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thanks Corey on and thank you all for coming this is a awesome crowd so I’m really excited to be here I love coming down the hill it’s so nice down here it’s nice to get out of the cold in the grave for a little while even though it hasn’t been all that snow is a season but i did get up skiing this morning at what time i did go out at 5am to make sure i was gonna be on the road by nine cuz I didn’t know but I’m here so it’s all good um thank you very much i do want to i think cory on for inviting me down here it’s great to talk to some new faces we have a simpler group actually up in Truckee the mountain which was a Silicon Valley and they turned it into silicon mountain and it’s a it’s a tiny group there’s uh you know I think there’s like 15 or 20 of us at any meeting so it’s really cool to see this so um sell this salad whatever it is um a filly mark first I need to know um a couple quick questions about you guys and I’m going to urge you to pay attention because you’re only gonna win stuff at the end if you can answer the questions correctly ok so in correct answers we’re going to move on to somebody else um you got to pay attention take notes of you have to first um how many business owners managers people who make decisions in the business or workplace that they work in just to show of hands really quickly well that’s easy ok and how many of you can make decisions about your website and/or have a website ok so you can so pretty much almost the whole fruit which is good so um if I mention an acronym that you don’t understand please stop me if I say something that is confusing please stop me I’m not a formal presenter I actually run my own business as well i do do this things like this occasionally on the side they did forget kicking me like at I wanted to talk for like 40 minutes or 45 minutes so we have enough time for questions so give me like a five minute at the end ok um so feel free to interrupt or even if there’s a pertinent question on a particular slide let me know again um who i’m also the agenda Who am I why am I here what is cost per acquisition advertising and I’m going to sort of use affiliate marketing or cost per acquisition advertising interchangeably throughout today why should we do it but what really it what do they do tips and tricks to setting up running affiliate program and long-term results and I did have one more question are any of you affiliates or worked with an affiliate program not have any involvement so get out of a few good ones good so call me out if I say anything incorrectly please other than that you know here to help so um Tom on sports this is who I’ve been working as chorion said with Tom on sport since 2006 we started as an online-only company and um you know my passion is my passion has always been the outdoors and currently in my workplace my passion is really ecommerce I love retail I love customer service I love talking to people don’t get me wrong but what really makes me happy and keeps me doing what I’m doing is being involved in e-commerce and really all aspects of that is Corey on said whether its search engine marketing social media affiliate marketing um that’s really what excites me and so I hope that comes out a little bit today taman sports is our home page right here it was flashing up before we got here couple of quick stats for you there one of the really cool things too were up in tahoe as you know we have a very very small full-time population if you will so to be a successful business up there you really do have to be a bit creative and our goal was really to to anchor ourselves in sort of this adventure capital of the world to be quite honest but to really be selling globally and we do that so we saw match we sell globally so out of our storm tahoe we ship things down here to grass valley in about a city all the time and really that bottom bullet right there um cross-channel traffic and you know in our cross channel conversions and what i mean by that if i’m losing anybody is you know using our website to drive people into our store using our email marketing to drive people into our store really bringing more people into our store to make our physical space more affordable as the reality we don’t need a store on downtown Kings Beach Main Street to do really what we’re doing here we could have a warehouse wherever but we believe in our community I’m very passionate about community I think community is also what drives us all to be happy in our daily lives and so to me it’s very important to be a part of that community with our store and really trying to increase our sales in the store and everything that we’re doing including affiliate marketing has been doing that and that’s been really exciting trend for us over the past 12 to 18 months okay acronyms ready here it is I think a lot of you know where you know some of these so I’m going to do them quickly CPC is cost per click advertising I’m showing you an example of that over here basically you pay for a click anytime somebody clicks on you no matter what they do afterwards you paid for it um it’s good lead maybe it’s a sale maybe it’s not um those of us who were good at it like Corey on gets a lot more sales than those of us who aren’t you know like he sometimes um costs for impressions CPM this is basically when you pay per thousand impressions is a standard term there um what I’m showing you here is a little banner up here this is a website called trail space that i’ll come back to quite a bit and i’m sorry this is go this is a google adwords type of cost per click am I talking too quickly or is it okay they’re used to me ok core happens I can’t get for quick you told me I got too many slides so I’m trying to go for it um cost-per-click you know this is google adwords some product ads here at cetera and so forth cost per impression so these guys Massey’s this is a trail space as an outdoor oriented website these guys are just another outdoor store in our space and what they’re doing is basically some branding up here they’re not paying for anything in particular they’re basically paying to be in the top header bar this website in our industry which this website gets a lot of traffic they want to get their brand name out there so they’re paying per impression um generally a big brand awareness type of thing now other businesses would disagree but for me brand awareness lastly cost per acquisition or CPA and that’s predominantly what we’re going to talk about today this is when you pay only you you only pay when a sale is made ok this is my favorite kind of advertising because you only have to pay when something actually has happened ok what you’re going to see down here is some examples of that and so it’s a bad web page because I got cut off but I am I am this is a banner ad going to my website he’s this is a sale we’re running right now actually this was on a teetering your turns or backcountry com or one of the not back in turn your turns or another website but i will pay if somebody clicks this banner come to my website and buy something i will pay the person who owns this website a commission basically that is affiliate marketing um so again affiliate marketing is a marketing practice where a retailer and it could be any type of retailer so i sell outdoor gear ok it doesn’t matter if you sell dresses it doesn’t matter if you cell phone numbers it doesn’t matter if you