Affiliate Marketing Direct Linking – Do’s and Don’ts

Affiliate marketing is great. There’s no doubt about it. But, here’s the thing, should you do directlinking for affiliate sell? Meaning, should you promote an affiliate make, by ship traffic immediately to the affiliate offer, without going through your websiteor your pulpit? Let me give you two examples. Let’s say you are an affiliate for a weightloss commodity. And to must pay, you want to sell the productsas much as possible, right? And what you do is that you run advertisementsand use your affiliate join as the end URL. That symbolizes, whenever beings picture the ads, theywant to lose weight, they click on the ad, they go to the affiliate sales page, and ifthey like the commodity, they buy it and you get to earn a commission.Simple, and straightforward. But is this a good practice? Well, in this video, we are going to talkabout affiliate marketing and direct associate, and what is necessary do and what you shouldnot do. Hey, this is Shawn and welcome back to mychannel. Before you continue, make sure you subscribeto my direct to receive more videos about internet marketing and making money online … So you experienced an affiliate commodity you wantto promote. And you are trying to use the direct linkingmethod to promote the commodity. Maybe you heard it from some leader who toldthat you were able to make a lot of fund promoting an affiliate product without working a website. Or maybe you don’t know how to promote a commodity, and the most wonderful and easiest nature is to promote the affiliate tie-up and cast pilgrims directlyto the affiliate offer. Whatever the reason, here’s what I want tolet you know .# 1, “when youre doing” a direct linking to an affiliateproduct, peculiarly if you are sending cold traffic, people who don’t know you, straightto the affiliate offer, you are going to fail. So, this is what you do not want to do. I have viewed a good deal of beings trying to sellaffiliate products through placing advertising on social media or search engines like Googleand Bing, and then they drive clinks or traffic straight-shooting to their affiliate link. If you are doing this, you are losing a lotof money. The people who will clear the most money arethe pulpit who gives your pushing fund and the affiliate merchant , not you.Why? Because your publicize penalty will be a lothigher than the profits you determine from selling affiliate produce. This is because the conversion rate is goingto be low and there’s is no way you can follow-up with the people who you are sending the affiliateoffer. So, don’t do direct linking with cold traffic.# 2, if you already have a platform, like ablog, or a YouTube channel, or you have 10,000 Instagram or Facebook admirers, then yes, you can promote an affiliate produce by directly getting your admirers to your affiliate tie-in. Why? Well, because those people are your love, they speak your blog, they watch your YouTube video, they follow you on Facebook and Instargram. In other oaths, these are warm traffic becausethey know who you are.So it is a much better strategy to promotean affiliate product by getting the heated congestion to your affiliate join. For illustration, if you have a lot of Instagramfollowers, you can recommend an affiliate product to them. You can say, “Hey, I expended this make andI have lost 10 pounds in 3 months. If you want to lose the excess fat, I recommendyou try out this product.” And then you put your affiliate associate foryour admirers. If you compile some auctions, huge. But even if you don’t making such a auctions, it isalright. Why? Because your admirers are still there. They follow you because of your content andwho you are. And it is okay for you to recommend greatstuff to your adherents. And you can use the direct join methodthis direction. Nonetheless, if you are driving cold traffic, direct connect will not work.# 3, the best way to promote an affiliate productis not through direct relate to your affiliate relate. It is through the use of a arrival page. Which means that you want to get beings tovisit a land page whatever it is you get to collect their emails before you send them to the affiliateoffer.Why? Because this lane, you can follow-up, you cancommunicate, you can build trust to increase the shift proportion. Let me testify you an example. If you run ad on and drive 1,000 visitors to an affiliate render, this is what it looks like. So acquiring each sound provided free of charge$ 1, and toget 1,000 clinks, your total ad overhead will be $ 1,000. And for the affiliate make, it is $ 47 upfront, with a $197 upsell. And we assume that you are going to get 100% fee, okay. Remember, this is cold traffic and you aresending the traffic straight-from-the-shoulder to an affiliate offering. So the transition proportion will be low. If you get 1,000 clinks, presuppose with a 0.3% alteration, you will do 3 sales. And all the 3 sales includes the upsells. So the total sales is $732. But how much you spend on ad? $1,000. Therefore, you are losing $ 268. And what about the other traffic or visitorswho didn’t buy? 997 of them will just leave without comingback ever again. And there is no way you can follow up withthem. Can you construe why direct join will not workfor cold traffic right now? If you do this, you are losing a lot of fund. Instead, you need to use a ground sheet toincrease your transition and become more fund. Let me demonstrate you. So everything is the same now. You run ads on, you get 1,000 clinks. And each click is$ 1, so your total ad costis $1,000. But this time, instead of immediately sendingtraffic to your affiliate connect, you send the visitors to a arrive page. It is an opt-in page where you get to collectemail contributes. And assume that your landing page has a 40% transition frequency, you will get 400 email subscribers. And after the visitors opted-in, only thenyou send them to the affiliate offer. And with the same conversion rate of 0.3%, you will oblige 1 auction, and you make $244 in affiliate commissioning right away. This may seem like you are losing even moremoney upfront.But don’t forget that you have 400 email subscribersnow. What you can do then is to follow-up, buildtrust, and continue promoting the affiliate product. I believe you know that most people won’tbuy the first time they heard about a produce, right? This is why email follow-up is so important. What if after 2 weeks, you manage to convert5 auctions from the 400 email readers? You will utter $1,220 from your affiliate promotion. In total, you have 6 sales from the upfrontpromotion and email related to the follow-up. So you concluded $1,464 from the 6 sales. And your ad penalty is $1,000. After minus off the ad payment, you will stillmake a profit of $464. Can you construe the difference between havinga bring page to build an email index and mailing traffic to your direct affiliate linknow? And don’t forget, even after all this, youstill have 400 email subsribers with you. You can then continue to nurture the list, and further promoting other affiliate commodities to make even more money. This is why people often say, “the money isin the list”. By now, you should understand what is directlinking with affiliate marketing, and what you should do and should not do with it. The resolution is this. If you are willing to drive freezing congestion wherethe visitors do not know you, don’t use the direct relate technique. But if you already have a platform like ablog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever, then you mayconsider using direct connect. This is because the traffic previously know you.They are heated congestion. But still, the best way to sell an affiliateproduct, any makes at all, is to use a arrival page. This is because you can send related to the follow-up emails, construct the relation, advantage cartel, and close more sales. You receive, when you first met a girl you like, you won’t straight away propose to her and say, “Hey, marry me and be my wife”, right? What the hell is you do? You will get to know her first.You appointment her for dinner and movie. After some time, you propose and marry her. It is the same with selling. You don’t go to a stranger and ask him orher to buy from you. You improved affair, you stretch the rely, and you follow up and recommend products. That’s why you want to build a landing page. But the problem with most people is that theydon’t know how to build a landing page. Things will be a lot easier when you havethe right tool. This is why I intimate you learn how builda pour with ClickFunnels. I use ClickFunnels to create all my optinpages, participation sites, and likewise sales pages.You can do the same. Join the 30 -day challenge to build your funnelusing ClickFunnels. Check out the link in the description boxbelow for more info. Well, I hope this video be useful to you. If you like this video, make sure you smashthe like button. And most importantly, is committed to my channelto learn more about internet marketing and making money online. That’s all for now, see ya !.

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