72IG Implementation Program on Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi my name is tony motasho i don’t know if you heard about me from reading my books or my blog or from any of my over 2000 students that doesn’t really matter what matters is that you are here right now and i believe that’s for your reason so some weeks ago i was thinking what if nobody knew me or what if i was locked in a hot for seven days with the laptop connected to the internet and an atm card with forms and i had to create an online business that can generate at least 750k amount in order to be released what will i do my response to that self-generated question is why i created this video and i’m going to get to that in a minute but first let’s talk about 750k right now 750k amount is a lot of money for most nigerians only a very small segment of nigerians end this much if you make 750k a month that will be a total income of nine million a year and according to this article that i saw on vanguard 750k a month will put you among the top two percent in nigeria now i don’t know where you live but regardless of where you live in nigeria nine million a year is a lot of money i live in a high profile area of lucky in lagos where the average cost to rent a three bedroom plus is two million naira a year but if you mix up decay months you will be able to easily afford something like that and still have plenty of money left as someone who makes 750k a month as a lagos resident you will be able to live in a secure and comfortable environment drive a beautiful car send your kids to one of the best schools around travel at least once a year and still have plenty of money left to save and invest for the future generally even if you enter 50 game months you’re going to enjoy life in a great way but the reality is that only a very few percentage it will make up to 350k a month so back to the question what exactly will i do if i had seven days to start an online business that brings in a minimum of 750k a month now if you asked me the same question four years ago i might not have been able to give you a confident answer but right now i can that’s because since 2018 i have been able to arrive at a predictable no failed income system that always works when deployed effectively i call it a no-fill system because i have used this system over and over and it has always worked successfully for me i don’t know about you but i don’t like to gamble with my life and freedom with just 7 days i would rather focus on using a predictable system that i’m 100 confident in the results it will give me let me show you an example back in december 2018 we wanted to start a really big agricultural project as a result we needed some extra money so instead of just taking the money from my savings i decided to quickly raise my percentage of the money debt using the method you are about to lend and i raised 1 million 954 000 in 37 days then i do the accounts to 5 million three thirty thousand now when people would provide the mindset see things like this they start screaming for the show potential because they think everyone is poor if that’s what you think i’m not here to argue with you but if you think that this photoshop then it is you can stop watching right now but in case you are still watching here’s another account of mine that i used to make 30 million 705 thousand and here is another one that i haven’t really used well but all together these three accounts of mine made nine million four hundred and eighteen thousand in 12 active months and that is 12 active months of using this predictable system that i’m about to talk to you about if you divide 9.4 million by 12 months you will see that is about 783 000 naira per month which is not bad considering the fact that i only have to do this on a part-time basis on a normal day i’m engaged with three other businesses number one i run a digital marketing agency called dictionary centrality with a partner we also have a related business called bible properties then like i said earlier i have recently added an agricultural business called biovessel which i’m running with two partners right now we have 105 acres that we are using for farming in action space i’m telling you this so that you can see that even though i don’t do this full-time i still make over 750k a month from it now as i’m the only one who is successfully using this that we could call it lock but i’m not the only one there are many of my students who are also using this same predictable system to get jaw dropping results as a matter of fact i’m proud to say some of them have made more money than me with the system one of my students who definitely makes more money than me on a monthly basis is this guy here his name is don’t be deceived by his gender looks anyway he knows how to show his money silently he was the one who shared his screenshot with me from his account within eight active months of implementing this system he has been able to make 7.5 million error with it if you break that down into monthly earnings over 8 months that is 9 37 000 naira which i think is a lot of money for someone who doesn’t stay in expensive lagos another one of my students who has really impressed me is this guy in manor about a year ago he wanted to raise money to get two cars to use for the uber 25 business so that he can be getting daily extra income from there but you know what he actually ended up getting three cars i think he bought one honda civic one to tackle the land and one twitter camping then there is always on johnson who made his first 1 million era within a month he is a very smart person when he saw how this works he quickly implemented his strategies in his other online businesses so much that he was pulling in as much as 5 million a month people like a lot on the internet so i’m still going to show you some undeniable video proofs later on in this video but for now let’s be clear about some things number one i know a lot of nigerians are lazy and are always looking for a way to make money without doing any work which is why they keep falling for scams like mmm and the rest if that is you feel free to stop watching this video and go back and look for the next mmm scam you can waste your money on if you are going to make a lot of money then you have to understand that the money is created as a result of exchanging value the incomes that i’m going to explain in this video is based on a legitimate business model and it requires that you do some work number two if you happen to be an excuse maker i didn’t record this video for you a lot of people never move forward because they are always making excuses they are always making essences about how they don’t have time how they don’t have money to invest how body is doing something how they pass not giving them power in the mods and so on and so forth see if excuses puts food on your table then keep making them but we all know that they don’t but if you like excuses then please stop watching this video so that you can have enough time to make more excuses one ridiculous skis that people give when watching a valuable video like this is to start complaining about the money they spend on data this is ridiculous because these are the same people who spend several hours on netflix or watching endless cameras on youtube and instagram but they think spending 500 net on data is too much so using watching a video that can actually improve their lives if you are this type of person then you need to save the type of life you are living listen if you want to make money then make money if you want to make excuses then make excuses but i have never heard of anyone who made both money and excuses then number three you need to know that i’m only going to tell you the truth in the rest of this video by now you must have seen that i’m not the type of person who will tell you sweet things so that you can like me one of my favorite quotes is the one that says the truth will set you free but first it’s going to piss you off my objective is not for you to like me my objective is for your life to change which is why everything i’m going to say here are based on things i have done and then one final thing since we’re going to be talking about figures in this video let