8 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks for BEGINNERS – Find ANY Program to Promote

hey friend are you an affiliate marketerlooking for the best networks to get connected with so that you can find thebest offers to promote hey my epithet is Chris with ChrisNjigha.com and in thisvery exciting episode we’re gonna talk about the eight best affiliate marketingnetworks for novices to help you find that ideal offer that you want topromote so hey if you haven’t already heydefinitely give this video a like alright beaker and subscribe to theChannel and don’t forget the Bell so you can be notified whenever I handout newvideos on best affiliate sell structures get the best affiliatemarketing programs all designed to empower you because if you don’t knowthis channel is all about you the dwelling business financier and empowering you with themindset and the marketing skillsets to finally procreate more money get results andget the breakthrough that you deserve alright so let’s talk about it the 8best affiliate sell networks for apprentices alright so before we get intoit if you don’t know what an affiliate market network is essentially what itis it’s kind of like a middleman alright so here’s you right you consider thepublisher or the marketer or the blogger right you’re the one that’s promotingproducts and services from other companies alright and get paid wheneversomeone buys based on your referral and then you’ve got this person who’s thewhat you call the the puppy advertiser right that’s the person that is the onethat has the produce they have the service and they just wanted to get more moresales so they want more parties to find their material so they’re willing to cometo systems affiliate selling networks “whos been” the advertisers and who haveyou the publisher to come together to say hey you have a product and thisperson can help you promote it hey let’s let’s let’s do work thistogether I outlay what affiliate commerce network is alright so let’sget right to start into it alright the eight best affiliate marketingnetworks for amateurs alright so list eight is Clickbank all right so youprobably have heard of Clickbank alright good Bank is one of the oldest andwell-known affiliate marketing networks right that have been in the game for aminute they are free to join so you can get started pretty easily the startupprocess is pretty easy very simple application what they have they have abajillion different produces largely digital makes sell products andcourses pretty much of all kinds that you can see here you can see they got aplethora of different genres and different region things that we are able to lookinto to decide which one’s fit best with whatyou’re trying to promote and talk about and the government has physical commodities very aswell and so they have an affiliate marketing the marketplace where you canclick there and kind of get more information on all the differentcategories and stuff that have already been so one thing about about Clickbank is thatthey also have what’s called a Clickbank University which is pretty cool that youcan help that helps you designed to help you get started pretty quicklyespecially for a apprentice in affiliate sell and obliging some money onlything my Clickbank though is that they tend to have a lot of idiocy products as amatter of fact a lot of them are pretty much spam produces so that’s somethingthat you want to be careful with in terms of trying to make sure that youfind a product that has that’s pretty disqualify ated with those qualityproducts alright and then I’m number 7 best affiliate sell Network to helpyou find the best offers to promote with the apprentices is jvzoo alright so jvzooactually is a marketplace right network where they have a lot of concoctions sothey have digital makes largely digital marketing concoctions they’ve beenaround for a while alright you can see they’ve got about a half milliondifferent concoctions that are sold in 22 different categories well known as as anaffiliate affiliate system and a good deal of top marketers use them if it’s free toget started so that’s the nice thing for apprentices you don’t need a website aswell so if you’re apprentice that’s helpful um like I said they have a lotof digital products and online directions that’s really what they’re into um andyou can see that they actually they’re really designed to really helpexperienced marketers as well who have an online presence to take advantage ofproduct openings because that’s what they really really are large-hearted on and theystill gonna also help you organize moves so as you can see the help you maximizeyour traffic you know you can all have automated webinars um commissionboosters you are well aware things designed to help you get more more fund out of yourfunnels out of your marketing all through the health student help you tolearn your scaling and so it’s really good they got a pretty good support aswell so that’s one of the things that that’s pretty good is that you can kindof have like and a marketing aspect that with yourfunnels and webinars along all we did the same Network where you get all youraffiliate concoctions as well so as you can see they got a lot of a great deal of the stuffhere retraining for representatives ongoing updates no limits to which how much youcan do and all I just wanted to Philly commerce platforms so various kinds of what Iwas talking about there so one thing to know about JB’s is you gotta kind of becareful as well some of their products is sometimes crap as well but so youwant to make sure that what you’re promoting is legitimate caliber and thatis actually helping people check out the reviews things like that alright so thatwas figure seven members of our affiliate sell networks for beginnersall right so for quantity six amount six epoches six affiliate marketing networkfor rookies help you find furnishes that you can promote would be flex proposals allright so flex gives is another affiliate marketing note that’s beenaround for a while now and is well known high-performing very good qualitynetwork as you can see they have thousands of the new affiliate programsup to 12,000 different affiliate curricula right so that’s that’s a good deal ofpublishers right a great deal of publishers make beings people who are productsand assistances coming here because they feel confident that they can get theirstuff