Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals (Part 1)

alright hey whats up this is josh Shane Lee and I’m here with Bruce Petrov and Bruce is a someone who recently signed off for our viral blogging method which you can there’s probably a tie below this video at the time that you’re watching this I would encourage you all to check that out but what we’re going to do in this video is Bruce actually has a product and on like an info produce a due commodity and we’re gonna we’re gonna strategize on this call on how he can get more purchasers for that use the viral blog to do so and then likewise where to find some other affiliate affiliated makes that he can monetize his customers and his non clients ok because one of the core tenants of construct a business online and I symbolize constructing any business online even if you’re trying to build an offline business exercising the internet one of the number one renters is you’ve got to build a listing and not all of the that roll is going to become a customer with you but if your tactical you can figure out some ways to to monetize those so that you can bring back some dollars that you can reinvest into marketing and ripen your roll and proliferate your customer basi because that’s that’s how you proliferate in this business so the first thing Bruce and I were actually talking earlier today and this is a site he had set up before get our viral blogging scaffold and one of the things that we strategized earlier is that I is believed that I recommends to Bruce is to use this locate uh now as like the the customer portal the membership site where people who are purchasers would log in and take all of the free material that he’s created and and used that on his viral blogging system now I don’t necessarily recommend Bruce to pull it off of this but taking whatever you’ve got here blog posts and free videos free material and and likewise posting it on your viral blogging platform is a way to populate a knot of the information contained on there out of the entrance and and that’s a you know that will will help you and dish you really well if we look at a couple of things just about the the viral blogging platform what I would recommend that you do is is there’s three places where you can add banners that I would recommend you you customize and you point to a lead captivate sheet so the first one is right up now at the top the second one is along the side now and the last one is at the bottom and now Bruce is choice are still not anyway he’s not going to become an affiliate with empower structure and and and resell commodities at least at this time so in his occurrence i would recommend taking off all of the entitle network banners because he’s just not you know he’s not make that right now and and i would so i would represent them all related to whatever uh you know whatever way you’re building your index here now from what i can tell you don’t consequently currently have like what i like to call a hook to to build your email directory is that bazaar to say i mean is there a acces that you’re building your directory other than sign up for our free updates no okay so oh the first thing i would do actually and for you it might be as simple as making let’s say five of the free videos that you’ve created with like maybe it’s like the five most important home repair tips uh that will save you you know blank amount of money something like that and create an offer like well so this is this is an example of a pas captivate sheet but that’s that would be so for me the-the-the-the to surface things i would recommend is make some of that material you’ve already got and and and get wise syndicated or written over on your viral blogging organisation bad things actually number two would be figuring out what your hook is going to be and again it might be free video streak participate with you the top five um home repair uh issues that could be avoided and and you save space amount of money I need to sit down and think about it and you would know better than me because it’s your material and so on but something along those lines something that if I were somebody who stumbled upon your blog or met the capture page it would be something that I would I would perceive as so valuable that i’d be willing to pay for it but i don’t have to it’s free claim that’s that’s what you’ve got to create something that would be enough real or perceived value that someone would gladly exchange their email address before whatever it is you’re offering we’ve got a couple of books already josh that we could use for that so that’s uh that’s good beautiful so that’s easy once you’ve got that then customizing the blog where all of the banners point at that offering would would be the next thing that i am only do because constructing an email list now you may not have heard me say this before but i’ve said this many times it when you are creating a business online an email list is the number one resource a purchaser listing is even better but if you build an email list you can monetize them in several ways because and we talked about this earlier no matter how good you are only a certain percentage of beings are going to buy from you if you’re really good and and your volunteer is very good it might be 10 twenty percent of your email opt ins generally speaking it’s harder to get any higher than that nonetheless there are behaviors through affiliate marketing that you can monetize your roll even if it’s not you are familiar with with your make or your you know your subscription or service or whatever it is the case may be now one of the things we talked about earlier was where to find other produces or services that you could promote and and Bruce you can see my screen right or no yes again okay good so there’s a site called they’ve been around for a long long time and i would consider them to be the number one a locate for affiliate marketers to to find other products and services to promote there are others but there’s