me quickly share this disclaimer from my lawyer so here is the thing in this video i might show you some of the results that my students and i are getting using this income system but they do this my results and our results are not even remotely typical the information i’m going to share with you how the potential to improve your income but i’m not guaranteeing any specific kind of results while i can show you what has worked for me and my students what you do with it and the results you get are completely up to you you might make more money or less depending on how you apply this when i hope that you surpass my levels of success as some of my students have i’m not going to suggest or claim that you’re going to make a dime that is because most people who buy training courses on how to build a business never do anything it’s just like five people who buy a trademark put it in their house and never use it they want the end results but at the end of the day they are simply not willing to put in the time or work to make it happen so now that we’ve covered everything the body’s introduction parts let’s get the business so what is this proven method that i will deploy if i had only seven days to create an online business capable of generating at least 750k a month it’s what i call the 72 hours income generator system myself and my students call it 72 ig for shots this system is called the 72 hours income general system because when you become good at using it you can use it to set up a new cash generating business within 72 hours so if i’m locked in a hardware i only have access to an internet connected laptop an atm card with phones and only seven days to create an online business capable of generating at least 750k a month i will simply use this 72 ig system apart from being predictable the cell 2 energy system is perfect for this scenario because right now the only proven online business model i know of that can be set up within seven days is this then it doesn’t require that you talk to anyone to make it work you don’t need to hire employees or put together a team you don’t need to rent a shop or office you don’t need to create or import any product that’s why i’m going to use it for this particular condition the 72 id system is based on an online business model that is known as affiliate marketing and it’s basically about marketing athlete products using automated email marketing affiliate marketing is a business model where you help a company promote their products and when you make a sale on any of the products you get paid a commission it’s as simple as that that’s why i said earlier that you don’t have to create any products you don’t deal with customer support you don’t manage employees unless you want now this server to ig system is obviously not for everyone if you are too broke it’s obviously not for you if you don’t have access to a computer and internet connection it’s not for you if you can use a computer properly it’s not for you and if you’re not willing to put in some work in exchange for a better lifestyle it is definitely not for you but you don’t belong to any of the group i mentioned above then the system can become your predictable income generator once you learn how to use it this income system works for anyone who is determined to succeed with it it works for employees who want more income it works for struggling entrepreneurs who want a way to generate income while working on their businesses it works for stay at home moms and dads and it worked for our students and youtubers who are ready to start life i use the word aware here because a lot of students on youtube are still think that a rosy economy that gives out high paying jobs is out there working for them i’m not talking about those ones i’m talking about the aware ones who know that the world has changed and are beginning to adapt by the way in order to make yourself to agree system work you’re gonna need the following number one an expatniar affiliated account ex partner is a website that we’ll be working with here normally like expression costs 10k a year but i will tell you how you can get a year free later on in this video number two you will need a facebook account which is free number two you will need a visa or mastercard debit card which you can get from any bank but i recommend gtb first bank zenith and gba number four you will need an autoresponder which you can get from a weber or you can just use this link right here the number five you will need some fonts so pay for extract now your autoresponder and a few other things which i will explain later on i astonix expand now because really you won’t be paying for it based on what i’m going to show you later in this video once you have the five things listed above the next thing you need is an actionable step-by-step plan that you can implement to use this 72 ig system to set up an online business now there are three speakers with the 72 id income system number one is the product selection stage this way you sign up on expand now if you are new pick a product to market and research the product number two is the marketing funnel stage this is where you set up the marketing funnel that will be used to sell the products and of course the material is the traffic getting stage this is where you start getting traffic to the marketing funnel you created in state 2.If everything goes well you begin to make sales immediately sometime will be the first day of launching your campaign once you make a sale your commission is automatically credited into your expanded account and every friday expander pays your commissions directly into your bank account you will also get an email to that effect let me show you some of the payment modification emails i get from expatnia on fridays youtube can start receiving emails like this very soon when you begin to implement this system here i was paid 75k and here i got 37500. this time around i got 71 500 and this week i didn’t make much just 25. sometimes things are just like that if i log into my email box and show you these friday payment emails you’re going to probably spend the next one however looking at them and once again if you think these are photoshopped that’s your problem i’m really here to convince people like you now let me explain each of the three stages of the 72 id system and how i’m going to implement them to create a selfie decay among online business as i do this you will also have a better understanding of how this works so the first thing is the product stage this is where you go to the expanded.com affiliate platform to sign up as if you are not yet an athlete and then pick one hot product to market now expand your is an online platform where digital products are listed for sale these digital products are usually in form of reports booths and programs that help people solve a problem or achieve a goal which is good because every year people spend billions of dollars on various books courses and training programs once this product are listed on the platform athletes like you and i can start promoting them and getting paid you get paid a certain commission on each sales you make here is one of the training programs on expat now which is some blogging this program pays 12 000 era per sale to affiliate if you want to promote this what i will do is to log into my affiliate account and get the affiliate link for this particular product each product on expander has its own affiliate link this affiliate link is what enables the expander system to identify which affiliate is referring the cell so that the right person can get credited for the sale so in this case if you promote your athlete nick and someone clicks on it and buys the product your expertise account will be automatically credited with 12 000 naira now since i want to create a business that has to work regardless of what the economy is like i will pick a product that meets the following criteria one it has to be related to any of the three markets listed below that’s because this market has ever green market that drive regardless of the economy i’m talking about market like business making money investing finances health beauty dating relationships sexuality another huge market where you can make a lot of