’re gonna get per auction so that method we can you know find an optimalGoogle Ads keyword that converts at lower than thatlead price so mostly what we’re gonna do is we are going to find and offerhere that we could potentially create a Google ad for and we are going to simplysend people to a bring page from the Google ad and then we’re going to sendthat landing page to our actual affiliate link so pretty easy you don’teven need an internet site but you will need Unbounce which I’ll go over in a littlebit but first let’s get a little deeper into max recompense so at the top here youhave all of your earnings so here is this month July 1st to July3 1st you can see I met 6,831 and that was from a few different affiliates so Iwill show you exactly how I was able to generate this much income in this onemonth with exactly squandering Google Ads so let’s first look at how to find a goodoffer so that’s a really important factor with affiliate commerce likethis you want to find a good volunteer that’s in the right price range that hasa good extent of congestion to its keywords that we can you know add Google Ads forand promote them so you know these ones the hell is 275 per leading those aren’t goingto work because Google Ads you know the average rate you’re gonna be paying perclick is 1$ 2 so you need something you know around the $ 50 assortment or even higherthan that’s better so let’s attain an present now that willpay us out good so a great deal of the keto diet stuff is really increase compensating alsosome of these you know simple supplements those compensate really well butyou’re gonna find a lot of rival in Google Ads so you’re gonna be payinga lot for clink but we’re gonna look at how to find ones that have a low-toned CPCthat we can bid on and get a number of clicks pushed through to that affiliatelink and hopefully get some some orders so sometimes it’s good to exactly use thelist view this method you can see like the EPC and the CPA right and all that rightthere so let’s look at one so here’s onethat’s 96 so this one’s good as 96 dollars per pas and a 50 penny EPC soEPC is earnings per click that is the average receipt that you get per clickfor all of the person or persons that you send to this affiliate or all the people thatare sending you know traffic to this affiliate on average they’re payingthey’re getting 50 cents per every customer they send to this affiliate so let’scheck out this sheet so they’ll tell you the stood type oftraffic’s you want to make sure that search is allowed some of them don’tallow investigation so since we’re employ Google Ads to promote these we will definitelywant you know this allowed traffic type to be searched and then we’re gonna begetting ninety six dollars per extend so every person that replenishes out theapplication on this page and goes through this process here we will getninety six dollars so pretty awesome you know if you can just sell one a dayyou’re making a really good you are well aware passive monthly income so let’s look athow to promote this offer so first we’re going to have to build a arrive sheet soI use unbalanced it’s really great for house landing sheets I’ve been usingit for labor you know a couple years now and I can construct arrival pages withinminutes that are really highly altering and you know ply somereally great heads so the pricing for Unbounce it starts at $ 80 but it can goup to like four hundred dollars so I’ll lean a join below if you want to get afree trial let’s check it out and mostly what you’re gonna do is you’regoing to log in and create a brand-new bring page now they have a ton of templatesthat you can use to create a land sheet so we’re gonna look atclick-through because we’re just gonna be having people land on this page andthen having them clink through to the affiliate site so we’re doing a personalloan so let’s look at let’s look at some of these templates now and you canalways change them and customize them it’s really easy to do so let’s juststart with this one it’s pretty simple I represent it is calledsimple so and then let’s click start with this template and now we’re gonnahave to edit it to match the disembark sheet of our give now so you know theydon’t really have a great symbol but you know we can save that logo and then savethis background image now and you know we can even use these three things toadd to our platform page you are eligible to mostly merely emulate you knowtheir content and lent it to your arrival sheet you know this isn’t gonna beranking for SEO or anything like that so you know add the logo instead of thisone and then you know customize the call to action it’s really important partabout your arrive page is you know customizing these call to actions andmaking them really really demise so that they convert really well so let’s changethis to get a personal loan up to fifty thousand and then we’ll say apply belowfor free and see if you qualify something like that and then our call toaction will go to our affiliate page URL but we don’t need to add anything righthere hitherto because we’re not gonna be technically