are even trying to get somebody to sign up for an email email list for example so like real estate agents people like that you can have a pair of programs as long as there’s an action at the end of the day alright so when you’re paying for is a conversion on that action all right affiliates are great because basically they’re they’re sort of an extension of your brand they’re basically they’re driving they’re driving traffic to your website and they’ve gotten that traffic so in a lot of cases that customer has never perhaps heard of me but they got to whatever affiliate they got to and then they came to me so that affiliate was an extension of my brand to some extent and so that’s a really good way to look at some of this okay affiliates drive traffic to your website in basically four different ways okay what they do for different things so first what they’re doing for you is they’re building your brand as i said before they’re putting my banners my logo my products on their website pretty much for free okay we’re going to get to that VN i’m going to show you some stats about how free that really is actually and what kind of brand development that can drive for you um search engine optimization so again right here there perhaps bidding on products that you carry they’re not bending on your name that would be illegal we’ll get to that in a minute or it’s illegal if you want to be but they’re basically bidding on terms and other things and not just bidding they could be doing natural search engine optimization as well to get you to get them a higher place in the search engines and in turn hopefully have some click throughs to your website they build web communities this is one of my favorites and we’re going to show some really good examples here so if there any bloggers in the room really any writers or content people in the room this is probably the fastest growing arena of affiliate marketing okay and we’re going to we’re going to come back to this a minute because basically what these people are doing is they’re talking about things and hopefully they’re inserting your name or your products into those things that they’re talking about and then finally paid marketing which I’ve already kind of touched on but basically they’re spending money to get you a sale and sometimes that that’s successful um here’s my favorite side okay so for any of the business owners or managers in the room do you sit there on a daily basis and people come in your store or your office or whatever it is and say hey I’ve kind of quit you advertising proposal for you or we’re putting out a new visitors guide or we’re putting out a new business directory or I’m a new guy building a website and I want you to advertise on my website and it’s only going to be a thousand dollars a year you know if you’re me and you’re a business owner like me this happens day we may be between emails people in person phone calls I mean the marketers they they’re unbelievably persistent annoying and there’s a lot of them these days everybody is trying to get something okay um especially the economy’s gotten worse I’ve noticed notice it’s the volume of marketing requests has actually been increasing at least up in Tahoe where we are so one thing that to me and pretty much I look at all of those people and say do you have an affiliate program and they the answer is quiet just like that oh you say you know what’s an affiliate program and then I say well how do I know you’re going to do anything for me oh well we have this kind of reach we have that kind of reach I don’t care what kind of reach you have at the end of the day and the current state of the economy I need to make a sale that’s what I am in business to do I am in business to make a sale any sort okay don’t care what it is so I look at those people and I generally say no no no no no no no a hundred times and honestly this is why I love affiliate marketing okay it’s performance-based you only pay if a sale is made I’m going to say that a lot of times today and again quality affiliates are really promoting your brand free of charge so we’ve been over a lot of this um one of the things that I’d like to hit on as well as new customer acquisition okay so if you’re a retailer of any sort if you’re selling anything new customer acquisition is probably one of the hardest things to do these days it’s extremely hard to get new customers and keep them and that’s really where affiliates come into play quite a bit I think I ran the report a feat of about a week ago and eighty percent of our sales that are coming in from affiliates this is the mostly content-based affiliates those communities I was talking about before um our new customers das you’ve never seen them they had never been to our website before okay and we actually have about a customer retention rate of about twenty-five percent which is pretty darn good in our industry our industry is really price competitive and so one of the things that we do with our affiliates is we put them into their own email bucket and that’s a whole nother topic for another day email marketing but we like to take our new customers and treat them a little bit differently we give you a whole welcome series of welcome to us here is our Facebook page here’s our blog and here’s a lot of the other things we’re doing rather than if you’re already familiar with us you probably already know some of those things it’s just going to do a different bucket and we then mark it to you differently as time goes on especially in the first 30 to 60 days okay so new customer acquisition is a really big piece of affiliate marketing and something that we pay a lot of attention to I’m going to give you a few examples of affiliates and I’m going to dump these affiliates into basically three main buckets okay and the three main buckets are kind of um they’re they’re a bit vague but they’re also important for you to recognize okay so the first one is a coupon site so if any of you shop online at some point you’ve probably been like maybe I can get a better deal how about those deals out there you might say you know home depot coupons online and all of a sudden all these sites come up with all these crazy coupon listings out there same thing goes for online retailers okay little trick if you did search Tom on sports coupons hopefully we come up first because we actually have our own coupon page we try to bypass our affiliates if we can but you’re going to come up with a lot of sites like retailmenot is a big one and I’ll show you some examples before on the find is a little bit more of a shopping site but um there’s about a million coupon sites out there there okay all right when I save coupon site a lot of people go eat coupons and I don’t like I don’t want to get I don’t want to just help my product okay and a lot of ways you’re not counting your product you’re getting a customer okay if you can get that customer think about what you can do with that customer over the course of their lifetime whether it be three months six months or 24 months it doesn’t matter okay so don’t be afraid to use coupons to market your online business it’s something I you talk about a lot um these sword the magnifies of the word excuse me the find is basically a it’s a huge shopping engine and so that’s like a price grab or our next tag if you’re familiar with those kinds of sites and the fine works a little bit differently but then there’s these big shopping