Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2021 | Complete Tutorial

Do you want to learn how you can start tomake money online with affiliate marketing, if that’s the case then keep watching, becausein this video, I will show you step by step, how you can create your own affiliate marketingbusiness. My name is Ferdy. And let me show you what we will cover in this tutorial. Inmodule one, I will talk about what affiliate marketing is how it works of Why think isone of the best and smartest ways to generate a passive stream of income. Then in moduletwo, we will do market research and I will teach you how you can find the best productyou can promote.When we know what we want to promote, we will start preparing ourselvesfor our affiliate marketing journey. In module three, we will create our affiliate marketingwebsite and I will save you time and effort by giving you a complete affiliate marketingwebsite for free so you can focus on creating content. In module four, we will do keywordresearch by taking a look at successful websites in our niche and use tools to find out thebest keywords to include in our blog posts. And then in module five, we will create ourfirst blog post and I will show you how to do it the right way. Even when you don’t consideryourself to be a skillful writer, I will show you the best tools to make your blog postamazing. module six is all about optimising your website, we will instal Google Analyticsand Google Search Console so we can see how our blog posts are doing. And we will userank math to optimise our posts and pages.So we will rank better in Google in moduleseven we will finish our websites I was ready to receive traffic any module eight we willmake use of a free version of ConvertKit. In order to collect subscribers through ourwebsite, I will show you how to give something away for free in exchange for an email address,or let people sign up for your newsletter. Of course, I will also explain why email marketingis a powerful way to increase your sales. Module nine is all about getting your firsttraffic to your website, we’re gonna use our social media platforms to promote our firstblog posts. And then the end of the tutorial we will talk about advertising, placing Sriwebsite creating YouTube videos analysing the visitors behaviour on your website usingpremium tools to get more commissions from your website. And besides all those modulesthroughout this video, I want to inspire you motivate you. So now that I will give youan example for how much money I made, or give you a nice quote and tell something aboutit. I want you to become successful with this.Having said that, let me be completely upfront.So you may be thinking, why are you putting these on the internet? What are the what’sthe catch? Well, let me be upfront. So there’s no catch anymore. The first reason is I wantto grow my audience, I want to have more subscribers, I want to grow my YouTube channel, I wantto become the best in teaching people how to make a website.So with everything I’velearned, I want to put it into this video, and really over deliver to you. The secondreason is there is a lot of trash on this topic on the internet. And I want this videoto be online in the darkness. So when you watch this video, you’re really like, wow,this is all valuable stuff instead of only telling you Oh, this is how much money I make,click on this button and you can buy something No, I really want to give you everything whenit’s literal. Because I don’t like it when people just give you a little bit of information,then hope that you sell everything they offer. That’s the second reason. The third reasonis I make money with this video how to advertising. And the other reason is through affiliatemarketing, I use links in this video affiliate links myself. So if you buy something throughthis link, I get a commission. So for instance, I promote ConvertKit. So if you want to buildan email list, I will show you in the tutorial, how you can do it that then, if you buy itthrough my unique affiliate link, I get a commission.So that’s it, there are no morecatches, this is why I do it. I hope I will help you to succeed. And again, keep in mind,this knowledge is really valuable, valuable, but it’s up to you if you become successfulat it, I teach some people one on one on how to start with affiliate marketing. One ofthe people, one of the guys makes more than $1,000 per day. It’s crazy. He put everythinginto practice. And now he’s making a lot of money and making a huge impact in his areawhere he teaches about, and only guy is making a few $100 per month. And there are also afew people that make $0. But I give I’ve given all the information that they still make nomoney with it. How does it work? Well, the knowledge I share with you, it works. Butit’s up to you to put it into practice. The name of the game is persistence, you needto continue to do what I teach you.I can teach you everything over here. But if youdo not put it into practice, nothing will happen. So I want to tell you that makingmoney with affiliate marketing is possible. But it is hard. It’s for the people that keepon doing what they’re doing. And that’s why I want to give you the first quote in thisvideo. One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtakenby temporary defeat. So when you start with affiliate marketing, you’re like okay, I’mgonna do with pretty SAS. Let’s try it out and you do it. You make no money in the firstmonth. Then you can see that as temporary defeat and you quit you feel Why, becauseyou do not persist, you do not keep on doing what I tell you to do. So if you don’t makemoney, the first month, continue to create new content. And that’s what I did in 2015.Before in 2007, I made a few dollars per month in 2012. I made like $100 per month.Thenin 2015, I was underpaid. I was overworking, I was getting married, I was frustrated, Iwas tired. I even have no energy to put into practice the opening dance, you know, if thewhen we started to dance at our party, my wife told me that’s practice. And I was like,I’m tired. Like, I cannot do this anymore. I was so frustrated with my life, that I waslike, okay, no way back. I’m going to do this. I’m going to help a lot of people puttingaffiliate links and then I become successful with affiliate marketing. Let me show youtwo links. The first one, I searched for 34 pursuit. No way back, back.There is, look at this.I wrote a blog post June 3 2015. Like, how I love making websites,and then I quit because it was too hard. And I got thrown into trouble. And I didn’t knowhow to fix it. Then I started again. Then in 2015. I was like how would it be if I sharemy knowledge about WordPress about making websites with the world. And then over here,no way back, I say so desperate for the this my current website comes into place,it must be platform where I share my ideas on how to make websites. As you see a 30 corporatorcomm I have affiliate links over here about expert secrets about the one funnel away challengeand about a WordPress tool called Elementor.When people click over here, there’s my affiliatelink. When people buy this, I get a commission. So right now it’s the sixth of September,if I go to my fillit Commission’s yesterday, there was one of $24 September 3 $75, in oneday, September 1, amongst $50. How by providing knowledge, how to talk about it in one ofthe modules, I don’t want to talk about it already. But I decided I’m gonna do this,even when nobody will watch my videos, look at this, through tutorials, videos, and blogposts, share my knowledge with the world.And I will work on it remotely until it becomesa success. So even if I would have no success would continue. And that’s what happened Istarted promoting a WordPress theme. So if I go to theme forest, and I go to my settings,earnings, and I go to 2021 or even better referrals all time. And then look at this.In 2015, I made $2,000 So if I go to 2015, I started creating something about WordPress,in June transfers in I had one sale, so $20 In my first month, not that my second month$20. But then the third month, more people started clicking on my affiliate links morepeople started buying $200 a month, month after death 340 440 460 590 In every month,it’s not edit now it’s every month, this month, I got $460 the month, month after that I got$590 It started growing why? Because I did my best to create new content and try to overdeliver every time and I decided for myself to become successful with it.So we need tohave persistence, we need to be willing to put in all the hard work over deliver withoutseeing any result. Let me illustrate it through the next illustration. With a normal job,your income will probably grow every year a little bit. It can help you to pay the billsand have this stable it is safe. But what affiliate marketing you have to put a lotof time and effort in it before you start to see the result. The way you start to getsales and make money growth can become exponential as you see in the curve. So the longer youwork on it, the more money you’re going to make. But let’s not get carried away. My firstgoal for you is to get your first sale of all the sales you’re going to make. Do youknow which one is the hardest? The first one, the first sale is the hardest one I got myfirst sale.The next month I got my second sale. The third month I got my 20 next sales.The first one is the hardest. And then more people will come more people will buy andwhen you keep on continue to create new content, it will grow exponentially or it can growI cannot guarantee guarantee you anything. But when you do what I show you in a persevere.You keep on doing this. You can become really successful as a start to do this for a living.And I can tell you, it is amazing. I have been a father of two kids since 29 days Ihad a break of 28 days. This is my first day of work again. And the last 28 days I stillneed money enough to take care of everybody to save money. Why? Because all the contentI created through two years with affiliate marketing. So enough about persistence.Let’stalk about the second quote I have for you, all achievements must begin with an intense,burning desire for something definite. I wanted to have a better income, because I was overworkingand getting on their fate that drove me. I was like, I want to make money. I have a lotof knowledge. I want to help people. How can I combine those and make money. That’s whatI found in affiliate marketing. That’s what I started putting into practice. I persistedeven though I did not see all the sales coming in. And then month after month, it grew andit grew. So you need to be persistent, and you need to have the desire to make this work.If you’re like, gonna try this. Let’s see, well, then you can get temporary defeat it’shard words from it’s a temporary. But if you persist, if you continue to dothis, it will become a success, I will give you the knowledge, it’s up to you to put itinto practice.One more practical thing, if you want to go to certain part in this tutorial,you can do that by going to the description, clicking on one of the timestamps and whenyou do that, you go directly to that part of the video. If I go too fast for you, youcan slow down to speed of the tutorial by clicking here, and slowing down to speed orwith the left arrow and keywords, you can go back five seconds in the video. Havingsaid that, we can get started if you like are just things to find out please like thisvideo, feel free to subscribe for more upcoming videos.Now, let’s get started. What is affiliatemarketing? Affiliate marketing is a process of earning money every time you promote someoneelse’s product or service and drive a sale. Let me repeat it. Affiliate marketing is aprocess of earning money every time you promote someone else’s product or service, and drivea sale is no problem. If you do not get it at this moment, I will show it through a fewdifferent illustrations, I will make sure you will understand what affiliate marketingis and how it works.Let me illustrate it to you imagine there’s a WordPress expert.And he makes a beautiful or press corps where people can learn from scratch, how to createa WordPress website, the course cost $100. So when people buy the course they pay $100.And at the same time they give the login details to that course. So the course maker is happybecause he’s just earned $100. And the buyers happy because he got access to the WordPresscourse. But since the WordPress course is digital, everything is profits. You don’thave to pick something or send it to an address. No, it’s all digital. So the course makercan sell the course, unlimited times. So if he earns $100 per buyer, he gets profit. Butwhen he earns $60, per buyer, he also has profit $60. And this is where you go intothe picture.What can he do now he can get affiliate marketers to promote his scoresfor him in exchange for a commission. So when somebody buys his WordPress course throughan affiliate link, the buyer still pays $100. But instead of $100, going directly to thecourse owner $40 goes to the affiliate $60 goes to the course owner, and the course goesto the buyer. So the course owner makes less profit 60 instead of 100. But the great thingis now that tonnes of people can promote his course. So he will get more sales. So he willhave more sales, he will share the commission with his affiliate marketers, and the visitorsstill get his course. So what would you rather have selling your own math course by yourselfand getting one sale per day of $100 or having a whole team promote your course and gettingfive sales per day and getting $60 per sale, if you promote your course by yourself andget one sale, you get $100. But if you have five sales through affiliates per day, you’re$60 per sale, which is $300 per day.So the course maker gets $60, the affiliate 40. Andthe buyer gets his course. So it’s a win, win win situation, everybody’s happy. Andthe great thing about affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s products,you are not a helpdesk, you have no obligations, in a lot of cases, you don’t even know whothe buyer is. So after you make your sale and get your commission, your job is done.And that is an amazing way to make money on the internet these days.Everyday people onthe internet want to learn things and buy new things. Your job is to become the mediator,the affiliates between the buyer and the product so you can get your commission and how canyou do that, but I’ll talk about it in depth in this tutorial. So how does it work? Youcan go to any product or service online, find out if they have an affiliate programme. Whenyou have one you can apply to become an affiliate. When your affiliate accounts activate, youget a unique affiliate link. Why? Because in that way the company knows where the visitorscome from.So if somebody clicks on your unique affiliate link, and they buy the product orservice you promote the product knows that the sale comes from you and that the commissionshould go to you it’s all on autopilot. So why affiliate marketing Why do I thinkthat affiliate marketing is the best legal way to make money on the internet these days?Let me show you. First of all, there are less starting costs. You can start for free onYouTube on Tik Tok on Instagram, create content about certain subjects and then place youraffiliate links in the description of your profile. When you start a website with yourown domain name with your own unique email address, you can do this for less than $100in your first year. So there are less starting costs, which I really like about affiliatemarketing. The second one, there’s less risk, if everything was filled in my first yearof an affiliate marketer having a website, then I invested money in a website, I investedtime, that’s everything I lose in the time, I think the time is not lost, because I learnedsome things, I did something new, I had fun.So you lose a little bit of money, but there’sless risk. If I want to become a photographer, I think I’m gonna do amazing photography,things, I buy soft boxes and cameras, and I rent them $1,000 from a friend saying, Hey,I’m gonna be a successful photographer and everything fails, I lost them $1,000, of course,I can sell everything back. But I will not make a get $10,000 for it. So the risk isbigger. The third one, I really like it, there’s no waiting time for products to arrive. AndI’m talking about digital products with affiliate marketing, you can promote digital productsas what I prefer, I will talk about it later.And when you sell something, when somebodybuys something through your unique affiliate link, they get the product, immediately, there’sno waiting time, it doesn’t have to be sent to the address, it’s there, right away, andwith drop shipping. And with buying things from China, and then selling them, it alltakes more time. And we are getting a running out of stock. And there was a problem in China,or the delivery, you can get angry clients. And with affiliate marketing, when you promotedigital products. Everything is there at once and says we promote digital products, thereare high commissions, some people pay 60%. So when you sell something for $100 throughyour affiliate link, you get $60. And then there’s even a company that gives you 100%of the sale. So they promote something for $100. When people buy it, you get $100. Whydo they do that? Well, in the process of buying the upsells and stuff, so they make more moneythan $100. But when they buy the first thing for $100, you get the whole commission. Sothey’re high commissions with affiliate marketing. The fifth one I really like if you stoppedworking for a few weeks, for instance, when you get your second child, which I had 28days ago or not 29 days ago, I did not work for four weeks, and the money still came runningin my websites do not stop working.If I stopped working websites do not stop working. Butif I stopped for two years, of course, then the sales will go down because you need torefresh your content, of course. So that’s really like what I really like if I quit workingfor Well, everything continues. Number six, no product creation, you don’t have to createsomething before you start to sell it just promote someone else’s product.And when youpromote someone else’s product, there is no support. Oh, and I love this so much. No support.When people buy things through my affiliate links. They can ask questions. And of courseI want to help my audience. And I try to answer everything. But if I really don’t know theanswer, I can say, hey, you bought this at this website. Since you bought it you havepremium support, you can ask this question, copy and paste it. Ask you to them and theycan help you. You’re not obligated to do anything. Sometimes I don’t even know who bought myI bought products to my feelings. I don’t see emails, I only see that I made a sale.So when I have my own product, I sell my own course. And people have questions and I takea break that I still need to answer.We are in the field of marketer, you don’t have that.That’s what I really like about affiliate marketing. The Seventh One, you can do thisanonymously on anonymous, anonymous, anonymous. You don’t have to show your face. You caneven hide your name, you can take on a different name like like a username, or how do you saythat you can have your own. Like when you play FIFA against other people on the internet,you never see that you play against George OISI George 9097, aka freestyler you can useyour own name. I know a friend from the Netherlands as a kind of Mr. X kind of name on his blog,because he shares really valuable and transparent information.So he doesn’t want to link itto himself. So nobody has to know that he is the person because if people find out,they can go to his house, ask questions they can call him. So that’s a great way you canstay anonymous on the internet when you do affiliate marketing. This one is really cliche.Number eight, you only need a laptop, computer and internet. A friend friends of mine livein Bali, they don’t have a girlfriend, they travel all over the world. They do what theywant to do, and they just open up their laptop, work on our websites create new content, andthat’s what they do and they make a lot of money with it. I am stuck here in the Netherlandsbecause I have a family and I’m totally okay with that. Of course down then I want to goon vacation. It’s been almost two years already.But in January, we go on vacation again. Butthat’s great. You only need a laptop, and internet. If I go on vacation for a long time,I can take my laptop with me, write a few blog posts, do a few things. When everybody’sasleep, work on it a little bit, is still built my business while not being at home.So you can do this from anywhere in the world realise the nine one, it is fun. It is fun.When I had my first sale, I was so happy when I had had two sales in one day.Man, I was so happy. And when I had my first$1,000 In one month, I was like, come on, I think I even cried in a certain on a certainpoint like, Wow, thank you. This is so amazing. It is fun. And the whole process of growingyour YouTube channel, creating better content, improving yourself, see how you can do thingsbetter, I think is one of the funnest things you can do. When I was younger, I dreameddreamt about making money. And then I wake woke up and I was like, Oh, this was justa dream, I had so much money, my dream. And that was real. I wake up and I really mademoney while I was asleep. And I think it’s fun. So that’s nine point in the latest one.I’ve been to a lot of places in the world to Bangalore, Wagga new group that’s in theBurkina Faso, I’ve been to a lot of places where people don’t have a lot of money, don’tget me wrong, they’re happy.They they are used to living with less money. So I don’tI don’t want to offend people by saying this. But with $100 in the month, people, all inall, a lot of places in the world can make a difference for the whole family $100 permonth, because the costs are lower in those countries. So when people from India or Africaor poor places in the world, again, I don’t want to offend people by saying that.Youcan make a difference. When you start to do affiliate marketing. I know a friend alsostarted doing affiliate marketing from India, he’s making a lot of money. And he’s doingso many great things with the money in this neighbourhood, providing food providing things.So that’s a great way for a lot of people in different places in the world. If you canmake $100 per month, it can make a big difference in your life and in the life of your wholefamily. That’s what I love. Affiliate marketing is a way for people to break out a currentsituation, become a provider for the whole family. That’s what I love about the fieldmarketing. So how can you promote things on the internet?Imagine you have your affiliate link, you are ready to promote it. How can you do that?Well, there are a lot of different ways I will focus on three, because I think thoseare the three best ones. But you can do it through Instagram, you can create an Instagramaccount, start posting things about a certain subject.And then in your description, youcan place an affiliate link. And when you place a lot of beautiful content that peopleare thinking think that people think are valuable, they can start to follow you, the more peoplethat follow you, the bigger your audience becomes more people will follow you becauseof the the algorithm. And then when people click on your link, and a certain amount ofpercentage buys it, you start to make money the same you can do with tick tock with Twitter,with Facebook. But I think the best ones are making a website. By the way, whatever youdo, if you start to do Instagram only, you need a website, you need a website becausefor a lot of affiliate programmes, when you want to sign up, you need to have your website.So create a website and then enter the website. Please your Instagram feed so they can seehow well you’re doing. So you need to have a website no matter what you do. If you doTwitter, whatever you need to have a website, then I suggest YouTube YouTube is a greatway.That’s what I’m doing right now to show information. Of course, there’s pros and consbecause now I need to show my face. And talking like this is harder than making a blog post.But YouTube is a great way explaining things I will talk about what kind of videos or blogposts you can make. And the third one, which I really like which is in my in my opinion,one of the best is email marketing. And I know email marketing, a lot of people havea negative association. So association with it because oftentimes people spam you withby this a lot of fake stories, or out of my medic pilot to just sell your things but Iwill show you an honest a great way to make a lot of money I made $5,000 In three days.And I will show you step by step in the store how I did that.So for we will focus on awebsite creating a website and creating blog posts available information and then placingour affiliate links in the store. But I also have a module in this video about email marketingand a module about YouTube. Yes, so those are the ways on how to promote your productsand the best on a website, YouTube, and email, why do I think that’s about when it comesto videos and blog posts, you have to deal with search engines. YouTube is a search engine.Google is a search engine. So people are searching for a solution, people are searching for thething you offer. And then when they search for that, and they find your video or theyfind your blog post, they’re already interested with other platforms, it’s not always thecase. And why email marketing? Well, I will show you how he can give something away forfree around the subject to promote. Then when there’s a certain do discount coupon for afew days, you can send an email to your whole email list.And when you send it to 50,000people and 1% buys it like 500 people, and you will make $20 commission per sale. Thatmeans you will make $10,000 At once it’s theory for me is it’s how it works. And that’s whatI like about those three, Google and YouTube are search engines. And with email marketing,you can make a lot of money at once and at the same time help a lot of people at once.So before we get started, we’re almost getting started I cannot understand you want to startlike why are talking so much about mindset is an important thing. So I want to give youfive tips in order to become successful with affiliate marketing. So here to come the firstone do not focus on making money with affiliate marketing when you want to start to make moneywith affiliate marketing. What? Yes, focus on helping other people. When you create avideo when you write a blog post when you start an Instagram accounts, focus on howyou can help other people value first, the rest will follow Yes, we will start to makemoney when you start to focus on helping others.So think about how you can help other peopleinstead of how can I make money and I will put my affiliate link everywhere in the hopeI can make money no focus on delivering value. That’s the first one. The second one be outstandingin everything you do. If it is Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, creating blog posts, beout standing, let the quality of what you offer what you write what you capture, letit be out standing, I do my best with the studio with the background with the audiowith the screen recorder with the animations. I want this to be outstanding. I want youto think whoa, this is good stuff.So do that in everything you do. Don’t create an Instagramchannel. Okay, I’m gonna create an Instagram channel with quotes from Jim Rohn other amazingpeople and just do a quote. And that’s it. No, no, no, no, no. Do more than that. Butthat’s actually the third point. I was getting you know, the oils always befunny videos. Whatever. I did my best to make it a little bit entertaining. I hope it works.So the third one, the second one be outstanding. So have high quality in everything you do.Yes. The third one over deliver. When create a blog post. You can create a basic blog postabout a certain subject. Yeah, this is a good tool. You can use it, you can do this, youcan do that.But what if you go the extra mile. And you can make a comparison with othertool that is similar? Or dive a little bit deeper? When I create blog posts, I alwaysthink what can I do to make this better? What other question Could the reader half thatI can answer and then I start sort of investigating and write more about it over deliver everyblog post every all the content you create is a chance for somebody to be your followeror to buy the thing you promote. So over deliver, that’s really important. And the fourth oneI already talked about. It’s all not dive deep into this.Persevere. Keep on doing whatyou’re doing. Even when you do not see the results. Keep on persevering. Yes, the fifthone. Also really important. Keep on improving, keep on becoming better. I have this YouTubechannel for six years already. And I’m like come on, I need to step up my game. I needto learn more about making websites. So I I teach about making websites. I want to learnmore about that subject become better at it, try different tools. Otherwise I will getbehind and I don’t want to so keep on improving whatever you do, whatever you promote, keepon investing in it keep on reading news about it. What are the new updates what are thenew tools are similar tools you can update always improve on the area that you want topromote? Yes, so the five things focus on helping other people instead of making money.The second one be outstanding have high quality in everything you create, over deliver gothe extra mile, give them the id like whoa, this content is really amazing.Persevere,keep on doing what you’re doing even if you do not succeed yet. And the fifth one keepon improving keep on becoming better and better in what you do. If you take a look at my YouTubechannel, my first video it was okay. But it’s so much worse than what I’m Right now I tryto do new things, show my face a little bit more explaining things. And the more I doit, the better I become at it. So keep on improving, persevering over delivering beoutstanding and focus on helping other people. I will answer one more question. And thenwe’re finally getting started. So one more question to answer. Some people may have thatquestion. Is affiliate marketing bad? Is it? It’s not illegal? Let’s start with that. It’stotally legal. It’s not bad. It’s a good thing. I went to Aruba, and I want to go jet skiing.So I went to some people on the beach, and I said, Hey, I want to go jet skiing, theysay, okay, it’ll cost you $60.I said, $60. Let’s do it. I gave him $60. Then he calledsomeone said, Hey, I need a jetski Then somebody came to me with a boat. And I sold that personthat I paid $60 paid at the other person. $40. So the real costs of the jetski of jetskiing were $40. I paid him 60. By the way, maybe it was that I paid a fine guy $40. Andhe paid $20 I’m not sure anymore, but I paid more money. And then that person made surehe called someone that I could go jet skiing, and he got 40. So the person that did thecalling, late $20. That’s actually affiliate marketing isn’t bad. No, for me, it was worth$60 or $40, whatever it was, for me, it was worth the price. So when you promote something,and people pay $100 for that, and you get $40, it’s totally fine. It’s people pay forit, because they think it’s worth the money. And if people think it’s worth $100, and theybuy it, you get a commission because you help them through blog posts, a true comparisonblog posts through video through an Instagram post, you help them to make the right choiceto buy it or you convince them to buy it, well, then you earn that money.So affiliatemarketing is not bad affiliate marketing is good. Okay, so let’s find a nice product topromote or more products to promote. In this module, we’re gonna find productsor services to promote in this module, I want to open your eyes to the world of affiliatemarketing. Because there are so many affiliate marketing programmes in the world, and byhelping other people, you can make a lot of money on autopilot while you’re asleep. Thatis, what I love about affiliate marketing. That’s why I’m passionate about it. And that’swhy I hope you’ll succeed. But it’s because it is amazing. So there are two types of websiteswe can make. We can make a website that is completely focused on promoting one product.So all the blog posts all the information, it is all to have one goal to promote oneproduct. So let me show you an example.If you search for low carb diets, what peoplecan do, they can create a website with a lot of blog posts about me see, let me see everydayhealth. They can write a lot of blog posts about low carb diet, hey, how do you dealwith this? How do you deal with sucrose sugar, how to finally lose weight if it did not workthrough all those methods, and they write blog posts you over deliver, you put thosefive tips into practice. And then you have one goal to direct them to an affiliate linkof yours where people can buy a course about low carb diet. So that’s one kind of website,all the blog posts, all the information has one goal to direct people to another one courseyou promote.So you promote only one course. Then as the other website, look at this, thatis promoting a lot of different products and services around one niche, but 30 What isa niche? