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what’s up everybody Chad Bennett here atChad Bennett lab and today I have some great information that I’m gonna besharing with you I’m gonna share with you how to go ahead and start your ownaffiliate marketing business from scratch and start creating a life offreedom for yourself if this sum is something that sounds interesting to youif you want a life of freedom where you’re hanging out with your friendswhere you’re hanging out with your family where you’re doing hobbies whereyou’re hanging out with your wife and your adolescents and you’re just doing thingsthat are important to you when you have a flexible lifestyle where you can workwhere you want when you are ready to from anywhere in the world this is the videofor you if you’re new to this channel let me go ahead and first welcome you tomy channel make sure that you have agreed in the specific characteristics below thisvideo affect that subscribe button make sure you affected that Bell notification Icome out with at least two to three very valuable videos a few weeks furnishing youvery important content of how you can go ahead and start procreating your own onlinebusiness I give out tons of valuable message you guys you do not want tomiss those videos make sure you reached the buzzer notification that way you arenotified when these videos come out also if you find any valuable material in thisvideo make sure that you give me a thumbs up smash that like button ithelps to grow my canal it helps to get this information out there to as manypeople as is practicable what I’m going to be providing you in this video is astep-by-step process of how to go ahead and start your own affiliate marketingbusiness and grow it so that you eventually become a super affiliate andare realise millions of dollars you guys yes that is possible do not think thatit is not possible for you it all starts with belief if you believe it and youset your psyche to it it will happen I also want to give you a fair warningthis video will be a series I’m going to come out with a few more videos becausethere’s a lot of information I can simplify it and give it to you all inone video but I’d like to invest a little bitmore time on each step that route it starts it a little bit more usable for youprovides more cost and you can actually go out there and apply these steps andstart creating your own affiliate marketing business on indication however atthe end of this video I will show you and give you an offer that you can goahead to start creating your very own affiliate marketing business onlinewhere you can start working with my team and get some help and learn the innerworkings of exactly what you need to be doing is an exact blueprint do this dothis do this do this to this you can actually check these things off and getup and running and the establishment of your own affiliate marketing business howeverlet’s go ahead and jump on in what I have for you I think you’re really gonnalike this this is very valuable content I wish that I knew this material startingout upfront and someone had given me a video that I could follow so the firstthing that I want to talk about and I actually wanted to skip this step butand that’s because I’ve realise videos on this in the past and you can go back tothose and watch those and it will break it down for you but the first step thatyou need to address and I’ll just do this very simply is you need tounderstand why you even want to start this business if you don’t understandyour why you will experience some outage just like you experiencedfailure in anything that you start because you don’t know what you’re doingand it’s bothersome a little and you bump your top and you end upquitting so you need to understand why because that is extremely important yourwhy is what’s gonna push you through all the tough times that when you’relearning exactly how to do this business and learning how to make love successfullyI’m not saying that this is hard it’s more of the growing experience growingyourself to be the person that you want to become so step number 1 understandyour why so another thing that you want to do when you get when you’regetting started in affiliate marketing is you want to identify a niche andthere’s some important things that you want to know when you’re identifyingyour niche the first thing is you want it to be something that you’repassionate about that you feel yes you feel very passionate about that you’dlike to talk about that you like to spend time researching because you’regoing to need to become very knowledgeableabout the these produces these affiliate gives that you’re going to be drivingmassive amounts of traffic to if it’s not something that you’re passionateabout then what’s gonna happen is you’re parties if beings are going to see thatthey’re gonna be able to tell that you’re not fierce about it you’regonna give up because there was never any spirit there in the first placethings that you like to do like even for instance if you have certain tasks orjobs that you just really enjoy doing you don’t see it as work therefore it ismuch more easy for you to succeed so you want to find a niche that you’repassionate about and most importantly you want to pick a niche that on averageor on average is paying very well and to do that what you want to do is stay inthe top three categories and that is state property and fitness if you stay inthose niches you will get paid very well because those niches on average pay verywell pay their affiliates very well I’ve heard this in the pastcompared to athletics so for example if you’re a NFL player most people onthe NFL team yes they’re getting paid very well but how however only a few ofthem are actually making an insane amount of money on average most of theindividuals on an