sending them straightthrough the affiliate relation we’re gonna be tracking that affiliate join so thatwe can see transitions and read those transitions in Google Ads so that weknow exactly which keywords are providing the alterations and how muchwe’re spending on those alterations – or how much you know we’re spending onthose ads to get those alterations so formerly your page is done you’re gonnaclick Save and now you need to either compute a orbit so that it is on a certainURL a subdomain like get-up-and-go fleck your website com or you can simply use Unbounce –isURLs they’ll have a public URL for you so you can click Change URL and go downto Unbounce and then you’re gonna have to add a usage URL because if there’sone that’s taken once you won’t be able to use it since you know multiplepeople are gonna be using these URLs and it’s all on the public domain so let’scall this one personal loans to go that might be taken nope and then now you cansee that our platform page URL is unbalanced sheets com reduction personalhomes to go so let’s sound publish and publish that sheet and now we alreadyhave a landing page that we can use in Googleto send pay traffic to and send them to our affiliate link so let’s check outthe page so you got that and call to action and then certainly you’d want toupdate all this with actual knowledge you know you can form mostly pull itfrom the the affiliate products site it’s all on there and you can justsimply use that material and so once you have your Unbounce URL you can startadvertising in Google Ads so go to ads google comm and create an account andthen you’ll be brought to this page where you can create a campaign so let’sjust go to new expedition and you don’t really need to do any gold advice yethere eventually we’re going to be doing conversions but first we need to sendsome traffic and investigate what proselytizes and get some shift data so thatgoogle’s algorithm can kind of take care of the respite so let’s just do search fornow and then continue and all of this can be changed later so if you want togo back and edit defines that’s fine you can always do that at any time sonow we have to create our expedition so let’s just call it personal lends andthe search and expose is fine for now United State so you want to make surethat the country that you’re targeting is allowed so it will show you righthere on this sheet on the on the detail page of the affiliate furnish whatcountries are permitted so United Government is the only one earmarked so that is theonly country that will have their and then we’ll simply set at twenty dollarbudget for now to start and do our bid on sounds so we’re not gonna setthe maximum cost-per-click either just so we can get an idea of what the CPC’sare when it starts becoming and then we’ll clink Save and continue to create the adgroup here so how you want to set this up is you want to have all of thedifferent keyword or phrase variations as an ad group so you know personal loanwould be an ad group and then in that ad radical you would have you know personalloans for autoes personal loans for you know look like homeyou know that sort of thing so that it pairs that same word and you cantarget that exact phrase in Google Ads and it can be very targeted and that’show you get certainly high-pitched conversion so let’s is the beginning with merely personal loansand then we’ll do so you just wanted to do either exact join or term matchkeywords so that you don’t spend on any additional keywords that you know you mightnot want to choose if you’re just putting keyword like personal loansGoogle’s gonna collect all sorts of different keywords that it thinks is thesame as personal credits so you want to be more in control of your expedition so ifyou framed brackets around it like this then it will only show up your ad willonly show up if someone searches for only personal credits so no other keywordsyou discipline personal lends and then the word competitor is it intends if someonesearches for personal loans accurately plus another keyword like if they search forpersonal loans or gondolas or personal credits from ships or whatever it was possible to itwould depict the ad as well so let’s begins with simply these two and then let’screate our ad now so we’re gonna reproduce the URL of our Unbounce page and addthat in the final URL of the ad and now we have to create a really compelling adthe better that your ad is the higher that they click through it you’re gonnaget the CTR and the cheaper you’re gonna offer per sound and the more Google isgonna show your ad to people so it’s really important to have you know ahighly targeted ad so let’s say personal credits online and let’s give them as muchinformation upfront as possible so that each person that is clicking on it knowsexactly what they’re get into and will be reflected in higher changeover solet’s say apply online for free gauntlets up to fifty thousand dollars and thenwe’ll have to write a description as well so let’s just say relate online tosee a personal loan for barges residences motor vehicles and more and then