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let me show you this overview. There are three mainmarkets, everything you buy almost everything you buy, then be fit in one of those threemarkets. Those three markets are health, wealth, relationships.If you start a website aboutwealth, man, you aim for everybody that wants to become rich. And because of that, you willmiss everybody. It does not work to create a website that shows everything about wealth.So you need to have a supermarket. A sub market of wealth is marketing or investing passiveincome cryptocurrency. A sub market of health is for instance weight loss, lifestyle, fitness,diet and the sub market of relationships and be religion, dating, marriage and parenting.But those sub markets are still too big. So you need to have a third level. So besidesthe markets, sub markets, you need to have a third level on that is your niche. So whenI talk about a niche website, I talk about a smaller more defined sector of an overallsub markets. So phrase Since if I take a look at fitness, I can create a niche fitness withouta gym how to become strong without using any equipment, or how to get a killer body in30 days. So you need to have a niche. And in that niche, you can create content. Andthere is segmenting your content to a specific group of people that are interested.Whenit comes to wealth. Let’s take a look at passive income. Okay, you can have passive incomewith YouTube that is different than passive income through real estate. Or you can talkabout affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing through blogging or affiliate marketing throughtick tock, there is a niche or selling courses through tick tock, those are niches so younarrow down the markets and sub markets. And that is where your niche will come in.Andif you do that, you can focus specifically on the people that are interested in thatniche instead of trying to reach the whole world and missing everybody. So you need aniche website. Let’s take a look at relationships. If I talk about marriage, you can have a websiteabout marriage but how about a website about marriage counselling so specific for peoplethat want to get more out of their marriage or ignite the fire again how to return toyour first love in your marriage or you can focus on honeymoons people that are gettingmarried man, that’s that’s a beautiful niche, referring them to beautiful vacations andthen you can get commissions when they book a vacation through your link.Or how aboutgetting married. Referring to the right photographer, right videographer, a writer wedding planner.So that’s what we need, we have the three markets, then we have sub markets. And thenwe need to have a sub market of the sub market. And that’s called a niche. And when I takea look at my sub market of my YouTube channel, so now my websites but my YouTube channel,it is for beginners to learn how to make a website.So actually, it’s not about affiliatemarketing I’m planning on create a separate website for that. So the more you narrow downyour niche, the more specific you can become, and the more people you will reach and theless competition there is. Look at this if I search on the internet for best webinartools that are few ATS 21 Best webinar softwareof 2021 tools ranked and reviewed. Adam and Froy Adam and Adam and Froy Adam and AdamN Froy. I don’t know. So really smart is Adam and Froy. He shows let it that nothing isserious. He has a lot of readers. He is a backpacker. So he’s like adventurous. Andthe first impression is, hey, it’s a good dude.Then there’s the title, we’re gonnatalk about this, this guy is doing exactly what we’re going to teach 21 Best a webinarsolver of today’s webinar. So he’s not promoting one too, on his website, one product, he’sis having a website about a niche. In this case, it’s probably about blogging. So he’sfocused on blogging, 21 best webinar software tools of students 21. So if I scroll downa nice image, we’re gonna talk about how to create nice thumbnails, updated July the 13thto 21. Okay, and he starts talking. And there’s a link over here. And we click over here,you go to a different blog post, that’s called internal linking. And I want to close thewebsite. And he comes with this error like, Hey, my name is Adam. I like it. And thenof course, here I can leave my name and my email address. This is all what we’re gonnado, how he knows what he’s doing.So this was an internal link. So he links within thiswebsite to a different blog posts. And that’s why it is important to have more blog posts.So I go back, and I scroll down and then okay, here’s a video you see videos really importantthese days. What’s the best webinar software so I can go to Webinar Jam. And he is reallyover delivering he has doing the five steps I talked about before. So the key features,the pricing, and then if we want to buy this, we can try it over here. We click over here,look at this, look at this. Affiliate affiliates W an affiliate as his affiliate link name,probably. So when I start a free trial, and I buy this differently, he makes money andthat’s the whole idea of affiliate marketing, all those tools, he becomes an affiliate forall those products. So again, key features price packaging, try every webinar 60 dayfree trial for $1. So he’s writing, he’s over delivering, and when people buy this, he makesmoney.That’s what I prefer to have a website that is is about a certain niche. And thenin that website, we have multiple affiliate links. I do not put all my eggs in one basketso I don’t have one product I promote throughout my entire website. Now I want to have multipleprogrammes and I want to then I want to promote so talking about products to promote thereare two kinds of products you can promote their physical products and their digitalproducts slash services.With physical products, the revenue is not that much the Commission’sare not that much. So if I go to Amazon affiliate commission rates look at this, for luxurybeauty luxury store beauty and Amazon explore products, you get 10% of commission. So whensomebody buys something that falls under this category for $500, and they bought it throughyour affiliate link, you get 10%, you get $50, which is really nice. But look at this,if somebody buys a toy for $100 through your link, you put a lot of effort in your website,it bye bye to the toy to your link, you just get $3 That is not nice. How about this one?Let’s go to digital products. One funnel away, affiliate. Okay, I cannot find it. But lookat this. If you become a one funnel away, affiliate people pay $100.So people buy this,I pay $100, he gets my 100 dogs, and then the people from one fun away to try to upsellme. So they can still make money off me. And they want me to use their software. So thisis a digital product to promote. And you get 100% of the sale. So that’s why I prefer topromote digital products. And if I take a look at the FM webinar, not sorry, at thewebinar, software tools, all those over here are all digital.And that’s why the affiliatesare so great. So if I go to get response, and I click over here, I go to get responsefrom nm fraud. So the C philic. But if I scroll down, I say Command F affiliate affiliateprogrammes, look at this, I can sign up for free. How much do I do we make. So there aretwo programmes to choose from. So if somebody buys this, you can have recurring 33% Forevery sale. So when I go to pricing, and I buy this at get response, for instance, Ihave 50,000 people in my list. And if I decide to go with this one, I pay $329 per monththat is $100 per month for the person who refers me. And that’s the great thing aboutdigital products and services. This is a service, you can make more money with it. And you canhave recurring money, because everything is digital. It’s not like there is a limitedamount of places over here and get response because it’s digital.That’s what I love aboutdigital. This video that I’m uploading is digital I can it can be watched on limitedtimes. It’s not that YouTube says okay, this is enough. We’re out of I don’t know. Nowit’s unlimited. So I prefer to promote digital products. Let me close everything. So that’swhat I want to tell about the two kinds of products are the two kind of websites youcan promote. Referring to one product or referring to multiple products, having a niche website,and we’re going to use a niche website. The second thing is I rather promote digital productsor services than physical products, because of the Commission’s are very high with digitalproducts. So ladies, gentlemen, it is time for you to get an ID for your niche. Whatdo you want to promote? I cannot help you. Yes, I can help you. But I cannot do it foryou. You need to come up with your own ID Well, let me talk about two quotes. Here.The first one IDs are the beginning point of all fortunes.That’s good. The second partIDs are the products of your imagination. How is your imagination doing? Please don’ttell me in the comments. I don’t want to know you know what I mean? What do you do withyour imagination? What do you imagine in your life? Let it be something positive. If youYeah, if you don’t use your imagination, or you use it the wrong way. It will drag youdown in life. But you can also use your imagination for good things. For instance, imagine yourselfhaving more free time living where you want to live, doing what you want to do. Havingenough money, if you imagine that that will help you and somehow from your imagination,your ideas come so some people use their imagination the wrong way or they don’t use it at all.But if you use your imagination, it becomes better. So let me talk about the second quote.Your imaginative faculty may have become weak true in action.It can be revived and mayalert through use. What if you don’t use your imagination? It’ll become dull. If you useyour imagination, it becomes more alive. And what I said before IDs come from your imagination.I don’t want to get an email right now I’m recording tomorrow. It’s not even a funnymeal, it’s not even a sale. So you can imagine, like crazy. So you can go to the internet,and start watching what you can promote. So what I will do, I will go in the internet’s I will just recorda sport. And this is how I would find a new product.So I’m here at Google. First of all,what have you encountered in your life that got you stuck, that can help you to find aniche, I have this clause in there from IKEA. And it’s called the Ivan Ivan from IKEA. AndI wasn’t sure how to put it all together, even though it’s really simple closet, whatevera different classes I have, and I was getting stuck, or I do something and then three stepslater, I found out that I need to turn something around, and then to lose everything.Again.It’s just stupid. They get they get, they give you a manual. And it’s, I don’t likeit, it gives you images, and then I miss some things. So I was like, Hey, this is a problemfor me. If it’s a problem for me, it’s a problem for more people. Maybe I can make videos onhow to put clauses together, using the IKEA manual, then I practice it. And when I finallymanage, how to put together a closet, I can make a video about it, put it on YouTube,or I can make clear instructions. And then everywhere I get stuck, I say in my tutorialor in my blog post, hey, keep in mind that you put emphasise on this area. If you don’tdo this the right way.Then three seconds later, your whole classes will fall fall apartbecause you did not do it the right way. Okay, long story. My point is I had a problem withclauses and that gave me the ID Hey, can I make videos or can I make blog posts on howto put it together properly. For this one, the videos will be better because we alreadyhave the manual. The manual is kind of a blog post so I could make videos or I could hirea car carpenter that’s put everything together. Watch on the internet. Most most popu larlar can also learn how to write maybe this was moving most popular IKEA closets does.You need to start with the most popular ones. This one for instance. But I don’t know thetop 10 most popular organising products you can buy at IKEA.So I can watch those. AndI can buy those Yes, it’s a big investment. And then put them together $60 And just makea video on a billy bookcase. So I searched on Google IKEA Billy bookcase tutorial a yearago put together 66,000 views also with views you can make money and also with advertisementson your website. And then if you your niche is really simple, IKEA plazas tutorials, youhave your niche, you can create a lot of videos about it. And you can start to make money,not per se with affiliate marketing. But with Well, I’m thinking, I’m like, Oh man, I’mwasting your time with so much talk.So let’s let’s go to laser focus. I hope you get theidea that from a problem in your life, you can create something that’s really beautiful.My problem in my life was websites, I hated making websites because I was getting stuck.Then the web hosting provider was not working with me. Or I had to do things that were differentversions. And oh, I had so much hate towards making websites. And then I found a tool.That was amazing, the Enfold theme.And I started making a website with it. And thatgave me the ID to make tutorials about it to make blog posts about it to teach otherpeople how to do it. So problems in your life can become your best help to become successful.I had a terrible breakup in 2005 It was terrible. Oh man, it was so hard andI was so sad and four months I was not happy. What I can do I can write blog posts aboutit and I did really long it was in 2007 I wrote was writing about it like crazy. I thinkI use Joomla from 2011. I started using WordPress I wrote about us Thanks. And I help otherpeople with it. Because they went all also into a breakup. So the thing she the problemsyou encounter in your life and become your biggest blessings, it’s not always the case,but it can be the case.So what else, I have an ID, I have a YouTube channel, about makingwebsites. But I feel like I’m limited. So what I want to do, I want to create a websitefocused on tools that can help people to make money. That’s a beautiful niche, it’s aboutthe wealth, then there’s a sub market, I think, marketing, and then there’s the niche, bestmarketing tools, best tools to make money, that can be my niche. So what I can do, Ilook at this best tools to make money or another little, like a little bit similar. How tomake money, how to grow your passive income stream, how to make money passive. So I cantalk about the best software to create a course how to use Udemy. How to use think if therewas gold, what well get this your Udemy. There’s also teachable, teach bow, I can, I can compareUdemy and teachable.They’re both platforms where you can upload your online courses.So I can create content about all those subjects, and then I can grow my audience. And the greatthing is because I have a niche, I really focus on a certain specific group of people,when I teach about Udemy, versus teachable, and I also have a blog post about plants,the best plants to buy. It’s a matching, I will lose people because of their blog poststhat maybe they follow me, they subscribe to my blog, and then they see the blog postsabout plants.And they’re like, I have nothing to do with plants. So when you have a niche,you can you can focus on a specific group of people. And that can help you to grow reallyfast. So my niche could be how to make money. And that’s a really big niche. But I couldfocus on the best tools on how to make money, and then I narrow it down. And then I canattract a lot of highly targeted people, because I will check people that are interested inmaking money online through different ways. So what else can I do? Just Google, I feela little bit of pressure because I knew this kind of life, what I suggest you do and Iwill not do this in the recording, spend the big amount of time to find out what you wantto browse if you want to make a lot of money. And if you want to enjoy the process, youbetter find something good that you like that you support that has nice commissions.Soit’s okay if you take your time to find something and the more you search, the more serve onthe internet, the bigger the chances is you will find a niche that you’re really goingto like and that will help you to become successful at it. So this is how you can start on Googlebest products to promote or affiliate marketing. That’s also how you can get ideas, financialproducts, dating products, top seven affiliate marketing software’s and 20 Bula blog Okay,okay, okay, I’m not blah, blah, blah. Financial Products again, dating products, real estate.Right? Oh, maybe like travelling, I will set the ID if I was single. I’m not I have toget sniped. I’m married really happily. But I would go all over the world, go to the mostbeautiful places, recorded write blog posts about it, give give reviews, compare placesto each other, what’s better Bali or Cape Town, and then write about it. And then putaffiliate links to travel agencies and all that stuff.And Google Adsense we shouldn’teven talk about Google Adsense but we google adsense, you can make a lot of money. gamingproducts, maybe we’re into gaming, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, do you like to probably do promote,for instance, I can promote a casino I have a really nice way I’m promoting. I’m promoting.I think I could make a lot of money. But I don’t want people to get addicted to gamblingbecause I promoted it. I really don’t want that. So do you like the product is reallyimportant? Do we have passion about the product? I’ve passion for websites for finding thebest tools? Second question, do you really promote something that’s good for the buyer?If you promote some things on your website and they’re just not good? A lot of clickbankproducts in my opinion.You will lose your audience you will lose your trustworthiness.Make sure that the things you promote really benefit people. If you refer to a vacation,and they go to a beautiful place in the world. and they have the time of their lives, theydo so doing something amazing and you get a cut of it. So we’re making a lot of moneywith it. But keep in mind that what you promote, is really beneficial for the buyer. Of course,how are the Commission’s so if you sell a lot of things on Amazon and you only get 3%of the sale, and you’re making, you’re putting so much effort in your website, and you’remaking $100 with it in a month, you could consider promoting different things. So tocommission are people searching for it? Also important question, are people searching forgaming products? Well, I think there are gaming, something is getting more and more popular.So it’s a good niche to get into, or create a niche from it.Fashion products, all thoseInstagram people, like, Hey, I like this, look at this, you can buy it. That’s reallynice, niche gardening products. Well, my first reaction is Lou. So I should not promote this,even though I could make a lot of money with it, because I don’t have passion for it. Sothat’s what you can do. Just go to the internet. And the more you do this, the more ideas youwill get. And all of a sudden you think yes, this is it. So as I said before, use yourimagination about website, just fantasise about having great websites, and all of asudden, the right idea will pop into your mind.And otherwise, just find a blog postfive best place to find great affiliate products to promote Amazon. Clickbank, Rakuten, ShareASale.All No, no, no, no. But you also can do, you can go to And I need to sign in.And when you sign in, you really need a website because they want to check your website. SoI will show you of course in the store, how to make a website and also how to make a websitethat already looks finished. Of course, you need to adjust a few things. But if I justclick on brands, so I click over here, find brands. Look at this. There’s a whole libraryof things I can promote. So you can think look over here. Do you have passion for artor entertainment? Maybe I have a new kid, I can write a blog post about being a fatherthat’s working at home, how to deal with kids how to deal with, I can write about anything.There’s so many people in the world are a lot of times people that deal with the samethings you deal with.So baby, baby gets in home, baby essentials, education, how to dealwith kids. So you can write a blog post about how to make your kids go to sleep, what todo when she has or she has been in their stomach? Or what do when she keeps on crying. Well,have you tried this, if you tried this, if the people that are tired and having a cry,maybe go to the internet, that’s always the case. My wife, I removed Google from our phonebecause she was googling all the time. And then I said, let’s remove it. Let’s not doit. And a day later, she asked me to put it back on, because she was searching for thingsthe whole time. And then if you have a lot of available blog posts, you can start topromote things over here. Okay, do you want to know more about how to raise the baby theright way. There are so many programmes and again, if the programme is good, you needto stand by a programme. You can also go for toys, maybe there are real life stories thathelp people or babies to go to sleep.So you can take a look at that. And I’m only talkingabout baby stuff. So if I go back, how about education? This one? Oh man, education isone of the best ones in my opinion. I can go for learning. will update teachableagain, you can you can make blog posts about anything, how to use HTML, how to use CSS,how to work with word how to create a transition in PowerPoint and if you write a blog postabout it, you can refer them to a course and when they buy the whole course about PowerPointor HTML, you get paid and you can do it on teachable and when people do that when theybuy a plan within 30 days. You get 30% when they buy a recurring plan, so let’s go toteachable I like I’m starting to get into flow man.I go to pricing alimta productsor students or plans. So if I want to pay for a year, and it’s billed per month, soI select a plan, I get access to a lot of beautiful knowledge. So I pay 1188. So calculatortimes zero point 30 See, that’s it 30% I get three of its $56 When people go for a year.So what I can I can create a website about becoming a better version of yourself becominga better a better version of yourself has everything to do with learning new thingsbecoming better at what you already know. So, and then I can refer them to teachable.I really like it. So here’s see how good our good is doing nice mystics. So you can apply,when you click on that, you need to fill in some details. Here’s some more information.Okay. Briefly tell brands, why you want to work with them, how you intend to promotethem and other details you wish to share. Imagine you want to use this teachable, youthen don’t have to apply yet what you can do, you can start to write blog posts aboutit, link to them.And then we have a website with a few blog posts, you can apply. That’show I do it when I create a store or when I create a blog post. First I create the blogpost and then I show them look, this is what I’ve created for you. And they always acceptme. So first value first, and then affiliate links will come. But I also like at impact.Then search for linked in learning is one of my favourites.Okay at this hour. I’m alreadya member over here. Yeah. So I like LinkedIn learning, I can request a new add a LinkedInlearning, look at this, LinkedIn. And I’ve learned, I have learned so many things overthe years through LinkedIn learning. So as I said, if you want to learn HTML, I wantto learn HTML five, you can do that. So I can write a website about how to learn howto work with HTML, or PowerPoint essential training, and then you can give tips and tricksyou can you can even make videos about this, of course, when you make videos, I would reallyget to know the tool you’re using. And then you start to make videos. So it’s your ownstyle, it’s not copied and paste just make it your own style. And then if you have avideo embedded in your website, if I go to Ferdy and I go to how to make a WordPresswebsite. I embed it over here and then I write about it below. But if videos is a again,a great way I will talk about at the end of this tutorial.So impact sign up for in tech comm there are also other best affiliate marketing platforms. Alwaysgood to ads. Amazon Associates CJ affiliate is also really good one Rakuten I like it.I don’t like Clickbank. Other ones I do not work with them. CJ affiliate Alsoover here, advertises an overview of all the advertisers. Just scroll over here. Go forit really grabbed this momentum to find something to promote. So you can do IKEA videos andembed them into your website, you can actually make a key a blog posts, you can make a websiteabout babies about parenting about the best toys to buy for your kids how they can sothey can play. You can teach about anything about WordPressabout Excel about PowerPoint, and then go to teachable or LinkedIn refer to those courses.And you can even learn things you can even maybe don’t know anything about about anyproducts, you can learn it on teachable.And then you can teach things to other peoplethrough blog posts or videos. And then you can say I learned it all on teachable or onLinkedIn learning. You can sign up over here and with LinkedIn learning, I did not evenshow you links in learning affiliate, you get 40% of commissions. So when people buya standalone product for $150, you get Sorry, sorry, you get 35% from standalone or youget $40 commission. So when people sign up for a monthly subscription, you get $40 Well,really simple math if you have a really big website with a lot of information about howpeople can learn things about tips and tricks about subjects about whatever you want topromote. And people then people per day sign up and make $400 per day and then again also,besides that referred to teachable to other things, the sky is the limit with affiliatemarketing as long as you offer value, and it’s all in the same niche.So if you promotepeople to people how to learn things, don’t try blog post about plants, or horses. Thiskeep it in one in one niche. So what I will do, the website I will make I’ve been thinkingabout this one, I see what the reading is doing in my life reading is helping me todevelop myself. So I was to make a website about reading and then there was a beautifulaffiliate programme. Let me see it’s Mind Valley, what I found out when I want to becomean affiliate of them because they talk about reading reading faster you need to have atleast 200,000 subscribers or followers or people that visit your website. So I was like,I can apply for that but not as beginner. So I can write about reading and then I wantto what I want to do about reading books that have everything to do with developing yourself.So I want to have a blog post about developing yourself I want to make book reviews likewhat we’re learning is book summarising books and then I can promote those books on Kindleor on Amazon.And in that way I can offer a lot of value and I can promote those scoreshave been I need to have 200,000 followers because before I can promote those peoplebut again I can go to linked in learning and like I searched for develop or while thisabout web development. Also go to Browse career development, personal branding, job searching,leadership communication, so I can also refer to this website communicating with confidenceso I can write a blog post about communicating with confidence. And then what helped me Ican write it down and then I can refer to the scores when people buy the scores as astandalone product so I’m not like in right now.I open this in an incognito window Ican start a free trial for one month okay, I cannot buy this but if I start my free trialI as a referrer as the affiliate I get $40 and another ID I have was about becoming healthyI gained some weight in 2007 This was my Wait let me show it again. Because I think he didnot look at me this how I looked 140 pounds.And now I’m like 190 pounds. So if I willdecide to lose weight, there’s a guy, Dr. Furman fertile woman and he has a website’ssmart and nutrition. And then I scroll down all the way go to affiliate and I can get10% per sale. So what does has it has recipesso what I can do, I can start to lose weight in my blog, I can have a lose weight block,I say this how it look right now I make pictures of myself videos about myself I start writingand I start using this so I start putting everything into practice what I learned overhere, then people see the result I go back to let’s say 150 pounds. And then when peoplesee the before and after that’s what really works then they want to learn how and I canbe create an Instagram account tick tock accounts show people the progress be really motivatedbecause I know the more I lose weight, the more I can sell because it sells when yousee the real results the before and after.And then I can refer them over here so I canbecome an affiliate. I can join now I can register and then againI need to have a website contact information, website information,primary business model unique visitors per month. So first, start offering value. SoI gave you a few ideas feel free to search on the internet on what you can do. And thenI will reveal to you what I will promote in this tutorial. So now it’s my turn to shine.What I want to do I want to show you how I will find my niche.Well I did some research.I as I said it needs to take time before you decide what your niche will be. So I camewith this one passive income ideas with little money. So let me walk you through passiveincome is submarket it’s a really big market as you see there are so many ways to makemoney with passive income. If I say passive income with affiliate marketing, affiliatemarketing is way of passive income so affiliate marketing is already more a niche. So rightnow I’m talking about niche niches, niches. Affiliate marketing with Amazon is a nicheaffiliate marketing with printers with Google ads with no money, that can be an interestingone for me, but when I talk about affiliate marketing, I cannot teach my website aboutcreating a course creating courses is a way to create passive income. So, I will takea risk by creating a bigger niche, but I believe I will make it a success.If I do only affiliatemarketing I will narrow down my niche and reach a specific group of people but I wantsto be bigger. So I will go for passive income with no money or passive income. True seea lot of ways IDs for me where I can teach about so with little money, so my niche canbe passive income with little money. So I go to my notes and my niche is as Fink onwith little money or passive income through the internet, because you also have passiveincome when you rent houses. So passive income through the internet or with little money,you know, our focus on the internet.Okay, what have been the name of my business? Itcan be passive income through the internet. But the name what you what you can do, youcan choose a niche name, for instance passive income accelerator or what I prefer your own nameFerdy Korpershoek. If I take a look at a few people, I like Tony Robbins that come after also hurtled Brendon rechart, somethinglike that. Brendon? Well, I see Tony Robbins, he uses his own name as his brand, randomboot chart also. And you see those logos are really simple, we’re gonna create a logo likethat. If I take a look at 30 That’s what I also do a simple name, and that ismy brand. But since I want to create something new, I will not use my name. Otherwise, peoplethat want to know how to make a website will find my other website and it will confusethem.So if it’s possible, go with your own name if you’re willing to use your name, ofcourse. So what is the vision of my niche? What’s the vision of my website about thebrand I will create what I always start with making the world a better place I want tomake the world a better place by and then everything that comes after that I helpingbeginning entrepreneurs to grow a passive stream of income through the internet. I don’tknow if this is the sentence is