money in nigeria is travel and immigration this market could be affected in some cases but it’s always a big market number two i would also ensure that the product i’m picking has a great sales presentation the source presentation in video or written format is what sells a product a product with a great source presentation makes your work easier as an affiliate then number three i will ensure that the product pays good commissions the reason for this is obvious to make 750k in months i need to make an outbreak of 25k a day so it is better for me to promote the product that pays like 25 percent than one that pays four thousand error per cell if i’m proposing the product pays 25 percent i only need to get two sales a day which will give me my daily 25k a day the good news is that most of the products you can promote on experience are hot products and most of them come with very good sales figures that makes them sell very well then new products have been added to the ex partner platform on a regular basis so you won’t ever run out of product yourself you should also know that experience has been paying affiliates since 2018 and has never missed paying athletes for once and affiliates are paid on experience every friday once you’ve registered you simply need to log into your account to check out the product listed for sale just go to the product platform section to check out the products available for sale and pick from there you will also be able to copy your unique affiliate link for each product from here like i said before each affiliate has a unique affiliate link all you have to do is simply copy your affiliate link for the product you want to promote the affiliate link will look like this then once i’m done with this step i will now move to the next stage which is where we put together the marketing funnel to sell the products that we chose this next week is where i will be doing the most work though the good thing is that i have a powerful and very predictable system of marketing digital products and that method is by using emails but in order to make this system work we need to build a system that gets people who are interested to give you their email address and all you do is set up automated emails that get delivered to them because of this you can be sleeping or watching football or distant with your friends and you will be making sales like clockwork so the system i have for promoting affiliate products effectively via email goes like this you run an adverts on facebook or instagram or google the adventure gets the reader more excited about the product even before they click your link once they click on the link in the address it takes them to what is called an opt-in page where you capture their email addresses so you can fold them up via emails so what i will do at this stage are the following i will create a result advanced article then i will create a capture page or opt-in page then i will create a thank you page and then i will create email follow-ups at least seven emails for start and quickly explain these things let’s start with the pre-sell idle article the work of the personal advice article is to get the reader more excited about what you are promoting so that they can click on the advert to find out more when possible i usually like to share the story of how the product i’m promoting has worked for me or has worked for someone i know for instance let’s say i’m promoting a product on how one can import high quality products at cheap prices from the us i could run a presell advance which could start with how i bought an iphone x for one fifty thousand dollar cheaper and in the advert i will simply share the story of how i came across the product guide bought it used it and how it worked then at the end of the attribute i would simply drop a link that people can click on if they are interested in more information that link is my affiliate link the good thing again is that i already have a proven formula for creating a powerful result address or article the preset ad formula is this you start with the headline then you open your article with a question or an interesting statement this part can also be your headline too you tell them why they should believe you you explain your content and you conclude with a call to action let me show you an example of a simple bracelet here is one as you can see right here it starts with by saying back in 2008 i was a struggling entrepreneur at some point i didn’t only carry on prayed for about three months it got so bad that around november 2008 i applied for a 7500 per month computer the best job and then on and on and on and on like that and then it ends by saying if you would like to know more about this formula i stumbled on a video online today that explains it step by step if you can spread just 17 minutes of watching video i believe the video will improve your life and business too click here to watch the video and then you simply link to your opt-in page from here it’s as simple as that meanwhile some product owners and expert nails provide athletes with sample pressure advantage they can use for their promotions but it is better that you know how to create them yourself let’s talk about the capture or opt-in page the opt-in page is a page that allows us to capture the contact details of people who are serious about getting what we are promoting this is important for two reasons the first reason is we don’t really want people who don’t want what we have to offer the second reason is because this allows us to follow up on them later on ideally about 50 to 70 percent of people who land on our options page will leave and only about 30 to 50 percent will obtain which is okay but if your option is lower than 20 you may want to check the content you have on your opt-in page here’s an example of a simple opt-in page as you can see here an opt-in page is usually made up of authorities a headline which tells them what they are signing up to get the opt-in form which is provided by the autoresponder you are using the page layout and actually an option we can have different layouts the next page about the opt-in page is the thank you page once people sign up they are directed to a page that is known as a thank you page and this page is another important page from this page you simply tell them what to do next which is challenge to click on your affiliate link if they sign up for watching video then tell them to click on the link to watch the video training they requested for if it’s not a video then don’t say that what they are gonna see next is a video once they click on your upload link on the thank you page a few portion of them will order for the product you are promoting immediately but majority won’t buy immediately because of various reasons maybe they don’t have the money now maybe their car is not going through for some other reasons actually according to marketing experts online it takes an average of seven to eight days from when someone has clicked an advert to them deciding that they want to buy the product that’s just how it works so that is why we add the next part which is email follow-ups to the system as you can see here we are not building any big website ourselves all we need are just two simple web pages just the opt-in page and then a thank you page and these pages are so easy to create all you need is a free software that i’m going to give you and finally we will be creating at least seven trojan horse email follow-ups emails are a big part of the 72 ig system and about 90 of the sales you’re gonna make will come from the following up you do via email now something people don’t read emails but that is not really true and i have statistics to back it up according to entrepreneur.com 91 91 of email users check their email every day and according to hubspot there are 5.6 billion active email accounts in 2019 and a particular association called the direct marketing accommodation says that 66 percent of people purchase their product because of an email so emails work really well unlike every part of the 72 ie system i have a proven method a predictable method for sending out emails that work i call this trojan horse email follow-ups because these emails are designed to help you get