engines that basically just amalgamate everybody’s products together they lump them all together they don’t care who you are they don’t care what product it is all they’re really trying to do is have every single product in the world listed on their website so that they can make a few bucks off of every um so shopping engines coupon sites and lastly content based sites those are the best okay content sites are the best so if you have a blog or you do a good job with content and write a 10 because I’m definitely speaking from the merchant point of view but I’m going to try to give you some information if you are affiliate as well so I’m going to try to balance that as best as I can um magnify trail space teton gravity research and again I’m using a lot of examples from my own industry you’re all going to know your own industries a lot better than I am and if you don’t go out and look around and do some general searches on the things that you’re doing in your industry so kind of see who the big players are and see what kind of information you can gather about who’s out there you’d be really surprised sometimes that a lot of them are affiliates and you can get links and or banners or whatever on their site content sites are the best because content sites what they’re selling stuff they’re really selling passion and they’re selling the love of whatever it is whether it’s photography or outdoor sports or bird watching it doesn’t matter they’re the ones talking about you but they’re also talking about products and they’re talking about other retailers and they’re talking about how to use things okay and that’s probably most important so magnify this is a local website if any of you are familiar with it um it’s a funny story that i’ll tell you at the end about this website but basically you know they have weather reports and webcams and all sorts of stuff and guess what they also have they also have the advantage because what they realized I think about two years ago whenever rachel actually started to work for them was they had this great site that got a ton of traffic because everybody wanted to know from Bay Area how are they gonna get to tahoe was easy looked like blah blah blah blah blah these guys were getting a ton of traffic more traffic than i can imagine at not magic book and I I really want their traffic so they were like wow how could we monetize this they were one of the first people that came to me a couple of years ago and said hey if you have an online business we want you to advertise on our site for a thousand bucks a month and I hook them in the face and said you’re crazy okay it was like there’s no way I’m just paying a thousand bucks a month for this prove to me you can do something because sometimes sites like this they’re not making big calls to action people are going here for information okay you gotta hope that maybe the passenger in the car is the one going here for information and not the driver because I passenger in the car is the one sitting there waiting you know they’re the one who might click on something like this and actually you know proceed to buy and in X amount of time but all of these are affiliate banners they used to have mine up there I turn them on to this they don’t have mine anymore that’s great oh just goes to show because we can tell people right so I learned the hard way I talk about all this stuff I’m really passionate about it it comes back to herniate I lose a relationship but again that’s another story um this is back to trail space com so what these guys do so you can see all these tops here I’m just showing you one tab i’m showing you aware to buy tab these guys are probably the most expensive site in the outdoor industry 44 product reviews they have like millions of product reviews on this site okay they also have a time here where to buy very convenient might as well make some money off of all those reviews that were collecting from all these people okay so for this product right here we’ve got four of us listed here maybe five in order reason we can go why the different orders and stuff like that we’ll get into that what was this weapon this is called trail probably one of the best content based websites for the Outdoor Industry okay but a good example of what else we can do here is a sensitive right here’s your coupon okay um again coupons are not bad and if people have questions about that we can talk about it during the question time but coupons are good there okay if they gain you a customer you can keep that customer if you can’t keep that customer and you’re losing margin then you might need to re-examine how that’s working for you but if you can keep the customer even if you can keep one out of every two customers you’re probably doing just fine that’s a good ratio alright so these guys all they do you know you type in coupons they come up you type in you know whatever store your shopping on right here online you’ll probably find at least a five dollar off coupon you know as long as you’re spending 50 bucks or something like that um we all try to hide them us retailers no coupons bad but there were reality there okay embrace them and um let’s move into tips and tricks to setting up and running an affiliate programs so there are a lot of affiliate networks out there so I’m a merchant we’ve already talked about affiliates right now there’s a middleman here obviously right somebody has to put all of this together okay how is that merchant going to trust me to pay him a commission when the internet is the internet it’s a vast world of nothingness that things get lost it right all right definition of the internet away the ninja skill prospects Oh as you can know if not an official Speaker I don’t do this for a living this pneumatic tubes there’s so so they’re actually affiliate platforms out there and basically an affiliate platform is that third party it’s that middle person okay it’s the person who is collecting money for me the merchant who’s tracking what’s called a cookie okay from the affiliate I should take a step back as to how affiliate how affiliate marketing actually works so I say the word cookie and your web browser people know what I’m talking about okay we’re tracking you we know what you do we know how old you are we know where you live Riley all those good things oh that is a cookie and and basically how it works for affiliate marketing is um these affiliates trail space you know the RetailMeNot site they basically with you hit their site they’ll hit you with a cookie go back out surfing the web you still have that cookie in your browser and then depending on how long the cookie last for so for us we give a 60 day cookie duration okay so you can visit trail space you can visit Maggie can visit any of those other sites and if you come and buy something from me within 60 days and you haven’t visited any other affiliate in that time that qualifies you for the commission that makes sense yeah okay um so basically the affiliate platform manages that cookie they manage the money they manage the payouts and most importantly they manage the data okay then we’re going to get into that in a minute that is probably the first and foremost thing you want to look for in an affiliate platform so if you are thinking about and going to join an affiliate platform or be a merchant on an affiliate platform these are some of the questions you want to start to ask yourself um these are some of the