correct. In English, my main language is Dutch, helpingbeginning entrepreneurs to grow a passive stream of income through the internet. Soentrepreneurs, I use the entrepreneur word because it has something it has a nice ringto it.People want to be entrepreneurs, so helping beginning entrepreneurs to grow upas a stream of income through the internet. Maybe we’re out having a lot of money to invest.So to Who am I focusing? Who is my audience? It is a good thing to think yeah, like you’retalking to one person and you need to describe the person. So I’m thinking about young peoplebetween 18 and 28 want to break out of this nine to five cycle and then you can just subscribeYeah, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to you can describe the personyou want to attract to your website.And then there’s also the RE way how you can writein your blog posts. So you can say they like suits. And Grant Cardone they are subscribedto Gary Vee. They like fitness, motivation, are willing to work hard. Those are the peopleI want to attract. I leave with this. Because if I just start I will also automaticallysee what kind of people I will attract. I can see that in the analytics. We’ll talkabout that. So let’s talk about execution. So what am I going to do with this niche name,vision and audience. I will build a website with blog posts About the best online toolsthat help people to generate a passive string of income. How do I do that? So create a websitewith blog posts? How does my website look? Of course, in the process, we can adjust things.So what do I write about as well, a lot of tools, so I can search for the best passiveincome tools, passive income starting with, or let’s search for something and then let’stry it again.Passive income, it seems that this one works better. Passive income, startingwith no money, so I can use that one. And I want to teach people how to start with YouTube.Start with WordPress, because then you can have advertisements on your website usingGoogle ads, or other things, of course, affiliate links, starting with creating a course. Sohow can people go from learning something to creating a course and selling it? Startingwith affiliate marketing, so a lot of ideas that have everything, everything to do withstarting to make money. Best ways to start to make make money onlinewithout having money. So those are a few ideas.And of course, this will take a lot of timeto create as blog posts. So this is a great starting point. But of course, I have moreideas. And when we talk about blog posts, or great blog posts, kind of blog posts asyou can have, for instance, comparison blog posts. So if I teach people how to start withWordPress, or with affiliate marketing, let’s take a Philly marketing I can say impact versusCJ, which affiliate marketing platform is better, something like that, or Divi versusElementor Elementor and Divi our page builders for WordPress what else top 10 or top 23 blogposts as we saw before 21 Best or webinar software tools, top 10 best web hosting providers.So be creative. Just Just Google make it a fun process. What else case study blog postsfrom zero to 1000 in 30 days with and it can be Udemy it can be affiliate marketing, itcan be learned ash, I don’t know whatever or skill, share a just start talking bloggingabout your journey.If that is really the case. I think if you work hard, it’s possible.So I will attract all those people with those blocks of blog posts, I will over deliverto those five tips into practice. Make sure those blog posts are amazing. So people willbe longer on my website. And then that way I will rank better, more people will see thatI get more exposure. And then I can place affiliate links on those websites on thoseblog posts and Google Adsense which shows ultimately the right ads to the right theviewer so there’s a bigger chance they will click on another one blue print blog postsmy blueprint on how to go from broke to million and with YouTube, something like that.Andagain, I personally prefer to be honest. That’s the way I will approach it. So those are afew blog posts ID and then I can I can go crazy Divi versus Elementor CJ versus impactLearnDash versus Click Funnels. Man I so much things to write about the coming weeks andthen products I want to promote affiliate products and for that I can Google but I knowalready a few So web hosting SiteGround they mirror cloudways blocks in the block see thingwhen it comes to WordPress related stuff Elementor Pro Divi. When I talk about a YouTube stuff,I think about Tube Buddy. And if it IQ two ways to rank better or two, yeah, those toolshelp you to be found better in YouTube and since I want to talk about starting with YouTubeon to promote those tools when it comes to WordPress, also Yoast, and how to be foundbetter on your website. Starting starting with email marketing, of course, it can bean overlap in all those subjects.But as a problem, so I say email marketing offers kitsand Active Campaign drip MailChimp I can compare them all I can compare them one on one I can,I can create multiple blog posts about those subjects. As long as my texts are unique,they can also promote products that are not affiliated so you can not get money. But justto get more views and let people click, let people find you. So they can follow you, theycan subscribe to your website. And then they can find other things you promote. And thenthey buy that.So just keep failing over deliver a write about everything you can think ofwithin your niche. So I think this is enough for now this is how I do it personally, andhas been working great so far for me. So I hope you’ve learned a tonne of thingsalready You prepared a few things. And now it is time to put it all into practice bycreating a website, I want to welcome you to my special guests you will take over fromnow. So I will take a break. Because I had the worst night in weeks, slept for four hoursbecause my daughter was four weeks old. I’m going to record for four hours, everythingabout four. Oh, so why website of course, we’re gonna create a website, we’re gonnawrite blog posts. And that’s why we need a website. The four things we need one, we needa domain name, and domain name is the address off your website so people can find you throughyour domain name, or they can find you through Google.Then we need web hosting, what isweb hosting, web hosting is the place where all the files of your website are stored.So all the text the images, WordPress, mee, Mee Mee it’s gonna be very productive areain the tutorial. Let’s hear from Noah. Oh, I think he did some people. I will be backwith you. There I am. Again, it was my idea to put it into the video he was walking in.I was like, hey, they want to be in the video. But of course, it doesn’t work as well. Butum, he’s with my wife now. So everything should be fine. So as I said before, a domain isthe address of your website so people can find you. Then we have web hosting, web hostingis all the stuff of your website, all the databases, images, text, fields, links, videos,everything will be stored over there. Then we need WordPress. WordPress is an CMS CMSsystem content management system. So it makes it really easy for us to create content, wedon’t have to write code or do a lot of complicated things.WordPress will do all the hard workfor us. We just have to go with the flow. And I will show you step by step, what youneed to do. And then we’re going to create a website and I will help you with that. Mike,I have created already a website for you. You only have to import it. And then you’llsave a lot of time as already optimised and ready to make your affiliate marketing blogposts. So which is the best web hosting company? Well, maybe to be honest, it is WP Engine.So if I go to WP pricing. It starts with $25 per month, I don’t want to startlike that.So I have taken a look at the best web hosting provider for the most affordableprice. So I found a combination, the websites are blazing fast. And the support is great.And I found this one, let’s go to web hosting a Hit Enter. And then we’ll click overhere in order to go to name hero and I’m affiliated with them. Hey, I’m affiliate. So when youbuy this, you don’t pay more, but you get discount and I get a commission when you buythis through my link. So if you want to do that, you will save money I will get a commission.So there are four plans and for affiliate marketing I strongly suggest you go with theBLAS cloud.You can have up to seven websites. So if you have created your first websiteand can create Add a second website. So you can have seven different domains, you needto buy them separately. But you can have seven domains attached to this web hosting platform.And then you will have seven websites up and running for just $5.18 per month, if you wouldgo for a few years, so you can also go for a year, but then the price will be a littlebit bigger.If you’re really, really, really sure, you just get started, and you only wantto create one website for the next coming year. Then you can also go with the startercloud, all the plans, all the websites, they’re really fast. And you have enough storage,unlimited SSD storage, you get a free cPanel you get auto SSL really nice. So this areaover here, your website will be secure. Within one hour after you purchase the website onautomatic pilot, you can migrate your website, if you already have a website, you want tobring it to name hero, you can do that. And there’s free Lightspeed which will make yourwebsite even faster, I will go with this plan. So I click on Order Now, and then I can haveup to seven websites. So really important, we need to register a new domain name, ifI take a look at my notes, I have two names or for the courses or passive income accelerator.I also thought about SF income with 30.Let’s come I think it’s a great one. Also, if Iin the future want to create a YouTube channel about it’s, it’s similar or personal. Youknow what? Let’s go with passive income with 30. So I see that I want to search the domainis free passive income with 30. Search. Wow, it’s free. That’s amazing.If it’s notfree, you can choose a different domain name, I suggest highly suggest is by farthe best one. So I click on Continue. And if I would go for three years, I pay $5.18per month. If I go for one year, I pay around $6 per month for the first year. Okay, thisis all fine. How to encrypt this that’s free. I click on Continue. I want to have ID Protection.Otherwise, people can see my address and they can stand in front of my door or they cancall me. And there are a lot of spam companies that will call you when they see all thatinformation. So I use ID Protection, it costs $6 for a year. And I don’t need all this stuff.I click on Continue. And then below $100, we have our websites for a whole year, includinga domain name.So I have a domain name, and a website with WordPress for free. And wehave my premade template for free. So below $100, we can start with a Philly marketing,of course expect his work on to make more than $100 in the first year. And then if Iwant to, I can always upgrade later on if more than seven websites. But right now, thisis perfect for me. So I’m okay with that. And if I would go for a longer time with mydomain. I can I can even pay for two years or five years. So let’s see if I say two years.Okay, I do one year because then I say builder on $100. So now I need to fill in some detailsover here. I’m a new customer. So my first name, my last name, my email address. My phonenumber from the Netherlands. And then my company Ferdy. And Anna media. I live over here. Ilive in the Netherlands and then the state is South Holland. Ooh, how did you find aswell if you’re watching this through YouTube support pin 1235. And then I need to havea password.I’m gonna need to confirm it. And now we’re creating our own website. SoI scroll down, how do I want to pay I can pay with credit cards, or PayPal, or stripe.So I choose credit cards. And then I fill in my details over here. And that formula$100 We can get started. That’s amazing about affiliate marketing, you don’t have to invest1000s of dollars. I do not need to super specials. I agree to all the terms. And after a year,we’re gonna pay $200 per year. So keep that in mind. So for the first year, you get alot of discount that you see one on the $7. The second year, you pay around $200. AndI expect by then that is not a problem. We can maybe even upgrade to a bigger plan sowe can have more websites. But right now you pay $91.72 So I’m okay with everything andI click on checkout.Yes, the order is placed. And if you did this, I want to congratulateyou with your own domain name and your own web hosting now we can instal WordPress andI want yeah, I’m really happy for you. You’re extra data. And now, I want to help you tomake money with affiliate marketing. So let’s continue, we’re going to instal WordPress.So what I can do, I can click on Continue to client area. And a great thing. The greatthing about name hero is your website is life immediately.So I go to my cloud. Then I goover here to the web hosting plus cloud, I want to login to cPanel. Okay, then I searchfor Word Press. And then over here it says WordPress manager by Softaculous. That’s whatwe need, we need to click on it. And then we can click on instal. Okay, we want to chooseHTTPS. As you see over here, our website will be secure for free and it will be secure withinan hour it will be automatic, so we don’t have to do it. I can choose my only domainI have.And I can instal it in a directory. So for instance, passive income with thirty.comforward slash this or new, I remove it because I want to instal this on the root directory,just our domain name passive income with The website, my blog is called learn how togrow a SF stream of income I need to ask one of my English friends if this is correct,and the site description I can go to my notes. long sentence but let’s justdo it. Okay, then my username admin is fairly Corp and my password I want to hide it andthen I want to grade one.And this password I need in order to log in into my WordPresswebsite. My email address is 30. At 30 I can choose the language English is finewith me. I don’t need to have plugins, I don’t need to have all the advanced options, I clickon instal. And now WordPress will be installed on our websites. Okay, there it is. So whatI can do now I can go to the front end of our website, this is what everybody will seewhen they enter my website, click over here. Look at this, we are live already. Wow, learnhow to grow a passive stream of income, helping being entrepreneurs to grow a passive streamof income through the internet without having a lot of money to invest. For instance, lessthan $100 to start. So we are live and our website is secure. I love name hero, I thinkit’s amazing.That is all going out automatically. So this is the front end, this is what peoplesee. And to be honest, it’s really ugly. I don’t like it. So I will go to the backendand administrative administrative URL. If I click over here, then I go to the backendof WordPress. Well, what is this? Well, this is the backend of WordPress. So we have thefront end. And we have to back and I want to close those two steps. Right now over herewe have the back end. And we have the front end what I want to do now I want to cleanup our website, I want to make it as clean as possible, because this looks really overwhelmingto me. So in order to do that, I want to dismiss this message. I want to collapse all theseareas over here. Then I want to go to screen options. And Iwant to uncheck everything so we don’t see anything over here.That looks a little bitbetter in my opinion. Then I want to go to all the posts. We have blog posts already,I want to remove it by hovering over here, click on the trash. And then I go to the trashover here and I remove it completely by clicking empty trash. Then I want to go to the pageswe also have two pages, I don’t need them. So I click over here. So I select them allbook actions. Move to the trash and book action is that you put an action on all the selecteditems. And that is moved to refresh so when I click on apply, it will pull those all intothe trash can. And then I can go to the trash again. Trash can trash again. Okay, then I’mgoing to empty the trash. Okay, so far, so good. Let’s go to Plugins. Over here, we havetwo plugins. I select them both by clicking here. Build actions. Delete, apply.Yes, I’msure. Okay, now we can go to Appearance Themes. We’ll talk about themes later. But right nowI want to remove this 120 19 or everything does not active so this one is the activeone. I don’t need this one. If I Don’t use it, I don’t want it on my website becauseI want my website to become fast see it as a bag. If you have a bag with a lot of stuffin it, even if you don’t use it, you still have to carry it the same way to website,I would like my website to be as light as possible.I go back to my dashboard. And thislooks really nice. Now, I want to go to settings general URL to copy this, I want to go tomy notes. Name website. And the slug is this one. So because we’re going to import a premadewebsite, again, this is the front end. This is the back end, we can navigate through itby clicking here. And we have this bar because we’re logged in, click over here, then I goto the back end. So we can have posts we can add media PDFs images, that through the tutorial,I will show step by step how we can use everything. What I want to do now I want to import a premade website. And then we’re going to remove what we don’t need, and work with what wedo need. When it comes to making an affiliate website, it’s all about creating blog posts,creating valuable information and put affiliate links or use Google advertisements or otheradvertisements.So we can create a website from scratch right now I can show you howto do it what I did, I did it for you. So you don’t have to do it yourself. This websitewill not be active at this moment. But if I go to 30 Corp, or am 30 Corp COMM This isthe website I will give to you for free that you can use. So we can focus on creating blogposts. So category 01, we can create a category that we are really gonna use in our affiliatemarketing website. There’s a nice footer, everything is created for you. The only thingyou need to do is import How can you do that? Well, let’s go to 30 Ford slash AM T affiliate marketing template, hit enter and you will be redirected to this beautifulopt in page. I’m even logged in as a bonus for you what you need to do, you need to leaveyour author’s name and your email address.So I click on Download Now. And I’m from thefrom Europe. So I need to consent with a few things. Like click on subscribe. I will beredirected to this beautiful page. Thank you for signing up for the affiliate marketingtemplate, please confirm your subscription to the email address you’re signed up within order to get access to the templates, and is exactly what I’ll show you later in thistutorial, I will give something valuable for free in exchange for email address. So afterthis, I can send you an automated email sequence. Or I can send you a broadcast email rightnow I have 50,000 people in my email list and you can unsubscribe at any time. So whatI will do, I will go to my email accounts. And that is important download the affiliatemarketing template.And this is really important, we need to use his username and his passwordin order to log in to this brand new website. So I click on download the affiliate marketingtemplate. And there it goes, I unzip it. And there itis, I bring it to the desktop. While my desktop is also really full, I removethe two there it is. So now I go to my websites. I go to plugins add new I need a plugin inorder to import this premade website. So I search for all in one WP migration. A beautifulname for a plugin. Click on instal now on forum more a former and installations updatedrecently updated activated. And now I go to all in one WP migration and I click on import.And what do I see? I have a maximum upload file size of eight megabytes.So we’re goingto upgrade our name hero package to $1,000 per day package. No of course not. We’re gonnago to name hero that’s comm we just need to adjust a few things that so I click on accounts,my clouds and then I click on the cloud I have a cloud package. And then I want to goto the cPanel by clicking here. Then over here I can search for B H P and I need toselect select PHP version. I click on it.And now I need to scroll down and I need todecide you need to decide for yourself which of those four you want to select is basedon how you feel. Now we don’t need to do something over here we need to go to the Options. Scrolldown all the way and go to the upload max file size and change it from eight to 256The first thing we need to do, the second thing we need to do, we need to go to thesearch area again search for M od s. And then we need to select mod security. Right nowit is turned on for passive income with 30. And I will turn it off. Yes, it is disabled.Now I need to refresh this shift command f7. Now just shift command R, or f5 or shift f5.Okay, one more thing. I’m sorry, I forgot it.Oh, no, I need to record it all over again,the whole tutorial, go to PHP, again, select PHP version. And then I go to options. AndI do not only need to upload this one, but also the post max size to do on the 56. Andnow, if I refresh this, yeah, we have 256 megabytes, I click on Import from I selectfell, and I go to my desktop. There it is affiliate marketing template with WordPress82 megabytes, I click on open.And I will upload. So all we need to do when you clickon Finish, and then if I go to a different page, look at this, I need to log in again.That is just the way it is. But now we need to log in with the username Walter White,this is not a joke. They look at the welcome email of your username Walter White, and thepassword is this one. So I’ve placed it over here. I click on login. Now we need to goto settings. Permalinks really important this and we need to save it twice, twice on postname, the first time.And the second time. Yes. So now if I refresh this page, look atthis. This is our new website. Wow, I’ve created this for you. I told about it’s over deliveringnow you’re on my email list, you can unsubscribe anytime. This looks amazing. What you needto do our show in the store for his homepage, you just need to fill in your informationfor your particular affiliate website, we’re gonna add a opt in and opt in. So people cansubscribe to our email list. And in exchange, we give them something amazing for free. Hereare some categories, you can change the category names you can see is all the titles are goingto change that blog post. And here at the about page. I’ll show you how you can fillin your journey from where you were to where you are. So people can connect with you andsee what you’ve been through. And they can feel like hey, there’s a connection can readover here what I’m talking about, then we have courses, maybe you want to promote somecourses, you say this type, of course, it’s amazing, we give it a four half star, andthis for this amount.And this the course instructor and peoplecan feel the course over here. And then over here, you place your affiliate link, we havethe blog pages, here you see an overview of all the blog posts, and right now this isthe title but of course we’re gonna change it we’re gonna change the image. Over hereI have an affiliate link, when people click on it, they go to an affiliate link of mineand they they buy this I get a commission. That’s how it works. That’s what we’re gonnado in this tutorial. Or as you can use, you can choose your own affiliate links over here,we will place more information about ourselves over here.And here at the footer we alsohave information people can follow us just like here at the top. Some disclosures thatwe can make money with this our categories, of course, we can change the category names,our blog posts, popular blog posts and resources like courses and tools. So don’t we have resourcesover here which limit the same, you can talk about overt gate or a to promote and thenhave an affiliate link over here, then that’s the contact page and that contact page helpsyou to get more comments on your blog posts because over here I say that if you want toreach out, leave a comment and people can go to your Instagram and this is actuallyonly for people that want to do business with you so you can make more money with that butthe contact page is a great way to drive people to your blog post and leave a comment andthey can answer it and when you do that your page will be renewed there will be added moreinformation on your blog post and that way you will rank better on your website.So overhere, I can bring this back to 64 Also here 64 And I search for M ODS MT security andI will turn it back on. Right I close this and I close this. So I go to my my dashboardsis how it looks really clean. I go to Appearance, Themes, and I removed the 2020 theme so, sofar So blue, this is the front end of our website. I think it looks amazing. So whatwe need to do now what we will start with is the blog page, we’re going to write ourfirst blog post.So I go to the second page over here. blog posts. And you see there’snothing over here. I left some comments. So you can see how this will look. I think it’sdisplayed really beautifully. So you can reply on all the comments there are and if you replyon account, there’s a second comment. So if you reply to all comments, there you were,there will be twice as much comments. Okay, before we are going to create our blog postswe’re in we need to create a new user because we’re not Walter White, and you cannot changean admin name. So we don’t want that too. Otherwise, it gets all the credit over here.So in order to create a new user, we go to the back ends by clicking here. We go to UsersAdd New, and now you need to fill in your own username.So my username is fruity, ormy first name is sorry, my email is Ferdy Ferdy. Corp. Let’s come. My first name, mylast name, my website is passive income with 30 Let’s come I need to create a passwordthat will remain hidden. I don’t need to send the user an email and really important youneed to be an administrator, that’s the highest rank in the world of WordPress. Okay, nowI’m equal with Walter White. So I will log out as Walter White, I will log in as FerdyCorp. and I will kick out both alright. Users all users I’ll say you know it’s my go administrator,I delete you. And then I sent all the attributes to pretty Corp so I get all the credit foreverything Walter White has done outside of the Netflix series. So I go toplugins and I delete this one okay, then I can go over here to my username Edit Profile and if I want to have an image over here whichI want to have then I need to change this email info at 30 corporate hook that’s goneand all of a sudden if I update this look at this I need to confirm it first.Thereit is. I approve it okay and now I see this image over here why because this email addressis linked with a gravatar so if you don’t have forever their picture over here intosign up over here sign in with the same email address you use over here and then simplyupload an image and then it’ll be linked over here and that looks better. So if I go tothe blog post the first one the second page look at thiswhen I reply when I reply Walter White is no longer minutes trader. Post it you seemy face over here? If I scroll up, I can have a text about me. I don’t see that why we needto do that over here. Edits profile. Scroll down. I can have a few things overhere. Yes. A book with com forward slash Ferdy Korpershoek and other things SPS in that groupin Star Grimm with comm forward slash 30 or verse Who can by the way, if you take a lookat my Instagram right now, Monday, September 13 You see this girl over there and if I goto my profile I don’t have to watch it.So what I will do I bought a I bought somethingtoday this soft rocks over here. So what I will do, I will start make pictures of myselfand put them on my Instagram account and try to write nice stuff so I can help people andthen when you’re watching this tutorial, you probably will see I have more followers. SoI’m looking forward to that. I want to make this a real business, really make money withit and actually make a lot of money with it. I go to YouTube for slash Ferdy Korpershoekand enter up yet based over here, and then over here, I can have text I love or my andI go back sorry to my notes. I help beginning entrepreneurs I help I help beginning entrepreneursto grow a passive stream of income through the internet without having a lot of moneyto invest.I do that by creating blog posts about the best tools and services that canhelp us to grow our SF string off income. I use Grammarly does make quite a few errors.So now when I update this profile, I go to the website to the blog posts. What I seebelow every blog post, I see this over here and I can link to my website to Facebook,Instagram. So that’s how it works. I think that’s a nice addition. You see my image overhere, you click over here you see all my blog posts, which are all of them, but maybe youget a few friends in the nap, maybe over the air friends, or maybe include friends in thenext coming months to build this business of affiliate marketing through blog posts.And then you can write together and everybody can have their own blog post that they create,and you can make more content, and then that way, grow your online presence.Yes. Okay.Before we start to create our first blog post, we need to do keyword research. And that’swhat we will do right now. And as much as we’re gonna do keyword research, why thereare two ways on how to write blog posts, of course, are more ways, but let’s talk aboutlet’s talk about two. The first one is, you like to write about stuff, because you havepassion for it. And you’re just gonna write, write, write, and you’re happy. And sinceyou’re writing, people will come when you build it, they will come and everything willbe fine, or like a lot of money with it doesn’t matter what you write about as long as youwrite from your heart. That’s all that matters. That’s the first way. And it will not getyou a lot of sales. Probably. It can be but probably not. We need to do market research.And, um, I have a question for you.How can we find out what Google likes to post on thefirst page of Google in the search results? How can we find out? What are the best waysto create blog posts, if there will be a way if there will be a tool that costs $1,000per month, I will be willing to buy it, because then I can find out how to write blog post.But that too is free. Let me show it to you. Let me demonstrate it. Let’s let’s take alook. Convert Kit review. Google probably likes this post. Why? Because it’s the numberone result. So if you want to find out how we need to write blog posts, we should takea look at the best results. So let me click on it holding command. So I will open it ina new tab and I say Ctrl tap and then they go to next step.Or you just click over here.Convert case review. So what I think now okay, maybe it’s a good ID. If I write a reviewabout ConvertKit The title should be covered good review. And that’s how we can learn thenewsletter tool for coders. And this is something they do something like what? No, it’s forbloggers. He says he’s for coder, so I’m confused. I’m, I’m interested right now. There’s theIDA formula. Ida Ida. Look at this. First, we need to get awareness. I have awareness.I’m here at this website. I’m aware of this website. I clicked on it. I saw the titleConvertKit reveal 2021 Okay, now they need to get my interest. It’s not for bloggers,it’s for coders. I’m interested, what does he mean? So the second point, then he wantsto build up desire. This is the tool you need. Look at this.There’s a video again, there’sa video in it. They’re screenshots. The pricing. Looks really nice like that. Wow. It reallyis doing great thing the pros is is gives you the cons so it’s not like buy this fromme because I want to make money No. Pros and cons there also. It’s pricey. Well, I don’tagree. Because I will show you how much money you can make with that.Board design options.Yes, but what I think when it comes To design, it’s not about the best design, it’s aboutthe design of the conference, the best reports are lacking in depth. Well, I think they’reworking on. So they also may be read though. Scottson do something about it. But look,I like this. It looks beautiful. There’s a button over here, I can try it for free. Ididn’t know that was a new option. Over here, we can go to certain areas. Look at this,it all looks beautiful.Is ConvertKit the right newsletter search for you. So when peoplesearch for did this, they will probably go also to this result. So what we can do, wecan take a look at this blog post. Okay, I think Okay. Looksgreat. That’s not much reactions. Forum. I think this is amazing. And then here it isarea we also have over here. So let me talk about this. Whydo I have this step open? This is a blog for me in 2011. I was blogging like crazy, I bloggedabout falling in love about my adventures in America, and in India.And over here, Tuesday,January 18, I was in reading. And this is in Dutch. But this is how I wrote my blogpost. