Affiliate Marketing के इन Scams से बच के रहे

hello friends, my name is Sahil khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies and today i am going to tell you about a big affiliate marketing scam and mint of affiliate commerce people are doing now a periods makes understand this , you are aware of afiliate commerce business right? what is the meaning of affiliate, that i have a website and ads on that special website is not an ad that is merely a join when someones sounds on that tie-up that relate leads to a product place and its a sucessful discourse then you get some fee like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and you might have seen many youtubers they provide a link in their description and when people click on those associates and buy that concoction, they get a certain amount of commissioning and just like that, a sucessful transition of that concoction they get some profit its a very commo space of paying which is legal and iam not against it but some people, what they are doing mostly they make a website then a lot of companies in delhi likewise and in india too around 15 -1 6 companionships they approach them that they want to be their affiliate marriage now what does this represent? i want to be their affiliate marriage( SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE UPDATES) That the government has an internet site, and they are able to articulated their attaches and will promote them here we are not talking about convertions affiliate selling is of two types one is CPC base you get paid for every click mostly for the amount of traffic i will provide i will get paid one is Cost per acqusition that you will get only after a succesful convertion okay now what these beings do they get combined with an affiliate then they articulated their banners on their website working bots, accompanieds fake traffic to their websites and with around 10 member crew and with the help of proxy which leads to change in their ip address they “re going through” that ad then to the affiliate website and “re going through” their website for an instance and back off then abusing agent again with a brand-new ip address they again “re going through” their websites for the bogu commerce but real traffic in the eyes of affiliate purveyors for an instance, my website has a traffic of 1 lakh and i roll 4 ads of affiliate on my homepage now 1 lakh commerce and my team and i tell my team that there is a requirement to 4,000 clicks daily, thats it now 1 lakh commerce is fraudulence and in those 1 lakh 4% beings clicked on that ad that ad should contribute to your website now according to the company analytics traffic is real and authentic and give the money for that fraud and this busines goes on after some time they realises that its cases of fraud that there is no convertion jsut purely forge traffic and they accuses them there might be some error in their websites in their commodity, their make price is over the board their website is slow, this trouble and so on that we can modify your companies website etc etc this and that again fraud now they guide campaigns together with that impostor traffic now after 6-7 months they trap another one why companionship go for affiliate than google adwords because on google adwords remaining is costly like 15/ clink while on affiliate 1/ clink based on their greed, they capture themselves people still are going for this process and facing a lot of impostors i have seen it from a long time and how this is affecting us you are affecting market of india people will lose trust that all are fraud and i am telling those people who do these kinda nonsense and this video is from them please stop affecting the market of india people who wants to work genuinly are affected by these fraudds and this is not a long term profit you can not fool themselves for a long time a time will come when all the affiliate company will blacklist you and then they will find more tactis but how long this will carry on? personally i dont like this and i uploaded this video because on the day of digital marketing because these are digital market pleasures this is affecting the identify on digital commerce that is all i want you to tell so thats all for today, i hope you understand and promise me that you will never perform the following unethical practices and if you are able to still do that, so friend delight keep great distances from our channel, we do not subscribe our channel i just want if someone learn something from us this is gonna be ethical and you can earn a lot from ethical paths i believe that you might earn a lot firstly from unethical ways but this is not a long term profit you will get stuck after a certain period so friends bye goodnight goodmorning goodafternoon whenever you watch this video

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