we’regoing to click save and continue and continue to campaign and now it’s gonnatake a while for your ad to get going Google is going to you know look at adto make sure it complies with everything and formerly your ad is approved you can goto add an extension now and you can see the status of your ad and once it’sapproved then it will start operating and sending traffic and you can startsending traffic to your page and creating shifts so now what we wantto do is we want to be able to track the shifts so that we can see in Googlein Google AdWords here we can see you know which keyword proselytized if it waspersonal loans or this one and then we can see the cost per transition and wecan stop that under the you know cost that “weve received” per produce and we shouldgenerate a profit so now we’re going to set up a tracking implement so that we cantrack all the alterations that come in and export them and importation them intoGoogle Ads so I use red move I’ve also applied volumeboth are really good and certainly same but I’ve recently be using been usingred track it’s a lot cheaper than volume and it mostly does exactly the samething so the first thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to go tooffers and create a brand-new present so the proposal is basically just your affiliateoffer so this is gonna be the link that we build now so let’s go back to ourMac’s bounty page and click develop tracking relate and we’re gonna choosesearch and then search and now you have to select that innovative and now we’regoing to follow this connect and this is gonna be our give URL so let’s pastethis into our offering URL now and we’re gonna have to add one more thing sothere is a thing that comes along with every single click to your website fromGoogle Ads called a GL ID which is the Google clink ID so to pass this along tothe conversion tool here the conversion tracking tool and know which clink camefor which conversion it has to track the clink ID so we need to addclick ID now so we’re going to add and s2 equals click ID so that behavior you knowthis system can move when these clink impressions come in or when transitions comeon are now in and which clink project was and it can an quality that to that certainkeyword so that they are able to also cause us a postback URL here so this is the URLthat we’re gonna put back into max prize to tell us when this conversionhappens so you’re gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom now and you’regonna go to URL and then paste that URL right in there and sounds Save pixel sothat behavior whenever a alteration comes in max bounty is gonna call this URL withall of those details and it is going to run through our tracking machine andwe’re gonna introduced the payout in there which was 96 dollars so we’re gonna put9 6 and then let’s commit it a figure so it was get funds abruptly payday lends personal I’m sorryand then in max reward and we’re not gonna trail clicks cuz we can seeconversions in Google Ads so we can mostly exactly track everything in thereso now we’re gonna sound Save and we’re not done yetwe still need to create a campaign so going to see expeditions sounds create a new campaignand then we’re gonna call this personal credits us information sources is gonna be fromGoogle Ads and then if you’ve set up a trackingdomain you can use that realm as well and then we are going to select ouroffer here pay they are the personal lends and then we’re gonna click Saveand now that will generate us a sound URL so this will be the actual affiliatelink that we’re going to send people through so that it can track theclick-through and the changeover as well so mimic the click URL and now finally wecan go back to our affiliate page or our disembark page here and sounds Edit and wecan add this sound this affiliate URL to our butso now we can paste the URL in now click open and then add the one downhere as well click enter and now we can choose a point now so we can track ourclick-through rates in Unbounce so select the link that you’ve added thereand click Save and then now we can see actual clicks to the affiliate page inUnbounce so that we can perhaps experiment different pages so you can createanother page with a different design that has you know the same text and thesame ties-in and you can see the alteration pace of those sheets and howmany people sounds them and you are well aware and compare you know which ones are the bestso here’s an example of some of our affiliate pages now so you can seewe’ve had some 56% click-through rate 56 49:21 so it’s a good way to track youknow which sheets are performing the best so that is how I was able to generatealmost $ 7000 in one month with Mac’s reward and Google ads and no website Ihope this video is contributing to on how to learn how to make money online withMac’s person if you have any questions please comment below and be sure tosubscribe to my direct and affected the bell as I’m always put forward by new content onhow to make money online thanks and I’ll see you next time


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