Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: $10,000/MONTH GUIDE 2020

in this video I’m gonna show you astrategy to make over $ 10,000 a few months from affiliate market as a completebeginner even without your own website you can see here are some of the cellsthat I’ve reach on just one of the networks where I promote products hereare the sales on another system where I promote product I’ve cause over onehundred and fifty one thousand on this network and I likewise operate on many moreaffiliate systems if you likewise want to start realise over $10,000 a month evenwithout your own website as a complete beginner here is a perfect keyword foryou to focus on search volume 1.3 thousand key word difficult easy rightand that keyword is what’s up guys I’m super aroused to share this very newtechnique with you that’s just been working really really well I’ve sharedit with some of my students they’ve been getting excellent results and making alot of sales with affiliate sell the simple action over ten thousand dollarsa month even without your own website is absolutely possible if you watch thisvideo but make sure do not skip any of the specific areas of this video because it’svery important to understand every single part in the process so I am hereinside the ATF’s dashboard I’m too going to show you how to do this withoutthe edge have stool with a free tool but HRF time obliges it simpler to understandthe concept so address is keyword research tool and this method that I’mgoing to show you today will show you how to target people who are searchingfor different types of recalls okay so stick with me throughout this videodo not skip any steps and it will all make sense okay so here is how thisworks any time somebody wants to buy a particular product or software orservice they generally go into Google and they start looking for evaluates forexample you probably familiar with Photoshop Photoshop is probably the mostcommon photo editing mixture so people that want to buy Photoshop and I want toread reviews of Photoshop they will type in Photoshop review into Google let’stake a look at a couple of these areas so if I type in Photoshop review whichis obviously a hugely favourite so many beings search for it every daythen here is an example of a website if I open that up they’ve written a reviewor Photoshop and they’re getting a ton of traffic and then at the bottom youwill see there is a link for a person to get Adobe through this website okay sothis is a special link that will credit the owner of this website with the saleof Photoshop now if we look at Photoshop I feel that programming you can see thatthe fee is 85 percent of the first month subscription fee so the firstmonth’s reward is $50 then this person will make about 40 horses per marketing andobviously they’ll be concluding heaps of marketings every day by time havingtheir website up there ranking for Photoshop review now I’m gonna support youin this video how to do this even without owning your own website how touse another website on which you can publish your content very simple contentand get up there onto sheet one and start get this traffic for multipleproducts where people are searching for these reviewsyou’re gonna rank your area here in the top three and you’re going to be makingsales because people are going to be coming to your locate and they’re going tobe joining all of these products through your connect so keep watching hey everyonemy name is Greg Kononenko I run this channel caffeinated blogger on which Ipublish regular videos about affiliate marketing making money from home andblogging so if you’re new to my direct pleasemake sure that you are in favour of my direct just below this video sound thesubscribe button and enable all notifications so that I can notify youas soon as I upload my next video alright let’s get into all of thedetails okay step one of the whole process is to find the keywords thatpeople are searching for and as I mentioned earlier we’re going to befocusing on keywords where people are looking for a review of something so thefirst technique to find a great keyword is to use this tool called a travs nowguys this is a paid tool I’m gonna show you in a few seconds how to use a free toolas well okay but if you do want to pick up a travs I’m not an affiliate for itby the way so I’m not getting paid anything if you decide to sign upbut they do have a 7day experiment so a sevenday trial for $7.00 so this isjust a highly cheap highway to use a payment implement for this but I will likewise present you away to research keywords for free okay so in hrs what we’re gonna do is I’vetyped in recollect here and we’re going to be looking for all of the keywords inhrs database that have got the word review in them okay and make sure thatyou choose United Position that’s the biggest database here so if this is setto your country then only make sure that this is United State and then make surethat after you’ve done the search you sounds this option having same terms onthe lefthand side that will basically pull up four hundred and fifty onethousand different keywords that you can work with and you can see what they areso if we go through the register you can see here it says I I called evaluate Alliancereview hello mobile review doctor Squatch review in Pixie ax reviewRaja’s protection 9 scrutinizes so these are all of the differences between expressions where peopleare searching for a review of a product before they buy the product so thepeople are already awfully very interested in this product they’re just making