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, bla, bla, bla, bla tax, tax, tax, text, text, a lotof text, more text, no images, a lot of text. And that’s not how you should write blog postsanymore. So we need to see what is working right now. So he wants to create a desirein his blog posts to make use of this tool, and then we want to them to take action. That’sthe ideal model. That’s what we can use in order to get sales. So we need to be clearis a ConvertKit review that we need to like trigger something in there like hey, I’m nowI’m out now I’m interested. So what I can do, I made $5,000 In three days.I need tocheck if that’s really the case, maybe the last three and a half hours, I’m not sure.Okay, let me check that. But I need to I can use it as a trigger. To trigger the interest,I made $5,000 In three days using ConvertKit or using email marketing. Let me show youhow. So that’s what you can do. Then the desire, it was not it was easy, what I just did Ihelp people to get something for free in exchange for an email address, then I built my listand when there was a discount price for the thing I promoted in my free free giveaway,then I sent it to all of them and people started buying it like crazy. So and so I give themdesire to also do that. And then I can let them take action. We want to take action.I have a course for you about ConvertKit or iPad tutorial for it or Bioversity over hereand then you want to take action so there are so many ways to write blog posts. I likethe aina module but model not all my life is model does not offer any sheets sorry guys.I’m really excited in this beginning of the store I probably started a bit i don’t knowi hope you enjoyed it but I’m getting more and more excited because I’m learning newthings.And it makes me excited. Oh man, I feel like I’m trying to sit or I’m steppingon my game and I like that. So this is the first one how about the second one oltmansClick Convert get reviews. So again in the title the first two words are converted reviewsso people search for convert get review and what do we find out first gets review convertkits. Oh pricing offers good review offers good review offers good reviews, brutallyhonest, offers good reviews so also this is a way to get in to make to trigger interestslike brutally honest Whoa, looking at air to get this review after five years or 3 millionso he’s triggered as he’s getting your attention by saying they probably made or 3 million$3 million or 30 million subscribers so um that’s how I do my my my homework and thenover here you see SiteGround SiteGround buddy boss. Even those like that man, everywhereelse yeah, it’s a great way of making money and they’re providing value. I really likedthe display, big titles, big text and that’s why I did it also over here.I have not writtenany text but the text is quite big on our blog posts because that’s that’s how it isthese days not not like I didn’t do whereas the 11 so promoting blog posts, what can youdo with it, and again, a long blog post so what I know if I take look at this, I reallyby the way, I would go from this website because I don’t like all the ads it’s too much.Sonice overview with six few points and then a lot of images a lot of ads too much my opinion.But that’s how you can write a blog post. So these days blog posts need to be long andthey can have an overview like this bro pros cons they go to conference because free trialso if I open this in a in a incognito window, there’s a limited thing. Okay, I’m just startinglet’s let’s do this. We have a website that is WordPress. I am a blogger I don’t trustthis yet. So okay. And then you get a free trial and then after two weeks, they willprobably bill you and then they get a commission. So that’s how it works. So what I can do whenit comes to ConvertKit I can create a tutorial in blog post format about ConvertKit I cancreate a review which is probably a bit shorter, I can create comparison videos or blog postslike ConvertKit vs MailChimp, a better than MailChimp ConvertKit versus active campaign.So we’re about to about one product offers get we can create so many different blog posts.So if I go to rootkits I scroll down or I search for myaffiliate affiliate programme because this recurring Where are you recurring? Yes, toearn that sweet recurring commission all you need to do start sharing custom link willsend you how much of this is 30% Commission for every person who signs up.This thirdoption is going to be your through your bank account. So imagine I sell for 50,000 Okay,okay, let’s do it differently. If if 100 people truly monstrously yours will sign up throughyour affiliate link with conference because if God forbid, it would be the case, you willmake $870 per month, which is really nice. Okay, let’s, let’s say I want to start withaffiliate marketing. Sorry, with with ConvertKit. So, pricing. Let’s say I have 50,000 peoplein my list. So let’s say 55. I will pay $379 per month. And if I go for this one 500 Night,okay, let’s go. Let’s see, if I go for this one, that’s around $100 a month that willgo to the affiliate. So if I teach a lot about ConvertKit, then a lot of people will growtheir email list. And when they grow their email list, they will stick there probablythey do not leave that often. Because it’s when it’s working.It’s working by which youchange your whole email list a different one. And then you can start to make money. So dowe need to sign up for the affiliate programme already? No. First, we’re going to createvalue. First, we’re going to get people to our website. And then we’ll sign up becausewe need to probably show our website at some places in order for them to accept us as affiliates.So first, we need to create something and then we can add affiliate links later.Sothat’s one way of doing research. But you also can do let me close everything. We cango to 30 forward slash a And here we can get so much statistics onhow to find the right keywords to use in our blog posts and how to rank better how to seewhat kind of keywords do not have a lot of competition but have a great value to yourblog post. So let me explain to you what would you rather have a store on a place that’snot crowded or not much people come by and go to your store or a store in the heart ofa city with a lot of visitors but everybody wants that. So what happens when you havea store in the heart of a city. A lot of people have their stores over there so there’s alot of competition.So the more crowded the places the more visitors are interested ina certain subject, the more people will create a website about it. So if you have a blogpost about ConvertKit versus putting or yoghurt you it’s like a your if your store on there.really a place far out of the city. Not a lot of people come back, probably nobody who’ssearching for averted first yoghurt, nobody. So don’t write about it. But if you’re goingto write about things people are really searching for an incident that interested in then there,it will be much more crowded, there will be more competition.And with a refs, what youcan do, you can find high converting keywords with low competition. So you can find thelow hanging fruit in there with great blog posts about what I suggest you do. It’s anexpensive tool, especially if you’re a beginner, I suggest you go for a seven day trial of$7. And then you can switch so you have seven days to use it too. And I’ll show you howyou can use a tool. And by the way, I’m not affiliated with them, I do not get a commissionwhen you sign up. So you can click on the orange button to get a seven day trial for$7.And then you can choose between two packages. If you go for seven days you can so you cango for the standard one, you have a little bit more functions, you can also go for thelight one, I will go for the light one for seven days for $7. And after that $99 permonth accepted the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and I click on Continue. Youneed to leave your email address, you can pay with credit card or PayPal in the fillingyour first name, last name, your company, if you have one, and your credit card number.Well, I get an auto suggest for my credit card. So I will pay with PayPal. Again, Iagree to everything and I will pay seven euros on 42 cents for seven days. And there it goes.I click on Continue. And now my account has been created. I get a few emails and I need to confirm mymembership by clicking on this beautiful button in my email, then I will create a passwordand I need to confirm the password and let them know what I expect from a refs.I clickon Continue. I do not want to invite other people. So I skip this part. And since I alreadyhave a few websites in my Google Search Console, I link it with my Google accounts. If youdon’t have that, no problem, just click on add manually. Just some completely so I checkeverything. And then I click on Continue. Like the websites I want to monitor usinga refs. And it’s my Ferdy Korpershoek just gone website. But of course, we’ll take ourbrand new website.And then I will click on import. And now we are in our brand new arefs accounts. I dismissed the message over here. And when I will see I have my trialand end the 19th of September. And over here I see how my website is doing and it can dobetter. So I will also make a complete tutorial about this. I will make my website look somuch better right now.Yeah, okay at this learning if things so I will make sure I’llmake the door about it. But this right now i will show you how everything works. So first,go over here to the Account Settings, then to billing. I can cancel my subscription overhere. If you cancel now you’ll keep full access until the end of your billing cycle. So Idon’t want to make sure I want to make sure you don’t pay too much money. Well, I willkeep it so I will not cancel it. But if you cancel over here, you can still use everything.But then after seven days, you do not get surprised with Hey $187 You have to pay or99. So cancel over here. Really important. Okay, well, there is so much to talk aboutthis.But I want to focus on how we can use this tool to create a killer blog posts. Oractually a blog post that brings people through life because they learn something on stuff,we will make use of the Site Explorer, and the Keyword Explorer, we will use a Site Explorer.Okay, there are seven hour tutorials about this tool. And I will not do that I will notI will not talk too much about it right now, I just want to show you how I would use arefs in order to rank better with my blog posts. So if I go to my favourite blog postsConvertKit review. Let me show you how I do this. We’ve already taken a look over here.And this is how it looks quite interesting.This the number one so Google somehow reallylikes his blog post. So we need to think of that when we create a blog post. It’s nota big blog post, relatively. So what I want to do, I want to grab this link, copy it.I go to the Site Explorer and I dump it over here and I click on Search. Okay, you canget overwhelmed. It’s okay, a lot of information over here. What I’m interested in showingyou is that there are a lot of backlinks so a lot of links on planet earth or on the internetare linking to this blog post more than 2000 links. Those links come from 35 websites andif I want to know which websites they are, I can take a look over here Maybe they boughtsome, maybe PR people are really excited. I want to send traffic to the blog post. Sofor instance, Lana’s soccer club is having a lot of links to the blog posts, 664 links.So we can take a look later on to see if there are some nice websites over here, email marketingjournal.And they can ask them, Hey, would you like to include my link in your link,and I can do something for you. But again, that’s not what I want to focus on. I’m gettingdistracted, because there’s so much to talk about. Let me go back to the overview. Yousee, this blog post is doing better and better. That’s what we want to see. But if you’remarketing, exponential growth, when all of a sudden, there it is. So I can collapse allthis stuff. So don’t get overwhelmed too much. I want to go to the organic search. Over here.Let’s take a look at the organic keywords. So I click here, those are the most popularkeywords for this particular blog post ConvertKit review. So we need to make sure we use ConvertKitand review in our search result. So in our title in the titles of blog posts in the headings,but what also is interesting, too, on the 50 people amount per month search for convertedreview, but 400 people search for ConvertKit reviews.So if you have that information,which you cannot get by just going through their website, what we can do, we can update Photoshop, but right now I wantto I want to do that we can make use of a sender, we can create a senders like of allthe ConvertKit reviews, this one is the best. So use this keyword in your sentence in atitle in your blog posts. And that will make it extra interesting for Google. And that’swhen you can rank. So there are two things really important. Those are the keywords youuse. And here you see the best keywords for this particular blog posts. And the secondone is backlinks, you need to have other people to send traffic to your website. So that’sthe first thing the Site Explorer, as I said, there’s so much more to talk about.Becauseright now I leave it with this when we just think about optimising your blog posts forthe best search result in Google. Now we can click on those keywords. So for instance,overcut review, I click on it, and now we go to the Keyword Explorer. So also, thiscan look a little bit overwhelming. What it says really interesting is the keyword difficultyis really low. So it’s a good market, avert good review is a good word to use in yourblog post and to try to rank for and to write about because there’s not much competition.If I search for affiliate marketing, look at this keyword difficulty super hard, whyso many people are searching for it.So that’s why so many people are also trying to writeabout or writing about it, because they want to get those views. So going back to ConvertKitreview to on the 50 per month, people per month are searching for it in the United States,but from all over the world. So find out people per month search for ConvertKit review, butshe only search for ConvertKit Look at that 75th 2000. So this lot more, but then thecompetition is also higher over kids review. And you see that a lot of people click onthe organic results, some people click on the advertisements only 2%. So that’s alsointeresting to know. So what we need to do, we need to find out what people want to learnabout ConvertKit How can we do that? Well the last thing I want to show you over hereand then we can really start writing the blog post search for Converse gets, hit enter.Now we click on matching terms. Look at this. And then over here we see the keyword thepeople are interested in ConvertKit first gets pricing ConvertKit login of vericut vsMailChimp so all those things over here all those keywords I can use them in my titlesare right about it right available information about it.Over here you see 29,000 Peoplein United States are searching for offers gets 1.7 1000 are searching for pricing. Thatis why I found out over here. When I click on email marketing service and I go for ConvertKitI see ConvertKit pricing, Constant Contact pricing, MailChimp pricing. If I would searchfor click funnels. Hit enter. Look at this. The second keyword first on click funnels.The second one pricing people are interested in pricing. And when people search for ClickFunnels pricing, they did not buy the two yet they are interested in buying the two.So that’s why it’s ranking so well. People want to write about Click Funnels pricingbecause those people are really interested in buying it. You can give them the latestinformation to convince them to buy it so we definitely should use offers good pricingin our blog post as a keyword. So that’s how I do my market research. Take a look at allthose words over here. Can you become an affiliate with well, maybe that’s not the right thingto write in a blog post about, I feel about ConvertKit what is ConvertKit So that’s ifyou take a look at offers, get review hold Command, click, click, click like and clickwe can see what people are writing about it because other people are also doing theirresearch ConvertKit review over here as a title of Earth get screenshots offers goodpricing again, there it is.Why because they those people also know it’s an important keyword.And that’s why it’s a ranking so well. Pros and cons is converted the right newsletterservice for you. Next one ConvertKit review better than MailChimp, they have seen overcutversus MailChimp. That’s interesting because MailChimp is a lot of times the most popularone because it was free for a long time. Now there are a lot of other ones so they allwant to know is better than MailChimp. So again over here, hey, what is ConvertKit?That’s what people are searching are searching for what is ConvertKit? Another one? What is ConvertKit? offers goodpricing there at Oregon. So do you see how important is to take a look at all those thingsover here. Now, if you’re to start out with a keyword that’s perfect for you, as a starter,we can do nice trick. Right here you see the difficulty of every keyword. So ConvertKitranking for that is difficult.It says 30 It’s difficult. So if I click over here, itsays medium difficult. Over here, it says you need to have at least 36 websites to senda backlink to you in order to reach the top 10 for this keyword. So when we want, we wantto have a lower Keyword Difficulty so we can rank easier. So over here, I can say I wantto have a minimum of zero and a maximum of 25 of keyword difficulty. So only the keywordsthat are lower than 25, as you see over here or in the green area. And if I click on it,it’s medium. But if I would go for one that is two, it says easy.We want to rank forthose words. But we’re also searching for no current Keyword Difficulty but a high volumeright now. This is a great one converted pricing is a great one. Because the keyword difficultyis not that hard. But still, almost 2000 People are searching for this per month. So if youcan rank well on this keyword, you can get great results. Yes, so keep that in mind.At this point, we’re really gonna work I can imagine you’re excited to have seen what ispossible with affiliate marketing. And you’re like, I even got my domain name and web hosting,you got a website. But now we need to create blog posts, this is where people can get stuck.That’s why I created something for you. I will create it right now.A song. If I cando it, you also can do it it’s gonna be hard. It’s gonna be tough.But I’m with you. If I can do it, you can do if I can. So if I can do it, you can doit. It’s a matter of mindset. It’s a matter of persistence. I’m excited. I’m looking forwardto this, I believe I will succeed. But it’s a need to have the same belief and I don’twant to be have cliches. But if cliches are working, I would like to give them I’ve readthe books Think and Grow Rich. And I think personally it’s a really good book. Don’tlike everything about it. Talking with people in your mind and Okay, stuff like that. Butit’s just a really good book about how we think and how the way we think and changethings in our lives. So a few quotes I’ve mentioned in this video are from the bookfrom Napoleon Hill.And one of those is that we tend to quit when we have temper early.defeat. So maybe you’re excited, you’re going to learn how to write a blog post, you startwriting, you’re like, I don’t know what to write, your I will do tomorrow. And then youquit. And when you quit, you fail. If you decide you’re not gonna quit failure is, it’salmost impossible. Let me share this quote with you. Without persistence, you will bedefeated. Even before you start with persistence, you will win. When you don’t quit with this,you will be successful it is. And now it is time ladies and gentlemen, for the hardestpart, it is time to create our first amazing blog post. I go to my website, passive incomewith for slash WP admin in our stash admin, in order to login, and I go tonew post, I want to create my first blog post, finally. So we will use Gutenberg for thatwe don’t use Elementor for that, with Gutenberg, you can write beautiful blog posts.So whatyou can do, as I said before, you can take a look at what they’re telling you over here.You know, the AIDA Formula, Formula, Formula, Formula, attention, interest, desire and action.So I want to get their attention. So what about I do as a blog post title, I will sayConvertKit review, because that’s what I want to rank on.Later, I can write a blog postcovers good pricing, and maybe what is ConvertKit as a blog post, because what I have rightover here, let me show you in a minute, that will be the link you’ll see over here. SoI will show you what I mean. ConvertKit review and now I need to have something to grab theirinterest. So I can say how I made $5,000 In three days, or get started for free. That’syou both get their interest. I think the first one is a little bit too, too optimistic. Andnow we need to start writing. So don’t copy never got never do this. Copy Paste safe.Don’t do that? No, no, no, no. But you can get inspired, what I always prefer, really,really know the tool you’re talking about, don’t read those and then make it your owntext and then try to make money with no overdeliver get to know the tool, try try it, buy it,then you have something good to say there’s also it as a friend of mine, I really likethis one, unlike of all the other reviews about ConvertKit out there, which are writtenby people who have never used the email marketing platform and solely wrote a review for thesake of generating affiliate income.I love it. I love it. This guy. He’s crushing it.But again, what is called Earth gets a call first get pricing man, those guys know whatthey are doing go for it get support. It’s also something people are searching for ifI search for ConvertKit support, so for every keyword, I think, hey, that’s interesting.I can see over here how it is doing. It’s hard. But people are searching for it. Ithas everything to do with over deliver for every every keyword, you see also the top10 over here and how many backlinks they have. So you don’t have to have a lot of back paidlinks in order to rank high. It’s one of the is one of his it is one of all the differentaspects in order to rank better. But what I keep in mind in order to rank of high quality content.So how aboutI start with Title what is ConvertKit so I start writing, I hit enter and when I hitEnter, I create a new block. Now I can select this block or click on it. Now I can changeit from a paragraph two a heading. And by default, it will be a heading two and that’sperfectly fine with me heading, this is a heading one, you can use the heading one onlyone time per blog post and as always, the title of your page. So ConvertKit review getstarted for free.Or ConvertKit review turns 21 get started for free. Or if I want to inSeptember I can all already try to just 22 And maybe I will rank better when it is 22if not right and yet what is covered gets covered kids isn’t oh by the way, right nowI’m like okay, what am I gonna react and that’s the feeling we can all have like, Oh no, it’sreally gonna start. But is the moment we keep crashing better have something than nothing.Just start writing and then writing and then make it better over the years. People stillmake their blog post better so you’re building something and right now you keep on makingbetter through the years it will get found better and better as long as the quality isreally high.So high that people want to link it link back to you and you can bet linkedbacklinks. So I’m talking about Because I want to postpone procrastinate so I don’thave to write so ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that enables you to grow your audienceand by the way let’s go to convert kids they always tell other this features yeah to growyour audience connect with your subscribers and earn a livingor send automated emails are sent auto made it no sequences and that is all on autopilot.Okay. I sometimes have to trust that Grammarly knows what they’re doing, because I don’tI’m from the Netherlands English now my main language, if I will publish this, and I will,I can take a look. Okay, what else I can do. I can go to the post and make it private untilI’m finished.And I can take a look over here in a new tab and what I will see on firstgets review turns 21 get started for free. Okay, that’s not what I want. Because it willbe 2022 hopefully, within a year. And then I don’t want this because then it looks likeit’s old. So over here, I go to the permalink I changed it I wanted this to be called coversget review. And now when I go to my website blog sinceI’m logged in, I can see the blog post. Okay, this specific one with 34 slash coversgood review, review.Just like over here reviews ConvertKit offers case review offers kits,offers kits reviews. overthe get review, it’s just the best way. If you want it to be likethis, you can also do that we go to the backendsettings permalinks. And over here we need to remove all this stuff there first I want to go for the category. And then Iwant to have the post name. So if I save it I open this in a new tab I go to block I seeblock and if I go to this blog posts, I see Uncategorized over it gets reviewed becausethe category is not there. So there’s also what you can do I prefer to go to post nameso one more time. Let me go to blog click over here and you see over it right afterthe domain you don’t see blog or store or whatever just only this so um, I think thetext delivers more by now I’ll make sure that the templates will be bigger but right nowI can go to the customizer just take a look at all those others those also really small,bigger, smaller really small, bigger by solid scholar me.They come around. Okay, reallyquick. I go to the typography, base font make it bigger. Minus Yeah, polish. Close it. AndI click on edit post. I continue to write over here. So I asked myself the question,what do I want the reader to know about ConvertKit what I’m excited about? Well, what I’m excitedabout is the pricing you can start for free. So I say or hit enter. I say get started oror get over it. Get for free or start with ConvertKit for free. What I really like aboutConvertKit so I will skip continue to type our fast forward and I’ll talk a little bitabout what I can do now I can make use of internal linking internal linking is linkingto a different page or blog post on your website.And then that way, you can increase your SEOscore. So I say over here, that gives you the opportunity to grow and get used to theinterface of ConvertKit. If you want to learn from scratch, how to work with ConvertKityou can watch this tutorial. gone for it good. Oh, I don’t have that tutorial yet. But whatI can do, I can make this a link, I select it. And then if I will have that link, I couldsee each PS, I can just type in the title and then various see some IDs. So right nowI’ll link it to the homepage. Update. Okay, over here, I want to have a list. So clickon the plus search for list. You can one parade opt in forms, get 1000 subscribers sent broadcost emails, that’s all what you can do for free so you can get up to 1000 subscribersand send them broadcast emails, we send an email to all those 1000 people without payingone night.That’s what I really like, for a free two. That is amazing. When you likethe service, and you get more than Schreiber’s, you can upgrade. So I click over here, changethis into a heading. Sometimes you need to make things bold, to put emphasise on it.Okay, so let’s talk about ConvertKit pricing. Remember, the key word offers good support,of course get pricing per month 30.6 1000 People are searching for it, there’s not muchcompetition. And people start to use paid ads more and more I like he breaths. I don’texactly know how to say but it gives me the information I want to know.So I hit enterand I start writing about the pricing. Okay, now I can create an overview. And I can doit a lot of different ways I can do it with a list, I can do it with a table. So I clickon the plus, I search for a table. I select it, and I want to have two columns and morerows, let’s say five rows, or seven. Okay, when I select ablock, it’s called a block. This is a block a Parklife craft block, paragraph block. Andthis is a table blue lock. As you see over here, I can have additional settings. So ifI click over here, I have different settings and when I click over here so we can browsethrough all the blocks when we bring them over here we have additional settings, andwe don’t see them click over here and there they are. So what I want to say over here,I also have a header section or label and I say amount of soup scribers and here I wantto say price per month.So we have up to 1000 subscribers the price will be $29 per monthand then go to ConvertKit and then over here until three subscribers if I pay monthly $49So this amount is applied when you decide to pay per month instead of per year. Whenyou pay per year you get two months for free. Either subscribers 1000. And then I saw 3000I wish I could do a tap to go to the next one.But I cannot do that. So I need to dolike that 49 So I like to copy this, base it and there are more than seven numbers.So instead of going through all of them, I will skip a few. So let’s say 1000 3000 5000sOkay, I hit enter and then I say if you want to see or, you know? Go here, search for abutton. See all the pricings the right thing to say? Okay, Link.Of course we have no affiliatelink yet. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Let me update it. Let me show you something really niceplugins, add new redirection pretty well that we’re going to do. Let me explain to you,well, this tool, we can create beautiful redirection because when you get an affiliate link, peoplesee it as an affiliate link with the ref stuff, all that stuff. So over here, I can createbeautiful links. And then that way when affiliate link is changed, I can change it.Okay, letme just show you let me just show you activate. I have no affiliate link yet. So I can placeConvertKit everywhere over here in the blog post. And then when I get my affiliate link,I need to change it on all the places in the website where I use that link. So insteadI go to redirection, I set it up. Just a matter of clicking start the setup. Continue withthe setup, finish the setup.I click on finished. Okay. What I can do the source URL, I canmake it forward slash overthe get or for slash NGO, or slash ConvertKit. Then the targetURL in this case is HPs. Overt get that’s comm because I have no affiliate link yet.If I get my affiliate link, I need to place it here at the target URL. Right now I amsaying everybody that goes to passive income with forward slash go forward slashConvertKit goes to my affiliate link. So I click on Add redirect. But I also really likeis that I can see how many people clicked on it. So look at this, I copy this. And nowif I go to passive income with 30, let’s come. Let’s face it, let me copy it again. And Ihave entered Luke where I will go to ConvertKit. So now, if I go to my blog posts and I added the post I can click over hereI can paste the URL, open it in a new tab like that.Okay, well I can do now. Over here,you can see all the pricings I don’t know if pricing is the right word. Or the lensand the pricing centre over here. Okay. Then over here, I can also make a link this linkand now if I want this to be on top, I just click over here. That’s how it goes. So Ithink you know, I don’t need the button. I don’t like the button. Move the block. Oh.So, so far, so good.Let’s see how we’re doing. Over the review, I’m just gonna first getstarted with covering this for free and internal link over pricing, the creative plan, anddon’t look too much to the styling right now. Right now we’re just creating content. Ifyou see, take a look over here all those texts are different styles. Right now we just wantto focus on creating the content and then later on we can see if we can make it lookbetter. Or I always suggest when you have a blog post show to someone else. Let themgive you honest feedback so the surprising of the creative plan.Let’stalk about the Convert Kit. Crater, bro plan if I take a look over here, the paragraphsare quite big. It depends on on what’s kind of bloco Jeff over here that’s also the case.Some people have shorter sentence, less sentences or shorter sentences or English words. ButI think if I take a look over here, this is all fine what I’m doing next like this.Bythe way, something interesting about the maker Nathan berry realised guy I just watched himon On YouTube is is was like, I want to create a better tool than all those other tools becauseconvert is from 2013, which is relatively late compared to other email marketing tools.But he did a great job. So over here, make this a header. And now I want to show yousomething I want to go to the WordPress area. I want to go to plugins add new and I wantto add new blocks from Ultimate add ons so I can search for gluten Burg blog blocks.Gutenberg blocks ultimate add ons for Gutenberg, from brainstorm force an amazing company,I click on the instal now and now we can have more more freedom to do whatever I want todo within Gutenberg.And there are even more. So oh here see what’s the right now. We canuse all those things. And I like to use a table of contents a boy can have more. Soif you go to plugins, again, Add New. Again that search for Gutenberg blocks Gutenbergtemplate library from radix framework more than a million installations, let’s instalit and activate it. And they will give you more functionalities. For instance, customCSS for every block. So one more cadence blocks a competitor of Block C. But hey, who careswhere the wind is here, we can use all this stuff for free. Activate it. So I go backto boasts of Earth kit. And I want to create a table of contents. So I scroll up, and overhere below this, I click on the plus I see Table of Contents, I can also search for atable of contents. Because there are more I use the one from Gutenberg. And this ishow it looks automatically. So if I would update it, it’s getting crowded over here.I also make my screen a little bit smaller for recording.So I think with your page,this will be fine. So if I refresh this, look at this table of contents. If I click overhere, I go to the area. So that’s really nice. Let me make it look a little bit better. Idon’t want to include all this, this based on all the headings in the website.So overhere, I can include all the headings I want to show. I only want to show eight to andI scroll down over here I want to show culverted pricing but not the creator plan. So I createa h3 for that I made the h three, three so as we’d say. So I often try to see if I don’thave to say so maybe I should h4 should h4. Yeah. Okay, that’s how it looks. Let’s changethe cell. Scrolling down content, the headings, okay. This is all fine. Where I want to havebullet points or not. And if I want to do I want to change the colour the gap in thelist, I think it’s all fine. Okay, let’s go to the cell background colour. Let’s makeit light. Okay. And then this is fine, we can change the margin to change the bordercolour to this one for instance. Okay, what I personallywant to do I want to get rid of it on the line.So I can do it over here with customCSS, okay, a semicolon link, opening parentheses, closing text, decoration. None. Notice whenI hover over it, it’s also gone. So a little bit of coding. Why not as a free additionto this free video? Okay, I don’t like it that is not over the whole width. So I forgotsomewhere to do that custom with There it is 100% Wallah. Take some time to update it.Okay, what I can do over here what a paragraph I can style it I just need to select it nowreselect it and then here at the blog I can say I want to have certain colours. So I wantthis to become dark and this light but it’s not in the style of our website so I can’tmake it like this and then this but I’m okay. It’s okay as this update. So what I want tosit tell you that with every block you have a very you can change things.Over here you can change the colour etc. Andchange the background Update, Delete, say that the colour combination was not a good,that’ll be interesting. The colour combination may be hard for peopleWow, I like WordPress, this is great. That’s nice. So, so far, so good. Let’s remove thisbutton. So that’s how I create blog post writing, writing, writing that someone else read it.So that can give me feedback. So what I will do, we made use of headers, text, the table,they will have content.So what I will do, I will finish this, I don’t want to make thisa seven hour video. And then I will talk about what I’ve created for you. So I will not skipthis part. But I just want to save you some time. So this is my blog posts. A lot of text,no images yet, that’s what we’ll take a look at later.And what I want to tell you rightnow, I think whatever thing you do in life, you can become better at it. When I firstplayed soccer, I was not that good. But the more I did it, the better I became the samething is with Bing, don’t expect to become a super writer, as wants me to learn how towrite so I need to become better. There are a lot of things we can do in order to improve.One thing is we can let other people read it, give comments. And really simple. We canuse google, google it now the gym mentality. So what I can do, I can say search for howto become a better writer, or whether whether blog post writer as I searched before, thereare a few that’s a great blog writer read. So really important. You need to become areader. Jot down your ID. So what I did have here, I bought something.I write IDs downwith a pen. I mean, it’s really expensive 200 euros so I will take it more serious atsome times Howard I work, start some habits while you can click over here. Start readingit, just make it it is this is what you’re doing is a business in to become better atdoing executing your business. So read this and then we are ready. When you’re finished.Go to the next one. Neil Patel has become better start. Start reading this and startpractising the more you do it, the better you become at it.Do I have a ball soccerball over here. So I don’t have a bold soccer ball. But I have this look at this. Hey, hey,hey I don’t know if you saw that. But I will some juggling a stuffed animal. But I wantto tell you the more you practice things, the more do things the better you will becomeadults. So the more you write, the better you’ll become at it. So read books, writethings down, put into practice all the tips and advice as you read, need to take a breakand then you will become better at it the big chance this blog post is not that good.We need to become better at it. Well, there are some things we can do in order to becomebetter. One of them is called Grammarly. You can go to 30 forward slash grammarLi and enter. This is an affiliate link you can use the free version and you can use apro version and these people will help you to become better at writing and so on automaticpilot so what I can do over here I can click over here and it will give me feedback oneverything I’ve written.So okay, two things First, the settings I write in American Englishdone and the second one over here. Set goals. So my audience is general formality is informal,like chill allow allows slang and other more casual use it’s the domain place more rulesand conventions in him strictness creative. Allow some intentional bending of rules. Yes,the dome is friendly, respectful, optimistic and joyful. And I want to inform and those three if I click on done based on thosesettings I can go through all the settings here and see this sentence appears to be writtenin the passive voice. So where this where is it? I just click onit. The free plan. Now this is okay. Remove it. Before we talk about all the featuresof pro version features the pro version contains let’s talk about pricing, there are two proBlitz the price is based on the number of subscribersyou have on your list okay when you go for to create a Pro Plan as conferenceget you all.So here that will remove a few things they think will make it better. Soit’s thinking a little bit and then when it’s rephrasing it, I can replace it. And thenthat way I can make my blog post better and better rephrase the sentence great, I can move thepunctuation small things that that will make it better last time was just clicking on theon the new ID so I update it. What I did, I talked about ConvertKit. After that I talkedabout how you can start and while I talk about how to get started, I will talk about allthe options a landing page, share ConvertKit landing page, what do we have to offer inexchange for people to opt in to your email list, you can send broadcast emails, thenthere’s a 14 day trial for over three Pro you can use email automation, all this thatother stuff and there’s a lot of text but I’m missing something really important andthat is images. So let’s talk about creating images for your blog post.So we’re goingto add images if I take look at my competitors video images not too much. This one a lotof adds a few images so I want to do those. So I will close thisnow so what I want to do encloses I want to readthrough my text by this convert kits. It is all fine start with conference because forfree. Okay, so what I will do go to convert kits. There are two ways to do this. The firstone is with Photoshop on the Mac, I say shift command four. And then I can drag an areaI want to use for a picture. Okay now is we’ll go to my desktop, I can use use Photoshopto make it look better. or double click and then I can use the arrow over here, use shapes,this one over here.Now I can create a shape. Okay, I want to get rid of the stroke. Okay,and I can select a colour well I want to choose an orange colour because that’s what I wantto use in my website. I want to use an orange colour in my website. So I click over hereon to change this to orange. Okay. I don’t want to use this one. And now if I want topoint to get started for free, I can just drag this over here. Go to Edit, Transform,rotate and then again remove the border and change this to orange. Okay, now I go to fel. Export, save for web. I use JPEG 100%. The width I change it to9020 and I save it a really important you need to optimise this so first I will makea New Folder. Call this one overt kids review blog post that I need to rename this and thisis really important.ConvertKit start for free. Because when people search for that,look at this convert, get pricing and some people go to the images. Your image can popup over here. So always give your images a name. So I can get started for free. I madethe first image they need to ask a few questions. So I talked about it over here and then theConvertKit pricing. So what I will do, I will go back to ConvertKit I go to pricing andthen I want to make a picture of this area. So I normally I, I do a lot of Photoshop Iget rid of those edges make it look better. But what I want to do, just keep it simple,so I create an outline within that area. And this is fine for me, I don’t want to be pixelperfect for everything. So what I will do, I will open this in Photoshop I can say command Alt Option s or go to felexperts say for web like call this comfort kids, there’s pricing JPEG.Like that’s alwayson the percent later I will make the Fel smaller starting at $29 per month, and then here’san overview. And then I can show you I then have to show you that. Okay, let’scontinue create a Pro Plan. Okay, what I can do I can do this, okay, okay, this I can grab this image I can grab this imageI open it, I save it as creator. Plan or covert, get creative plan dot jpg. And then the secondone. Save As convert, get creator, pro LAN dot jpg. And that’s how I go through the text.which converts blends best for you somehow the text over here is I can get rid of thisblock. How to get started, create a landing page.So I have a free account, I sign up for free.Now want to sign up with a free account now talk about landing pages. Create a landingpage, I can talk about choosing a template. There’s a tool. It’s called go full page withChrome and if I click on this, it’ll make a picture of the whole page. Thisbig page shows will take your time and then I can download it. I can open it in Photoshop. I can make a selection and I can decide togo with the first for Image Crop meant Shift Alt S, you can take a look at the shortcuts.Make it 9020. Again, I forgot to begin with the other ones. And then I say overthe kitslanding page templates dot jpg. Okay. So that’s the first way on how to do it where there’sarrows and stuff.But maybe better. You can go to Ferdy Corp COMM For slash get cloudapp, hit enter. You can make use of this amazing tool you can download it for free and it’sreally easy to create images but also videos and also GIF files. So and they don’t needto have Photoshop. So we can download this for free or we go to the pricing and we seeall the benefits when you go for individual you can use the Pro for free for seven days.If I click on Buy Now, look at this. This 995 per month they get I can have a limitSkechers unlimited recording length and record in 4k. is nice but let’s start with the freeone. Continue with free. I can sign up with Google why not? Continue with free. My name is Ferdy Korpershoek.And my role is I’m into actually I’m into sales. No, no, I’m more into education.Iwant to use a Chrome extension. Add to grow out of the extension. There itis. Okay, great. I can see just feed your phone to seehow it works. But now this Okay, next one landing page, share your ConvertKit landingpage. Okay, what do we have to offer a broadcast email, so I go to send broadcast or notes, I will go to my premiumaccounts because I want to show them that I really use this tool and then go to sentbroadcast. And then I can point this, oh, here, I can make a screenshot of this area. Thereit is, I can download it over here. So there it goes,showing finder, hit enter. I call this one overt get brought cost and removed II. Okay,I want to drag it to the folder on my desktop with all the images. So now, if I go to thenext thing, 14 day free trial, what I can do, I can go back to the free version.Andagain, it’s a lot of work. I know if it was easy, everybody would do this. And the greatthing. It’s hard. So now we can stand out by doing the hard stuff. If I go to automate.And I say oh no, no, no, it’s two cent sequence. It will say no, no, you don’t have Xs L tomake a selection of this area. I click over here on to make a screenshot make it a little bitsmaller over here and then like this okay, I click on No date. Now I want to havean arrow and I can point it over here. So I save it, I click on downloads and thereit goes. I can call this free upgrade over it’s goodmovie okay, what I will do now, I will go to tiny Hit enter. Then I open thefolder of all the images I have meant a drag them over here. And they go all from big filesto small files in here see the amount of percentage that is downgraded.So I click on Downloaddownloads Okay, and I go for the first one. So, start forfree I click on the plus I search for an image I want to upload an image go to downloads I search for this one covers get started forfree, open. And there it goes. We can do multiple things with it, I can click on it and bringit to the align to the right and then if I make it smaller, the text will be wrappedaround it.It’s something you can do. I personally use like to use the whole width. So the pricingenter. I can add an image but first let me do like this is what I prefer. Go back toWordPress with first update go to WordPress. Go to media, Add New. Select Files, and thenall these files over here. Open. That’s it. Now go back to the posts all posts. I click over here and then over here over it’s good pricingimage, I can go to the media library, I can search for pricing, I select it like that,over here, the creator plan. So now I can click over here. Sorry, I hit Enter, searchfor an image media library, and then go for the Pro Plan. Crater, the pro plan this 130creator plan. Okay, I make a smaller lining to the right like that. Okay. And then the second verse get creativePro Plan, I can hit Enter.Okay, click on the Plus, I’ll see image over here, becausethis is the last one I used media library. Create a plan and create a Pro Plan. And again,I can bring it to the left or first ally and to the right or to the left. Make it smaller. And then that way, you canmake this work. To get started with ConvertKit, create a landingpage with the landing page over here.Image media library, and then the landingpage. I grabbed this one selected broadcast emails. So that’s how we do it. That’s how it is doneMedia Library, select the broadcast emails. So make it a little bit more visual. And Ican also be found through those images. So if I click on update, right, take a look atthe preview in a new tab. It looks like this image is over here. And the image image mentionedthat in that way, you can make your blog post so much better, and you can be found better.And you can do that with Photoshop, or you can do it with the get cloud app app. So Iwill finish that.And then I will be back with you. So over here is my blog post withall the images. And I think it looks great. So what I want to do here, and then I wantto place my affiliate link not too much. Over here. I have my link, so I copy it. And then let’s see. Start with conference kits for free. Enter, I can have a button. Start it’s gone first kit for free. Okay,the link here is this one, open a new tab. Okay, so here’s a button. I don’t want touse buttons too much. So you just can place your link anywhere Get Your FREE 14 A trial over here. And always check the link. Otherwise it will be a wasteif you lose Commission’s. So I think my blog post is finished. I also added something atthe end the converted pros and cons.So what I want to do, I want to go to both the autoadjust a few things over here. Let me update it. Right now the visibility is privates,I can change it to public. And when I do that, and I update it, that means that right now,my website, my blog post is visible to the whole world. I can also publish it on a certaindate. So maybe I want to publish it next Friday, a certain time format. And now it’s plus zero.So when it’s either o’clock pm at UTC zero is what we scheduled now if Iupdate it it’s already published because this was yesterday, so I need to go for the nextweek. And if I click on update, it says scheduled so right now it’s scheduled for next week.So what you can do, you can hire a blog post writer and create a few blog posts or lethim create it him or her create that. And then you can schedule them for every Friday.So your website has fresh new blog posts every week. So this is what I like to do. Rightnow I want to bring it back to 16th of September.So now it’s just published. And that’s publishedagain. So what else our URL slug? Well, that’s what we’ll see. Over here on our website,if I go to the front end, to the blog page, and over here, it says, convert, review, Ithink that’s perfect. You could change over here if you want to, then there are categories.We have a lot of categories already, but they don’t have a name. So I can create a new oneby clicking here. I say email marketing, add a new category, I can also have multiple categories.So I can say software, I can also have subcategories. I can createa new one, email, software. And then I can create a parent category, which is softwareedits, and then it will be selected over here. So now if I update it, and I refresh the page,look at this in email marketing, email, software, and software.So if I click over here, emailmarketing, I will see all the blog posts of the category email marketing, and that isa great way to have internal linking. And to have more structure in your website, especiallywhen you will have a lot of blog posts. Then we can have tax. It’s almost the sameas categories. But this time it’s just random words. So if I say email marketing, and Iwill have another blog post also with email marketing, and I click on attack, email marketing,LLC, all the related blog posts, I hit the comma overthe kids email marketing case study.And this can also be seen as keywords. So when you have this, you can be found on thosekeywords. Featured Image, that’s a whole nother subject a bit like that. Let’s dive rightinto it. What I do I use Photoshop, you can also use Canva if you want to go to 30 growthcomm forward slash Canva I even have tutorial about it.You can start for free, free forever and get free templates and stuff.I like to use Photoshop. And if I create a new thumbnail, I create a new one over here.I make it 920 By 1080 pixels 2772 resolution and is what I will do in my website, I wantto use the colours blue, and orange. So I start with blue backgrounds. I have the colourcode over here of the backgrounds. This one what I like to do actually, I can create agradient, I hold this, I go to the gradient tool and I drag it over here and those aredifferent colours, okay, excuse me. I click on this one colour, I paste it. Okay, andthen I go to the second one, I paste it but then I want to change the colour a bit. Now,if I drag it like this, okay, I can also do it the other way around.Okay, now I wanta picture of myself. So I have a few pictures. Dropbox 30. So let’s see this one is a PNGalready. I can copy it. I can base it. I can paste it over here. And it’s reallybig. So Edit, Transform, scale Command or Control zero. I make it smaller. I just want to show my face the bigger depends on how you look now, the bigger thebetter.But I think there’s also Yeah, I want people to show my face. So I think this isgreat. I learned that you should not cut on the joints are not here. So maybe I shouldmake it a little bit lower. But I should not cut here and then really simple role reallysimple. I can type over here. Convert, get review and bring it to the right shift arrow right.I think it’s a little boring right now. Go to character. Make it auto I have a different tutorial about it, youcan find it on the internet on my YouTube channel. I think this is okay, what I alsocan do, that’s what I prefer. Maybe there are better ways to do it. But I do like this.I select covers get I create a new layer over here, I make it white. Like that, then I say command or control, and I clickon the Text icon.Then I select the layer, and I remove it. And then over here, I create amask. And then I click on the brush to make it smaller with the left bracket key.I hold X or I click on x, d and then x until the black area appears over here and then moved like that. Over it’s good review, I can select both layersis one holding shift this one, bring it up or down. And I can maybe have another sentenceover here. The best email marketing tool with right now I want to keep it really simple.To be honest, I want to have a little bit more difference in colour over here. Select thisarea I would like this. Okay, I’m not happy with the background colour.By the way, I changed the text and was missing a tee. I’m talking a little bit softer becausemy daughter who is six weeks is laying in bed behind me on the ice, I have almost notime to work. So I try to to find more plays more more moments to work. I hope this willwork out otherwise.I don’t know I don’t know. I don’t know if I like the colours or not.It’s fine. So what I can do Command S CTRL S to save it. And I call this one blog post template. Okay, then I say fel exports, C for web 100%added 20,080. I save it. And again I need to make this a good title.So over it kidsreview. Then I go to tiny There it is. It goes from 600 kilobytes to let’s say 220or 100 for even better. And now, over here, I click a featured image.I click over here. I drag it what I didn’t tell you yet, you can changethe title, remove all the dashes, then copy the title and place it in the alt text. That’sa way to get to be found better on the internet with images.So there it is. Doesn’t matterhow it looks it it’s fine. And then excerpt there is a small text about what this blogpost is all about. Something like that. I’ll show you later how you can apply this howyou can use this and discussion down to people to be able to allow comments and pingbacksand Trackbacks Yes, update pretty what is the thing back?Well what is a thing back? trek back? No trek trek back Well,what was it? What was it? Um trek back. Thank you find out so people can see when they link to me orthe other way around. That’s how I learn things. Just Google it. So, so far, so good. Let merefresh this page. Now it looks like that’s covers get rebooted and went on. Get startedfor free. Email marketing email software software. Great. So before we start to optimise our blog posts,I’ll add a few more things over here.So first, let me update a few things. That new updatefor this theme. Okay, I go to block C to extensions, I make sure that thewidgets are activated. So right now they are, I can go to Appearance Widgets. At the mainsidebar, I want to have a new area. And I search for all let’s say about about me. SoI would like to about Ferdy Korpershoek, I wanted to be simple, on to the source be custom.So I select a logo, which is an image of mine. I can do this one, or this one. Let’s seethis one. The name also plays it about Ferdy Korpershoek. And then over here I can sayavatar size, small avatar shape, rounded, alignment centre. And then over here, I liketo Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I can adjust those channels in the customizer. Ican size. So it all looks fine. So now if I go to the website, I go to the blog page,and also the blog posts.This is what I was wondering how that would look. So I will removethat area. The title image can be bigger. Like that? No, not like that. After size,large update. Refresh. Was pretty quick. So I click over here. I go to my Facebook page. Okay, well, I wantedto be on top. How can I do that? In two ways, I can also go over here, go tothe customizer. Then I go all the way down to widgets, or main sidebar. I got it to selectthis and then click over here. So I bring it on top. Like that. Sure, all the way down, I click on the plus my search for posts. Notthis one, the blue one, but the black one is one is from Block C title.I can say recent posts, I can show a thumbnail like that. I can do that. And I can change the ratioto predefined 16 by nine. That’s how I prefer my thumbnails, my images. And that can showall categories or a certain category. I can sort them by popular. Most comments. I canorder them randomly. I can increase posts, I can show the date and stuff. And this isthe excerpt I was talking about, you can place over here or even post show over here.I turnedoff I think this great. And then one more thing. Bring it up yes, no here. I think I’m about 40 That’s enough. I’ll change this textto this one. So much better. Okay, so three widgets over here. Publish. Okay, so if Itake a look at my blog page, I see my blog post we created information over here. And then this blogpost, but a lot of information. If I scroll all the way down, I see thosereasons most of hearing popular posts. So, so far, so good. Now before we start to optimise our websitefor the search results, let’s optimise our website. When it comes to designing, we changethe colour since logo.So that’s what I want to do. I don’t want to focus too long on itright now, I just want to get the job done. So what I want to do, I want to create a logo,and I will show you how you can do that. If you want to take a serious, it is best forthe long run if you let someone else design a logo because our logo makers, I’m not alogo maker.What I always do just something really simple. A word with a small font andthen with a bold font. And in order to do that I go to 30 Core Plus comm forward slashLogo Maker without an E Logo Maker like that. Now to start a new project and I’m inspiredby Tony Robbins or Brennan really simple Tony Robbins first name last name what’s his name?Brendon. Burchard Brennan like that’s so why not do the same. We can do it overhere for free. So I started with a text I say Ferdy Korpershoekor Ferdy we’re assuming user first and last name I use specifingon with Ferdy I definitely should that’s on us great logo for that otherwise it will looklike this 40 SF income with 30 I don’t know how to do with that. So I just say 30 Corpin capitals and then over here I make it dark grey.Found out that 5151 51 is right in greyNice. Okay. Then I want to duplicate this area you know what first I can take a lookat the font I think really is okay. It’s also the the font over here. So we keep the samecell duplicated. Make sure it’s is exactly the same spot Okay. Over here I say 30 Over here I say Corp bring this to theleft only shift Michelle two all right, I leave space like that but I’ve personallylike to like this.Although let me bring it down because I want to make this STELs not boltbolt and this one I wanted to be bold Okay this one is this colour this one I want itto be an orange colour let’s say like that. Bring it back yes, it’s perfectly aligned.No it’s not okay I’m happy now I need to make a selection I need to makeit as close to the edge as possible because you don’t get a really big file for free.So we need to make use of every pixel we have Okay, yes. Okay, maybe maybe Okay, now I want to save it for free and thenso I need to need to show credits we can do it somewhere else somewhere in the websitedownload or you go for this one you get the high resolution fell.Oh, thanks downloadthe low resolution fell. And I say Ferdy Corp logo. Okay, perfect. Go to the customer. or minus, I go to theheader I select the logo area I close this I select the logo, upload files, select files,I go to the downloads and there it is open it pretty cool logo copy, paste select andthere it is okay I go back I go back and I go to the colours and I change this one let’slet’s okay let’s do the second colour this one orange so when I hover over an area andbecomes orange then the first colour I want to grab this blue colour the corner copy and that will be my main colour and look atthis it will change everywhere in the website so right now this colour is changed when Ihover over here this orange this colours change you want to hover overit so now we start to work with new colours in the website.So if I want to change thiscolour click over here face it and then I only want to bring it down okay let me seethis is not black so I base it I bring it even down even more also here hold everythingto be kind of the same style same colour. So also here I base it and then make it lighterand this one is okay and this one is okay. So now is the new colour and in a few steps we changed the look a fewof our website okay, I want to get rid of this image howcan I do that customise a scroll down. single post no Featured Image. Yes, publish so peoplecan start reading immediately. Okay now it’s time to optimise our blog posts.And before we are going to do that, we need to do a few other things in order to set seta strong foundation when it comes to optimising your website when to get the right data sowe can analyse the data and see how we can perform better.So the first thing we needto do, we need to sign up my website for the Google Search Console so we can see how weare doing we want to have feedback we want to know how we are doing we’re going to usea rash he reps for that are going to use Google Search Console Google Analytics are goingto use rankmath to optimise our website where we want to get feedback. Just as with Grammarly,I want to know how I am doing so I want to have feedback from friends from Grammarlyon Google Search Console from a refs, I want to know how I’m doing and if we know how we’redoing. We also know how to improve and I gotta take you with me on this journey. So the firstthing we need to do, we need to go to Google and Analytics, Google Analytics, you needto have a demo account for this. And you can sign up really simple if you have not signedup and you really have no idea how you can do that.Please watch a tutorial on how youcan do that. When you’ve done that, go to Google Analytics to your account. Soif I go to Google Analytics to the homepage, this is what I will see that I go to the adminon to create a new account. My new account name is passive income with 30 is all fine with me. I click on next. propertyname is again passive income with 30 I focus on the United States of America. United States and the currency on my website is dollar next, okay, I’m a small business do I want to Well, Iwant to know everything uses for everything. I want to get everything out of it. I accept everything. Okay, next step set up data stream to startcollecting data. So I choose