NFL team aren’t representing you know insane insane amount of moneyyes compared against your average person it’s a lot of money but in the NFL andprofessional sports arena it’s not the part team’s not realise that much moneyyou want to choose a niche that the average individual is making a lot ofmoney so if you compare this to something such as like the MBA yes youhave individuals that are on the team that are establishing the maniac amount ofmoney is dampen but on average most of the individuals and the NBA are making avery significant salary I think it’s somewhere around four million dollarsthe average NBA player so if that acquires appreciation to you that is something that I’veheard in the past that kind of helped me understand exactly why it was importantto choose such why your why your Miche was so important so the thirdthing that is very important when you’re starting your affiliate marketingbusiness is once you’ve identified the niche that you want to be in and I’mjust going to use the niche that I’m in for an example and that’s how to makemoney online investing you know business entrepreneurship online how to work fromhome once you’ve located an volunteer within that niche you need to make sure that itincorporates a few things there’s some key ingredients that are going to makeyou super successful while some individuals are going to fill affiliatemarketing because they are missing some of these things in their business modelor blueprint so these things are first you need to have an affiliate offer thathas a low resolve and has high objective offers so basically what this incorporates issomething called a value ladder that’s something that you want to Google ifyou’re not familiar with what a ethic ladder is maybe I’ll make a video onthat but you want to make sure that it incorporates a value ladder a valueladder is basically a if you imagine a staircase the government has low-toned extremity ticketoffers and then they give higher and higher and higher affiliate productsthat they’re selling this is similar to when you go to McDonald’s and you ordera coke when you order when you go to McDonald’s and you succession a coke you’reobviously going to order some fries and you’re gonna order probably a hamburgerwith that right so that is similar to what a appreciate ladder is I hope that makessense maybe we’ll do a video on that and break it down even further but you needto have a low-spirited tip proposal because the low-pitched resolve offering is actually what captivates alot of what your marketing payments are and the high-pitched point offering that comes along withthat is how you become a super successful affiliate purveyor and startto prepare some truly insane fund so that you can live a life of freedom anotherthing that’s important is you want to choose an affiliate furnish where whenpeople knock the the website the platform sheet that youintend them to get to and they make the decision to buy the affiliate offer thatyou have that they actually get cookie and a cookie is basically a tag that’sput on that individual by their web browser so that they can track whatthey’re doing on web sites and substance and mostly what happens is they getcookie and you get paid on the lifetime of that client within that affiliatemodel that is super important because now you’re getting paid on a lifetime ofeverything that they buy instead of really that one instance so I craved this videoto be a series I have three more important step that I just wanted to sharewith you so I will be making another video to share what those steps are howyou can implement them and why they are so important in your affiliate marketingbusiness I’ll go into great detail with what those steps are and what you needto be implementing to be a very successful high-end super affiliateaffiliate marketer so I want to wrap this up if you are interested in doingwhat I’m doing if all this spawns feel to you I have a solution for you I wantyou to try out you can get started for free start working with my unit andstart implementing these things step-by-step and get an exact blueprintof how you can start incorporating all this very important stuff and creatingyour very own online business this will make it much more simple for you yesthere will be a small investment that you will have to conclude but you can getstarted 100% free of charge if that is what resounds interesting to youI’m gonna invite you to come over to my website underneath this video now Ihave a link that I have left for you where it says my number onerecommendation to make a full time income online you want to click righthere Chad Bennett that is my website wishes to made to ensure that yougive me your list and a legitimate email address I will be sending you out a freevideo that is going to help you is starting launching your very own onlinebusiness and again you guys if you detected any valuable material in this video makesure that you go ahead give me a thumbs up over heremake sure you smash that thumbs up make sure that you smacked that subscribe buttonand make sure that you have hit the buzzer notification that way you are gettingthe most current content that I’m coming out with and remaining on top of thelatest veers on how to make money on order thank you again for watching thischannel I ever appreciate spending time withyou too you guys if you could I’m trying to grow this canal please comeover to this share button right here thumped share affect copy right here take the linksfrom these videos that you’re watching and berth them on social media it helpsto get my content out there and helps to grow up my path and get thisinformation out to as many parties as is practicable thank you again for spend timewith me I’ll told you on the next one peace

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