big guys my guy here this is my the middle of bottling these guys are tiny by the way compared to share sale either probably share sale mission junction and the Google Affiliate Network are your top three Clickbank the cliq banks all right that’s another there’s a million of them okay believe me there’s a million um these are just a few a couple all right um I’ve been on both share sale and Commission Junction we are no longer a part of either of those affiliate platforms we are now exclusively on a program called a bomb link okay and there are a number of reasons for that and the most important reason for me was control tools and trust really um some of the other platforms are great they do a great job they have incredible reach and they are alive and well and just kicking on all cylinders for a reason but for a merchant like me we felt like we were losing control of our affiliate program we were getting calls about coupons that were displayed on sites that were two years old for example and we would then go in contact said affiliate and say hey guy your coupons like two years old can you please take it down your you know you’re causing all these extra phone calls and emails and pissed-off customers etc and so forth you know and you would call five times you would email 100 times and when you get no response it’s extremely frustrating and you start to lose that brand aware so you’re working to build your brand but then you’re denigrating your brand at the same time when you have bad affiliates okay and this is an issue don’t think every affiliate is good they’re not all right and I will caution you about that you don’t need to do business with everybody you can choose who you want to do business with the important point all right um the reason we’ve chosen a bomb link a they happen to be the number one platform in our space being outdoor industry they’re growing exponentially in all other industries right now but the guys who actually started this in not invented they sort of develop the original platform for backcountry com it was a leader in our leader in our space in my opinion so they broke off they left backcountry com about five years ago started their own their natural synthesis was in the Outdoor Industry now I have referred about three other merchants to evolve link in the past year um one guy who does karate books another guy who does indoor tomato plants and something else i mean really super nichy science and these guys are doing great on a bollock and they’ve been following up with me and they’re like thank you so much for that recommendation we were super sick of commission junction as well okay so I’m not downplaying these guys I’m saying just be careful and make sure that it’s doing what you want it to be doing after about six months you have to give it six months time I saw a hand right there yes yeah I just thought had a question because I know you’re a retailer and they’re they’re probably still retailers here but I think a lot of us here to our service base so right can you touch on this probe replay is this something that is valuable as well to a service-based peppers absolutely you’re still are you selling a service if you’re selling if you can end the sentence I sell something did whether it’s a service whether it’s it doesn’t matter what it is yes because what you still want you still won’t qualified traffic at the end of the day right so if you want qualified traffic and you want people coming and you want their email addresses an email address is just as good as a sale to some people then you can follow up with them if you can get some information from them I’m like not only an email address but maybe it’s a quote form or something like that um that can be turned into an action right so if they hit submit on that quote form and you know they filled in all the fields and they’ve hit x y&z you can then turn that into a commission um you also as a service-based business should think about the affiliate side of things okay so if you’re a service-based business and you’re a home decorator or something okay and you have you know you bring in new accounts of people on wallpaper and paint and doors and you know sync fixtures and all these other things you know perhaps you’re better off as an affiliate right because then what you might want to be doing is logging and talking about what you do that’s how you’re going to increase your own visibility in the search engines as well and I’m sure you guys are gonna talk to you guys got search engine marketing and and really talking about yourself and what you do it’s important to talk about the topics that you rely on as well right so if you’re talking about the topics and you want to you know you’re saying how to how to redecorate my bathroom in 30 days or I don’t know I’m just making this up okay but and you want to redecorate your bathroom in 30 days you know you might put in some some some links in there too and even some banners to some sink manufacturers to some retailers that you might have relationships with so that you get a commission on if you bring them customers okay so it could work either way whether you’re a circle if your service based business you know it just depends what fits you best um if you’re you know if you’re a service-based business and you don’t want to sell anything through your website do it more through blogging that’s what’s going to increase the visibility and the authority of you and your website anyways at the end of the day so you might as well monetize that we call it monetizing your webspace you’re you’re you’re making your web you know if you’re paying hosting fees you’re paying email programs you’re paying for all this stuff to go do to have a website monetize that make it earn you a few box make it earn you some money okay and that’s all very possible through an affiliate program from the affiliate perspective you could be an affiliate on all of these networks if you want to because you’re going to have different merchants in every network all right from a merchant perspective one or two affiliate platforms you know if you’re over to believe platforms I would take a look at your affiliate program okay usually one big one one small one or two or a good stars any is that good any other questions on that does that make sense let me make one quick yeah if you’re a locally based service it’ll be more challenging so if your service if you’re in service and you can be able to sell products to somebody across the country but if you’re a local massage therapist and you want to get a lot of people into your affiliate network it’ll be challenging because how many locally based websites that will be able to generate qualified traffic are there so there are some challenges if you’re only a locally based service absolutely um at the very least though even if you are locally based service and use a lot of hairdressers for example so you know shampoo and they you know they sell you everything like that if you can drive some of those sales and especially recurring sales to your website your affiliate okay if a lot of if you can start to move some of that into your online space then you can start to earn some money off of some of those types of services yeah so um one word of caution up here first of all a vicious book marketing is not right for everybody at every time make sure you have everything in order before you embark on yet another aspect of e-commerce