more sales from those people who are here to buy what you’re promoting so let’s say you have a thousand people who opted in who signed in from your opt-in page and just about 10 of them bought immediately you don’t have this dragon house follow-up emails that means you will only get 10 cells but what i have discovered from doing this over and over is that most of the sales you will get will come in as a result of the trojan horse email follow-ups in this case the email follow-ups can help you get an extra for the sales for a start i like to write seven follow-up emails and put it in my aweber autoresponder then later on i like to add an additional 15 follow-up emails to make a total of 22 follow-up emails per product campaign the good thing is that these emails are automated and they are always going to be bringing in sales for you regardless of where you are even if you are sick this is basically what i’m going to do in this stage and that is what you have to do as well once you have twitter these follow-up emails it is time to start attracting tons of customers who are likely to buy what you are promoting so let’s move to state today which is where you will be getting traffic from facebook and instagram now getting traffic is all about finding interested people and sending them to the affiliate selling system you have created in stage 2.The good thing is that this is easier to do today than 10 years ago there are many ways to get traffic out there but from my experience the best and biggest are facebook and google and by the way when i say facebook facebook also includes instagram i prefer using facebook as my main traffic generation because facebook has a lot of traffic and you don’t have to invest an arm and a leg to start running for instance on facebook you can reach about 24 million nigerians and you can do this without leaving the comfort of your own it’s highly important that you optimize your adverts on facebook so that they don’t cost you a lot of money and there is a formula to doing so but the two most important things to do when you are running advanced on facebook and instagram are number one ensure that you are only focused on targeting people who are the most likely to respond to what you are promoting to make your adverts work you should target it to people who are interested in it and who have the money to buy it then number two you should always use an image or video that gets attention like this image right here the preset advert i wrote before is what i will be advertising on facebook and when people click on it it takes them to the capture or the opt-in page there is an extra step which can turn this to a passive income machine for you that is a consistent income matching for you so what i will simply do is to go back to experience to pick three to four more products that are similar to the first one that i promoted for example if the first product is about getting the visas i would simply go back to the expander to find two or three similar products then i will create about seven emails for each product and load them up in my autoresponder this automatically helps me to market more product to people who have signed up to my list as a result i will keep getting muscles and end up making far more money sometimes a particular person who signed up who did not buy the first product you promoted would buy at least one of the extra products that you added in many cases a particular customer will buy all the products regardless of where you are right now if you learn how to do this you should never be broke again i have several students who are using what i just showed you to make anything from 100k to 1 million a month here’s what i can tell you you can do this in fact i want you to say to yourself right now i can do this no matter what your background is you can do this don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it because you can do this and how do i know you can do this well let me tell you about a student of mine who is from omnichannel i like talking about this man his name is if you are not therefore according to him he used to make his living by selling medical manuals to mercy students in universities in order for him to do that he spent a lot of time under the sun in may 2018 mr infinity stumbled on one of my books titled where the money is and where to get it this is the same book that many people got because i gave away about eighteen thousand copies for free while many people who got it probably didn’t do anything about it mister if you read it and decided to do something about his life his main problem was that he was a complete newbie and using the internet for business he didn’t know the simplest thing about doing business online in his own world he said when i met 20 year old mother your 2a facebook advert on 9th may 2018 i was not very good at using computer talk more of doing business on the internet it scared me to tears to make certain payments with my atm card online because i thought that all my money will instantly vanish i was that naive but the main thing was that he was determined to succeed so he took all the trainings i gave him diligently and today he is making a lot of money using the same income system that i am telling you about in this journey he was so happy that he dropped a long testimonial letter on our facebook group to share his happiness in that same post he said i started online marketing newly on monday 25th of february 2019 i now earn over a hundred thousand naira every week lying down on my bed with my laptop if he can do it then i believe he can do this too now if i have to break the electricity so the 72 ig into a more detailed step-by-step plan it’s going to look like this once you sign up on expand there the default step will be for you to pick a hot product then research and understand the product then recycle and understand the market and choose a sales process then create hooks and angles for your present then create your present then get domain and hosting if you don’t have then set up your opt-in page and thank you page then create and set up seven follow-up emails then set up your first facebook advert then add at least five more email follow-up messages then check your result after three days and begin to tweak it to get better results and number fourteen add more email follow-up messages to promote other similar products if you implement these folding steps carefully youtube can start making a 100k a week or more so i want you to imagine yourself in a few months from now having an extra income of 750k per month how will it change your life think about it let’s say you’re not even able to make up the 750k a month with this let’s say you are only able to make half of that that will be an extra 375 000 era a month or 4.5 million aja don’t you think that will improve your life that extra 4.5 million can easily buy you a new car or you can use it to buy a plot of land and begin to build your house or if you like you can use to start another business that will make you more money or you can even use to settle your debts so you can have peace of mind but let’s even say for some reasons you can make christian 5k a month with a system let’s say you are only able to make half of that that is still an extra 187 000 right a month or 2.2 million right a year for you don’t you think that will change your life we both know it well and that is what i want to help you achieve i have already shown you how this income system works but i want you to be able to set it up and start making money so i will ask you a question if i were to sit down with you take you by the hand and walk you through these 14 steps one after the other telling you what i’m doing in each step and why i’m doing it do you think you will succeed of course you will i didn’t even do anything like this for any of my previous students and they still succeeded so why would you succeed the problem is if i had to do that with you one on one that will cost me at least seven days of my time and you will need to pay me at least 30 million error that brings us to a second option which is an awesome and affordable one what if i were to record simple videos showing you how to implement each of these 14 steps click by click