promoted because the inequality of affiliates here or high quality whybecause flex offers takes care of their affiliates so they do a pretty good jobof it as well they have 10 plus times in video games as you can see you gotpublishers and you got the advertisers and they got the technology to make itall happen together so like they went 12,000 plus advertisers differentprograms they’re promoting now 500 a month premium one thing that I do liketo see a remuneration I’m high-pitched high loudnes moving publishers so if you’re a bloggercontent author and you’ve got a nice little audience and your make and you’remaking money well they’ll help you don’t let you getpaid quicker within seven days versus everybody else is like a 30 epoch thingwhich is not bad another delightful thing very is that they help you get your affiliateyour affiliate dashboard set up and they’re helping you really various kinds of getthat nonsense together nothing is real cool to that they have a revenue shareprogram so if you time refer someone to flex renders and constitute you start in Phillyas a publisher you can get paid from whatever they promote so that’s reallyreally nice something that I thought it was pretty coolso that’s clucks operas right there it’s pretty good meet market Networkfor four for novices and I hope that is helpful that’s actually one of myfavorite ones more all right so get right into the next oneright quantity five on affiliate commerce best affiliate for market networksfor amateurs would be veg lane so I like viglink because big league ispretty cool is really good well-known affiliate marketing network that workspretty well for apprentices you are well aware like here they’re really focused on leverageand giving you insight and information and automating a lot of things one thingabout them that they’re really well known for is that they’re really goodfor bloggers so what they do is that they have this technology that’s set upso that they’ll automatically create associates for anything that you talk aboutupon a blog announce on in any of your blog positions and it will automatically createlinks to like you know Amazon or whatever so that you can automaticallyget the sale if someone were to click on it and it does it like automatically anddynamically which is really really cool but doesn’t mean that you can’t use ityou know extremely if you’re not you know how to blog if you’re a beginneryou have a blog you can still use it it’s really good too for really you knowjust if you want to choose your own offers and and promote that you canstill do that very and so you can see there’s a top-tier Network a lot of alot of well-known parties are in the space so like I said if you’re apublisher you can go now and get more information and get signed up right sothey just you know they’ll give you a lot of information designed to help youunderstand what’s going on with your affiliate market and with yourdifferent volunteers they give you a nice little dashboard so you can see what’sgoing on a lot of metrics click sales to help you fine-tune yours your strategybut one of the things too as well is that they have they’re also really goodprogram for they tend to have a lot of affiliate curricula for for retailersthat don’t have their own curriculum and so they don’t have a program you canactually come to large-hearted lengths to see if large-hearted tie-in is already connected withand has a program through them that method you can promote it so that’s anotherlittle control viglink that I truly do like so that was number five rightthere so multitude four top for affiliate commerce Network there were forbeginners that works really well to help you find offers to promote would be CJaffiliate so CJ affiliate is a well-known affiliate marketing networkthere’s a really big network as you can see they do one hundred twenty sixmillion dollars in sales yearly between in their network it used to becalled Commission Junction before they turned around before they turned itaround but as you can see though they’re a well-known network a lot of top endmarketers on top and brands and products you’ll find them on CJ affiliate if youget started with like those those platforms you’ll end up get refer toCJ affiliate and getting set up from there for their curriculum and so you cansee that they got they got a lot of material set up for you really if you go topower of affiliate here to get signed up you can see what they’re doing foraffiliates all right they’re connecting publishers right you the contents creatorwith the advertisers who has a product service and simply making this wholeentire network where you’re able to take advantage of the synergy of being ableto promote in computer networks and get more sounds more auctions it’s really coolprocess is intuitive getting relations from for your concoctions is for your blog isreally simple they have reliable payments that theygive you every month and the reporting suite you’ll see that it’s pretty robustgives you a lot of data to help you really maximize what your join on CJaffiliate but the other thing is that it can be a little for the fledgling so itcan be a lot of information but if you take it slow you it’s a good deal of itsinformation is eventually you can learn and certainly help your in promoting thebest concoctions for your affiliate proposals so that was number four all right soonto three amount three affiliate market network for the best affiliatemarketing networks for apprentices don’t we find the gives that you bestoffers to promote is share a sale so share a cell isaffiliate marketing Network does been around for a while as well they’repretty big network you have about 4,000 plus different shopkeepers that arepromoting on hand you can see they’re not really fancy dancing but they getthe job done that’s one thing you can know you can see they’ve been here for1 8 years they’ve been in the game and they’re all about hurry efficiency andaccuracy and exactly obliging the connection between you the publisherthe content creator and the advertiser smooth so that you can get paid you cansee they got a lot of different merchants on hand a lot of produces thatyou can promote so they give you a lot of information here so if you want toget signed up and you can even smacked I’m gonna fill it right here and get signedup and so one of the very best things about share cadre is that it’s