that’s all this is this is a piece of the puzzle okay as Quran said before about fifteen percent of my sales are generated through an affiliate marketing that continues to grow and we want it to grow but it’s only fifteen percent of my sales so no I don’t spend 80 hours a week on affiliate marketing alright and make sure you’re aware of that um but make sure your e-commerce system is working make sure it’s doing what you wanted to do and you’re ready to take that next step okay don’t do everything up front um we talked about an affiliate plat loops too fast um we talked about an affiliate platform once you join an affiliate program a couple of things you want to think about you can’t just turn it on you actually have to do stuff okay um the first thing if you are a person selling stuff whatever stuff that might be you want to create a data feed of your products and what I mean by that is basically in the most basic terms it’s an excel file with every piece of data on all of your products that you can possibly put together okay size color um weight carrying capacity you know and whatever you can possibly think about make sure it’s part of your product data and that’s what a product data feeds going to be and we’re going to see how that’s used in a second banners this is probably the most common form of affiliate marketing it’s what you know you were used on a service based website so again back to the you know bathroom redecorating model if that’s what you do you know you might have some you might put some banners on your website to make your website you know look more eye-catching or you know do whatever as long as it flows with your site you might want to put some banners on there to try to catch some people’s eyes get them to click on those banners in turn perhaps make a sale lastly program terms and description and and this might be less but this is always the first thing you do or you do it after you’ve made a mistake could us do it if it’s not easy um there’s a lot of unforeseen things that happen sometimes but generally this is where you want to say um you know hey you’re not allowed to bid on Top Mountain Sports very simply and you can tell your affiliates that you can say I don’t care if you bid on you know north face jacket and spend a million dollars a month on north face jacket if that’s what you want to do fine have a great day but you’re not allowed to bid on top of mountain sports that’s my name that’s my trademark and were the only ones allowed okay that’s an example of some of the terms some of the other terms are going to put in there are going to be the Commission’s your pain so we pay different commissions based on those different buckets that I spoke about before so the coupon sites they get the lowest commission they get seven percent okay some of my content sites um like those trail spaces that magnifies some of those guys some of those guys get upwards of thirteen to fourteen percent commission on any sale they send me okay that’s that’s that digs into my margin big time but again I’m not doing it for the single sale I’m doing this hopefully to acquire customer and to keep that customer coming back and introduce them to my brand Tom non-sports okay um other things you’re going to happen there your cookie tourism things like that so that’s when you can decide on all of that you do not have to go there are industry standards you do whatever you want you own you own your own affiliate program okay you don’t have to be dictated to by anybody else now the Google Affiliate Network will tell you differently but the good affiliate networks will tell you you do what you want here’s what we recommend um product data feed so anybody who does sell stuff and you are on an affiliate program this is probably the single most important thing I can tell you to do it allows your affiliates to parse your data and present it in a way that customers want to find it okay most importantly they want to know before they even click through if this jacket is not available in a large and I’m a large I don’t want to click five freaking links to figure out none of these guys have it in a large that’s a waste of my time it’s really annoying um and I now visited five sites I’ve gotten so distracted I forgot what I was looking for okay and so one great things you can see right here select size so here’s Lee who has it in stock Matt country us Christy sports and Amazon right but again who has the black large that’s what I’m shopping for that’s what I want to know if I didn’t provide this is a site called dear buyer calm he’s my second best um refer okay second best so he sends me a lot of business if he didn’t have this information from me it’s a big problem because hey I might be turning off those customers so again back to what I mentioned before with a bad coupon example right bad coupons you got to deal with customer service calls you gotta deal with customer service emails it’s actually a negative on your brand you know you’re pissing people off because they’re wasting time and they got a foul up on this darn coupon that won’t work whereas you know if you can provide a seamless shopping experience that’s the customer you’re going to keep that every single time if you can provide a seamless shopping experience from wherever they land on the internet to your site to the checkout page that’s the goal at the end of the dead um and this is this is important because we all waste a lot of time online and you don’t want to lose those customers people these days they go from site to site like this facebook has taught us that all this other stuff when you update in two seconds it’s taught us that real quick when you talk about kind of keeping that up to date does the affiliate program that third party program help with that or is there another hold it absolutely no so the platform will do that for you um I do take that back a little bit there there might be another intermediary if you need one and that’s sort of a separate conversation because we actually feed our products to like 15 different places our affiliate program is simply one of them so yes there are third parties that can help you parse that data into the format that these guys wanted in and then those guys wanted it and then those guys wanted in okay but at the end of the day I’m even though I have somebody else in the middle my data is still go into a bomb blink first ok and then gear buyer trail space or whoever they’re taking the data from a bomb link not for me directly and that’s really important actually because basically it’s updating every 24 hours our product data updates every night at midnight and it’s these guys jobs to make sure that their sites are also then updated so the good guys have automated this okay the other guys probably have it but what you’ll notice in your revenue stream is here’s the good guys it’s the 9010 rural okay ninety percent of your excuse me 90s of your business is basically coming from five to ten affiliates I’ve got like 400 affiliates in my program okay ninety percent of our affiliate business comes from a few of these sets because they do such a better job and that’s what you want a partner with okay it’s all about partnership at the end of the day and we’ll get into that a second this is a trail space thing again he doesn’t have size and color but at the very least he knows I have it in stock because I wouldn’t be listed if I did if he has my price so if