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i am about in my cj dashboard forget aboutyesterday’s earnings i will go now to reports action and let’s filter the last week i willsay custom here and i will select now parade 28 to april 5 movement report and “youre seeing” my earnings forthe last week $ 382 as fee let’s go now to google adsense the last seven days report you cansee i represented $305 so it’s around $ 700 in seven days which wants $100 per epoch i’m not showing you thisto brag and tell you “hey i make money online! ” no i’m telling you this i’m showing you thisas a proof that this works you can do it i will freshen the sheet again just for those people forthose sick beings really these are my earnings for the last week in adsense and these are myearnings for the last week in cj i’m not showing you my earnings for youtube or in my academyor my services because it’s somehow advanced i’m showing you this from google adsense andaffiliate marketing because i explained this in detail step-by-step i pictured you how to do exactlyhow to start precisely in affiliate market and in google adsense without content and withcontent i demonstrated you everything here on my path i don’t know why you are still sleepingi don’t know why you haven’t do any action yet maybe you are asking now “why myearnings now fluctuates in adsense? ” two dollars to $126 it’s somehow weird no it’s not eerie ifyou are following me you know last month i was using Ezoic i was testing this stage to see ifit increases my ads earnings or not so you can see here i got paid $1,100 from Ezoic last month andthis month i owe them $688 but now i swopped back to google adsense i just wanted to do some other testsand i think it’s working my earnings are somehow increasing inside google adsense anyway iwill save you updated about any new exams i do concerning google adsense, ezoic and so on andhow to increase your earnings so delight follow up with me agree, turn on notifications to getevery new update let’s go back to our toil so here is my earnings in google adsense and in cj i’m notpromising you and telling you “if you start today you will do $100 per day next week! ” no to reachthis maybe you need to work at least six months one year but you can do it you can reach fromthe next month at least like$ 5 per era $10 per daytime from the next month but why you are notstarting? you have to start and to help you now in this video i want to give you some ethic in myother videos i have full directions free courses free totally free just go and watch them but for thoselazy people who don’t love to watch full trends i will show now in minutes what i do how i makethis amount of money per epoch how i work online in got a couple of hours time concerning google adsenseand affiliate commerce principally i have just been two websites my main website H-educate.com my blog here wherei publish essays and inside the articles i promote affiliate concoctions i talked about this indetail last week in a video on how i do affiliate marketing i explained in detail how i do this whattools i use what applications what everything i do in detail but i really don’t know why don’twatch the videos why you don’t learn and apply so here inside the articles you will see i havea lot of relates here promoting affiliate commodities and you can see i have this banner ad where ipromote affiliate makes if you freshen here you will see now the ad will automatically changeand promote another produce and for this i’m employ a plugin inside wordpress i explained in detailin the video last week anyway so this is the main method i used to promote affiliate productswhich is through my content through my essays and i explained in my other tracks how you canpromote without articles without an internet site i asked everything and like six bag studiesjust go and watch it satisfy occasion studies real action studies i evidenced you step-by-step how i chosethe product how i promoted it how i do everything and how i got the earnings you simply need to cloneto copy my programme accurately and get it on in your extremity regardles my second website is H-supertools.com heremainly i make money from google adsense if you open any implement now and by the way if you don’t knowh-supertools you are losing a lot H-supertools is a free totally free SEO and digital marketingtools you can go now and use it totally for free you can see here in this website i publish googleadsense ads these are the ads every time every month i change the lane i include the advertisementsto assessment different places and different ads to know which is working the best with me and i’m sharingthis with you so please stay sung and to be implemented i will share with you all the updates how toincrease the earnings in google adsense how to residence the ads what service to use is ezoic a goodservice or not and so on so please stay adjusted and to be implemented my upcoming videos so this is exactlyhow i deserve from google adsense this website gets around 200,000 maybe or 100,000 130,000 permonth which is very good amount and you can see my earnings now which is very good for a websitelike this one how to get traffic i likewise excused this in detail in my full free course on how toget commerce now you may be asking “how to create such tools? ” in my case i developed this becausei am a programmer how you can do this also i told you in a full free course how to do this you cango to codecanyon.net and simply go to php dialogues here and search for like the instance implements andhere you’ll spot a great deal of tools like this one free seo seo tools we have a lot of implements here ifyou search for maybe adsense search for google ads as an example like this one crypto king it’s nowtrending you can publish a cryptoscript and add google adsense ads on the write so you can makemoney from google adsense we have a lot of dialogues here you can publish and start making money withads this is how i make money from google adsense and from affiliate commerce again i’m not showingyou my earnings in my academy if you demand a sneak peek i can give it to you here is my dashboardif you filter the last week march 28 to april 5 you will see i made also $ 550 but i knowbuilding an establishment and starting online trends not everyone can do it i’m showing you somethingthat everyone can do google adsense and affiliate commerce anyone can start from scratch with noaudience from any country anyone can do it only you need to take action and start and again if youhave any questions i always tell you this if you have any questions i built a meeting just for you tohelp you h-educate.com/ forums here you can find a lot of forums to ask anything you crave anythingyou crave simply defer your questions and i will be with you almost every single day to answeryour questions likewise to assist you more you can go to the more section topic suggestion and now youcan indicate any topic you want if you want me to create video about anything just go now and pushyour plan and i will see it i will try my best to create a video about it a tutorial about itplease don’t forgotten to like the video subscribe to my path and turn on notifications toget every new update almost almost every day

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