surethat they various kinds of like read any refreshes before they commit to buying the productso let’s take a look here at this one here in pick 0 asses so once againthere are quite a few answers here but if you open any of these results youwill notice that the people who are in this website they are an affiliate so ifsee it says download in fairy or Pro free it is therefore looks like in pixel is a toolthat people can use to edit their partisans and now this join if you payattention to this if I duplicate this relate address and I glue it here in theaddress bar it says sh r SL comm so this is stands for like a shortened versionof ShareASale so this is a referral link basically and that means that this is anaffiliate link I is in fact a member of ShareASale and you will see that theShareASale offer in pic Co is listed here on the ShareASale comm marketplaceso anyone who wants to promote in gremlin oh they can joinShareASale and they can become an affiliate for in fairy oh and they canmake 30 to 50% off the sale and you can see from the stats that on averageearnings per 100 clinks are $27 so it’s 27 pennies per clink which is pretty goodfor a free trouble volunteer we can see from this website it says download in pixiefor free so once we get redirected by that affiliate join then we are able toget a free download of this software but most likely a lot of beings end upupgrading or buying some fee features and that’s how you can makemoney as an affiliate so you can see through this affiliate offer on averageyou can expect to make about 27 pennies per sound that you sent to these offersso this is how this website now is likely to be preparing really really good money by justonce again ranking now on the breast page and steering parties via theiraffiliate link to download this free version of this software and then makingthe money that nature and once again to reiterate this is open to anyone anyonecan register on Sharra’s and start promoting this offer okay so now thatwe’ve got this sort of basic understanding of how the processactually works what I recommend for you to do is to use these filters now atthe top to filter and find keywords that have very very low competition so if Iremove the filter you can see there are actually 12 site 4 million differentkeywords that you could potentially work with but a lot of them would be quitehard to get traffic to so what I hint you do is you can insert keyworddifficulty of peak 5 you are eligible to even go with lower but 5 I found reallywell and that needles us with 450 1000 different keywords which is of coursemore than enough for everyone who is watching this video to make a ton ofmoney I also predict you guys to show you a free tool to use so a free toolthat you can use is command tracker pacify so just go to word tracker calm and sort inreview in here and then make sure that you’ve got Google selected over here andterritories United Regime and that’s going to pull up some causes here foryou completely free ok so here are all of the research results thatgot the word review in them as well and you can see that word tracker too givesyou the volume and it also gives you the race so the highest the crowd themore gaining race for the keywords so you obviously require somethingwith a very low number to use for this method and you will notice that now atthe bottom it says unlock for more suggestions so you merely get I thinkabout 50 keywords free of charge but you can unlock and it says hinder searchingcompletely free for 7 days so you can actually get a free test for 7 days andyou can do all of your searching in those 7 days for free and then justcancel the note if “youve got to” if you don’t want to keep the service okay sothis was step number one which was all about obtaining great keywords to workwith step number two is to sign up for the relevant affiliate curriculum and to dothat you need to analyze these different keywords and open up the search resultsfor them and assure what this is all about so for example if you look at AVG VPNreview so you can open up this SERP in inside breath traps or you are eligible to simply takethis and open up the search results in Google and then take a look at thesearch results and make sure that you’re cozy promoting this commodity thatyou understand what it’s all about and that you’re ok with itin principle take a look at what the person or persons now on the breast sheet are doingso I can see here already that this is an affiliate website so they’rereviewing this AVG VPN solution and then there are bi ties-in so these are theiraffiliate tie-ups so next after that if you wanted to promote AVG VPN where youwould need to find the affiliate curriculum for them so you would just open upgoogle and sort in a BG VPN affiliate program and that should give you a wayto apply to their affiliate program now the result is become an ABG affiliate soyou can read through all of these and you can sign up now it and it says youcan start acquiring a 25% Commission for all AVG product auctions so as part of step2 you should go ahead and sign up to theaffiliate program and then wait until you are approved because you might notactually get approved for every single affiliate program that you apply for sotherefore you need to go in and are valid for as many of these as is practicable and seewhich ones you actually end up getting approved for now this is gonna give youguys undoubtedly batch of things to work with accurately 4501275 different ones to go through there’s plenty of money to be made foreveryone here for the purposes of this