you’re looking here you can say well um I can’t read it from here you know one 4895 159 or 150 95 where am I going to start while I’m probably gonna start with the cheapest guy at the very least right and see where we get from there um this is a great example this is one of my favorite sites this is a site called sierra de sense this is a guy who he lives down in like this down in Kern County somewhere and out in the middle of nowhere loves to go outside loves to do stuff I stumbled upon him a couple years ago basically what he does he’s got a blog that’s all he does he writes about what he loves to do plain and simple he loves to go backpacking he loves to hike in the Sierra Nevada um and he was local so this was a really good thing for us this is going to get back to the relationship thing but here’s what we basically did um we sent him a pack to review and said hey take this out a few times great time tell us what you think so he rode us an internal review you know for our purchasing purposes hey I think this is a good pack it compares the X Y or Z great what he also did as part of this deal was he wrote up a review on his side and you’re missing kind of his home page and stuff but I’m going to get to that in a second but what he’s doing here so he’s writing every view of a product could be any product it could be wallpaper could be paint and some other things okay um but guess what these are these are affiliate ads that’s what these are these are built through a bond length this is one of their many of their fancy tools that they have and they basically allow him to say I have a did this is called the Deuter a CTL 24 pack on my website I want you to show product ads that are similar to this and this is a very easy widget actually that’s done from the affiliate end so he’s an affiliate okay and he’s sending hopefully me but perhaps others traffic okay it’s a very equalized playing field in this case if everybody is at the same price what’s to what’s to make you choose something different okay now granted everyone’s not the same price and there’s a few different products but the point is he’s monetizing his hobby this is my hobby forget he’s an outdoorsman he works in LA like three days a week I have no idea what he really does for a job okay but he’s been telling me lately that he’s getting really close to making a living off of this and that’s something really cool um because this is kind of added income additional income at the end of the day right when the times get tough when our hours get cut when things like that happen if you have a hobby here’s a great way to monetize that hobby um this guy’s name is Andy the wiki but he lives though like I said down in Kern County the site is Sierra descents com de SC we’re gonna skip their banner ads everybody see the banner and this is one of my favorites okay I’m gonna hurry up because koreana have a few minutes left so vlogs and content so we’ve all seen forums out there in the world okay so I was just talking about kind of a guy who was doing a blog before that was his blog that was his thing this is teton gravity research so this is like the big ski moving company that makes all those big fancy ski movies right they have one of the strongest commuted communities in this sort of action sports ski industry probably globally I want to say that I’m not exactly sure but if they’re if it’s not there in the top three globally they have millions millions of users and basically their entire site while it’s involved recently in the past year was pretty much bent on forms people talking to each other people you know being you know kind of cocky if you will or telling the other guy you know he sucks at something and I’m awesome at this and blah blah blah and really it was just a place for people to vent and have fun talk about gear and other things like that but these guys figured out really quickly was oh my god we have millions of people talking about products talking about stores talking about where to buy products I mean all of this conversation that was that was circling around shopping and commerce and basically through again this is an embalming affiliates oh if only does have some tools that stand it apart from the rest but this right here so this is just a little blurb I was stuck in an rei decently and relieve my boredom while my girlfriend shocked by watching the GoPro promotional video I must say very entertaining if you have a chance so GoPros it’s those helmet cams that you see you know on all the dirt bike racers and skiers and all these action sports guys right so this little thing right here anybody who clicks that and purchases something an rei com over the next however many i don’t know what their cookies are but it’s probably 60 days these guys are probably going to earn seven to ten percent off whatever’s bought okay there’s trillions of just on this one website I’m not gonna go there and just go to their fourth and do anytime you see something like this length right here that’s what it is you can do devant link make that link cuz of it no LaVon link didn’t a bombing gave teton gravity research the tools to make that link okay so that researchers like ctrl-f to find something on a page right so basically this is a glorified version of that find rei com plug this cookie in there every time you find rei or every time you find go pro or whatever it may be plug this in there so that they’ve now monetized this incredible web community that they built and they worked really hard to build you know making ski movies that’s not a very lucrative profession this has become a lucrative profession and they’ve used their brand to do this okay um here’s the same thing so they also do product reviews right down here this little product review right this little whatever this product is so I tried to get this all in here i’m bad at powerpoint but for those of you in the back you might not be able to see it but I I was basically hovering over this to prove to you and also just show you how you can see if something is actually an affiliate link or not okay um get to be just one second let me finish um so basically you can see right here blah blah blah WWE battling calm click blah blah blah blah blah okay so if this was going this is a drop backpack right so if this was just going to the drop website and said www grr com from / this backpack okay but here’s a really quick way to see oh yeah these guys are going to make money if I click this link and go buy it from wherever this yeah federal law now requires all affiliate leads to be labeled as such right I’m show me more how you can tell if it’s an affiliate link or not what I’m saying just so everybody knows if you do put an affiliate link the FCC is now being a little snotty about it and so is federal law we have to label it as such yes exactly if they find you a good luck okay but maybe they will I don’t know yeah but um another thing so again go back don’t set it and forget it if this is one thing I can impart to you affiliate marketing is not something to get on board in spend two weeks doing and don’t log into your account for another year okay don’t do that you’re going to place yourself money you’re going to waste yourself time and you’re going to waste other people’s money and time as well either find an affiliate manager or do it internally but dedicate the resources to doing it so as an example we’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years