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what’s up everybody Chad Bennett now atChad Bennett laboratory and today I have some great information that I’m gonna besharing with you I’m gonna share with you how to move ahead and start your ownaffiliate marketing business from scratch and start creating a life offreedom for yourself if this sum is something that chimes interesting to youif you want a life of freedom where you’re hanging out with your friendswhere you’re hanging out with your family where you’re doing hobbies whereyou’re hanging out with your wife and your boys and you’re just doing thingsthat are important to you when you have a flexible life-style where you can workwhere you crave when you are ready to from anywhere in the world this is the videofor you if you’re new to this channel let me go ahead and first welcome you tomy channel make sure that you have agreed in the specific characteristics below thisvideo affect that agree button make sure you made that Bell notification Icome out with at least two to three very valuable videos a few weeks catering youvery important content of how you can go ahead and start starting your own onlinebusiness I give out tons of valuable message you guys you do not want tomiss those videos make sure you affected the bell notification that way you arenotified when these videos come out also if you find any valuable content in thisvideo make sure that you give me a thumbs up smash that like button ithelps to grow my channel it helps to get this information out there to as manypeople as is practicable what I’m going to be providing you in this video is astep-by-step process of how to go ahead and start your own affiliate marketingbusiness and grow it so that you eventually become a super affiliate andare becoming thousand of dollars you guys yes that is possible do not think thatit is not possible for you it all starts with belief if you believe it and youset your recollection to it it will happen I also want to give you a fair warningthis video will be a series I’m going to come out with a few cases more videos becausethere’s a lot of information I can simplify it and give it to you all inone video but I’d like to spend a little bitmore time on every step that action it obligates it a little more usable for youprovides more ethic and you can actually go out there and apply these steps andstart creating your own affiliate marketing business on word nonetheless atthe end of this video I will show you and give you an offer that you can goahead to start creating your very own affiliate marketing business onlinewhere you can start working with my crew and get some help and learn the innerworkings of exactly what you need to be doing is an exact blueprint do this dothis do this do this to this you can actually check these things off and getup and running and the establishment of your own affiliate marketing business howeverlet’s go ahead and jump on in what I have for you I think you’re really gonnalike this this is very valuable content I said that he hoped that I knew this substance startingout upfront and someone had given me a video that I could follow so just to beclear everybody this is the second part of my affiliate commerce for dummiesseries if any of this is not making sense to you while you’re listening tothis make sure that you go back to the first video that acces you can get thefirst three steps that I presented in that video in this video we’re going tobe talking about an additional three steps to affiliate marketing that Ibelieve are essential for you to become a super affiliate for you to become justa decent affiliate marketer you want to be doing these things in your businessto find success in affiliate marketing so the fourth thing that you’re gonnawant to be doing in your affiliate market business to find success tofind massive success or even only moderate success these are the basicsyou guys these are the things that you want to start doing from the beginningyou want to get this structure set up so that your business is built it turnsinto a machine and it runs on autopilot so the fourth gradation the fourth thing thatyou want to implement in your affiliate market business what I believe isthat is important to you is you want to implement a sales funnel or aka alanding sheet and a arrive page is mostly a sheet that has unusually focusedin for me for the targeted traffic that you aredriving to that sheet so that room there’s not a assortment of embarrassing information andwhat’s gonna happen is you’re gonna ask for two things or mostly one thingyour goal is to move them further down your pour and you want to capturetheir tending and you want to capture their report so that you can addthem to your autoresponder and so that you can follow up with them so there’s acouple things happening here the ground page and the pour are super superimportant so I want to dive into this just a little further here and actuallygive you a visual representation of exactly what I’m talking about so we canreally simplify this and bring it into terms that is very easy for you todigest and understand so I’m gonna bring you over to my website now this is mylanding page it is the beginning of my sells pour and so what I’m doing isdriving targeted traffic at the very beginning of my auctions funnel and this iswhat they see when you land in the early stages of my marketings funnelaka my arrive page what you’ll notice here is there’s not a knot ofinformation going on it’s very focused and targeted so that the individual thatlands on this page is not amused and it’s and it’s very pointed at a questionthat is going to prompt the individual to enter their info here andrequest my free video so if you’ll notice my question here is do you wantto work with me and my crew personally to launch you an on-line businesstogether now I “ve told you” my target might my freight is targeted traffic so I’mbringing individuals that are looking how to make money online and then I amproviding them with a solution to their problem I likewise want to draw yourattention to where it says right here where should I transport this free video sonow I’m asking where do you want this free video that is going to prompt thatindividual to give me their first name and give me a legitimate email addressnow one thing that’s very important that you needto make sure that you’re doing is you need to be sending out something ofvalue if it isn’t a free video that helps the individual start on theirjourney you need to have like something such as a PDF or maybe like an e-bookand if you don’t know how to write those things you can go to sites such as fibercomm which is a freelancing service and mostly hire someone to create thecontent for you so the next thing that I want to showyou that will deal with your move and is more of a breakout of exactly howthis funnel manipulates is an image here and this is super important because I didn’tknow this when I was getting started in affiliate marketing and it is insaneimportant I wish that someone would have showed me this so let’s bring this overhere and this is an example