Affiliate Marketing 2020 – Week 1: How 25 Affiliates Have Generated a Combined $21,2960.50

Hey guys, what’s going on Joshua Elder here. Welcome back to the channel. And it’s been about a week since I’ve launchedthe brand new Six-Figure Partner Program. And in this video, I want to show you exactlywhat my students have been able to accomplish up to this point. I know it engenders a great deal of you guys I know, you know, the, for the past few years that I’ve had this direct, I’ve depicted a lot ofmy develops. You guys is a well-known fact that … You know, I well known to make money online. That’s plain and simple. But do I know how to teach other people howto do it? And that’s really the key. You soul that’s watching that may be skeptical, can you actually build wealth on the internet and a great deal of you guys have bought things inthe past, you’ve contended, you’ve gotten overtaken with so many different gurus youdon’t know who to listen to.And, you know, I want to provide some socialproof for you that you know, I’m somebody which is rare to find in the industry thatcan actually genuinely help you Make Money Online. So, I want to continue with the social proofvideos. That’s why I’m doing them is because thereis a lot of debris out there. There are a lot of beings that, you are familiar with, say that they are mentors that they are coaches, but they’ve made a very little to nothingonline. And they’re really not, you are familiar with, certifiedin a way where the government has that social proof. So, with that tell me anything, I’m going to jumpto my computer. I’m going to show you guys the results superexcited for this. We have about 25 parties that have generateda commission with us. So, here is a list of everybody that has madea commission from us. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me sharing theirnames here. Undoubtedly, you can find them on social media, so you know they are legitimate characters. But nonetheless, let’s just start up hereat the top you can see Paulo Baron Gail, $1,937 with us, Karen Marrow, $2,469 Mitch, $175 Jonathan, $1,248 Chris, $35 Victor, over $1,500 Marielle $ 1,400 Scott, Sergio and John Claude ,$ 7 each Frazier, $3,250 this actually George, $1,500 It looks like he made this accountunder looks like it might have been his wife or his mother or somebody like that, but GeorgeWakens, $1,500 Toki $ 1,250 Jodi $ 1,250 so a great deal of beings, four people once Sarah ,$ 1,250 to Rome, $1,250 Marissa, $1,250 Paula, $1,128 Nicholas, $105 Mervin, $105 Nate, $21 Adi, $21 Randy, $21 Nicholas, $14 and then we have a few$ 7 Evan, Jose and David.So, this is about roughly 25 to 26 peoplethat have generated a commission with us, and this is due to the training and what weteach inside of the Six-Figure Partner Program. So obviously you visualize the proof is in the pudding. The parties that are getting results are thesame people that are you know, putting the training into action. You participate we’ve got module after module showingyou exactly what to do module one apparently embraces this groundwork of setting up yourbusiness getting all your move setup all your assets set up. And then module two is dedicated to helpingyou know, develop your YouTube channel and then deploy my content on your YouTube channeland start render traffic leadings and sales working and leveraging my jurisdiction and my content. You do not have to create any of your ownvideos if you don’t want to. What we want to do what we want to accomplishhere the Six-Figure Partner Program is we number one we want to fish for you. In other paroles, we want to help you get thosefirst prevails those first results.To picture you that making money online productions, that it’s real to help you give the confidence to yourself to get to the point where youcan eventually fish for yourself to where you can eventually be confident enough toget on video knowing that you believe in the program, that you can go out there and speaka meaning and start generating your, you are familiar with, auctions yourself. So, if this is something that you’re interestedin, you want to get access to the “Six-Figure Partner Program”, you want to learn more aboutit. Go onward and sounds the link below. There will be more details on how you canget started, you’ll be able to speak with one of our certified instructs. Now, I genuinely hope that seeing the resultsof my past students, motivates you and invigorates you to show you that you too, can do this. So, if you want to know more information, go ahead and sounds the link below and we will see you on the other side.

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