Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Part One Is Mindset

hey guys today I’m going to talk aboutaffiliate sell but I felt that it would be a disservice to really prance rightin to pushing a bunch of buttons and make it a bunch of affiliate marketingdollars what I feel like in all of my experience and the person or persons that I knowtheir experience is it takes mindset you have to get into the mindset to today’sshort video is going to be about the mindset needed to begin an affiliatemarketing expedition and we’re gonna get into that right now! before we continue be sure to download my ebook on my 7 stair framework on how I launch knock outproducts on Amazon it’s free and instantaneous access simply click on the link below inthe description too take a minute to subscribe to the channel to stay up onthe latest in EECOM and like this video so other beings get to see it okay sotoday I start a series of videos on affiliate market now I could puttogether a 5 hour long video of affiliate marketing and that wouldprobably bore you to death but what I’m gonna do instead is I’m going to breakthis up into a series of segments so be sure and check out the video that I’mgoing to create next which is going to be the fledglings easy start leader butagain today’s video is all about the mindset you have to have mindset in theright position to get started with affiliate mark and if you like thesetutorials that I give then please give this video a thumbs up so that otherpeople will have the opportunity to see this video so affiliate commerce hasboth a horrendous rep and a great rep at the same time and it’s a little bitconfusing but the reason is because all these gurus come online and tell youcrushed it I cleared five hundred and four thousand dollars this month withaffiliate market merely do this isn’t this and it’s easier than i thought and it’s notthat easy ninety-five percent 96 97 98 percent ofall people disappoint at affiliate marketing because there are a slew of roadblockswe get hit with them every day I get hit with them every daypeople that I know like Chris and Rodri they get hit with them every day youhave to overcome those roadblocks and get into the right mindset for success sothe biggest problem most people face is they look at all these other peoplemaybe doing a review or an unboxing or some sort of video to do their affiliatemarketing curriculum and they reflect wow this person or this person or thisaffiliate has all of these videos in all of these views whether it’s on Facebookor YouTube or what-have-you the problem is you get down on that andwhat you should do is you should look at that as inspiration yeah you’re startingfrom zero right these people are starting from years ago and they have4 00 videos and through I don’t know 300,000 likes or customers on YouTubeyou’ve got to put in the time and do the work to get there so start today look Iknow a lot of people and they come to me and ask questions about this sort ofthing this YouTube sort of thing and they say hey listen I seem funny or Isound funny I have an accent and I told me to all of them those are all justexcuses exactly start this today right get on camera I know plenty of people fromIndia and China New Zealand Australia Europe whatever that feel like they havefunny accents but that unique peculiarity about them is what propels them tosuccess exactly get on board and start talking about what you know that’s allit goes let me know what you do to get in the right mindset to switch from yourhome life and your daily job to get into your online business mentalityit takes a lot but write it down in the comments below and give us all know whatyou do to get there another mindset topic that I sounds a lot is oh I don’thave all that liking material I don’t have all that substance that you have I gotone camera in front of me got a couple of illuminating points in a microphone righthere above me it’s not expensive and it’snot super conception and if you need to wear a lapel pin to start out with get acouple of floodlights right I should have a floodlight somewhere around herebut use a floodlight you don’t have to have anything idea put your camera on alittle selfie fasten cope on a tripod as you have success or ensure success in yourbusiness pay for those little improves right upgrade to a Canon a TD or upgradeto something even better than that and get awesome suns and a boom mic andall the things that I have today but start somewhere and work your style up Ohmark I don’t have the confidence to get in front of the camera and talk listenthis is a video number 28 for me on this YouTube channel I didn’t have theconfidence yeah get in front of some people and talk and I like to be outthere and be social but the instant I came in front of a camera to start talking toyou boy things got awkward but like I said time a short few videos last-minute boomit’s just second nature and you won’t get there unless “youre starting” it’s allabout mindset cease representing up excuses and time start doing it you will never seethe success if you don’t only start doing it so do it today the other thingthat is most critical to your success in entrepreneurialship write or affiliatemarketing like the line is about its occasion management so you need to giveyourself an allotted quantity of period every day if you’re really going tostart a business and make it a distraction-free zone right turn offyour cell phone give yourself an allotted amount of day named a timerwhatever it needs to be right be sure to shut the door so the minors don’t run inthere but give yourself a schedule a listing of aims for the week and back intoa directory of points per era right you is intended to be learning brand-new things and working ontoday’s objective whatever it is I remember ultimately as soon as you breakthese obstacles the obstacles that mostly come from up here that’s whenyou’re going to ultimately attend success and I wish you the best of luck and staytuned for the rest of this series in the playlist on affiliate sell forbeginners okay people like always thanks forwatching this video and I hope that you’re able to use thisinformation and actually leant it be utilized for you like I said let me know how you getin the right mindset for your online business likewise don’t forget to downloadmy ebook on how I propelled knockout makes on Amazon it is free andinstant access merely click on the link in the description please subscribe to thechannel and like this video so it’ll be promoted and other people to get achance to see it and now watch this video


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