of a break-even affiliate auctions funnel andI’m gonna explain this to you real simple real quick basically you havecontrolled traffic and then traffic that you don’t control the ascertained trafficis traffic that is usually paid for the traffic that you don’t ascertain is yourorganic traffic and you should be doing both of these things if you don’t have alot of money when you’re getting started with affiliate marketing that’s fine youcan do it absolutely organic there have there are individuals that I’ve beenfollowing that are making millions of dollars and all they did was start outwith completely organic congestion but optimally what you want to be doing ifyou have a budget is you want to be driving a little bit of paid traffic andyou want to be driving some organic transaction as well it should be a 50/50 separate that is what they recommend so what’s happening here is this isbasically your platform sheet you have control traffic paid traffic and organictraffic freight that you don’t mastery coming and making your arrival sheet andyou can see here basically what is being asked for is there’s a question orsomething of value being sent out and it’s asking for it the person’s emailaddress and appoint and then it’s asking them to clickSubmit so that this information can be sent out to them then what’s happeningis they’re taken to the next page which mostly various kinds of inserts yourselftell us a little bit more information about the affiliate present heateds them upa little more and then they’re sent to the third page here so this is a sellsfunnel you guys if you imagine a move it’s open at the exceedingly top it’scollecting whatever it’s supposed to be collecting and then it moves it downto a path so that it’s going exactly where you’re directing it to go and thisis what happens in a sales funnel this last-place page here is where they arepresented with an offering and if you retain earlier in this video serieswhat I said was is you missed a small a small offer mostly a tripwire offerthey call it nonsense like that but something that doesn’t expenditure a ton ofmoney this would be something similar to the drink when you get to McDonald’s youknow you buy a imbibe and then you’re gonna want fries and a hamburger rightand this is where the importance ladder section comes in but only to get back ontopping and back and back to the sales funnel here you’re going to have a smalloffer that you’re going to ask whether the person wants to buy it or not thatreally doesn’t matter it’s great if it does because this little cell right herehelps to contribute to your budget for your paid traffic and what they what Imean by a break-even funnel is you want this small offer to be able to pay foryour paid traffic and now what’s happened here you guys if you can getthat to work you’re driving paid targeted traffic and you’re getting acustomer for free because what else is going on here is you have anautoresponder connected to this landing page so now you have a customer that youcan follow up with so you basically got a customer for free later on in thisfunnel what happens after they punched this offer and you have now had theirinformation and you’re following up with emails routing them out very valuableby the way you always want to be sending out valuable material that your customerscan actually use and implement that is HUGEthe last thing that’s happening here at the end of this funnel is now thatyou’ve accumulated their datum you can send all these types that areon your autoresponder to other furnishes this is huge you guys this is calledpush button money and basically what that intends is everybody that issubscribed to your autoresponder “youve had” full insure of how you’re going toadvertise to them you can follow up and at any moment you could have a list ofthousands and thousands of people that you are eligible to enlisted up an email to put youraffiliate link in and transmit that email out to targeted traffic because you knoweverybody on that list wants to learn how to make money online so it’s pushbutton money you literally can create an ATM machine you guys a certain amount ofthose individuals are going to to buy when you send out your affiliate associate inyour email the next thing that you can do this is super awesome is there’s ahigh ticket give so they bought in at your smaller offer and now there’s goingto be a high ticket furnish later on there’s a high ticket offer and thisisn’t garbage you guys are not being sold junk they’re being sold very valuablecontent but this high ticket offer this is where people who do a Philly ” itmarketing are getting very rich if you’re doing affiliate marketing andyou’re doing a bunch of little big upfront volunteers there might be a fewindividuals out there that are doing that very successfully but for the mostpart this is the the sales funnel that you want to model so there you have ityou guys this is the break-even funnel and this is how you want to model youraffiliate marketing business and your marketings funnel specific so there youhave it you guys this is the second video of this succession I’m going to saythe next two topics for another video I don’t want to make this video too longyou’re really going to want to pay attention to the next two topics whichare going to be why you need an autoresponder and how to drive trafficafter you have these next two steps and we’ve kind of gone through them andexplained exactly what you should be doing to complete this process you willthen understand how you can go ahead and strike initiating your own affiliatemarketing on-line business lastly I’m gonna ask you that if you have found anyvaluable info in this video satisfy made to ensure that you come downbelow my video right here click on the thumbs up give me a thumbs up smash thatthumbs up button you guys give me some likes I’m trying to come this informationout to as countless parties as I possibly can I actually am passionate about teachingpeople how to create money on direction also satisfy make sure that you are subscribedto my canal you can do that by tick this red button right here andthen make sure that you touched this Bell notification that way you are notifiedas soon as this information is released from me on youtube you can alsosubscribe at the bottom portion of my video right here where it says clickhere you can click that as well that will also help you subscribe and thenagain you guys if you’re ready to go ahead and get started in affiliatemarketing don’t depend alone on really the videos that I’m causing if youactually get started with my crew come to this this web page right here ChadBennett live gives people your information get started working with my squad and youwill be blown away at the amount of information in detail and step by stepways to go ahead and procreate your affiliate marketing business this hasliterally skyrocketed me and I know it will do the same for you so thank youagain for watching I certainly experience spend time with you and I’ll see youguys on the next video of this succession agreement

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