video I’m actually going to take this inpics now as an example it seems like a great software to promote with reallygood earnings per clink five and a half thousand scour work per month so inmy scenario what I would do if I wanted to do an affiliate page for in bixiereview so take a look at the results for in bixie refresh I would open them upI would become familiar with what it is okay this is photo editing application itsounds pretty good I want to become an affiliate for it so we’ll type it inpicture affiliate curriculum and that will bring me to all of these results seethis beach join and seller not planned join so these are all of the ways that Ican become an affiliate for in pic Co so for example I can go to event questpartners comm which is the company that produces in painting and here it says youcan sign up for revenue wire or you can sign up through up click which isanother service so I can then go to sign up with revenue wire and that willprompt me through all of these sign on operations so I’ll go ahead and apply andfor the purposes of this video and let’s assume that I have been approved topromote in pic Co we can now move ahead to step 3 which is to start drivingtraffic to our review page and start establishing the money so for in bixie reviewif I have a closer look at at this scour period I know that it once haslow keyword difficulty because we exploited the filter at step one and Ialso know that here are all of the locates that are actually grading for and hereare all of the reviews that are ranking for so my job is now to get onto thispage one of Google search results so that I can start coming traffic to mypage and I can start transporting people through my affiliate link to download inpicture for free as I told you at the start of this video you do not need tomake your own website for this you can actually help Google Sites and I’m goingto show you in merely a few seconds how to do this head over to sitescalm its and that lets you create a free website region here is an example of a site that’s hosted on thatis making money with the method I’m going to show you if you type inscribble review into Google you can see this is a popular search term it comesup in the suggestions so if we enter that in scribble examine then guess whatjust under the ads the first three results of the boasted answer site revaluations by de fin honest scribble revaluation okay so if weopen this up this is just an example to show you that this stuff actually worksokay very basic site rank on sheet one it says on a scrubber critique is thisebook creator any good okay and then through here there is a very shortreview super short review and all of these ties-in find where it says it’scalled scribble so this is an affiliate link okay and this is another affiliatelink click here to check out scribble watch the full scribble review and demoso as you can see this website free web site I’m going to show you how to buildon actually ranks extremely well on Google scribble reviewhere it is ranked as number one as the peculiarity pursuit expression in general if I runa sought for all of the keywords that all the places one higher-ranking for that gives me a total of 11. 6 million keywords really on us Googlealone and here are all of the keyword terms and all of the URLs that it’sranking for so you can see that sites hosted on free websitescompletely 100% free websites are actually ranking really really well youcan see even here I imply this is crazy ninja cat okay 38,000 rummages and it’sranking as posture one so if we type in merely the kind of double check ninja capokay once again we can see that so someone created afree website there and it’s position so so well as number one for ninja catokay so back to our sample here is how you can create the website so just go and you will be able to create a brand-new website from here you canuse one of the prebuilt template websites we can use for example this onehere called projection and if you open that up this will bloat the template for youand everything now is drag and lowering you are eligible to literally exactly sounds and starttyping you are eligible to plainly read the help as well if you crave but for the projectname what I want to call it is in pick Co review because that’s going to be thekeyword term that we’re going to target and we want to make this websiteabsolutely targeted towards in pixi asses okay so let’s call it in select sayreview assignment epithet is going to be in pick CA review as well and now what wewant to give it this oneline description alright so now we’ve got theheading in bixie recall my understand pixel recollect is it worth it so now let’smove on to over here and once again I’m going to call this top part in PC reviewand then where it says a brief description of the projects mission thisis where you can actually write your reviews so make sure that your indentedto the left and we want to undo this italic and here you can type in theactual review of in illustration in your own words so I’ve just done a placeholderreview guys I’ve typed in a few sections here “youre seeing” the course thatI would start this is in this in picture review I will share with you the prosand cons of in illustration so you can make up your mind and whether you should getit or not because you’ll notice that I’ve used inpeeks everywhere now and I’ve also begins with in gremlin evaluation this willlet Google know that you are targeting this particular keyword and then yourpage is actually about index your review then I’m saying what is in pics hereit’s a photo