from picking a product on expert now to setting up a funnel for it and driving traffic to it from facebook or instagram would you be interested i believe your answer is yes because you are still watching this which is why i want to introduce you to the 72 ig implementation program which i started on june 1 2020 so what is this 72 ig program about last year i released what is now known as 72 ig course which consists of five models this is the same course that created many of the successful students that i have but then it wasn’t simple enough to apply for many people and it made me realize i was making the same mistake that schools make when they just throw in point of courses at you without an easy to follow step by step guide for you to apply it i realized that causes alone don’t work for most people cause i’ll be at place though but i realize that what is going to help most people is a step-by-step walking through kind of training like step one do this plus an explanation step two do this plus an exponential of y and so on and so forth so the 72 ig program is where i actually take a product from expatnia and create a campaign for it from scratch and i will record everything on video so that you can follow me through this is going to be the easiest way to pass this knowledge across to you even if you pay me 30 million to sit down with you this is still the exact thing i’m going to do i realize that so many people need this type of step-by-step work to training and even though i’m busy with other projects i decided that i’m going to take a break and work as many people as are interested through this 72 ig implementation program i started this 72 ig implementation training program exactly on june 1st 2020 and the videos of each step are available to all members and youtube when you join you are going to be following and learning from it step by step on how to select hot products to sell an expert there how to research the products how to create your pre-sell advice and articles how to use an autoresponder i use aweber that is what i will be teaching you as well how to register domain names and get web hosting how to design your landing pages and thank you pages and you will get plenty of samples for this how to compose powerful trojan emails that gets people to open their wallets and you will also get several samples of these how to set up a facebook compliant advance account how to run successful adverts on facebook and instagram how to create facebook adverts that attract people who have money to pay how to recover your facebook ad accounts in case your other account gets banned and this happens to the best of the best so it’s not a big deal what to do if facebook does not reactivate your facebook advert account how to scale up your facebook ads so that you can make more sales this is very important because if you can scale it would be hard for you to get to some decay amounts and the first version of 72 ig i delegated part of the models to people to teach for me but this time i will be the only one taking you through everything to ensure that you get everything so this is how we are doing it this ongoing training will probably take about 20 to 30 days the way it works is this every two days i release about one to three videos depending on the license for that day and a set of instructions showing you what to do all you have to do is read the email watch the video and implement and once you recover this 72 id implementation training you will also be added to our 72 ig facebook group for more support and accountability what you will be needing are the same thing i started this video presentation with a computer with internet connection an atm card with money on it i’m going to try and talk certain expenses but you should have at least a hundred dollars or 30k on your card then you will need mental toughness because this is business everything is not on a straight line so we might face some challenges along the way but we will solve it commitment too as well because many good startings and don’t finish it make sure that you are going to follow through on this one now before i talk about how much it will cost you to be a part of this training let me give you a list of everything you are getting when you register for the 72 ig implementation training program you are going to get access to the following number one you will get access to the 72 ig program which i started on june 1.You will get access to all of the videos i have already explained how it is going to work this is not a course or module training this is me walking you through the 72 ig system and the normal value of this is at least 2.5 million number two you will get instant access to the original 72 id training course which is the version 1.0 that was released last year people who bought this paid 30 000 for it but you will be getting access to all the materials for free number three you will get a one year affiliate account on expanding opened for you for free normally this costs 10 thousand a right here but you are getting it for free number four you will get an easy to use web page builder that you will be using to create your capture and thank you pages this also comes with pre-designed page templates that make your work very easy number five you will be getting email marketing templates that you can use for the email marketing part of your 72 ig campaigns i pay the copywriter to udk to develop this number six you will be getting free dom for your affiliate campaigns for seven products on expert now i’m working on this myself along with the copywriter that i’m paying a lot of money this means you are getting a full campaign that you can deploy to start selling any or all of these seven products the value of this alone is 350k for each of the seven products you are getting facebook advert samples that you can use opt-in page designs for each product that you can deploy pre-sell articles that you can use seven email follow-ups for each product number seven you will be getting access to our updated facebook support group for 72 id students this is very important because there is nothing as good as having access to a group of people who are committed to the same goal as you we all work together to help you progress and when you get stuck someone is always online to give you a helping hand everyone you will meet inside this 72 ig facebook group are serious people who are investing time and money into becoming successful not pre-busy cars and hierarchicals another good thing about the 72 id facebook group are the testimonies that keep pouring in from people which gives you continuous encouragement and shows that this system works let me show you some of them this is a testimonial from emmanuel ianning he says i finally made my first sale after three facebook hours another one from sherlock martin who says just wants to left across half a million and i really hope the sale is coming tonight i’m not saying from somewhere around that who says this will happen 30 days ago i didn’t know until i logged in this afternoon while creating new strategy to market my business and prince harry says it’s 18 days of practicing expertise and i have reached 000 2019 then this comes from um victor who says hi guys i just made my first cell and then this is from raji ibrahim too and then this is from iowa luto who does made his puzzle by the way i use that mode on my facebook account and that is why these images are displaying this way you will be added to this server to id support facebook group so that you can have access to continuous support and advice from me and other members about growing your business and making more money by the time you log into the 72 ig facebook support group you will see these testimonies yourself number eight as a student of the 72 ig implementation program you will also be getting a whopping 50 percent commission when you request someone to buy the 72 ig implementation program on expert here by default this sound to ig implementation program pays 30 percent to affiliates if you go to the ex partner platform right now but when you become a student of the 72 ig program you will have access to a special affiliate link that allows you to get 50 percent which is a lot of money you