lots to like about clickbank and so i usually recommend people start there you can create a you can create an account absolutely free which is cool and then what you can do is you can search the marketplace and they have it by different categories so in Bruce’s case we’re going to look under dwelling and garden and maybe we search under how to and residence improvements there you are familiar with or you know maybe even the general one and what you’re going to find here is is different produces that other people have created that you can promote as an affiliate and there’s a lot of numbers here so I’ll talk it all walk and talk through some of these um some of these digits but just know one thing that it is it’s as easy as this if you find a commodity that you want to promote you smacked the promote button you you put your note name which you would create when you organize your your chronicle you can add a tracking ID it would want and then you stumbled create so I’ll precisely do that’s one of my detail nicknames and literally now I have a link that I can promote that concoction that quick-witted bank will rack absolutely and they they compensate commissions they forward you a check twice a few months and i’ve been using clickbank for years and I’ve never not gotten a check they have paid on time they’ve paid out some foolish amount of money at this level I don’t even know what the list is but it’s a big quantity it’s probably on their homepage so that’s how easy it is once you find something to promote to promote it now how do you find things that make sense to promote well patently you’re looking for substance that would be congruent to what beings opted in to your inventory for so in Bruce’s occurrences they’re they’re off opting in for like dwelling restore ideas and and so forth but they’re also you can also become the bigger assumption that they’re they’re kind of DIY in reasoning right if they’re thinking about writing their own home restores versus hiring somewhere out you know you might be able to extend out you know you can utter some premises about what they might also be interested in so here’s an offer the number one offer that shows up is my removed hopes and I don’t know if this would work to the list that you improve but let’s just take this as an example because we can walk through some lists so the average sale this is the average amount that you would spawn per customer so if someone buys through your affiliate connection that’s the amount you would be paid by Clickbank this particular affiliate or actually in this case product owner is paying 75 percent commissions so they’re they’re paid under you know that’s that’s a nice amount that they’re paying out seventy-five percent to high attach the last thing that you’ll see here is gravity and gravity simply is a means of showing how many affiliates are promoting and making money on that offer so the higher the gravity the more affiliates there are who are making money with the volunteer so generally speaking the higher the better generally speaking but lower lower numbers of gravity don’t consequently mean that that you get you can still make money on things that have a lower gravity so don’t you know don’t be put off by by low gravity figures per se you’ve got to take a look at the the make so example you know you can click on this red link and “youre seeing” the volunteer here right and this is ok you can look at it and and and put yourself in the mind of your your prospect your your email list you know person on your email schedule thinking like is this something that they might be interested in perhaps maybe not right how to build a playhouse I don’t know they might or might not you know and any of this nonsense here it’s all a test when you’re marketing online or offline everything you do is really exactly a test pirate ship play house means insignificant homes you know there’s all kinds of substance here and actually really in this one category within a bigger category there are looks like a hundred and fifteen outcomes so there’s lots of potential things that you were able to promote to the list so let’s I’m going to bring up a document now and sort of identify all of the items all the things uh 220 I hit the wrong type of document I want to document uh that you’ll need to sort of introduced this into place which may on the surface seem devastating but really it’s it’s it’s not formerly you precisely start making specific actions so number one we have your membership yeah show me ask you yeah actually a speedy question um with sound link with a clickbank how do you determine the number of offerings that that is the best is that kind of trial and error you gain some know on that would you want like two or three um have Illuminated buttons on your sheet or what you want a section that you click through and have several things rolled good point good question so here’s what I would recommend um you would only make those renders in in one of two cases i’m going to show you in a minute one of them but i would only be doing that through email once they’re already on your roster realise because you’ve already got your own offer i would write i would try to yeah you know the the you want to try and expose them to your offering first before prove them a cluster of different things at least that’s what i would do on your viral blogging stage and your membership site so the only thing they should participate on the on the viral blogging stage is these banners should all point to your opt-in okay now betcha the only the only and by the way this is a lot of stuff now so Bruce you’re gonna get the recording of this and patently if you’re watching this you’re watching the recording you could go back through this and you know and pull some of this out sure the only other thing you might do on your blog is you might do a specific blog post about an render and if you do that then you would then then in the blog announce itself you might say you know to check out her to