editing tool that’s free to download and then I’ve just put in somelorem ipsum text kind of like placeholder okay but if you are unsurewhat to write then only read all of the other reviews of indexer that you findand rewrite it in your own words your target is about 1,000 to 2,000 texts foryour review and you will then need to insert your actualit joins into this article so that beings similar to this assure where it saysdownload in pics a photo editor you want to do the same thing you want to insertthose affiliate links into your text to get your affiliate link you will need togo to the affiliate platform whatever it is you are valid for the affiliate attach so forexample if it was on ShareASale you would need to get now and you wouldneed to grab your affiliate link I’m not an affiliate for in collect 0 so I can’tget the link now but I’ll give you an example if I for example I am anaffiliate for tailwind so if you are approved for something it will say likethis it will say get connects instead of joining programs so then you exactly needto click on get relates and grasp that affiliate join so I can only click onhere get it HTML code from either of them if you see something like thiswhere it starts with a href equals precisely grasp everything that is inside thequotation marks so a href equals quotation mark open quotation mark whyso you need to grab everything that is in between those quotation marks that’sthe actual tie and then you can clearly double check it make sure it’snot break-dance so you can paste it into a new key into a brand-new sheet okay so this isnow working fine which is great so now you want to highlight this in a rushdownload in large-scale surf or friend now and we want to insert link and we want toinsert that affiliate attach that were copied and glue it into now ok andthis is now our clickable I feel that link so you want to do the same thing afew times throughout the article and maybe close the article with acalltoaction to say so write something like these downloaded pics here for freenow and then perhaps make it slightly larger so let’s make it heading size andlet’s also make it clickable so highlight this insert the link and thenapply so this is once again has become a clickable tie-in you will then want toclean up the rest of this website so we won’t need any of this trash down hereat the bottom so time delete all of those sections so you can click heredelete and then deletes the whole ride delete that sounds deletes the wholeride I too suggested that here at the bottomsee where it says right now it says email address phone number you includelinks to your affiliate disclaimer to your privacy program and to your contactpage if you need a little bit of guidance on how those pageslook you can look at my dad’s hustle calm website at the bottom I’ve got alink to an affiliate renunciation and also you will see that at the top I’ve gotTerms of Service and Privacy Policy I’m not a advocate guys I can’t guarantee thatthis is legally compliant with your neighbourhood laws and legislations this is justpurely I’m sharing what I have done personally all right so now you’re readyto publish your place so once everything is good to go click this write buttonand it will say publish to the web web address so yes we want to keep that inpixi examine just like that with a smash so that Google understands that onceagain this is about in pixi revaluation this is gonna be your public look/ in pixi inspect which is awesome you don’t want yourcustom URL because you don’t want the domain you just want to use the domain now very important where it says pursuing adjusts requestpublic search engines to not expose my website do not take this one you want tomake sure that this is at the default setting because you want public searchengines like Google to access your locate and to start displaying it to thevisitors ok so right now we can click publish and that’s going to publish thesite and if we now preview our website we can see you/ inpiques your review/ home and all of these tie-ups that were published where itsays for example in a rush download in representation for free now this is going toredirect us via our affiliate link to download that in depict software wellof course now it makes us to tailwind because that’s the link that I insertedbut you get the idea so all of the links are now working and your website yourfree website is now out there on the internet and it’s ready to start gettingthe traffic from Google search and is again just to reiterate if you wonderingif if the websites that are hosted for free platform actually work and actually get the traffic well theproof is all here guys so you can see here is the proof websites andall of the sheets that are on that site are ranking for tens of millions ofsearch results okay right here you can see everything it actually worksabsolutely well and this is because I study Google throws a little bit ofpriority to provinces hosted on Google because they clearly are in it so theywant to get a little bit more traffic to their own domain so you can have a freewebsite on and you can get really really good traffic greattraffic in fact to your review pages and it’s not gonna cost you a penny I hopeyou enjoyed this video I come up with videos like these at least three times aweek so make sure to subscribe time below this video enable allnotifications so that you can get advised as soon as I upload my nextvideo thanks so much for watching my specify is greg kononenko i’ll see in thenext video

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