AFFILIATE MARKETING: Come iniziare? Meglio prodotti digitali o fisici? | Tutorial ITA 2020 |

hi all guys welcome to this new video today we’re going to see what affiliate market is what yours are pros and cons if it is better to opt for a make physical or for a digital product and too what are the strategies publicity if you haven’t done it hitherto expressed support for mine canal and at the end of this video if you like it leave a nice like what is affiliate marketing if you don’t know affiliate commerce hitherto is a publicity structure that allows you to sell someone else’s produce e to generate a commission what are the pros and cons of Affiliate marketing pros are of course that we don’t have to deal with the act therefore logistics of carrying and returns while this will be taken care of by pulpit we’re going to promote or the site we’re going to promoting another pro is what there are two ways to do affiliate market that I too talked about in the last video that you find below in description which are organic commerce and paid traffic and in case of organic traffic we should not making such a financings to promote i our affiliate ties-in therefore it is a business that if we start it does not need the cons of any financing are for example the choice of the right product so perhaps we have chosen a produce for the fitness niche for example a augment and maybe parties don’t like this make we’re not promoting uselessly because in any case the audience will be on target therefore interested in fitness nonetheless they are not interested in that special hence the cons is somewhat of a option of the right product to sell the product that sells “the worlds largest” another against obviously having to rely on an external person to an external site but this is really rare to happen is that this will neglect so this company this corporation will neglect but this is very difficult however it can happen regardles because it is not a thing managed by us it is a thing organized externally that is why we we are taking charge of someone else I will give you two examples to understand a bit discrepancies between digital commodity and physical concoction for digital I form myself the example of subjects here i am, however, the social network that I promote that you find the link to join queen description which includes an affiliate mean that is, anyone who is enrolls through the our join exactly produces a volume of business within the us stage we will receive a commission so if this is a due we will receive one commission if you sell a product or service we will receive a commission therefore we would benefit from the design that a person below us will do for find the cannes tv affiliate link once you are there register through the description queen affiliate connection you will need see here at the top left in the menu item we will have to go to the dashboard and then our attach is the one we find now above so in summary we can earn a commission time one person whole through our interconnection that we may have shared on our site on our blog on our youtube canal or for example on our profile or facebook page was affiliate marketing for physical produce I give you the sample of amazon amazon in its affiliate associates that it creates for the affiliates you can find here in the amazon affiliate program you always acquisition the link in the description you have to register in this link and now formerly registered you can enter the commodity specify and it will come out tick to get the unique link with your label amazon has an internal cookie in the affiliate links which last-places 24 hours so if we went to a material and we were intrigued by that product that we they evidenced on amazon or we property on a site and then we finished on amazon and have gone through the indie affiliation this cookie will remain for 24 hours in excerpts stored under our computer and even if after we will do an autonomous buy also by opening amazon another opening la person who represented us pass for the sunshine of affiliation will comprehend one fee what are the promotion strategies daughter’s labels strategies to promote daughter marketing are two organic traffic and paid traffic by organic traffic I imply an internet site a blog then publishing essays or even affixing articles on shouts there is what I have even the publication of articles on with ours amazon cruelty for putting all things together the youtube direct a video on youtube where we talk about a make and put the link in description or within our facebook we publish a announce where we describe a product and we always introduced ourselves in line affiliate and that’s good or bad free traffic this bring benefits us if we have many people who follow us or in all such cases if we often publish content because taking a product is insufficient to publish it once for free share it on our wall of facebook and magically generate thousands of euros currently but first create our audience our audience choose a niche for example if we want to do fitness let’s concentrates on fitness if we want to focus on expedition we have to focus on walk e patently after we have acquired our public while promoting the we articulated products we continue to link maybe at the beginning we do not comprehend no commission then gradually progressing our times with season youtube direct our facebook page with our site they change in reputation they get more and more traffic so obviously we have more chances to earn commissionings from sales then there is the paid commerce daughter what would be the real has sell sons then go to scaffolds like google ads youtube yahoo bing facebook ads this is a riskier way for anyone who wants to get started because apparently unlike the free transaction here there will be a real e own investment in fact is called paid traffic and we should find the right fraction between the profit margin that gives us the commodity and the cost of advertising so we know that for example with 100 euros of push we have generated 200 euros of commissions so we have 100 euros of earnings from the method used of the field marketing only for those who are a little more advanced and previously know how it directs and previously know how to choose the specific public on google on youtube and on facebook and has a capital to invest therefore is not that by putting 5 euros a daylight on facebook we can become billionaires of course it can happen that with 5 euros we generate a sale that fetches us to 100 euros people are always physical and facebook encounters us more or less about how many beings we can reach and there says the probability among those people we reach to generate a sale if you have to start what I recommend patently I recommend you form your own blog for example about studies you must have spoken even before you always find the link then description form your path youtube if you don’t want to put your face on it also create video slithers very well certainly clear your facebook sheet and formerly I went carried away and picture the first commissions and you feel like taking a risk or whoever you are already formed too for example the inter my direct find a good deal of contents on advertising once he has learned how to do advertising last-minute I could go to risk and invest 2 300 euros 500 euros to try but obviously I do not recommend investing small budgets within facebook or google pit this video is finished i hope you have understood something more than affiliate market I hope I have not been too technical and have asked well if this video you would prefer it leave a nice like subscribe to the chorus you always find the attach queen description “i know i m” simone baratti hello and see you next time ok


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