get access to this you know sure this pirate ship playground idea that’s what every day yeah precisely precisely but the overall goal a bit of this you know your viral blog the banners will all point to your opt-in offer the thing that will get beings on your email list and your membership site should just be your membership site okay um well I make that back your membership site you might you might have anywhere from one to three flags of Clickbank renders in there because if they’re on the membership site they’re already a customer um so that that’s a good point so I would do one two three and a lot of these a lot of these favourite planneds actually have a Philly’ it resources so let’s um go back to the firstly one because i saw that i think they did so this one they actually have an affiliate Resource Center and my guess is they actually have placards previously velicity yep banners and graphics not all of them will but a lot of the ones that are more popular will have flags and graphics great question great question and there’s another place because I want to introduce the path that I thoughts for you and for countless people might be the best way to get traffic after I kind of started documenting this this stuff now you’re going to have a capture sheet name pages you have to have an email marketing you have to have a way to collect the emails and email to we recommend and use get response but there are lots of platforms out there that work and i’ll actually i’ll send you this document and i’ll applied some affiliated or recommended sources with the document as well we already we already use MailChimp perfect send out emails is that ok or perfect yes male chimps wonderful there’s lots of huge programmes there do response is just the one that we use um um and then so so we have the membership site what’s already done you’ve got the viral blogging method although it’s not customized and optimized just yet you’re going to build a capture page which in fact I think you can do with MailChimp I believe you can build a captivate page right right within MailChimp and with do response i’ll applied a resource with this for people watching this you can do the same with do response you can actually oblige there’s a there’s such a way that you can create a web form that actually is like an opt-in page it’s a really i approximate the best way to describe it is like a quick and dirty way to to form captivate sheets but they manipulate they direct exactly search just great the last thing is you need traffic and for this we actually have something that time because I haven’t come up with a better name called the the FB method the facebook technique and this is a this is a methodology that I’ve applied over the past virtually four years it’s an evolving type of thing but I’ve used it to generate over like in tens of thousands of results and I’ve got I’ve got five or six supporter pages that have anywhere from 4,000 to 40,000 followers and what we’re going to do is we’re all of this is going to sort of all be integrated together and by make it the results will multiply I’m actually going to make this a little bit bigger so we can see okay so so the last piece of the question is how do we get you know how do we get traffic and I know Bruce I think you said you had played with google adwords and yes did you there wasn’t second what was it was it just was it Bing or was it something else that you had tried some traffic on her I can’t remember wait we use a scaffold announced staged and if neither one of them is truly was instrumental in and a lot of x culminates at all ok so it’s limited success ok so so um time because time a immediate slope memorandum since we are led there by simply converting the coming of trying to get a buyer immediately to just trying to get an opt-in that’s going to change the game for you the problem is is specifically like Google you can’t send traffic right to a capture sheet they make it very difficult or next time ausable to do that but with the FB method that i’m going to show you you can and should so i want to show you an example of a sheet that i am using with this methodology now specific topics of the sheet is irrelevant here specific topics of your page is going to be around your niche which is like home restores okay um so we’ve got this page now and you’re only seeing this at the top because i’m an admin of the sheet if i was just a you know sure if I was as the interests of consumers I would only recognize like from here down it’s like any devotee page right exactly and so we would the method here is to create a page around your niche and to optimize it in such a way that all of the issue of trafficking that you will generate using the methodology here it objectives up as one of various things either a fan of your sheet be a an opt-in to your MailChimp list or view is likely to be time by an affiliate make out of the door so the room we we do this is so the include sheet here if someone clicks on this handle sheet all of this by the way is is outlined in the FB method teaching which again I’ll put on the document if you’re watching this Bruce has access to it previously it you get it as a bonus with the viral blogging method I amble you through in detail how to set up your page how to optimize your sheet how to go get traffic and what you need to do daily and it’s really simply a couple of minutes a day of nonsense you have to do daily but notice if somebody sounds on this image they are pointed to a capture page okay secondly if somebody clinks on the profile image the description Oh shame on me I don’t have that I’ll have to add that sometimes I forget substance I must have changed that that epitome and not computed a description so ideally i would have a description here and then the last thing actually two more things is our description here uh is a link over to a capture sheet well it’s supposed to be well I’m I’ve got egg on my face right now I’m I don’t know why that’s broken those last two should be