will not know how big a difference is until when you make 10 sales as you can see the total value of everything you are getting here is three million one hundred and forty thousand of course i’m not gonna show you that amount but the amount you are investing in these has to be what it’s now i don’t wanna spoil people’s businesses if not i would have gone online right now to show you at least three training programs where people pay as much as 900 000 and what they get is not even close to what you will be getting from the 72 ig implementation program a guy came to my office around february this year he had just concluded a business program in lucky phase one that he paid 1.5 million error for they even gave them a glorified certificate just like schools as if certificates equals money but guess what he was at my office because even after paying all that money and collecting the certificate he was still broke and his business was still in shambles because the training he got was mere theory this is different with a 72 ig implementation training program you are getting access to your practical step-by-step training from start to finish one huge benefit of this program that i’m supposed to even charge for is the fact that this program helps you to develop other powerful skills that you can market to businesses and get paid a lot of money for for instance many businesses need help with facebook advertising they need help with instagram marketing i could easily extract this part of the training alone and share two vdk for it and give you a well-designed certificate like most people do but i’m a realistic person i know what you could need right now is something that puts real cash in the bank this is why i will charge you 1.5 million for access to the 72 ig implementation program and every other bonuses attached to it even if i check cell phone it but i won’t do that as well so here is the deal i have decided to fix the price of the 72 ig implementation program at 50 000 naira only since you are paid for these ones let’s divide that amount by 365 which is the number of days in a year that gives us 137 naira a day if you can’t afford one 37 era a day on a program that is most likely to work for you then i wonder what you are spending your money on but i have some good news for you since this training is still ongoing i’m giving you a discount of 10 000 era which lasts till when the training is going to end what this means is that if you rex tap on the 72 id training right now or before we end it all you need to do is invest just 40 000 naira only that is a savings of 10 000 error for you which you can spend on other things that you need to start your business but you only get this discount if you register for this program before we are done with it so click the other button below and register immediately like i said before the ig implementation training is going to take you from a beginner to a pro which is making 100k 200k 400k or even 1 million a month or next partner as soon as possible one of the people who had access to the server 2i development 1.0 program is she goes here at gfo let me read his post about the program from the expertness telegram group which you would also have access to when you joined expertise he said i got more than i paid for on this 72 hours income generator and he confirmed that this cost is worth more than 100 000 i don’t know what to spend your money on but if the only program you spend your money on this year is this it’s worth it people pay as much as 750k to get a master’s degree or an additional certificate that only helps them to add an extra 30k or 50k a month to their salary and that is if they even have a job in the first place and many of these people never earn up to 500k a month throughout their lifetime but your investment or 40k for the 72 id program can bring you more income than that i’m going to show you videos of students making 1 million to 4 million a month so this is doable also when you register for this 72 ig implementation program you are covered by my 90 days conditional money back guarantee i said conditional money back currency so let me explain what this means since this is an implementation program i’m giving you a space of 90 days which is three full months from the date of purchase for you to implement what you learned from the 72 ig program if you think this system isn’t working after those mighty days all you have to do is show me proofs that you actually implemented it this means you need to show me the facebook or instagram ads that you run your opt-in page your thank you page and your follow-up emails once i see the proof that you actually implemented this i would gladly send your full registration fee back to your bank account but once your report has been approved your one year experience account will be cancelled and your access to the program will be revoked so you really have nothing to lose yet as a matter of fact you might even get away with a lot of knowledge finally i have an exclusive bonus for you i kept this bonus for the last minute because i don’t want on serious people to hang around because of it this bonus is two in one the first one is a report that shows you how you can make your first two to five sales on experience without a website and without spending money on adverts and the second bonus here is a book from one of my students where he explained the whatsapp strategy that he used to make over 500.000 within his first two months on expert here with all the websites and without spending a single day this book is what he called the whatsapp sales blog i had to pay him a good amount of money to obtain the rights to offer it to you as a bonus guide you can deploy the information in these two reports immediately and begin to make money right away later on you could use the money you made from the whatsapp strategy to run address and make more money so let’s do a final rule of everything you are getting for just 40 thousand error only if you act now you are getting the 72 ig implementation program you are getting the 72 hour income generator program that is background 1.0 you are getting one year affiliate access to expert here you are getting a web page app builder and big templates you are getting email follow-up templates you are getting full done-for-you campaigns for seven of the hottest selling products on expert now you are getting access to the 72 id facebook group you are getting 50 percent commission for 72 id program or next partner and you are getting my two in one bonus package which will help you to start making money on expert now without a website and without spending money on us and you can get in for just 40 000 naira only if you register before the end of the training all you have to do is click the button below right now and register for the program when you click the other button below you will be taken to the other page where you can place your order using page stack or bank deposit you can use any of the two payment methods that you are comfortable with there is also a support line on the other page that you can call if you need help with ordering many people actually keep complaining about the economy but when they see opportunities like this they take them for granted and end up saying they will do it later don’t take this for granted at the end of the day you will see that it’s not even about the 72-hour program itself it’s more about who you become after you go through a training like this i personally believe that you won’t remain the same but in case you are thinking but what if this does not work for me i really don’t know why this won’t work for you unless you are lazy or unless you just don’t want to work but that is why you have 90 days to try it out or you ask for a reform and like i said before if you try out this program and does not work for you just send me proof that you actually implemented it to ask for your refund of your money and once i confirm that you actually implemented it then you will get your money back you have absolutely nothing nothing to lose here at this point you have two choices you can give yourself videos excuses to avoid taking this program for instance you can say that 40 thousand error is too much for you to