the web as a platform Obviously this best safe, can I baseit No, best safe in come with 30 that come, my stream name is passive income with 30 Iwant to see as much as possible. So I click on Create stream. Okay, and now we need toscroll down. And we use a CMS called WordPress. So we need to use a global Cytec.So I clickover here. So what I need to do, I need to place this code in the head of my website,we can do it like this. But what we also can do, we can use Google Site get. So if I goto the back end, and I want to go to plugins, add new search for Google site gets instalnow activate. Now to start the setup. First, they want me to verify that it is me. So Ineed to verify the ownership. So I sign in with Google.Here’s my demo account I usefor everything. I click on Continue. I need to verify my ownership. Again, this is a momentwhere you can get stuck or give up. Please don’t let me show you how it is done. Yes,I allow them to have access. I’m a verified owner. So sometimes you don’t need to followthe steps. Somehow, they know I am the owner of this website. So I click on Add site. Ihave successfully set up everything I go to my dashboard. I still need to link it withGoogle Analytics. So over here, analytics connect service. Again, for the corp, thesame email address I use over here at Google Analytics. Continue analysing this like myaccount, which is this one and I say configure analytics. Additional permission is requiredwhen you need to grant sighted permission, and then click on Cancel or just getting Clickon Proceed.Again, it’s just a lot of clicking Continue. And now it is connected. So it will get our information. It has noanalytics yet, because we just sign up. But through today’s it will be more clear. Sothat’s Google Analytics. I see I have two four unique visitors. Wow, that’s really impressive.But I don’t want Google analytics to see myself as a visitor. Otherwise, I have visitors allthe time because I work on this website. How can I block myself from Google Analytics?Well, first, we need to go to enter the analytics that Google does come for a new user. So thereare users over here, somehow. I don’t know how I did not place anything about this websiteyet. So if I click over here, I go to the admin, I want to block myself. Then over here,I need to select passive income with now I see this area over here. Now I canclick on Filters. And I need to add a filter. So I click on Add filter name is exclude 30sIP, then the filter type is predefined and I want to select the type which is excludeand I go to the Internet, what is my IP address? Okay, it seems that they have new IP addresses.It looks really weird. I copy it. And I click over here and I say traffic from the IP addresses.And I wanted to be equal to this one. And then I save it and now when I’m working onmy website is will not be seen as unique visitor.So I’m really happy with that. So what I wantto do now Search Console, I want to connect it because right now it says connected andlet me make sure Google site on soul on to start now, and again if you’re not a memberyet, you can see on the internet, how you can get started over here. Ferdy Korpershoekis already a property and I click on Add property and I somehow I already see it over here.I don’t know what they did.Passive income with 30 that’s come if you don’t see thatYou can add your own. So somehow it is already linked. And again, we don’t see anything becauseit’s just connected. So search console is connected and is connected. And PageSpeedInsights is not connected. But I just want to focus on analytics and Search Console.What I can do, I can go to appearance, sorry, to to not, let’s go to the dashboard. Siteget summary.So when I have data, it will be displayed over here. So we have GoogleSearch Console linked, and we have Google Analytics linked, and now they will get ourdata and in the beginning, it will probably not be much because nobody knows about ourwebsite yet. What I want to do now, I want to optimise our website for the search resultsby making use off 30 Or that’s come for slash rank meth, it enter, this is an affiliatelink, we’re gonna start with the free version. We can download it for free over here. Orwe go to Plugins Add New. And then I search for rank meth, there is more than 9000 installations,a lot of likes people like it, I like it more than Yoast SEO, and it has more functionalities.When you get the pro version even have more functionalities.I think we think the series,you should go with pro version, so we can connect a free account. Connect your account.You can link a login with Facebook, Google and WordPress, I use Google. Again, pretty core. You’re about to activate rankmath free planfor this URL. Okay, activated now. So let’s go for advanced and start the wizard and Iwill show you step by step. How you can do that input data from redirections. We havethe plugin. It’s not much data but we will know our to skip this. Because I want to keepusing redirection, but rankmath also has a plugin ordinate they can do that. But I preferredirection. Should I turn this off? Skip the imports? And we go to the second tab yoursite? What is it? Is it the personal block? For me right now? It’s a personal blog. Ismy logo. My default social share image, so on people on to share it on Facebook.I wantto show my face as this one. Save and Continue connects Google services.Yes. As the best one. They are all connected with each other. They can see all the information. So theycan help me to optimise it continue. There is at one for Google Analytics as income with30 as income with 30. Oh, website data. And that’s also thing you can instal the analyticscode we don’t need to do because we already have Google site.Do I have AdSense? I don’t have that yet.So I’ll skip that throughout to get email reports. Yes, Save and Continue. Next reallyimportant sitemaps. With Sitemaps, you can create one fell of all the index pages andblog post on your website and send it to Google. So Google knows what to index in your website.And here we can set up what we want to include. We want to include everything. So I clickon Save and Continue. SEO tweaks. While they do the trust is all fine. I click on Saveand Continue. And then my site is ready. And they will auto update auto update after plugin.Yes.No more about the pro version. You can take a look at that. Right now, I click onSet Up advanced options. I don’t use this so I click on Save and Continue. Monitor 404.So when pages are not found monitor that I don’t want to use redirections. Save and Continue.They’re all to make use of schema markup. I leave it all as it is. Save and Continue.We can also always change this later.So we have set up rankmath. Now we can do so muchmore. If I go to the dashboard, we see rankmath overview. And that’s why I like to bring thisone, you know, I like Google Analytics at the left and rankmath at the right. So ina few days, you start to see data over here, you will see more about the simple pricingplans of rank rankmath. For unlimited websites, you can select 500 keywords powerful schemagenerator or a schema. If I search for Ferdy Korpershoek It will make sure this all looksreally nice. This for personal use. And you can also go with this one. This is in my opinion,the better one perfect for freelancers, businesses, agencies, owners, it will cost $199 per year.And you can have up to 100 websites track 10,000 keywords powerful schema generatorthat renews at 199 Plus Texas.If you want to go with them, you need to except for theterm SWAT right now, I will not use this yet but I will talk about it later. So let’s goto our blog posts. And now it’s time to optimise it so I click over here. What we see now isover here our score our rank math score. So if I click over here, this is how it willlook and people search on the internet over because review 2001 get started is coveredwith the best email marketing tool out there.Let’s find out the pros and cons of ConvertKitI can edit this snippet over here and then again I can take look at others how they doit. What do they say offer it’s good review again. Aida attention, interest, desire andaction vericut makes it extremely difficult for people and as you pay for their plan overskirtis a great email service provider for content creators it offers a lot of advanced featuresthat will help you to build an online business so right now the title was created by defaultlater we can change this by removing the site name all that stuff. So over here I can justcreate from scratch covers gets reviewed 2021 get started for free permalink is this one the description so covertgets review is the word I want to be found. So in this covert good review but our capital you can see the pros cons off of her it’sgood. We will also show you $1,000 Case Study it can be a little bit longer the title ofwork is review 2020 get started for free with overs get now it’s more green permalink Ithink it’s still great even though we’re gonna have a longer one.I want to keep it likethat in this converted review. Okay, on social media you can customise it I justlook on the mobile. Great. So I really liked this. We added the snippet and this is reallyimportant the focus keyword. What do we want to be found? Well if I take a look at a refs that come by searchfor Keyword Explorer and I say overts kids search I go to the matching terms or relatedterms of risk pricing offers good reviews. offers good review. I want to be found. Lookat this ConvertKit is mean first of all, we’ll also rank for this one it will go for ConvertKititself offers good now overcut is too broad so I want to focus onConvertKit review over it gets review over it gets over is good pricing Are you go forthe low hanging fruit remember to say Keyword Difficulty maximum was 25.But the volumeshould be minimum of 1000s. They also need to write about that and keep in mind thatwhen you grab those stacks, definitely talk about it if you want to rank for convertedpricing and use it over here. because it’s a great word to write about. And also reallydive deep into that subject that word over here. Yes. Update. I can have multiplekeywords, but this one is the most important one. So again,what do I want to focus on? Well, what do I talk about over here? Start with overskirt. Start with ConvertKit. So I use it over it’sgood pricing offers hurts good, free LAN. Lan. Okay, what a spoiler content well, actually,it’s kind of evergreen content. So will this be changed in two months? If the answer isno, in a year, people can read this and then still applies. Of course, a few images canchange because they change the look and feel. But this is Billa content. If you want tolearn more about things, just click over here select one or more pillar content post law.So then we scroll down. And then we see thereare five errors. The focus keyword does not appear in the SEO title. The focus keywordis converted a review and I wrote it the wrong way. So that’s the reason why I can’t lookat this. There’s a reason why I’m not ranking for it. So again, gone for it get brief view Yes, better. It’s not right anymore.I wantthis to be the focus of what I need to a little bit interesting that it needs to be knownthis way. And needs to be the first words so again, overt get no overt good review. Overt over it’s good pricing, and we already see a lot of greatkeywords covers get that should never do ConvertKit vs MailChimp because I don’t talk about ityet. I talked about the landing page, hover over it get free plan offers good CreatorPro. So there are a few keywords, it’s not ranking well on comfort get I’m running itthe right way. And over here, we can fix that. So a few things that are going great folkscured using site SEO meta description OxGord in the URL.Gone that is these amounts, theseamounts of words. The focus keyword does not appear in SEO title. Over it gets review,it’s not an SEO title, averts again, and over. Again, I forget the T and that was mould andI was bored because I used over here. So covert gets reviewed 2021 Now it’s too long, or itgets reviewed 2021 get started for free. Okay, so now it’s getting better or rankmath score.But we need to we need to be found better by the way I forget one important one. This one I can’t use it. I can only have five. So Isay over it gets and now covered because reviews somehow look at this it’s magic. They’re usingthe focus keyword in the SEO title, focus keyword in the SEO description. So we’re gettingfeedback from rankmath on automatic pilot and this is why I use it focus keyword doesn’tappear at the beginning of your content.So the beginning of my content ConvertKit is a marketing tool in this convert,get review I show you how so now look at this is getting greener and look at this. It’sgetting to 90 from 30 to 90 So then there are additional things no outboundlinks were found to external sources. We found zero out links in your content and all ofthem are nofollow. So what I can do look at this look at this look at this. Oh no, no,no. I can’t guys come on. Sorry, guys. That was not to you but to myself. I mean Comeon. So do I have a ConvertKit tutorial? The weird thing is I cannot see it here. There’sso much I can do to make my website better. ovirt Kit tutorial 30. So I can link to this page and then I linkto an out bound out out page. I have an internal link in the beginning how to get started,click here to go to ConvertKit Yes, but declined on us link in the beginning you can watchthis tutorial that’s an in in Okay, let’s make it about link. Now. You can if you wantto learn how to learn from scratch, how to work with golfers gets you can do that over here or watch this YouTube tutorial.Look at this I selectedpaste the link, open in a new tab. Enter. Okay, wow 96. I like this. I like this process. So we’rejust doing everything they say. We have an outbound link now, with an internal link. It’s all good. We score well. So what you just need to dois fix all these issues. readability. So if we start to create a lot of blog postslike this, and we link them to each other, so a covert because review covers this versusMailChimp overt gets tutorial and then we link everything to each other, it becomesa beautiful spider web of the World Wide Web and everybody’s happy. And you start to getvisitors and you can turn those visitors into buyers. I’m excited. This looks really great.And if I go to the homepage, to block we can hover over here. And we see it looksgreat. There’s a green area, that means that this page is doing great. So that’s it.Wemade a blog post. We there’s so many things already. Guys, I’m proud of you ladies, Ialways say guys with guys, I mean everybody. Wow. I’m happy, it was a lot of work. ButI’m I’m happy with the results. And now it’s a matter of creating more content or othergreat content for you. So let’s go to the settings of Arranque. Matt, there are a fewmore things we can do. If I go to rankmath dashboards is all fine. We can go to analytics, we optimise one page.A little bit of analytics, site analytics. On good score. Again here for this we need to upgrade. Let’sgo through the general settings. What I want to do, I want to go to title a made up thatI want to change something.When I make use of a separator I want to use this, this personallywhat I like save it. And then I go to the post. And I don’t want to use a site name,my affiliate marketing website. Now I want to only use this site title, separator, onlythe title. That’s what I want to show, I only want to show the excerpt. So by default, whenmy my snippet in Google will show the title not something else.Save the changes. Okay, something important. Let’s go to theSettings General. Right now change this title to whatever you offer. I can say passive incomewith 30 But people don’t search for that. So I say title is learn. Learn how to growa passive stream of income. I go to my notes my vision, helping beginning people entrepreneursto just I would have failed marketing. Okay? Save the changes. If I focus on the United States, I can alsodo it over here, but I prefer to use the Dutch time of Amsterdam. So when I schedule somethingfor three o’clock in the morning, I can just loot use my Dutch time, and don’t have tothink about the time in LA.For me in order to know how late I should upload it, so Ican always think about the Dutch time. So that’s why I prefer home, timezone in my owncountry. Okay, I’m happy, I hope you’re to this our website. So our most recent blog post can be over here.Before we want to make our website public to the world and share our link everywherefrom our website, we want to finish our website. And I don’t mean finish it like but I’m gonnado that we want to make it presentable. So when everybody goes to the website, they don’tthink, hey, the website is not finished. So we need to finish it in that way. And in orderto do that, we’re going to do it in two parts. The first part I will show you things on howto finish a website, make it complete, make it presentable, then in between a new modulecome on how to create an email list. And after we created our email list and set everythingup so that we can collect subscribers, we will finish finishing our website.Yes, sothis is the first part of module seven, on how to finish our website, they will talkabout ConvertKit, building an email list and then part two, on how to finish our website.Let’s get started. Okay, now on to clean or things we don’t use in our website over here.We see categories, but we don’t use those categories. So I want to get rid of those.I go to the back end. Because right now everything you’ll see on our website after this willbe your own. So I go to categories. select them all, except for email marketing software and emailsoftware. Bulk Actions, delete, apply by by all measure. And then we go to all posts,delete them all, except for the ConvertKit one, remove to the Thresh.And by the way,you see a nice overview over here later, how your website is doing when it comes to SEO. I go to the trash and I empty the trash. Okay,now I go to the homepage. This is all gone. So what I will do, I willedit this page with Elementor. You can also optimise pages for the search results. Youcan even do this from within Elementor over here. So there’s nice thank you rankmath fordepth. So I can remove this one. Right now. I will show all Blog Posts, Recent Blog Posts,Recent Posts, whatever you want to do what I want to do, I want to make the interfacedark and at editing handles. I can talk that over here. Sorry. Let’s go back over here and then click hereand you see categories, email, marketing, but actually I want to add everything. So like that. I want to have three posts. Then if I go to Layout three columns, like that and then right now since I only have one blogpost, I can remove this but if I have more blog posts I can show over here.Learn howsolid YouTube learn how to stop start with affiliate marketing learn how to start withcreating a course. Right now the one that I have here how to write efficient of my website,finish this sentence because revision I want to make the world a better place by helping beginner entrepreneurs to grow a passive stream of income by something like that. My vision is to help Beginning entrepreneurs to grow a passivestream of income by creating an online automated by creating online, online, this is a littlebit worth a stream of income true or the um, how do you say that in the interior somethinglike that. And the great thing about the website is you can always change it. So over here,finish the sentence, learn how to grow a passive stream of income without having to invest a lot of money say something peoplewant and then say what they don’t want that they don’t have to do that they don’t haveto invest a lot of money join if I use my current email list 50 1000s Plus, entre endorse and get updates on how you cangrow massive stream of income there I can have an email, opt in I don’t have the jetwe’ll talk about it.Great, great, great. No blog posts okay, what’s going on over there,go to the dashboards here, here okay. Then I go to the widgetsscroll down area to I think force I don’t have those categories anymore.So I go to I go to Appearance, Menus and block I select all the categories save it so now if I go to the website is how to look learn how to grow passive stream ofincome without having to invest bla bla bla. Then here blog email marketing silver emailserver. And if I click over here, I see this grades recent post. So, so far, so good. Idon’t like this colour. Let me go to the customizer, I think I created this colour myself. It’snot from the colour palette. So really simple. I go to the footer to the bottom row areadesign. And then I select this colour, and then I make it darker. And over here I cansee how it looks.And I’m happy with how it looks guys. Ladies, I’m excited. I like Ireally like how everything is looking. Maybe I should make this blue instead of orangeboraam. A solely up to me. So let’s take a look at the about page. Read this and thencreate a compelling story on where you went from where you went through where you are. That guy and then and Froy I have to say Istart to become more more intrigued by a more inspiring Look at this. This is a story whenhe was young was older. Just write a story like this so people can connect with you.I know his love story and it takes a lot of time for people really like to see that and if I go to eightbreaths that come are still winning our seven day trial. Site Explorer can paste this specificlink. People are referring to it because they think it’s inspiring people are referringeven more look at this story of this guy. So definitely create your story over here.A bit later in the tutorial I will show you how I will write my journey story.But rightnow I want to go on to courses but I will be back with you about the subject or page,my journey. If you have courses from yourself or from others, you can share them over here. There’s a block almost same thing resourcesso we can place conference get link over here. And people can still reach out. And you canchange stacks if you want to. So, so far, so good, I think it’s time. For the next subject.I have an ID, how about we create an email address for our domain. In order to do it,we go to name heroes comm. I go to my accounts, my cloud web hosting plus, plug into the cPanel. I search for email accounts. That’s whereI click on. And then I create a new one. It is called info or your first name, info,I need to create a password. And I click on Create.There it is. So what I can do, I cancheck my email over here. For me, for now, that’s enough. I choose Roundcube. There are this settings to set up a client. I have the doorabout that. So you can go to youtube name hero 30. Click over here. And then go to the description.Create an email account how to use webmail, use a mail client or on your phone. So youcan click over here. And that will show you how you can do that. But for me this enough,right now I can receive emails, I can send emails. So what I want to do now, I closethis, close this, I want to start with ConvertKit with my email building list, too. And I willstart for free. And I’ll show you how you can do that you can go to 30 Corp comm forwardslash offers get a guy’s if I told you already, if I use affiliate links, and this is oneof them.Yes, you can get started for free. And I’m not moving from another tool. I do I have a website with WordPress. And what am I am I a blogger, I am a blogger.And maybe in the future I will be a YouTuber. And I need to use info at best safe incomewith 30 to come and its creative buzzword. And I agree to the terms so get started for free. Awesome, I can watch this video from Nathanberry really nice guy, or is a good actor, I think the first one or maybe both. I wantto grow my list. I want to have subscribers, I can add subscribers manually over here.But I want to get them from my website. So I will create a landing page or a form Well,in this case, I also have a form over here or a call to action somewhere on my website.So I could choose a landing page, if I want to I can watch this video, or I can createa form Well, landing pages outside of your website form is inside of your website.SoI want to create a form. So I can embed it over here. So I click on create a form. Andthen there are four different formats. There’s inline, so to be displayed within your website,then as modal, it will appear as a pop up in your website. The other one is sliding,total sliding over here. And this one is a sticky on the top bar. So you’ll see on thewhole website or on every page. So if you scroll down, it will stick over here. Nowto sign up. So what do we want to do? Do we want to let people sign up for our newsletter?Or do we want to give people something in exchange for their email address? And howdo we want to display that, if we would go for the newsletter, I could do it like thissticky bar.So it will be displayed the whole website or I can have the form over here.So name, email address, subscribe, or I can let people click over here and then it willappear in a pop up. Well, if we want to let it appear in the pop up, we can choose thisone. If we want it to be on top, we can choose this one. If you want it to be somewhere inline in text, then we choose this one. So I’ll just start with a modal. And then wecan choose a template. Really simple one. So all those templates over here they willpop up so they will appear on our screen or we can decide where we want them to appearon our screen.So they can look at what you like to use is really basic one for instance.Thank you an image of your Are you can use Charlotte, I choose this one. Okay, it isjoined a newsletter, I want to change it to learn how to become an online entrepreneurin 2021. By adding value software, I can type the text over here or I can leave it empty,I can also click over here and then make it a little bit smaller, I can change the fontcolour. Let’s say I want 5151 I can change the font weight to normal. WeI can have an image. So I click here, I can choose an image and they are connected withUnsplash. So you can choose an image like this. But I prefer my own image. So I clickit and choose an image. And here I see my reason uploads, I want to choose one frommy computer I choose this one, I have the door on howto make a mock mock up like this. I click on open. Peers like that. Over here, I can have people’s email address,but I also want to have their name.So I click over here, custom fields. First name, I dragit on top. And I can say over here, get the e book. We respect your privacy, unsubscribe anytime.So really basic this one you can also choose another one if you want to. I can change thename how to come and online entre more or online entre? Normal, it’s not too big. Ican save it but we’re not finished yet. We can change the background while there seemsto be small problem with this white background, even though it’s a PNG. Yeah, so I want tomake it white content backgrounds, form backgrounds.So I’ll make this white. And I can make thisone a little bit like that. So there’s a small difference. Okay, then I can save it, I can preview it, learnhow to become an online entrepreneur and turns 21, okay, name, Allah, or what also wouldbe really appealing. Check out my earnings income, online energy earnings income of March2021, for instance, and people are interested in that and when they see the results, andthen of course need to share those results. They’re up to then into our email list. Andthen we can send them emails.And the great thing is, those people are interested in makingmoney online. Otherwise, they would want to know how much I was making in March 21. Sonow I can send them broadcasts, emails, but information about hey, I have new tutorialon how to create your own course, or how to start with affiliate marketing. And then whenyou send an email to a big group of people, your content will spike at once whatever youshare a video or a blog post or a new Instagram post. So that’s a great way to grow your business.Okay, here we can see the report. So when people start to opt in, we can see how they’redoing. And I can go through the settings and there are quite a lot. When a visitor subscribesto the form, what will happen, I can show a success message success now check your emailto confirm your subscription, or I can send them to a different page. So over here, Ican create a new page and saying, Hey, thank you for subscribing, check your email andconfirm or get the e book for free.I like to show that success message that will appearin the form. And then when should this popup be displayed on accident intent. That meansthat when people are thinking, Okay, let’s get out of here, then or when they scrolla certain percentage of the page. So let’s say 50. And then when they scroll over to80% over here it will appear or just after five seconds. So if I say five seconds intoappear after five seconds, we can also trigger this modal with a link by copying the codebelow and on which device where I want to show this on all devices often should visittheir CDs every day. Because when they opt in, they will not see it anymore. That’s somethingwe’re going to arrange. Here we’re gonna have our domain name that To save it first, goback to the settings domain, I can select the domain. This one winning hustlers is createdby a covert gotta sell but I want to have an example domain. So I say passive income with 30. I want to edit. So, right now as edits, I go to the incentive.And this email people will get when they sign up with a name and email address.So I clickover here and I can say as a content, and it will be from this email address, I canchange the name I will do that later. And then over here I can say importance, confirmyour subscription or better download the e book. Thank you for your interest in the ebook. Learn how to become an online entrepreneur nor clickthe link below to confirm or not confirm your subscription to download the e book you willbe on your win over here. Download the e book. It’s good to have you. Cheers Ferdy. Somethinglike that. Save safe. Okay, I don’t outer Confirm New subscribers.Otherwise, they can leave any moderation they do get the ebook. And they’re not in a newemail address. I only want the email addresses so I don’t use this option. And then reallyimportant after confirming redirecting to a page or a download, so I can choose thedownload choose a foul. Or what I prefer. I like to bring into my website, every clickis a new click more clicks the more interaction on my website, the better I will be foundon Google.So over here, new page downloads how to become an online entre. But more inhere you see that sub pages can rank well for bomb publish edit with Elementor I go over here to theleft below corner and I make it Elementor Canvas think they did not understand me Canvas iswithout this stuff. So maybe something is not going the right way. Huh? What’s going on? Okay, you know, no problem,download the book out I have an image and all I want tohave two columns. Over here, I will type an image upload files, select files I choose the book. And then over here, I wantto have a big bought and download the e book. Okay, and I need to upload the ebook first. So letme open this in a new tab. Then I go to the backend. I go to media, add new Select Files and then here’s the ebook.Openit. Okay, copy the URL to the clipboard. I closethis. And over here. I paste the link. I bring it to the centre. I give the button a nicebackground. When they hover over it, it becomes orange and I want to make the Book buttona lot bigger. So I’m gonna see the padding and the typography Okay, Donald, how to becomean entrepreneur. So just in case copy the title, write a heading know how downloads, how to become an online, untrue for nor update into the centre updated again. preview changes yes, no header. Okay, one more thing I want tobring to the centre, click on edit with Elementor I want to change this section by selectingit here to the height of the screen. Oh, and ultimately goes to the centre. Okay, when I download it, I see the ebook over here and I can downloadit. So what I need now is that link of this page, and then I need to get rid of all thepreview stuff.So I say command a month See, I close it, I go to this link URL, and I pasteit over here. Save it. But now but and now we need to save this. Let me see did we gothrough all the settings, no advanced, our this really important change what’s shownto return visitors who already subscribed to this form. Well, let’s hide the form. Sothey don’t see it after they subscribe. So if I click on Publish, I can publish it througha few different ways. First one, I can do an embed. So I copy this code, I go to mywebsite as a command a or ctrl a homepage.I click over here. I added the beach with Elementor. All theway down. I click on the plus new area. Go to the widget elements HTML. I drag it overhere. And I paste this code update. Okay, look at this. When I go to the homepage of my website.Let me click over here. And I’m here for like five seconds just strolling, doing a littlebit of navigating. Okay, nice. Nice. Nice. Let’s do it in incognito window. So they thinkI’m here for the first time, because maybe I already opted in earlier. So after fiveseconds. Oh, there it is. Learn how to become an online entrepreneur in 2021.Okay, whynot? My first name is Ferdy. My mother is 30 [email protected] I want to get this ebooksuccess. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. I can also change it that Dexdownloads this form. So I go back to this form to the Settings General success now checkyour email to download the eBook. As people can be a little bit. They don’t want to subscribeto anything, they just want to get the stuff so just say what they can do. Okay, and nowit says over here at the general style. So if I click over here and I go to general cells,I can change the template.So let’s do that. Let’s choose Charlotte’s looks like that.I can change the background image to this one. It doesn’t fit completely so let me save it and let me preview it it doesn’t look well. I can make this text smaller and it looksgreat or a Photoshop or Canva I need to change this and is it okay so but right now, I’m over here so if I checkmy email I see important download ebook info at passive income with 30. So I also needto change that. So let me go over here to the settings My name is Ferdy I live with Ferdy. So now if I send an email it is from Ferdyand not from info at Ferdy or info at passive income with Ferdy.Also here at email I needto confirm this or I need to go to Roundcube. Now here it says confirm your overskirt account,so I need to verify my email. There I am again, we go close this. If I go to the settingsagain, I go to I can even upload an image now. Now to crop it done okay. It’s saved already, so I go to the email.And then I want to change this. It is from 30. From email address this one I need tohave my details over here. That’s legally necessary legally necessary. Okay, defaulttimezone. Amsterdam, I can show the GDPR settings for people in the UK and stuff. Okay, but I was over here, don’t use email.And if I click on Downloadebook, I go to the page, which I just created. And that’s the case, what’s also the caseover here at subscribers. I have my first subscriber. And that is how it work, you givesomething away for free, you give a lot of value. So when they get that ebook, it betterbe good. Otherwise, it’s like, not good. And they like I don’t, I’m not interested anymore,they just got to offer because he’s giving me something that’s not available.That’swhy I give free templates. That’s why I give complete websites for free. I want to overdeliver. So they see that what I’ve got to offer is really good. So that’s one way ofdoing things. And as I said before, if I go to the forums, now it looks a little bit differentbecause we have a form. If I go to the settings, we can always trigger this modal or to linkby copying this code. And then we need to place that code over here, but what I alsolike let me change it again. So I changed a template to this one, Claire, first name,email address, get the e book.But the problem is it’s still modal. So what I want to do I go back onto create a new form form this and I wantit to be inline. And then I want to have this one. Let me do it again. Really quick. Firstthing you want to do is subscribe. Perfect. Let me see border colour. Okay. Border Radius. Okay. font weight normal. Okay, let’s saveit. Let’s call this newsletter. Save it again. Then I go to the settings. Success now checkyour email to confirm your subscription. Okay, send the incentive email. This should be updatedimportance confirm your subscription. Thanks for signing up for a subscription.Thanksfor having you. Cheers. Cheers Ferdy it’s good to have you. Good things are comingyour way. There’s my information. Okay. Advanced either form after they are subscribed. Youknow, I don’t do that because otherwise it looks weird. So save it. But this time ifI click on Publish, I want to copy this JavaScript. I go to Elementor remove this one. This time.I want to place it over here. So I can use a button and trigger it or I can go to for HTML Please, there’s an inlinesubscription area, as you’ll see. So I will use this one later. So let me update it first. Click over here. And now learn how to grow a stream of income without having toinvest a lot of money in joined 500,000 50,000 entrepreneurs and get updates on how you cangrow a passive stream of income, first name, email address, subscribe. So that’s also howyou can do that. And of course, this colour can be changed to the colour of my website.Not here, but first gets over here, I can change the colour to thisone, save it.Refresh. So I can do it like that. But let’s talk aboutcall to action, and email subscribe. So when people click on this button, it will appearas a pop up. Let me close a lot of things over here. When we want to trigger a form with a button,we need to go to ConvertKit. And we cannot use an inline form. So I need to go back I’ll create a new form for that form, it isa modal again.And I can choose whatever I want. So I choose this one again. Join a newsletter,graven image of myself. 30 July hey, I want to edit it onto crop it’sdone click on the plus you know the drill first name, drag it up. Okay, I save it. I call this one. News. Othertrigger modal. Save it. So I want to trigger this with abutton. So I can go to Settings. Scroll down and I want to trigger this mobile with thistext over here. So I click on Copy. Now we’re gonna do a little bit of coding.It’s nottoo hard, because I will show you what to do, we click on edit with Elementor. Okay,I want to remove this. And I just want to remove this. So here I talk about joined 50,000Plus entrepreneurs swelled to edit HTML area, I want there to be a call to action. And ifI paste this is code I just got it looks ugly. So I say subscribe to the news letter. Butit just does not look nice.So after the A I do space, and that type of class and hitenter and then I say going forward get button so I create a class I create a an ID for thisarea. And I linked that ID to certain cell. So you don’t see anything yet but the rightnow to clause of this button is called convert kits button. Now we need to go to Google asearch for Ferdy Korpershoek Convert kits because I cannot find it on my own website.So I need to make sure there’s a search area on my website. But here it is Ferdy KorpershoekComplete ConvertKit tutorial. I really need to optimise my website by the way. And thenover here you need to copy this whole area copy it and then we takea look over here.This is work already. No not yet. No not yet. We go to the customizerand I scroll down I go to the additional CSS and here below how to base it and now it isstealth. When I hover over it it looks like that. So what is happening over here I sayto convert get button default sale the background should be this colour. It’s a colour code,which is orange. Betting Stan so there’s a nice area around it. The font is white. Ithink there’s not even Estelle about colour. That’s why another expert in CSS I just put this together.So if I make this 20 This one button becomes bigger. So what I can do? I can hit Enterfont size, I can save 10 pixels. But it’s a bit small.So how about 20? That’s so big.How about 16? Yes, but I want to be bold the text. So I say font, weight, bold. Like Isay, text transformation, just form uppercase. I can remove the T at the end, of course,so you don’t have to re re re bind is what I’m doing. I’m just trying to show off. Ihope it works. But now it looks like this, subscribe to the newsletters. Okay, let’s give me with this. Okay, I close it, I need to do one more thing beforethis will be activated, I need to go over here, click outside of this area. And thenI need to click on publish. And I still need to use this code. So I have the trigger codeand have to JavaScript code otherwise it doesn’t work. So I edit the page with Elementor. Iscroll down all the way over here and each of this code update. So now it will work. Oh wow, it works alreadylike that. But over here on to say advanced bedding, and then uncheck this. And then atthe top, I want to create some space pixel perfect 10 pixels.Let me go to the contentand subscribe to the newsletter, or okay, I’m happy with that. So now, let’s see if it works. I click overhere, I can join the newsletter, I click over here, I can join the newsletter. And if Ido 30 Subscribe to order of our check some things becauseI’m from Europe, they’ll see that okay, now check your email to confirm.And this is thead because I’m using the free version. So if I go to my account over here thank you for signing up offering a subscription. And in this offerBoromir officially offered to less expect some great emails heading your way soon. Nice. I should have left it open. Because rightnow if I go to ConvertKit I go to my subscribers I have two subscribersover here, so now when I send a broadcast email over here broadcast I can click on newbroadcast. I can say this is amazing. We do get people’s attention. You can also splittest. I am so angry. So and then I see who’s clicking More.And then I can say hey, andI can use the name by clicking on the plus personalised subscribers first name as I sayhey Ferdy I am mad and happy at the same time.Let me explain short sentences that seems to be better. Iget angry with all the expensive courses about affiliate marketing they cost by nine seven or even 9997 these days andthey all make money because they sell courses not because they excel at affiliate marketing.That is That is why I decided to give my information for free and then I can add a link.So let’sgo to YouTube for instance. I search for affiliate marketing. Come on market chorus 30 Right mouse click, copy link address, I always check if there’sno code of time. Copy it. If I hit this will automatically appear asa video. But I also say, like double check, click here to see the video or free commandshift, left arrow, add a link to this basis, I can take subscribers who click this link.I can create a new tag that says interested in affiliate marketing. When they click onthat I can send the people to this specific group. And then I can try to sell them a courseor something.Cheers, birdie, and enter. It says is a broken link, but I don’t think so. Continue. I sent it to my whole email list. It’s a besplit testing. But to people that’s a little bit weird, but okay. Click on Continue. Are you sure? Somehow this information stilllike this? Maybe? Because if I use a free version, I can personalise it. I mean checkthat send broadcast. And it was sent to two people. Oh. So let me go to my demo accounts.And so angry so that’s the first one. Okay, now I can see this video. And if I send thisto 100,000 people, I get the major boost in my views over here. So I’m by the way, nicevideo. Yeah, why not? This video is better. It’s the same video but this one is way better.So this is much can do. Let me take a look at this area over here My name is Ferdy email. I don’t know why they did not change changeit so if I say 30 Over here, I check it it says to save change are safe.So again broadcast the broadcast test name is my name 30 Question mark is my name 30Question mark is my name I’ll get I get stuck is my name 30 That’s what I had to ride whenI was younger. When I got my teacher was really mad at me and then I had to write this like2000 times per day. Now when I write this I tend to get into repeat Modus. There wasa interesting story about my life which is totally not true. Continue continue all thosetests and then send broadcast by the way I will have an in depth tutorial about ConvertKitright now I’m just showing you what is interesting for when you are interested in marking andnow it says from 30 Boom shakalaka test with name Matt and we did not pay one single dimeso we can send this to 1000 people for free only thing is which I do not care less ifincome with 30 is that you see a little bit off at space over here from that but that’sno problem with me.So I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy. I hope your to this video is gettingway too long. But information is still read available. So I hope you like it. It’s timefor the next module. No it is not. Yes it is. No it is not click on edit with ElementorHow does it look on a different device okay, how does look on a smartphone not okay, clickover here go to sell slow down a bit.And then I change the text to something smallerbut I also like to have better line height. Then over here, go tothe cell and over here, I like to increase some more. Okay I can’t even remove If I want to on a smartor on a smartphone, so I can go to advanced. And then as responsive, I can say, hide iton a mobile, and then they will be gone. But collect myself, it’s okay, I will just keepit there.And this all looks fine. So it’s optimised for all the vices. And itworks every time. Wow. What is next? In this module, we’re gonna make sure our websiteis presentable to the world. So when people go to our website, they see a complete websitewith a lot of beautiful, valuable information. And not like that they go to a page, and thereis some dummy data that is not an option. This in this module, we’re gonna make ourwebsite appealing to the world.So when I go to a website, sometimes people ask me topromote something on YouTube, I go to the website, and I see dummy data. I’m like, Okay,I don’t even think this series, or it’s not optimised for all devices. Like come on. Now,can you sell something on the internet while your own website is a mess? So I don’t wantto have the same thing. So we’re going to walk through our website and make sure everythingis taken care of. Yes. So let’s go to the homepage. I think looks decent. Make sureall those links work. So I don’t have Twitter while I have it seems today, but it’s notactive yet. So I’ll get rid of that. Let me first check all those. Open a new tab, opena new tab and opening a new tab command. Tap? Yes, yes. Yes. Okay. I want to get rid of Twitter. So I go to thebackend to widgets.I scroll down to footer area one click over here. And Iget rid of Twitter. Update. Let’s take a look. Yes, those pages, you can decide for yourself,which are you want to place privacy policy terms of service. disclaimers, like hey, Icannot guarantee that you start to make money and affiliate disclaimer is actually thisone. So I don’t want to have this area. I click over here, I should go to page whereit says hey, I get compensation for some products, you can have a default disclaimer saying hey,it’s not my responsibility if you misuse it, or you misread it or you do something andanother workout, I’m not responsible for anything, the terms of service, you can Google that.And a privacy policy, what do we do with your information over here, copyright and changethis text.And here are those links again, so I can also get rid of them over here. Ithink that’s better. So I go to the widgets again. Scroll down widget area one. Get rid of thisone. Update. And that makes it look better becausenow there’s not a big blue space over here, it’s a little bit less. Great. You’re on theblock category. So I can say categories over here. Minus i go click on edit. Over here. I cansay blog categories. Publish as something else, recent posts, popularposts, resources, courses and tools. Okay, I can do two things. Are they checked if this is optimised forall devices of this, if I go to Courses, I don’t have a course or I create courses overhere. So I can refer to other courses, I do my research and please my affiliate linksand images. Or I just hide this whole page. I do the second thing I go to menus. I select the main menu and I go to Courses.I just remove it, save it. And then if I have something I promote a coursethat I can place back but I don’t want people to go there and see a webpage with no informationwith three copies of the same thing.So let’s go to the About page. And here you need towrite your journey. So I will do that and make back with you So I wrote a post, but I actually don’t likeit’s in the format of Elementor. So it looks decent. I think I take a look. Of course,I need to add images, maybe videos, this is my journey. But I’m, I’m happy with how itlooks, but I’m not happy with how I need to edit this. So, what I will do, I will copythis whole area copy then I will go back to the dashboard. Let me make sure I basicallymy notes the story Okay, let’s try something different. I don’twant to mess what I’m what I’ve created. So I create a new page. I call this my story or my journey. Publish and this timeI will just use Gutenberg. So I pasted here every paragraph should be in a new like that.Now I can also use Grammarly.Fix everything. So I have a story, this doesn’t mean I willnever change it. Again, I want to make it better I want to get feedback from people showed you before also you’re right at thebottom I can just click here. Every death goes live with Foster. Okay, update it. So let’s see I was looking. First, let’s getrid of my about let’s get rid of let’s get rid of this page.And now I go to menus at the rate of about I want to add my story so it’s now Elementor page. It’s a normalGutenberg page. So let’s see how those are looks. Great. And now I need to add images. So I will dothat and then I will be back with you. So I’ve been writing this blog post and I meanany images me in 1999 me in 2014 when I just got my second date, or third day with my currentwife, girls wife doesn’t mean that I have wives before my first wife I only wife. Sothis was the thumbnail that got me 20 views per day, YouTube this month, 200 views perday. This is how it started in June, I upload my video and then all of a sudden after Ichange the image. So I tell people people my origin story I had a hard time sellingstuff making making work. So it was something I was really good at. But I just just didnot know how to make it, monetize it. And then I found out I can share my knowledge.By the way, I want to share one more thing actually.No, it’s okay for now. So I optimiseeverything just by taking a look over here what I want to focus on adding anything mysnippet and that’s what we need to do for every page. So I click on update and thenon to preview page in the new tab. Okay, that’s all really long title over here. So what Ican do, I can go to the menus give it a different label, removing this save it man, don’t youlove WordPress I think this is amazing. So my story blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,blah, okay, blah, blah, blah blah. Great and with these kinds of images in the centre,I can also make them smaller, so I added the beach and then over here it’s in centre then I can make it smallerI can bring it to the centre and make it smaller.So I just applied the same principles. SoI was like you know what, I will skip the whole part because I’ve shown already howit’s worked. So I had some external links to my own YouTube video. And to my blog posts.I have an internal link and that’s good. I want to be found on best income site use theword as think I’m a few times in my blog post or in my my page. So, so far, so good. Butyou also need to do for all your pages you need to optimise. So my story is perfectlyfine now. Great. My blog is okay, I want to add new blog posts and new categories, I needto add those, of course. And I can also add them over here. Let me show you, I go to themenus again. Then I go to the main menu, and over here, I scroll down to categories. AndI go for email marketing right now. Then drag it as a subheading, so I bring it to the rightor a sub item.Save it, I go to the website. And now when I hover over here, email marketing,and when I click on email marketing, I see all the blog posts in the world I have createdabout email marketing, only one at this moment. But that’s what I also need to do. That’swhat you need to do, you need to create more content. So homepage, as I said, optimiseit. So edit the page. And then start working on this area over here, I’ve shown you beforehow you can do that. Then the Resources page. So I would place ConvertKit over here. Maybeyou feel different different tools, I think only coverted just has the only thing I have,I don’t want never want to show something like this on our life website, then there’sthe Contacts page. And people can get in touch with you. So I think that’s great. One morething, I want to bring this a little bit more to the centre, how can I do that? Let me editthe page.With Elementor I can do like this, click over here, make it 600 Over here, makeit six hundreds update. And then I want to go to my story. And withthis, ah with Gutenberg, it is possible with this, but it’s such a big workaround and Iwill leave it as an it’s, it’s okay, if I go to my hero, Adam and Froy my story it’s also like that so follow yourhero’s story is a little bit long or you can I canmake it more in depth, this is a great start. And everyone if nothing. So again, my storythe blog page resources and contact me so I need to go to Resources. And I can linkI can edit it with Elementor.So what I will do I search for comfort kit without logo image save the image s now I go to tiny png in orderto drool over is good logo open it’s make it smaller. Over here I choose an image, which is this one. Removethe precious, copy the title places in the alt text, insert the media and over here Ican say ConvertKit. And great for beginning email marketers easy to learn experience levels,grow an email list on autopilot pilot.So I will remove those. I can always duplicatethis one. Again, then add another product. But when you promote a product, I will alwayshave something written about it. So you can refer to that and you do not only sell stuffbut you also give fell you Okay, so my website is ready to be published. Andof course I need to add more stuff more blog posts. And you see now how I do that. So nowit’s for you time to create more blog posts. And since we’ve we’ve done that we can startto apply as an affiliate for ConvertKit. So I go to I scroll down. I searchfor affiliate programme over here. Open in an incognito window. Really see no informationabout who I am. They don’t know if I’ve ever been here before. And now when I sign up,I’m totally new. I need to apply Integrated accounts. So let’s do my 30 at30. Core that’s come, I create a password. Next ConvertKit just send you a few extraquestions, your name, your last name, your paypal email, how would you like to describeyour job title? I’m a sole creator, creator, what’s the name of your business? Passiveincome with 30, or your real business name, please provide the URL of the website youare planning to promote well as an income with 30.Country Netherlands. Why are interestingoverages a little up? It’s in my opinion, the best email marketing provider? Why doyou think Vertica is good fit for your core audience? I want to teach people how to startto make money in the money’s in the list. That’s why on my website, and later, maybeon YouTube, what is your audience size? 02 1000? How many referrals? Do you plan on acquiringcovered with 30 Plus, I’m ambitious.I agree and read the terms, etc. Submit Application,it’ll take a while and then it will be accepted. So I will log in from link mink. So what whenyou are accepted? You will go over here. And we’re not accepted? No big big deal. Yeah,it’s a small deal. No big deal. Right? More content, make sure you get people to yourwebsite. We’ll talk about it in a minute. And then there’s a default link. And if Iuse this link, let me go to the back end. Let’s see. Tools. redirection. Did I reallyremove by while did I really remove my fate by my plugin rankmath took it over. So whenyou when that’s the case. just import it again, at new breed direction or their day. Activated again. And then tools, redirection. There it is.That’s why it was not working. So I click on edits basis and on all the links that arelinking to this area.People will go to my affiliate link. So let’s take a look at myCommission’s so far. On commission. Value, it’s not that much. But I made a video aboutit. years ago 2017 affiliate, buy enough conference get over it get tutorial. Number three, fouryears ago, man, it’s time for a new and better one, actually this kind of tutorial aboutovertime, I will create a new one. And then you can start to make money with it. Get commissionsget paid, sent that money from your PayPal account to your bank account. And then youcan go out for dinner. Or you use that money to buy a better camera a better computer becomebetter in your productivity, productivity, or you use the money to hire someone to writea new blog post.And then that way you can grow your passive income stream. So what isnext? Welcome to this new module in this module, we’re gonnaget traffic to our website. In the latest module, we fix the latest things in our website.So right now, everything you see on my website has a goal. So if somebody goes randomly toa certain page, they see something that’s of value.So it’s not like they go to pagewhere there is dummy text and all this stuff. No every page as a goal, people can reachout people can see the best resources. And since I only wrote about ConvertKit as yourown resource you see right now, I have my blocks email marketing. I see all the emailmarketing blogs, and blog posts. And then our blog post, which is really available inmy opinion. People can leave comments, people can click on the affiliate links. I hope bynow you are accepted for the affiliate programme you have the product you promote. I acceptit. So when people click over here, and they buy the thing. Also, by the way, there’s afree version over here, but if they eventually buy it, I get my commission and then there’smy story. And everything I’ve created so far is not definite.I can always make it betterat something new. So that’s it. Those links are working except this one. So one more thingI need to go to the customizer to the heather social Remove Twitter, I publish it. Becauseeverything needs to work, people are going to get a first impression of my website, usegreat high quality images. My vision, recent blog posts, subscribe to the newsletter, firstname, email address, so it’s all working. So what I can do, right now I have two goals.Actually three, the first goal, of course, is to help people to give a value.So theysee, hey, is interesting, this was really helpful, I want to follow this guy, and theycan follow me on Facebook, on Instagram on YouTube. And then they can read my story,they can get to know me a little bit better, but the boss how things go wrong, did go wrong,and how things are flourishing right now. And then I want to help those people. So thefirst goal is to over deliver to give value, that same thing. The second thing is to getthem on my email list.So over here, they can subscribe to my letter. So if they goto my website, they can subscribe. So this all working and somehow manipulate and thenthey get that ebook. And then the third thing, I want them to click on my affiliate links.So and when I grow my email list, and I have a new blog post, I can send a message to thewhole list saying, Hey, I have a new message, maybe you’re interested, click over here.So the structure the foundation is laid. Now it’s time to create massive content. And sincewe already have content, we can get visitors to our website. So how can we do that? Well,there are a lot of ways I can grab this link. And if I would go to Facebook, for instance,I can say this my personal page, I’m working on a new tutorial, where I also teach aboutGoogle and that lithics.And update maizing, your blog posts, your websites are the best search results. So feel freeto click on this link so I can illustrate how we can in there for that information,don’t know the right word, interpret all the information from the fewers I get this blog post is about email marketing, to cold, covers, get enjoyto read and feel free to give me feedback on the blog post. So it’s actually not a like,hey, this guy’s gonna read it. It’s more about hey, can you help me by clicking here? So I paste thelink, a look out, look at this really important, my image should appear overhere with ConvertKit review the risk of Earth his review and convert his review to announcementone get started for free. This is exactly how I wanted to be shown. And that’s whatwe did using rankmath. So I click on Post, and I don’t know how many friends I have.I removed them all two years ago in order to create it’s thorough.And now I don’t know.I don’t know. I can also place this on my my other page. And I can also say something. In my AffiliateMarketing Tutorial, I teach about interpreting all the visitor data. If you click on the link that on the link below, you can read a blog post about ConvertKit.And I can teach my audience and I can teach do in my new tutorial about Google Analyticsand Steph this takes and feel free to give feed back on the blog post. I am Dutch. Soit can be that now I don’t I don’t have to say that Feel free to give me feedback onthe blog posts and then I paste it over here.I click on post. So if I go to the backhandI can see if people are already going to my website okay, let’s face what you can do onInstagram and is also a little bit Google Now I don’t have Tik Tok I don’t have Twitterfind out how we can use it to promote your stuff. So I can go to my profile and I canedit my profile and I can I can have a worksheet over here and I can paste the link so I couldplace at the affiliate link or the link to my blog post but right now I’m not activeon on Instagram yet but I will be I bought some beautiful stuff and I was great nicepictures now try to lose weight, drink water and stuff. Now to grow my audience from 1500to 20 1000s Why not have big goals so that’s that I have YouTube so I can create a postover here create a post and people are replying really well on my posts one day ago eighton 25 views 300 likes so I’m here is the website that I am creating for my Affiliate MarketingTutorial.Feel free to read this blog post about ConvertKit but all the views I get Ican teach the next module in my tutorial that is about Google Analytics and optimising website for search results SEO here is the blog post I am at 85% recording the tutorialso here’s the link I posted Let me click on it see if it’s working. Yeah,it’s working. Okay. So people are right now going to my website probably because I have230,000 subscribers and I hope when you’re watching there are a lot more because I tryto give you a lot of value in the tutorials I give.So what else of course you can usetick tock you can use Twitter you can use LinkedIn I decided to start blogging again and I willbecome better at it feel free to check out my first blog postis about getting started with an email marketing. So I show you a case study that made me $5,000In in three days this does not happen to me every three days but it was around Black Fridaythat this happened now was Black Friday. No No No No No There it is. I think that this b comma two comma club helpsme nospace I decided I decided I decided to start blogging again. Okay, let me see ifit’s if everything is correct. So, a lot of okay, I will post it. I’m not active on LinkedIn,but I have a lot of connections somehow. I just want to get traffic. What I personallydo not like I see that other people too. Like, go to Facebook, go to new group and then spamit out not spam your link.But try when somebody asks you about ConvertKit, spam your link,don’t do it. Let others do that. Make your content so good that others are willing tolink your stuff, don’t link your own stuff, or create a fake channel and then promoteyour post that just kidding. They’ll do that. Well, it’s up to you. But I never promotemy own stuff. So I don’t know how real time does this. Probably it has a delay. But let’sgo to analytics that Google does come. Active Users right now is working. So when we getinformation from Google, or when Google gets information from my visitors, then they cansee, hey, how long are people staying on this website? Are they clicking on the links? Arethey going to different pages, and based on that on the algorithm, which we all do notexactly know how it works.They decide to rank me better or higher. So I’m really happy.And in a few days, we can also go to a refs that COMM And I can go to the Site Explorer,I can search for HTTPS or HBS. SF in come with search for it. And then Iget more information, I see how many people will rank linked to me. So what I