going to a capture page I’ll edit those and fix those freedom after this but then the last thing is we’ve got these these three things now which are custom tabs which hopefully these are working so that one I’m getting this this error because i’m an admin but if i click ok that is applicable to a captivate sheet we’ll go back this is applicable to a captivate page and this other one too goes to a captivate page now in your occurrence what i would recommend that you do I’m just reveal I belief I can’t remember this is so it’s actually three different capture pages so people clicking around if one sense doesn’t catch them the other will however in your event what i would do is i would have your cover photo your profile scene your description and your start now invoice again all of which is outlined how to do in the FB method education so i’m not going to get done to technical things now all of which is out right there but all four of those things would point to your capture offer and then what I would do with your last two invoices here is I would either select to clickbank produces and have them go directly to the sales pages for them or you might have one go to your membership site like the sales letter for your membership site and then one going to see to an affiliate produce but the point is like the guys that I’m learning from they call this like rodeo drive of their love sheet okay once you start using the method and start get traffic the nature we indicate you to do beings are now going to really they’re just going to start poking around here and and and you want to have as numerous direction possible to a capture them as a produce in your email database and be turn them into money because the only way you can scale this is that we can quickly recoup marketing dollars so that we can reinvest them and undoubtedly also generate a profit right right so this is the method that we recommend generally speaking for your transaction and there are in the methodology used I prove you that you paid programmes and free strategies of ripening this this audience and going traffic to the page the other thing you can and will start to do here is anytime you developed in partnership new content you’re going to consortium that material on the page which is going to get people looking at it and then purposing up on your viral blog right and then it that you know if the content is good and locking which I know it’s going to be because you’re the panel of experts in you you’ve obviously already been doing some of this material they’re gonna you know they’re going to start clicking on the on the banners and substance and be brought to an end in your email inventory so it all sort of it creates this like big wheel or like snowball the consequences of more beings on your roll locking with your content becoming members with your membership offer and you know becoming interested in and been transformed into clients of the affiliate commodities ok so i guess my big question that hangs out there is how do you get devotees but is that that’s going to be another learn that’s it that’s in the FB method accurately um and now i’ll definitely that’s definitely the thing that’s going to take the most testing just because to find the freedom demographic for what you’re offering is going to take it’s just going to make some some testing and tweaking and playing around with um you know you may previously have a good idea of who your demographic is it might be you know 35 to 45 year old males who have kids who are college grads or maybe not college grads I no you probably have an idea of who that you know who your your avatar is I was aware that your openings explanation and so that side is going to be a little you know there’s going to be some some trial and error there but the cool thing about Facebook is and the what we recommend is you start with with little experiments five and ten dollar testing and you really you merely nip and you you know you do you get better and you get better and you get better and you build an audience in doing so so um so there were some action items now clearly going through some training on the FB method what I would love to do Bruce is is maybe next week or you know as soon as you’ve got some of this stuff done and disappearing we can hop back on one of these and do like an update and that can establish some recommendations based upon okay you know here’s the captivate page I performed here are some affixes that I cleared you know here’s the the banners that I put one over the place perhap you’ve even got your fan page done and we can go through and merely become some simply from my own experience obligate some suggestions on maybe some nips and optimization ideas of how to get you know a little bit better outcomes here there and everywhere and and you are familiar with perhaps they’ll effort perhaps they won’t but I you know I think it’ll be helping for you and for everybody else who’s who’s watching this video and and who will check that out as well sure sounds like a proposal okay any final questions before we hop-skip off of this and I don’t think so okay I acknowledge your vehicle okay well let me wrap it up by saying uh plainly if you’re watching this there are some joins below I will include a link to this document which I’ll actually i’ll waste some time and optimizing it with our recommended additional resources a be well on that will I’ll include a link to the viral blogging organisation which I mentioned and I’ll and some other connects as well and then I’ll let you know as soon as we have Bruce back on with the you know sort of like the next video in the series now facilitating him optimize that and this is fun this is the kind of stuff that I love doing this is the stuff that does me excited to get up in the morning this is the stuff that you know gets me jazzed and so forth so I’m happy to do this for you Bruce and for everybody watching thanks a lot all right

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