invest in your life even though you spend far more than that on things that don’t matter if that is what you think then i can’t argue with you i just hope the price will be back to 50k by the time you tell yourself the real truth one of my mentors used to say if you think education is expensive then try ignorance the price of ignorance is not an easy one it is what a lot of people pay every single day struggling endlessly with their finances and that is why i keep investing in my financial education the second show is that you can click on the other button below right now to invest 40 000 naira into your future you really have nothing to lose it even if you are the laziest person on x and all you do with this program is make just 100 000 error which is a 60k profit on your investments you still haven’t lost so click on the other button below this video today and invest into your life another frequent question we will ask the body program is how soon can i start to get results through this it depends on how aggressive you are if you are really hungry you can download the special two in one bonus package and begin to implement that one and start making money right away some people will start getting results within a week some will get results within a month but it all depends on how you apply this system another question is what can you do for people who don’t have money to get a program personally i think this is an excuse because if something is very important to you you will find a way to get the money for it especially since we are talking about just 40k here many people will find a way to raise money and get another iphone or samsung in town but when it comes to opportunities like this they always find a way to make excuses another question that they will ask is if this system is so effective can you please give me access to the program for free and when i make money i will pay the 40k and my reply to this is a big no because you are basically telling me to bet on you when you don’t even have enough confidence to bet on yourself if you can bet on yourself why do you expect me or others to bet on you it’s simple if you don’t invest in yourself nobody is going to invest in you and my question is if i’m stuck can i get the right contact to you so that you can help me that is why we have a support group if you need help you can get direct access to me via our facebook support group all you have to do is post your challenge in our 72 id facebook group i’m always checking the group to respond to questions from our members even if i don’t respond there are other experts on our facebook support group who will help you out so that you can go ahead and we also have another support group on telegram which is for all ex partner athletes and you will also have access to this group as well with these two support groups you shouldn’t be stuck so click the button below right now to register for the 72 ig implementation program right away the operation that got shared with you right now is one of the ways to dramatically change your life and my advice is that you should start right now if you don’t get out of the comfort zone and make a change you will keep getting the same results you’ve always gotten sometimes it is the smallest decisions like this that change your life but even if you decide that this program is not for you well i believe you’ve gained some valuable information from this video that’s going to help you in one way or another so right now i’m going to show you some feedback from students of a 72 ig program hi i’m malaguki datsun a product or something to our income generator a training program by mr tony ormatosha i came across the program um around march april 2019 when i was really struggling with my finance as the head of the family i need to subscribe to the program to generate a fast income which to the glory of god i was able to achieve so as to return my dignity as head of the family so far so good 12 months counting now i’ve been able to generate a sales volume up to about 50 up to 15 million error which allows me to pocket over 7.5 million error in product sales out of just eight does eight active months in business i always say thank god and god bless the day i met stonier matasha he mentors he doesn’t only teaches he doesn’t only teach he also stand by you and see you succeed in the business my name is shola matu and i’m a student of the 72 hour income generator i just want to say a very big thank you to mr tony and motorshow for developing this particular program that is helping a lot of people to make money online by helping of course other people right and um i want to say that within the space of um 30 to 35 days i’ve been able to make more than 400 000 nera using my whatsapp you know and then i’ve been able to make up to 400 000 errors so let me just sign into my espana platform and let me show you something so this is my email and my password all right let me just show you something let me show you my endings for the for the month okay yeah so this is my own um dashboard right this is my own dashboard as you can see this is my name here i kindly show matthew and then this is my affiliate link but then you know this is where you can get the product from right this is this is a place where we have a lot of products but that is not what i want to talk to about today i just want to show you uh my earnings all right so if you look at this i already have 32 sales and then with the 36 i already made 456 000 naira all right and then here um is my account balance and this is the payout i’m gonna get tomorrow i’m so happy to be recording this video today because we receive our payment every friday and you can see this is my next payout so i’m gonna receive this tomorrow friday and then uh this will be my balance mind you i’ve already collected um part of this payment for example even the last payment was 90 000 nera and then here again i’m collecting 120 000 naira in um tomorrow friday so um this is super real this is so real and what you’re going to learn in the program is even much more than the money you’re going to pay for it for example um i’ve learned more of email marketing facebook advertisement um you know and so much more in the program so i just want to say thank you very much mr tony and motorshow i really appreciate it my name is sean johnson i got this 72 id program from tonya motorshow prior to this time i have not had a great success in digital marketing space i’ve been known since 2016.So around february 2019 i got into the program and i took the course this guy because delivers what it takes to sell online that’s that’s just the summary of it after taking the course i literally end a commission of over one million error unexpected within two months now i’ll just show you my dashboard so you can see that result live let’s go to my partner dashboard and this is my spartan dashboard remember i told you i got the program in february of 2019 i think we took about a month because it was releasing it in modules back then it took about a month for us to complete the module so in match i began to implement it and if you look at this this is march 2019 first of march 19 to what april 30th 2019 in two months are literally and commissions of y of over a million on expert name you know using the things i learned in that program so i didn’t stop that i also took what i have learned from the what i learned from the entire program and created my own information products now you know uh he had also sold a package sometimes i also got his package sometimes ago and that’s several staff how to create them for products and stuff like that i combined what i had in central ig program and created my own information program that sold close to 40 million in about another four five six months five months i guess okay the first six months i’ll also show you a sneak peek of that there are two ways i get paid for my products one is triple stack the other is true bank transfer or deposit but overall split up 50 on both sides let’s show you a sneak peek of that also now remember i said i sold you like you know april you know on expartment i created my own product this is my facebook dashboard you’ll notice that i started selling the town on july actually