probably since we started um currently I have one employee who only spends about two to six hours a week on affiliate marketing general that’s not a lot okay very reasonable amount of time I know what the return is on that so if I’m bringing in people with one of my sales I’m probably doing a bad job managing in because he should be spending more time on that but at some point you know you want to just start to look at those numbers and say here’s where we want to be here’s how much time we’re going to dedicate to this um affiliate manager duties we’re going to go very quickly one thing I mentioned before was relationships once you start to see who your high-value affiliates are or from an affiliate perspective once you start to see who your high-value merchants are reach out to them personally make a relationship introduce yourself check in at least monthly and say hey is there any I could do for you is there anything I can provide for you are our banners working for you um hey what if i give you a one percent commission bump well that moved me up the list right so on those sites like trails space and gear buyer those guys are basically ranking us on what’s called an earnings per click so if I’m not making him money every time somebody clicks my store I’m getting pushed down right if I want to get pushed back up to the top sometimes I might have to increase his commission it’s just like anybody else they want to make more money the end of the day so here’s a whole bunch of other things you can check it out on select your effort um this is what I just talked about new affiliates as partners they are not just affiliates or very least view your top affiliates as partners okay build relationships be responsive and make sure your program terms are clear and enforce them um these can get out of control this whole PPC bidding thing okay make sure people aren’t bidding on your name if you have told them they can’t long-term results so something that we’re going on something that we’re kind of continually doing is recruiting new affiliates and nurturing our existing affiliates very important nurture your just affiliates have them bring you more money if there’s only 10 guys bringing in ninety percent of your revenue it’s really easy to reach out to 10 people right I’m on a weekly or monthly basis so do that um you know seasonality etc and so forth make sure your conversions are going in there in line with sort of your other site wide metrics um so generally this is a really good statement and so here’s some stats from us okay a 1.2 conversion rate which is slightly higher than our site wide conversion rates so that’s good that’s what we want we think affiliates should be generating something higher than just a random person coming in the internet um again twelve percent of sales this was about 12 to 15 but here’s a big 12 million ad impressions I am a tiny little company up in Kings Beach California ok I have about 2500 products 2 million ad impressions so that’s what affiliates are doing for me so they’re getting my brand out there even if you don’t click when you’re looking for that North Face black large jacket hopefully you’ll click eventually because at the very least you’ve seen me okay the very least you’ve seen me um very quickly so not everybody lives in Northern California where it’s winter right some people live in Florida some people could be in Europe those where they could be they could be in Australia they could be anywhere so what I’m showing you here is just some examples of sort of different things you want to make sure you’re doing so this is what we’re running right now literally right now we have a sale going on this is what we update every two weeks no matter what to coincide with whatever promotion we’re running on our website okay the rest of these guys sort of hang out in about a six month rotation right it probably is summer somewhere and this image might actually get to somebody in some place that it’s more of course it might actually get to somebody in some place that it’s cold too cuz they’re like ooh that’s some pretty water I want to go there um you know maybe it’s just a generic free shipping banner maybe it’s a backpack centric site and so they want backpack banners okay hey the only reason you know what they want is to ask them otherwise you’re shooting in the dark so we know we have some guys that love to advertise like the gear the year winners and all of these winners of all these awards so we build them banners for that purpose okay now other people can pick up these banners too we don’t exclude them but what I’m trying to show you here is the variety that you want to provide your affiliates with don’t think all your affiliates are just your net favors um continually recruit new affiliates so email introductions Commission bombs you know adoption of all the tools you have available and share and trade content really good one so if you are an affiliate out there get those affiliates to write some stuff for your website and be like hey i’ll give you a link back that’s really powerful stuff um that’s it good sorry understand that was really quick today we’ve got 20 minutes before we adjourn so why don’t we do questions for five minutes and then we can do the raffle stuff sure and I’ll do undo a of the ozarks so while babes doing questions if anybody else I’ll pass this around please add distance cards don’t take other people’s out we ask that you only don’t one of your choice way around the 30 minute overview of affiliate marketing their gear almost more out there so like you know I do what we all do that money yet so I’m building an online community site it’s free and it’s in them it’s a smaller niche within the parenting niche and I’m struggling with finding good quality products a little bit higher ticket I’m used to selling ebooks eventually online oh look it’s bad I don’t want to sell amazon books to don’t know once the membership grows what do I just start looking to use the third party affiliate platforms for products or how I fine um you know I would you know if that’s what you’re doing that’s your expertise right so hey I hope that you have some products in mind that you think are really good that’s gay and then be what I would say is you know maybe I would go to the suppliers of said products right and be like hey I have this website I test products or I write about products or whatever and then and so you want to you know figure out if there’s a market for those products out there and if people are looking for them then what you can do can’t get you there right now but for example in a bottling can I become I know you can’t do this in shareasale or Commission Junction you might and some of the other ones you could go into a violent as an affiliate and you get then there’s a search bar and you can type in baby bottles and it will show you all of the affiliate all of the merchants that have a category or product on their site for baby bonds right and then you might go and build yourself an ad like that for baby bottles right on the same page that you’re talking about the baby bottles for example um you know this is a visual way to do it there’s also all those texts ways to do it too and every time you mention you know the sippy cup from me you know the event sippy spout we sell events if he spouts by the way so you could you would link you in hyperlink that and it would be a link to the events if