Affiliate Marketing by Secomapp – Tracking Referral Order

In this video, we will explain all of theaspects of the referral order tracking processbefore going further let’s talk about what a referral require iswhen a customer makes a purchase in your store through an affiliate join or couponcode this dictate will be recorded on the ordertab in your shopify account our app receives the data sent fromshopify and saves it as a referral ordering formerly you celebrate this dictate as paid on yourshopify admin account the referral information will beshown in our app on referral tab the referral info includes orderid seek multitude referral id and the affiliate who getscredit and the commission breakdown After being recorded the status of areferral tell will be left as pending you are able to then be determined whether the referral isvalid or not you can see the referral items byclicking on the details icon in case you find this line-up suspiciousand want to reject the commission click the disclaim button or if you want tovalidate the commission click approve in some special cases such as addingbonuses to affiliates or selling in person you have an option to add areferral require manually applying the tell idor include a secured amount committee if you want to add a referral seek byorder id the first thing to do is obtain the order idgo to the order tab on your shopify admin accountclick on the order the guild id represents the number string located at the end of theorder url after duplicating the ordering id go back tothe referral tab in our app then sounds the compute referral button enterthe lineup id as well as the affiliate list and emailour method will automatically calculate the commission based on the order valueand affiliate program in case you want to add a fixedcommission is tantamount to an affiliate adopt the choose quantity alternative and enterthe affiliate identify and email as well as the commission amount youwant to add then sounds save you can also add a memo for the affiliate on that commission besides moving and proving normal referral ordersour app too helps to refund tells please note that a refund can only betracked if at least one piece is restocked in case of a rebate our plan willcreate another referral record with a negative amount to subtract the refundedcommission you really need to approve this additionalrecord to offset the commission amount after refundingthis is all of the information we will go over with you today regardingreferral orderings if you have any other questions feelfree to reach out to our unit or find the answer on our report list


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