around 15th or 16th of july so it’s in july and november see about 50 of the commissions came through or the endings sorry came through pays that the other fifty percent came through my email as people send me emails and they paid into my account so this one of the emails payments you will see them payment made confirmation payment made it is also a lot i can keep scrolling and scrolling these are payments events for the product i can keep scrolling scrolling scrolling classic payments i just paid proof of payment they are all payments they are open i can just literally open any of it see transaction recent see payments as its residential speed into my account that’s 25 000.So this uh all is about so like i said split two ways but between both they go to the pay stack and the and the bank deposit so within that period i made close to my 40 million sellers product so you can see the program is fantastic a lot of people have gone ahead to copy my sales copies my video says let us start add copies and save files i see my ad copy on people it means what i’m doing is i’m doing something right you know so i literally became a page set up so i’m not saying you’ll get my exact results but i know the cost will equip you enough now what you do with what you’re learning it is up to you i went all out i advise that you do too cheers and thanks to tony matosha for an amazing job you did with some gig program have a good day hi guys i just want to give a quick shout out to tony omota’s show and you watching this video right now my name is olomay morin i’m a top athlete with ex partner a wife mother online premiere and of christian personally i’ve known tony on motorshop for the last 12 years now and he’s the real deal he’s an expert who teaches what works today with online business marketing not what worked last year or two years ago i mean today i highly recommend anyone looking to add an extra income stream so start with the expertise affiliate platform and the best training for you to be really successful is the 72-hour income generator training by toyo motor show not only will his training take anyone i mean a beginner who is serious to end a living online from step a to z you also get his mentorship trust me you can build a side income from this personally i recently embarked on a project that leaves me very little time for myself and i came across the expander platform and this training and went for it let me show you some of my results i mean even during this economic downturn this affiliate online business is still paying cut c of the 72r income generator and expert mir so i’m going to quickly log into my expander account i just click on the athlete login here and my account shows up you can see that my all time end is right here is 6 million one hundred and seventy three thousand two hundred and fifty naira and my account balance right here is two hundred and twenty five thousand now this is for just one week’s work and this coming friday i’m gonna be paid 120 000 now this is for real and it actually works let me show you something else you can say that my all-time sales from this business this athlete online business is 461 sales meaning that 461 nigerians actually purchased the online courses the various online courses on the expander platform through my affiliate link i’m telling you my friend if i as a lady can do this you can do this too online business is the new goal not oil not the jobs not a brick and mortar business but affiliate marketing online business so i encourage you to go for this training and your story will be one of success like me and other students who are using the experience platform to be successful so guys this 72 hours income generator is a transformational course for any serious mind putting to work what i learned from that in three months brought in about 1.2 million now in three months i’ve also applied concept and the knowledge land on other promotional platforms on international scene precisely and the impacts are mind-blowing so guys some two-hour income generator works anytime any day anyone who really wants to generate real good income from the internet who needs to apply serious affiliate marketing principles promotional principles in the building of his business should go for the 72-hour income generator the course simply is like a building block taking you through all the basics of affiliate marketing it is it is it is great for both the newbies and for the experienced marketers everyone needs what mr toy and his team has put together a day you learn how to choose your offer you learn how to create your landing pages you learn how to craft your sales copies you learn how to do your email swipes at the same time in fact everything about building up what i call the source machine is what mr tony and his team have demystified with them two hours incomplete return and that’s why anybody who is serious minded can just come on board and pick up this course and without much ado and you know crush it big time you’re going to crush it big time you see that so anyone who is ready to conquer affiliate marketing who is ready to conquer affiliate marketing should stop wasting time just go get the calls and they take out time and go through it one hour uh one week two weeks enough for you to consume whether it’s daring then you are good to go then concentrate take your eyes away from all the shiny shiny objects on the internet here and there and i tell you come back with greater testimonials because is a comprehensive one for the month of doubt let me take you through my system and show you how much i’ve been able to make from there i told you 1.2 million let me show it to you hello guys okay logging into my account right away with this button here just to show you the income proof of the impact of the 72 hours income generator on my account just locked in you can see my name here that she would have stephen and uh you can see so far that 113 sales have been generated and you know total commission is 1 million 241 500 naira what this means is that i have made about 2.5 million naira sales using the 72 hours income generation business model on the internet is 1.24 1 500 1 billion 240 1500 naira is actually my commission because structural pay is 50 of that if you can see here account balance net payout 0 0 i have cashed out all the money so before the end of this week before the end of today and i include my phone in here and you will see it here so far i’ve touched out all the earnings and as you can see zero zero here that pays you your income every friday precisely so guys you’ve seen it but it works it works this is 1.241 500 naira generated on the system within my past three months of active pain thank you very much so guys you’ve seen the amount 1.2 million and we are just starting we’re just starting so mr tony i want to say thank you for 72 hours income generator my name is ademi adekuyga and i’m here to just talk about the self to ig program uh this is a program that has helped me personally to generate over 3.5 million error which you can see right here on the screenshot here when i look to my account and um this is as a result of the trainings being received from mr tony i’m a member of the students i have money for a long period as far as i can remember i’ve known you and i’ve been privileged to be able to to receive his mentorship which has helped me in building um in building up my own personal business so um 72 ig program is a straight forward program whereby you receive trainings that that shows you how to set up your own profitable online business via affiliate marketing and this is a system that works it has the system that works that if you follow it you will definitely get results it’s the same system that is shared with you that i also took from and used in in generating this income that you are seeing right here and there are so many other people that have also um that are being able to get this type of result and it’s all as a result of them listening to his advice his trainings to his recommendations if this if you know that this is something you want to be a part of definitely be a part of it and join others that are currently joining the program

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