Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #1 Marketing Funnel

hello and welcome to this new video in this affiliate marketing for rookies brand-new video would like I would like to introduce you to the funnel, or we will catch it do we need such a marketing knew and how does he ensure that it is with us the cash register reverberates mighty for those of you who don’t know what a funnel is a funnel is usually a vessel where we have something above it comes in a little more compressed so we know that for example Out of its own budget if, for example, we have affiliate marketing for beginners liquid environment or the like and We too have such a funnel in sell However, our pour is divided into three grades and I will use them To you guys once in this video we illustrate Affiliate Marketing for Beginners we have in wide opening up the first rank in traffic and traffic is in english traffic and the issue of trafficking is nothing other than the visitors we are currently in an internet site route Affiliate Marketing for Beginners but we don’t send any visitors to any affiliate market for amateurs websites but we send days tourists who are looking for a solution to a specific problem on specific websites to shape the whole thing a bit more transparent I have come up with the following example fishing and fishing so how others like peacemaker fish like actually greedy fish what need I do everything to make a fishing license our tourist to our carton of your affiliate marketing for novices guest could look like this a visitor who says hey i would like to do it but i don’t know how that is his problem and on our website on our specific Affiliate Marketing for Beginners back we offer the solution to his problem so that’s one tactician guest we definitely crave hair on our website we don’t want any guests who want to cars, for example since we may have one or two of 100 pilgrims with us Likewise for fishing affiliate marketing for fledglings or fishing are very important first degree dates tourists who are looking for a answer should be one we send them to a specific website for what determination such a solution is offered by the second stage that really done something smaller and for the following reason we have a call to action now We would like to give the visitor a endowment Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in return for his e-mail address he must want this talent because it is a remedy or maybe even the solution to be particular problems yes we could have a digital make make or should at least put a digital produce there physical make a little more difficult to manufacture because of the manufacturing process and their own efforts involved cope is a digital product could for example be affiliate marketing for fledglings an e-book a video or video track a participation orbit or audiobook with information that he can use to pass his fish exam for example we could write an ebook with ten things you you perfectly need for your trawl quiz so far, affiliate marketing for beginners is of course interested and turns to the ob because level with his e-mail address Affiliate market for fledglings or wishes to the endowment, by the way, lee revenue or lied magnet in commerce and as soon as the interested party has done that yes as soon as the visitor has said and done he becomes an interested gathering second grade also then the visitor will sacrifice traffic to prospects and then an e-mail campaign in the form of three to five starts automatically Affiliate Marketing for Beginners or seven e-mails that we send out every day with further tips-off and maneuvers to a successful existing fishing quiz why are we doing this down in the last level of the third level have the very little conversion We would like the last call to action and affiliate sell for fledglings though we the interested party, so the visitor became the interested party and this one We want to turn interested defendants into purchasers statistically speaking, a prospect becomes a customer after seven contacts with a website that probably bought Affiliate Marketing for Beginners himself not always something immediately but first has to build rely First of all the authorities concerned will maybe send a bit of feedback back and forth and then you will ultimately buy a concoction and that’s exactly what we’re going to do here with our moves and just as we do affiliate sell for fledglings and how we improve that throughout coaching so that we can Earn coin with this funnel and automatically make money for him key in marketing and personally, i am a very big friend From automation it is much more enjoyable I say in Affiliate Marketing for fledglings Lean back lead mansions and see how the approval let’s say sexuality or the cash register resounds so everyone can do it as he likes And as I said, automation is the key because we don’t want much We want to work now finally only taking care of more guests so worth fomented pilgrims in our move eventually came to see you clients and we do it all here in this one coaching and everything is automated, so I’m looking forward to you and us are going to build business affiliate marketing for fledglings together and I hope you continue to have fun and see you at the next bio until then

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