he’s found on the Taliban sports website with affiliate cookie in there or whatever merchant you choose you know like that because they have one more monument I do so that’s the downside of all this talking I do about affiliate marketing and magnify you know they quickly realize they’re going to make a hell of a lot more money off sierra trading post in rei com and they’re going to make up time on sports com so I shot myself when you flip then that’s how callous yeah if you mentioned brand awareness how does if you have a service you’re providing you come as an affiliate relationship to their website and you have a banner and how do you or how does the affiliate get paid it’s just a brand awareness type you don’t so you have to do a lot of follow-up you have to read a conversion first of all so all right so if you’re the affiliate service your service and you’re showing an affiliates banner for example right I’m merchants bank Rick sorry I’m on their site right go to be honored for Just Breathe they would be on your side if you’re the service provider and you’re saying hey you know I endorse that banner lives on your site so somebody’s on your site am I night of reversing it yeah actually I was thinking of you know just building brand awareness yes a service company where the place of banner right on sale retail site right how does the retail site justify leaving that banner up there taking answers it doesn’t that’s more of the cost per impression model so then you want to buy banner space just to build your own brand they’re not actually going to get some merchants like me anybody who sells stuff our primary goal is to keep people on our side don’t let them go anywhere else so we actually don’t do any marketing on art we don’t do any external marketing on our site will trade links will do things like that but you’ll never see you know a lake tahoe real estate banner on my website for example i don’t want you going to waco real estate com i want you staying on Tom on sports com but if you were paying me whatever right you know that’s that’s the monetization of a site so you know backcountry com is a great example of this if any of you shop on backcountry com about a year and a half ago backcountry com started putting google ads on their site they now have video ads on their side and so they are bugging the trend of traditional ecommerce right now they are promoting whatever outside third party services on their site that potentially a consumer can click on their off that country calm and now they’re over here so they’re monetizing their site they’re basically saying this product page wasn’t cutting it we need to make more off of this single page and that’s how they’re doing it so finding a way to monetize is really the you’re looking for an that would be a cost per impression basically yeah sounded like you don’t like the google affiliate program anyway um I don’t like or not like anything I prefer a bond like how about that oh hi generally what we found that the bigger platforms is that example I gave you earlier they’re extremely unresponsive they post junk um and they cause they cause more headaches than they do revenue and at the end of the day the last thing I need to deal with is some random person’s website it won’t reply to me who won’t respond to me but is promoting my brand free of charge right but in an accurate way okay let’s do one more question okay the gentleman back there had one eye this is a question but a way to kind of clarify the relationship is rather than some a lot of Marco advertisers and rather than merchants and publishers are sometimes called the affiliate so when you go to the sites that’s a another way to distinguish yeah thank you and that’s absolutely true and that’s the whole content so that was a quick one one more question anyone sure I’m a friend thats a project manager he’s been some stuff from the internet and he made this statement that when I thought I was coming here this only like affiliates that have really huge lists make any money and you kind of presents my permission what’s with it I want to test the accuracy of that and then the other part of this is if you give input key to finding Andy quality sure um so the best way the best yes if you were going to start a website tomorrow put a whole bunch of banners up and expect to be you know three months down the road retiring and you know living on your banner marketing so to speak that’s not gonna happen okay this guy and this is why we’ve gotten such a close relationship with sierra de sense calm this is a really good example so what he’s basically done is found a niche for himself on certain things so so i bet you if you typed in like sierra nevada backcountry hiking trips you know it’s a pretty long tail search granted but he probably comes up in the top five maybe um and if he does that’s pretty cool so so he’s gotten himself subtraction right and what he’s really doing is now monetizing that traction that’s all he’s doing so affiliate marketing like i said is not an end all be oh yes there are people who make living so the trail space guys the gear by organized those are big operations many employees you know they’re doing things right and they’re making a lot of money okay but that’s why I brought andia because he is a single guy he has a real job he does this for fun but he’s also making money right and he’s actually getting to the point of making enough money where he doesn’t have to go and commute to LA three days a week so you know it’s relative and you definitely want to you know keep that in mind when you’re going your second question was how do you find good affiliates you seek them out and you take the time to look for them and you have really bad experiences with that affiliates and you say wow I’m never going to make that mistake again and you go out and you do those searches okay so what what service what do you do what’s your website advertising work advertising and marketing so you know you’re going to go out and you’re going to look for the big players in that space and you’re going to look for the sites that are talking about things like that you might and you’re going to email them and you’re gonna email them again and you’re gonna email them again and maybe you’re going to get a response and maybe or not if you get a response great if you don’t keep moving on you know this the affiliate world so exactly to your point the people who start an affiliate marketing and try to just do things on the easy they’re lazy because they’re trying to make a living off of doing nothing off of posting other people’s products and banners and they’re trying to make a living off of that the guys who try and who put the time in to make custom ads like this and who put the time in to solicit reviews about products from the user communities and who create forums where people can talk those are the people who care and those are the people that you want to partner with at the end of the day and that’s what’s really important it’s really a partnership um because those other you know 300 billion side I have I don’t know who they are now care these my top 10 I know them all by name I met them in person at trade shows we email you know every few months or so and we just check in and it’s you know it’s a much better relationship like that it’s a very healthy relationship I’ll stay stick around afterwards you

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