Affiliate Marketing For Dummies [IN PLAIN ENGLISH!]

hey guys it’s Jay now from sleepy a STONER dot-com and for those of you that don’t know me I’ve been making a full-time living for years now through affiliate sell and even though a lot of my blog books and YouTube customers once know what it is the affiliate market recreation designs I still get a ton of questions all the time from parties that are completely new to this game wanting to know exactly what it is how it runs how they can get started and all that kind of stuff so in this video in grassland English I’m going to explain it to you and demonstrate you real examples of how it labor so the whole concept behind affiliate market is actually jolly dead simple affiliate sell is just where you sell other people’s in exchange for a commission so it’s kind of like those retail stores where you get the really pushy salesman because they are getting paid the commission by the store except you’ll is being done it online so you won’t have to do with any purchasers face to face and what’s also really cool about affiliate marketing and why I was first attracted to it is because you don’t need to have your own product you don’t need to carry anything out yourself you don’t need to accept payments yourself in fact you don’t really have to do any of those pestering and complicated one so how does one actually get started in affiliate marketing well it’s surprisingly easy all you need to do to get started is to join an affiliate planned which is free and makes precisely a few minutes to do and you’ll find that most large-hearted online retailers out there actually have an affiliate program like ebay comm think ich komm and thousands of others now you often find a link to the affiliate platforms for each of these websites tucked away somewhere at the bottom of their sheet and formerly you know where to look for these affiliate curricula you’ll be surprised at just how many websites actually do have an affiliate program so let’s say I want to make money promoting stuff on first I need to join their affiliate planned by direct over to their website and moving to the bottom of the page and clicking the become and affiliate link then I exactly sign up for an account now once I’ve got my chronicle all made up I can merely login and then search for any product on Amazon then I’ll get what is called my affiliate join which is a unique link to me that I can promote anywhere I demand and every time somebody clinks on that link and buys something from Amazon I’ll get a commission so say for example I had a big Facebook fan page about the Hunger Games and I wanted to make some coin promoting the Hunger Games books to them well what I could do is just log into my Amazon affiliate account and sought for The Hunger Games books and then get my affiliate associate for those products and then share that link out to all of my sheet admirers I could say something like hell yeah chaps the brand-new Hunger Games notebook just came out and thunder I’ll get a commission for anything that they purchase and what’s also really really cool about all of this is they don’t even have to actually buy the actual product that I’m promoting after they click on that link if they buy anything from Amazon I’ll get a Commission’s so even if those hypothetical Hunger Games offer adherents do click my affiliate tie for that Hunger Games volume but they didn’t buy that book but they resolved up buying some thousand-dollar plasma screen on Amazon anyway I would still get a commission for that a lot of it’s just about coming beings through the door and onto the Amazon side and then just letting Amazon do what they’re good at which is selling like far and believe me you would be blown away at some of the stuff I promoted where people have ended up walking away buying thousands of dollars a year now how much board you get depends on the affiliate planned you’re promoting but for example with Amazon you get somewhere between 4% and 10% depending on how many auctions you make a month and what kind of concoctions you’re selling absolutely convinced commodities you’ll get a higher Commission than others then at the end of each month Amazon will only deposit all of your earnings into your bank account or instead you can have them send you a check in the mail or if you really want you can even get paid in Amazon gift certificates it’s totally up to you to choose how you want to get paid you simply need your head over to your history fixeds and then click the pay procedure associate now of course the risky fleck in all of this is figuring out how to get a shitload of parties to click on your affiliate attaches and buy nonsense not everybody has massive love pages once built up to promote their – and frankly that’s not even the best most profitable way to do it don’t worry because this is exactly what I’m good at and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it now there are a ton of different ways to promote your affiliate joins but the nature that I found to be the most ridiculously rewarding programme after years of doing this is by building simple websites that target concoctions and niches that hardly anybody else are targeting this channel it’s extremely easy for me to get those sites to rank in the top spots of Google so that tons of parties every day who are searching for those actual produces find my website click my affiliate connects buy tons of and represent me tons of fund so how about an example here’s a real website that I set up that’s all about mentalism which is a type of magic trick that magicians do where it concludes it seem like they can spoke your thought and the reason that I’ve chosen mental is because it’s something that one people are searching for two beings are buying stuff for and three there are hardly any other websites out there targeting mentalism and so what I’ve done is set up this website and exactly add six sheets to it the target numerous mentalism pertained terms that get searched for in the search engines these include things like mentalism journals mentalism secrets mentalism maneuvers and so on and then after a little bit of advertising because the competition is so low-spirited I’m easily sitting on the first sheet of Google and the top spots of Google for most of these turns for example at the time of making this video I’m sitting in the amount three blot when you search for mentalism I’m sitting in the number one spot when you search for mentalism books for mentalism pranks and learn mentalism and it’s ranking for a whole bunch of other mentalism referred calls – all of which gets examined for a ton in Google and because of these higher-rankings every day of the year over a thousand people rock up to my website and tons of them click on my affiliate joins and buy trash and construct me money and whilst this isn’t one of my places that meets me thousands of dollars each month because I try to keep those ones on the download and don’t expose those niches in public this still does meet me a cool extra few hundred dollars a month on autopilot and I haven’t updated this area in months and I have tons of locates just like this and all kinds of niches now I should say please don’t replica this niche not because I don’t want more competition but it’s not in your best interest to reproduce a niche that’s being discovered publicly in a manner that is I kind of think of sharing this place with you as offering a lamb to the slaughter to help you guys to make money because I guarantee you a year for now two years from now there’s going to be a lot more competition now that I’ve made this video but clamped it that’s just what I do and I ever find that showing you guys this substance firsthand is the best way to teach so that’s why I do it so by now you might be wondering about a couple of different things you might say well how do I set up a website I don’t know anything about house websites or you might say how do I promote it so it gets to the first sheet of Google all of these things are really easy and I’ve set up a free crash course for newbies to affiliate sell which you can get your hands on right here as I said is totally free and really click that tie-in or foreman over to lazier stone gash newbie unless of course you’re already watching this video from my crash course in which case simply obstruct scrolling down once you finish watching this video to go through the rest of the material and finally don’t forget to punched the agree button right here if you miss more no BS no hype videos about how coin is really made online peace out people and I’ll told you in the next video

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