will do,I will go to Ferdy Corp COMM And I’ll set the first link towards myself. So I’m over it gets tutorials. Okay,I was searching for that conference get tutorial 30. So I’m a high ranking domain. If I rankto myself to my to my blog post, that will give me a high quality backlink and then wecan see how the we’ll look in rank math in on iraps,copy this edit with Elementor. Okay, so important links, I don’t have to duplicateit. Just select it, and then applique this one over it gets review. And then I paste it looks better. So right now there’s my firstlink towards my website, besides Facebook, and LinkedIn, all that stuff.So in a fewdays, we will check how this will go. Right now there’s not much information than if Itake a look at the other guy, Adam and Roy that come. And I search look at all this informationover here. The traffic value, this is crazy. He gets so much organic traffic, that if peoplewould pay for this with advertisers for the same keywords he’s ranking on, then the worthwould be $840,000. So I assume that that while he’s not making this per month probably butlet’s say a 10th of it. He shows how much he’s making on his website. There’s also whatI will do by the way, that’s something people want to know about. Learn more about so hehas a lot of backlinks on a 44,000 I have zero yet but um it’s going okay we need to start somewhere maybe people sayyou’re a black black many people say you’re a bit bad writer.And then if that is thecase, I should not give up. I should become better I should read books about how to becomea better writer how to become a more engaging writer. There’s so much stuff we can learnon how to become better at this stuff. So um yeah, for me, it’s now time to write writesome more blog posts. I have to tell told you from the beginning, it’s hard. What anotherblog post I just created the freaking blog posts put all my heart and it took me fewhours. Now I create need to create another one. Yes. And then in the long run, you startto make money when you do it the right way.Yes. Okay. So what is next? Okay, this module is cold. What is next? Well, thereare so many more subjects I can dive deep into like Google AdSense, placing advertisementson your website, that’s a great way to make a lot of money. You can even have a websitewithout any affiliate link. Only advertisers from Google AdSense, a make a lot of moneywith it, depending on how many visitors you get an AdSense doing all the hard stuff theyknow the visitor so based on the interests of the visitor, they can place advertisements,so maybe your website is about flowers, but they can still Google will still show brason your website.As long as the visitor is interested in bras, you know what I mean?So that’s great Google AdSense, but Google AdSense, it can be a little bit tricky toget acceptance. Why? Because people, the first thing people want to do when they have a websiteis apply for Google AdSense, well, that’s not how it works. I would go for Google AdSense,we have at least 50 visitors a month, then I would apply, otherwise, I will not apply.You can you, if you don’t have 50 visitors per month per day, then I say per day or permonth, I mean, 50 visitors per day, that is around 1500 visitors per month.If you don’thave that, it’s not even worth having Google ads on your website, it starts to become fun.When you have 50 100,000 2000 people on your website per day, then it starts to becomefun. Before that, don’t think about it. Think about adding value. If you don’t watch mygoogle adsense tutorial, you can do that in the link in the scription. Second thing youcan do, you can use Google AdWords or Google Adsense gold these days, you can place advertisingon the Internet, for instance, I can do covert review. But keep in mind, when people haveI was just gold, a trademark on their name, WordPress, for instance, or Hostgator, orElementor, you can not say Elementor in the advertisements.Keep in keep that in mind.So don’t say ConvertKit review, say the best email marketing tool, review something likethat, or create a top 10 video and then say top 10 best email marketing tools or whateveryou write about. So don’t keep in mind that you don’t use trademarks, you get a warning.And if you get a few warnings, you can be blocked, you don’t want to be blocked by Google.If you want to follow my Google Ads tutorial, you can click on the link in the description.So what else take a look at competitors take a look at websites that do the same thingright about the same stuff you write about.See how they are doing it. See through a refs.what pages are ranking really well. So as I showed you before, I go to a revs that come.Every time I need to sign in, come on Site Explorer, for instance, Adam and Froy, I searchI wait, do they do and then I can go to their organic keywords on which on which what isthe ranking for? Oh, maybe I should also write a write about it. And then again, I can saykeywords difficulty only want to rank for keywords that are not too difficult to rankabout, but still have a high volume. So I don’t know what it is. But you can write aboutthat if there’s something you’re your competitor is writing about green new software for 1000sfields and not a high, relatively low keyword difficulty to write about to rank in. Andthen over here, you see the top 10 Pages for that. And how many backlinks you have, howmany domains are linking to them, how much traffic and how many keywords that are ranked.And that gives you information. And as I said before, I will have a more in depth tutorialabout a rest.But you can also go through the academy, even if you’re a free user. Andhere, it’s all explained, it’s a great tool. So go through the top pages over here fromthe organic search results due to mp3. So you can write about that ifthere is something within your niche. So go to the website of your competitors, not onlyone go to all of them make a list which one there are. Make it a nice game. When I wasyounger, and I was married, I was wanting to play GTA Grand Theft Auto Mirage, I don’twant you to play it. It’s not I don’t want this with blood and stuff shooting, I don’twant it.Now it’s look, you know what, I will make YouTube my Grand Theft Auto, I will notsteal car steal videos. But I wanted to make, I wanted to make a game that I’m growing thatI’m accomplishing missions. And every mission is a blog post. When I accomplish it, it willgrow my art grow my audience a little bit. And it is a new thing for me that can getnew subscribers, new followers new sales. So every time I had a mission that I accomplishedthis hour, I was happy with my in this case with a blog post and with YouTube videos.But you also can rent places in Grand Theft Auto or no you can buy them and then you canrent them and they can make money every time passive income.So that’s what I wanted todo. Every video for me was mentioned in Grand Theft Auto so I did not play it. But I playedit in real life like this. And you can you make a game out of it. It’s fun, it’s fun.And the funny thing is, when you start to make $100 per day, or let’s say $10 per day,then going to $50 per day is easier than going from zero to 10 So the game becomes more funand more fun.So that’s what you need to do. If you want to follow my A refs tutorial whereI talk about analysing the code addition, then watch the video, the link in the description.What else keep learning keep on learning how to become a better writer, keep on learningmore about the tools you’re interested in, I have a YouTube channel about WordPress abouthow to make websites, I’m learning HTML and CSS. Again, I want to learn new codes, soI can provide my audience with more stuff.I’m learning a lot of things truly sterolsand how to make everything better. So even though I know a lot already about the subject,what I’m teaching about this, I, I try to learn more things so I can become better atit. So I can give audience more value. And one really important one, and maybe you’regonna hate me for this, well, that’s totally fine.I have a course yes, I would expectfor me to do an upsell in this video is the upsell, I give something away for free. Ihave a course on how to make money with youtube, and then primarily affiliate marketing, butalso with the YouTube ads, you can make a lot of money. And if you go to 30 corp.comand go to Courses over here, I will show my course right now it’s saying coming soon ina really stupid way. I will remove it after I record this. And then in October 2021, Iwill launch it again.I already had a few people that made more than $1,000 in the oneday doing YouTube video. So what is better 30 video or blog posts? Well, it’s like oneplus one equals three. You can have blog posts, and make money with it. You can have YouTubevideos, make videos, make money with, but if you combine them, it’s like they get extrapower, and helps you to create even more money. So what I will do, but a friend of mine, Iwill write all my tutorials and blog posts and all my blog posts, I have a lot of differentwebsites, I will turn them into videos. And if you take a look, for instance, at WP beginneron a lot of different subjects. So I don’t know if there’s a video over here. But yousee in a lot of blog posts, videos these days, because those two combined is a great power.And in my course, which is around 30 hours of videos, I will show you step by step howyou can get started and make money in 30 hours in in each video is not possible.And thisfellow is so amazing. Also, this fellow what I give you in this tutorial, that one, I wantto sell it right now it’s probably $997. And in the future, I will make a bigger plan,I think around three or 3000. And then I will also personally help people right now it’sonly you can have a help desk, that’s me, you can ask questions in the group, and Iwill do my best to answer it.But it’s gonna be a six week course. So in six weeks, youwill have something up and running so you can start to make money. And that’s somethingI promote in this video. And I feel totally honest to do that. And if you don’t want it,no problem. And then a few more things, I make use of quite a few free tools, the freeblocks II thing.And there’s also blocks of Pro. So if you go to 30, forwardslash Block C, hit enter, you go to the block C page. Andyou can go for premium. And then you can see what you get with that you can explore thefeatures, there’s a 14 day money back guarantee. But in that way, you can make your menus lookbetter, you can have a pro footers, you just have more options. And that is also nice ifyou want to display things a different way. So you can also go with elemental Pro, thatgives you also more possibilities. And then there’s one thing left to do.And I want totake a look at all the visitors I got and see what kind of information I get from them.I need to do that in a few days. And I want to tell you that you need to write more blogposts. And when you do that, I believe you’ll have more success. So that’s it. I will beback in a few days when I do that. And then I’ll show you some results of all of the visitorsI got through sharing my links on multiple places in the world. On the internet. Yes.Okay. Go to and then type your domain over here HTTPS best safe income Hit Enter.And now I can see what I have over here. So this gives me informationabout my website and I see I can do much better. Because if I go to my homepage and I’m loggedin. If I click on edit page, it’s not optimised but also because there’s not much text inthe website. But we added our snippets to grow passive stream of income.Well, it saysSF stream okay let me say learn how to To generate passive income, because passive incomeis the word we want to be found on. So now it becomes thick bolt, learn how to generate passive income. So it’s already much better, let me updateit. But sometimes it takes a few days before this text will be applied over here in searchresults. So right now they need to refresh this because this is the old text. And overhere, we have our new deck. So go to all your pages, courses. So keep in mind, even thoughwe removed courses from our menu, you can still find it on the internet. So if I clickover here, I still see this page. So I definitely should add a page over here. Well, I havemy own page, I click on edit with Elementor. I mean, I have my own course. So I will linkit over there. Later, I will I have an affiliate marketing course, with YouTube, which is reallyamazing. Later, I will make it an affiliate course. So other people can promote it.Soif I talk about that subject, I can say over here, they at least find a page with relevantinformation, updates. And of course, if I go back, sure those optimised for search results,change the text over here. So I go back to Google Privacy Policy, make sure that everythingthat you see over here looks great. Let’s go to our back end. The second thing we cando, we can take a look over here at our site, good summary. And what we see efforts timepeople spend on our website is one minute and 29 seconds. And it’s important becausethe longer does this, the better Google will index you. So I already had a total of 518visitors because of all the links I placed on different platforms. And what I see thebest view page is the converted review. So if I click over here, I can see informationabout this page is still gathering data.So not everything is available, I already gotone visitor from a search, that’s amazing. And the bounce rate is 67%. That means that67% of the people don’t go to a different page, they only go to this page, and thenthey close the page. So it’s important to make this as low as possible. That’s why internallinking is also important that when they read the blog post, they go to a different page.Because then Google sees Hey, they’re interested in what he has to say. Your traffic elec laws485 visitors on the day, I promoted the page. And after that some people are a little bitlater, the channels a lot by social media, because that’s what I used direct. Probablythat’s me organic search 0.2%. Well, of course, this will increase over time. And then thelocations just for fun. From India, Netherlands, United States, Pakistan, devices, importantbecause then you can see, shoot your mobile and you switch your website be on a desktop,on the mobile, but a lot of people come to mobiles as you see.So make sure your websiteis optimised for mobile. Well, the website is not that old. So there’s not much information.So true to true two days to two weeks, you will see more information about this. Andthat will be directly from Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, I will have a separatetutorial for Google Analytics ever Google Search Console. And the latest one I use,of course, is a refs. And, as I’m used to used to now you need to log in every time.And what I would do if I were you, which were a website over here as a project right now,I Ferdy Korpershoek. But I add a new one on to import it from Google Search Console. Overhere, I need to continue except everything. And I want to go for passive income with 30imports. So any information from Google Search Console, any information from Google Analytics,any information from a refs? You should get interesting information over here. Me Well,ARS has crawled my website.I see the health score of mops is really high. There are twoerrors, a few warnings, quite a lot of warnings. Now we’ll go through them. But also this isa great way to get feedback to get data from our website. So I click on View to crawl results.And see nice score two errors. If I click on it, I see orphaned page has no incomingor eternal link and I know which one they are a few of the affected URLs.Remember wecreated the second about page. So I removed this one from the menu So we don’t need thisanymore. So I hold COMMAND and I click over here. I can resolve that. Now, this is theold page. So what I can do, I can edit the page. Let me go over here, close this, goover here, move it to the trash.And by the way, if youhear extra noises, my daughter is sleeping on my chest, I need to finish the video. Somy wife is feeling sick. So that’s what I’m, I’m helping her out. And I’m finishing myvideo. So that’s what you’re here. So this will be gone. And then this one. Let me showyou the page. I don’t want this page to be found on the internet because I want to attractor get subscribers. And if people see this through the internet, they don’t have to subscribe,and they still can download this. So what I will do, I click on edit the page. I goover here to rank math. And I go to the second step.And over here, I say no follow nothing.I don’t want this page to be visible on Google, I can tell it, they do not always listen,but it can help so. So I solve those two problems, I go to all the issues as base has not beenindexed. That’s on purpose, the author page is not indexed by default. So there’s goodorphan page while we fix those page has links to redirect spot. That’s what we also do onpurpose. It’s a reverse good review and resource page because we use a redirect in order forthem to go to the right affiliate link. So we get all that information. And we can dosomething about it. And sometimes we don’t have to do anything about it. But I like thefeedback. So made a description tag missing or empty. I can see all those pages.I need to fix this. And there are also some things concerningspeed. File sales size too large Well, that is just the way it is 15 kilobytes. They’regoing to 15 kilobytes. Okay, that’s, that’s just the way it is. And the slope, hmm, think,oh, no, my page is slow. You should go to my name hero tutorial on how to make pagesfaster. Because just take a look at name hero. And click on get started. We can make useof Lightspeed and we did not activate it yet. There’s a different tutorial for that, youcan find it in the description. And that’s why you can make your websites faster, andbig chance that the file size will also be reduced, because that’s what the tool does.So all those things over here, you can use them to make your website better, so it willrank better.This just in a nutshell, what you can do, what I suggest, go to the descriptionand take a look at all my in depth tutorials about this subject. Because I don’t want thisvideo to be eight hours long, it’s already almost six hours. So I will keep with this.And then it’s time for one of the latest modules.I want to end the scores with the following.I want to use a few Pro Tools to show you what is possible when you use Pro Tools. AndI think in this way, you can get more sales into your website. This one we want. I thinkinvesting in things like these are great investments because they can help you to create more revenue.If you buy a tool for $49 per year. And it helps you to show your affiliate links ina better way, which will make you $1,000 per year extra well, then I think it’s a goodthing to go for Pro Tools.So let me show you what I will do with this website. If Iwould go for a Pro Tool. As you see we will make use of the theme block sheet. And thatis a free theme. And it has a pro version. So if I would go to Ferdy, forwardslash Biloxi, hit enter. And if you also do that you would go to this page, this affiliatelink, if you buy something through this link, I get a commission, but you don’t pay more.So it’s a win win situation. And as I said before, this what I will show you can makeyou so much more money and when you don’t use this because if I go to the website to my blog post I have the affiliate links over here somewhereover here and on multiple pages. But how would it be if there is a link to the affiliateaffiliate link all the time.So right now, we scroll through it and people want to buyit. I cannot see the link. Okay, you know, it’s our go to covert Get Image the commission.How would we if there will be a permanent affiliate link over here? Well, that’s whatwe will do with Bloodshy Pro. So I go to pricing. And there’s two types of pricing, annual andlifetime If you go for payment per year, you can start with $49. In US everything included,it’s not like pay more and get more know what every package everything is included.So ifyou want to go for only one website and you want to pay per year, you can go for dismantlingstuff for $49. However, if you want to go for a lifetime, so you don’t have to pay everyyear, you pay $149.03 times as much. So if you have the website more than three years,this will be a great benefit for you. Because if you will have this for 10 years, you’llpay $4,490 A lifetime, one on the 49 for one website and agency so for unlimited websites$299 For the rest of your life, so you don’t you pay only once you can use this unlimitedtimes. And the great thing is that when they add new stuff, it will you will, it will beincluded in your accounts.So I already have this. So I click on annual or lifetime thenby now is how I would do it. Let me walk you through the steps. I will go for a lifetime,you can fill in your email address your first name, your last name, your credit card details,and then then click on Review Order. By the way, if you pay more, but if you have a vator yeah purging as a business, filling your VAT and then that will be subtracted againthis amount and you still pay $149 Well I have done this already.So I will go to myaccounts. You will be over here when you buy this and then you can go to downloads if itdoesn’t appear and just click on it a few times. And then over here I download thisversion. This is my licence key I copied it. And now I can go to my website to the backend. And then I go to plugins add new upload plug in direct is one over here instal now I want to activate the plugin. So it’s blockchaincompanion Pro. I base my licence key. I agree and I activate my licence key. Awesome. What I can do, I can go to block see overhere.Then I go to Extensions. Pro extensions, I scroll down and I search for multiple sidebars.So I click on Activate I can create a new sidebar. So for every blogpost I create, I create a new sidebar fairly, that’s a lot of work well, it will also payback what you put into it. So I call this one convert, get review blog post, I createthe sidebar, what I want to start with what everything already have. So over here, I clickon duplicate. So I have two of those. I click on it again, over here, and I drag this oneover here about me. Then the second one I want to duplicate it again. Maybe in thefuture there will be a better way to do this. I drag this one also over here there it is.So people see something about myself.People see the reason blog posts and now click overhere I can browse all and I want to search for an advertisement. So I click over hereand I need to fill in information I don’t want to have a title I want to have an imageand I select the image and I create the image for you you can create it in Canva or in PhotoshopI showed you before how to create images and there’s this one convert gets try for free.Open it over here copy the title paste in the alt text select and then below I needto base my special URL. So I go to Best safe income with 34 slash go forward slash ConvertKitcopy is headed I wanted works.Yes it works. I base it over here and I wanted to be openedin a new tip update. Then of course I need to do something really important I need tolink this sidebar to our page. So over here at the top overcut video blog post I clickhere add a comment addition, I want to include this not on the entire website, but on a singlepost, but not an all single post. So I scroll down even further post ID.And then I needto select the post. So I search for convert, notice, save the settings and update the settings. So we click over here, I go to my blog post.And now try ConvertKit I click on it, and I open it in a new tab. But if people scrolldown, it is gone. That’s we’re working with blushield here. Even with free version, thisworks, we go to the customizer minus I can go to the sidebar, I scroll down andwhen I say I want to have a sticky sidebar, so now it sticks with us. Now I only see myfirst I want to drag this a little bit up. So I bring this back to 20. And then overhere, sticky behaviour, I want to show the latest widgets. So if I scroll down, thenonly the latest one will pair out, wow, this is what I want.Or if you want to have thelatest two widgets, recent posts and convert it but I want to focus on get ConvertKit.Man, this is $49 from $49 on and then if you make money with this, you can buy the unlimitedplan for the rest of your life or agencies and just pay 299 Really nice, publish it. So this is what you can do with Bloodshy Pro.But wait, there is more. No need this if I go back on zero.So this is how it works. And then with other blog posts, of course,you can play something else over here. Then I go to the backend. The second thing I wantto do, I want to have a mega menu. So I go to block C, block C to extensions. Pro extensions. And then over here, I wantto add an advanced menu I activated. Configure. So I go to my menu, and I want to create mymega menu for my blog page. So I click over here, I click on menu item settings. And Iwant to make this a Mega Mindy Megaman menu, the drop down with how about custom with auto,three columns 750 Because that can be divided in three.If I say one, one can not be dividedin three when we work with pixels. So I don’t I think it’s not honest when or it’s not fairwhen somebody has one extra pixel and they have two columns do not have that. Yes, Iwant three columns evenly divided. And I want to have an item Label. Label should not youknow what, this is all fine. If design now it’s okay, I save the settings.And now Iwant to have three areas, three categories that I want to display. So I saved it i Rightnow I collapse it all to create a custom link. URL is a hashtag. And then over here I sayYouTube or start with YouTube. Okay, another one. Start with email marketing. And another one. Start with Christianity. Now just going tostart with blogging. Okay, look at this. I bring this over here. I bring this one overhere. I bring this one over here. And email marketing. I direct it below your marketingand bring it delivered to the right. Okay, I save it. Let’s see how it looks. We’re notfinished. But let’s see how it looks right now. Okay, that’s how it looks. Well. There’s roomfor improvements. That’s what I will do.So start with YouTube.I click over here and I click on menu item settings. The Content Type is fine. Item label. It’s enabled in the label link. There’s nolink and I want to select an icon that says YouTube okay, I can sighs okay.I can left. Save it. So what is happening right now refresh it.Oh, start with YouTube. It’s not a link anymore. This is a link.So the second one, it’s getting,Oh man, we’re getting to the end of this tutorial, but it’s getting fun, more fun than it alreadywas. Blogging, so I searched, it’s not a link, the icon should be something with writingor pencil save it, close it. And then the third one I mean, thesecond one it’s not a link, select niagen Worse mill save it. Refresh. Start with YouTube start with email marketing.Okay, what I don’t like is that this into sentences into rows. So then I go back tothe blog, open it. Menu Settings. Make it nine hundreds. Saveit. Now for design I can I can change things.So if I want to make this orange, which another good ID refresh, you’ll see you can make the whole backgroundlike this. So what you can do, make it a little bit lighter. Maybe almost light the rest of Fi is fine with me the colours,but what I can also do, that’s what I prefer.I can go to start with YouTube go to designand James’s to orange. Same with this one email design. I can orange and the third one save it, refresh. Okay, I want to go with the the light background,the white one. So um, sometimes it’s just trial and error. I think the back the shadowis enough to make it stand out from the rest. Okay, so now I can have blog posts melodious, orcategories or anything I want. So if I go to email marketing, I go to an overview of email marketing. Okay, maybe you’re like hey, but later inthe tutorial or later in my journey, I want to create something new.I go to custom link. I see reviews. I drag this over here. Clickover here, metal items. It’s not a link, I select checkmark save it whatever is now nothing because Ialso need to save the menu or refresh reveals here below. So what I will do, I’ll change that blocksettings to four columns. And I will look like that. So now again, I can maybe change the dropdown with I can also say content with save it. Refresh Okay, better. And now I can place my reviewover here. So I go to posts.I only post I bring it over there. Then I drag it belowreviews. I click over here and I change this to over it’s good review. Save it. So now it’s a matter of adding blog postsand bringing them on their Mega Menu which works It was not possible in the menu in thefree version of block see few more things over here at block menu items settings, Iwant to go to the design I want to go to the items divider, it can be one pixel and itcan be in orange colour which gives it maybe a little bit of a better structure and I want this to stand out from the restso how can we do that by the way we did not change the colours over here so let’s letme go to all of them YouTube first menu item settings ought to be your heading save it and the second one ought to be heading and over here once active also wants to be this colour that’swhat everything actually heading design Orange Leaves one reviews heading design orange and orange save it savethe menu refresh the page great, I can also do YouTube, email marketingblogging reviews, I think that is better and then we can or worse at multiple things overhere.So that’s it. Well I want to talk about Elementor Pro what you can do with ElementorPro you can go to a certain blog posts and then make sure over here an area appears withHey by by ConvertKit or sign up for the email list of ConvertKit or if a different tutorialfor that you can go to YouTube and search for Elementor Pro tutorial there we’ll findit popups and then I will show you how you can place it on specific places on specificpages. So in that way, I think this is so much better to get sales. So I highly suggestyou go for blockfi Pro Okay, two more things I want to do and then we really wrap it upthe first one go to the backend. This is also for the free version of Block C go to blockC extensions free extensions I scroll down I want to go for the cookie consent I activated now if I go to the website for the first timeI need to people need to consent so accept that’s it and then the latest thing rightnow we don’t see an icon over here so if I go to Ferdy Corp inducing icon, how can Iget one over here I go through customizer I scroll down I go to site identity I needto select an icon site I can I can upload one let me search for fav icon let me create one I say 512 by five on the 12th I make the backgrounds orange I click over here I say dollar sign when amake it wide make it bigger bring it to the centre I think it can be evenbigger bring it to the centre once shift option of seven no just getting a go to File Savefor Web.PNG I save this fate file I can have png there it is. Open it copy, paste, select Publish and now it looks like death. I can’tbelieve I waited for that for the latest thing to do because it just looks fabulous. So ladiesand gentlemen, we came to the end of this course slash tutorial. I hope you found alot of value in If you do so please like this video, feel free to leave a comment. Let meknow what you think of this video. And also let me know when you have your first sale.And feel free to subscribe for more upcoming tutorials, I will make a follow up tutorialon how much I made with this website because it’s a real websites, it’s a real project.And yeah, that’s it, feel free to share this video, and good luck with affiliatemarketing. And if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing or withYouTube, in affiliate marketing and with YouTube and other ways, feel free to my course aboutthat if you like my way of presenting things, you will also like my course and this coursewill also help you can also help you to make a lot of money with it. Some may make 1000per day per per day with it more than that, and some make nothing with it. So it’s notthe course that’s good or bad or the course is good, but it’s up what with what you dowith the course that makes it a good course or not.Well, if you want to find out moreabout that you can go to 30 correlate COMM And I think this would making a website isa great starting point to start to make a lot of money. I think I show you everythingI know about the subject. I keep on learning I keep on improving. And good luck with yourbusiness. Whatever thing you do. Bye.

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