easy to comparethe offerings between the various offerings from the differences between planneds with themetrics that they have and their pealing rounds jolly fast as well so you canget paid pretty quickly very so that was number three of our best affiliatemarketing structures all right and then number two best affiliate marketingnetworks for rookies to help you find those presents that you can promote wouldbe tearful I so pier leaflets more is a more of a newer network affiliatemarketing network but it’s fast growing and particularly very well known that in fact alot of people are truly having a lot of success with it and really enjoy it alot of affiliate and one of the reasons why is that it’s got particularly it’s got avery good intuitive board get started process for amateurs which is reallygood and they have a lot of they have a good retention rate which we still teach- that’s another thing which means that whatever they’re doing you’re doingreally well right people are liking it the undoubtedly affiliates are loving itwhich means that it’s great for advertisers so you can see number oneaffiliate network for advertisers back in 2013 huge if your advertiser tryingto get the sales got to get coming the data and the stuff that you need to make surethat you’re you’re promoting your products and without all the hassle ofhaving to keep up with it and but if you’re an affiliate Wow they said it’scustom tracking platform that actually instinctive actually from what I’ve heardis really great for novices easy to get started with but if you’re a veteranis even but it’s great too because it’s got high quality products on this onthis network um the app process is what I’ve heard isactually fairly pretty extensive claim she’s juststarted getting signed up is not easy though like you have to go through anapplication process but I think that’s one of the things that raises thequality into the network and the reason why so many people are so many feelingslike it so you can see they have a lot of popular symbols here as well but Ithink that’s one of the things that sees it that’s been manufacturing it verypopular so you’re hack you know simply making sure that you have the bestaffiliates on on the network and so you can see what’s going on here if youwanted to start it you can just click here to join and they will kind of takeyou through the process of employment giving you all the information that theygive you custom tracking for arm honors those programmes and controversies free prepares andtools and things that you can earn so it’s really it’s really good really goodprogram affiliate commerce Network bitch you should definitely considerspecially if you’re a beginner all right and further my number one affiliatemarketing network best affiliate marketing network for apprentices to helpyou find such products and as you required that they are able to you want to promotewould be racket an all right so let’s rack 10 sell so if most retailersare gonna have some type of affiliation with fus and market they’re one ofthe oldest structures affiliate marketing networks in the game and hitherto they’reprobably the some of the highest quality that you could get you’ll find out therein fact they were ribbon liberty number one in terms of filling marketingnetworking marketings they’ve work which intends it’s good to use in Philly becauseobviously they’re doing something right and obviously advertisers are wanting toput their produces on there so you as an affiliate might want to be there too somaybe really good starters one of the things the rectum market is actuallylinked up with another companionship announced fus and incorporated you’re eithersee their network is so massive which is like the sixth largest Internet serviceprovider right now they have do 1.1 billion in terms of consumers who buyfrom their network and over 230 countries “youre seeing” like I said mostlikely your firebrand you’re looking for is on racket in commerce right and so ifyou want to become an affiliate you can kind of get more information here byclicking there make you over to their page here whereyou can learn more about the facts of the case that hey there’s no more affiliate marketingnetwork and seven consecutive years and so you can definitely find definitelyfind what you’re looking for now as an advertiser right so they’re all aboutconnecting your advertising publish your quality engineering service thereach you need to promote what you’re looking for and the different and thedifferent opportunities there so one thing about them is that they have a lotof flexibility with their marketing so you can rotate different ads anddifferent proposals formerly you on the dashboard and the payments is prettyit’s pretty stable so you get paid pretty well and you can see they’repretty really they’re just in tune with the facts of the case that affiliate market isjust what’s happening right now so they’re all about that they’re all aboutjust inspiring you and constructing sure you must pay so that’s it right there myfriend that is the eight best affiliate market networks for amateurs that Ithink you should definitely take a look at and consider some of them are reallygood enormous for novices some I even have things for veterans as well sothat’s something that hopefully you can take from there and help you in youraffiliate marketing business so hope you enjoyed it right if you didn’t get thevideo like surely subscribe to the channel and hey quick question are youusing any of these networks and your are there any other structures that you usedto use that you find to be high quality and high-pitched valuable hey settled them in thelink below I know there’s a bajillion different systems but hey articulated them inthe link below and have liked to chitchat about that and oh by the way if youhaven’t already hey check out my my free affiliate marketing fortunes guy and Icall it the sleepy man’s Philly cheat guy designed to help you do everything youneed to be able to start marketing and get do the least amount of work with theleast amount of campaign come peak arises affiliate selling all right socheck out this free guide for you check out the link in the description alrightso that’s it my friend till the next exciting escapade be ordained abide hungryout there I recognize all the next one alright serenity


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