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hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners thisnew video in this new video we will create the last page for us afunnel and although this is the thank you pagewe have sent our talented visitors to a specific websitewhich was the disembark sheet and On the land page we furnish ourfree endowment for the entering of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners e-mail addressof the visitor the next sheet that the visitor has viewed on the day is theconfirmation page on which we said his registration was successful please confirm one there e mail address andthen you can get a free talent on the thank you since the 1stand we will now create this thank you page againwith most press because the respective one says the artistic andcreative discretion that we do not have affiliate with many other designer plugins Marketing for Beginnerscan achieve well I’ll go back to bl ank pages misses my bedcontent temple out again click here on views as templates and write a thank you page all over again but it is clearthat this page is now also free clan affiliate marketing for fledglings so click create again and havemine here again perfectly empty largely because we are good at the teaching platepage I elect a new text again and stay again like on theconfirmation sheet now with the one third 35 1 503 fifth a fifth sothat was click on island expedition sheet i try the the sheets easyto keep ever relatively the same the landing sheet was of course also nice in the middle then we had the verification page affiliate sell for beginnerswhere we are also right please i am and that fixes mefeel good now i will get back to add point and click in here againand say textbook and look for the text block out again write in here your access is nowcreated so do the same as So here’s the affirmation so here Igo again heading 2 Affiliate Marketing for Beginners I try to find an look catcher againand access musics so very Affiliate Marketing for Beginners after that I have my complexion again okay breakthrough bulletin on the left is okayI’ll leave it here as it is I have already put on heading 2 and now clickon inside me is again with I crave your target to have thisplaceholder and now I simulate the whole thing again okay, we controller everything and that andwrite now and immediately start affiliate market for beginners situated it up and start immediately isdefinitely sounds very good mark me get it on again now headingthree that the whole thing is a bit smaller with mainz auctioneers connections it was determined precisely warrior in fixed and good is okay that ilike affiliate commerce for novices very well now i will do the whole thing again and now write a text because iknow I snack accurately as I am going to offer my free knack to thismember area and for affiliate commerce for rookies I am now writing alittle text to receive the status and then automatically forwarded to the members so I get affiliate marketingagain so the whole thing is probably so small again normal writing for apprentices and, asI said, like this relationship that is also the strength in the part so create access now ourboard give your e-mail address now affiliate marketing forbeginners to receive the access data then you are automatically forwarded to themembers area okay that is also relatively good andnow you can of course so I know already do with the members areabut will vary depending on how you like your song profi expensive song magnets so the freegifts actually wanted to avenge your tactful guests – it could be affiliate marketing for beginnersalso a pdf “couldve been” the whole thing just like thata click on ingredients time enter here so fordownload please click here files download and look for something nice now thatit looks pretty good, for example click of it new prefer affiliate sell for rookies like just take apicture and if it is a pdf that fits anyway or an audio record couldalso be a video for example to download how about the pdftake part say ten things that never matter for your commitment as two examples now atdescription here comes a description of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners so we do the whole thing wiselyat that time in something we forgot oh that’s a awfully is that Idon’t have one because okay Affiliate Marketing for beginners is simply an example ifwe fill out the whole thing now would itlook naturally like this just with a different depict and the description et ceteraand then of course you can now use the pdf file or the bi ld or the videoor something, whatever you download a envision as a free giftin my bag that doesn’t work because I would have tochoose a datum now Affiliate Marketing for Beginners but I don’t furnish a pdfbut a free field and the I will distribute it completely differently hereso next, why do I first have my embed code againbecause I will accommodate this affiliate marketing for rookies was to the video player again in the picture fenderslet in the whole thing again this time again left aligned and leftflush in so and I will do it here between between between thetext and the video I will simply include a formwhere you can actually receive your e- mails page is of course organized like or same to theconfirmation page on The banking feature is really about giving yourvisitor who signed up his e-mails, hopefully an Affiliate Marketing for Beginnersgift and how you did it in the end the whole thing as I goes to show itas a download you can also download a video that they are able to Ican simply loped the video Affiliate Marketing for apprentices that is how I do it now, but I like to simply pass a detailed explanation againbecause I much prefer to watch videos than to read and of course many others do thesame, so I always obstruct everything very shortand sweet what you realise on the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners landing page on the proof pageas well as here on the thank you page we have really brieflyrewritten the be made available to jens and start immediately , nowenter a lasse to get his access data to Affiliate Marketing for Beginnersthen you are automatically pretty much redirected to you againand in this video I have of course merely now I publish thatmy researcher spectator is ultimately jam-pack in again This video hereexplains how to register so I will of course nowinclude the Affiliate Marketing sort for rookies and will show how it makes that you cansimply activate your personal account and how you ultimatelyimplement it yourself, of course you have an e-book you have avideo or in the light range an audio notebook there are really many possibles adigital produce to hand over a knack to the visitor Affiliate Marketing for Beginners who has really registeredhis interest and as soon as that is done, j starts a also in thesecond level of our pour the next step, namely Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, thee-mails are sent out and we will also discuss this in other modules, so as I said, these sheets are built according to the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners we did we can go throughthis whole page again saved i havealready gone three times without a win on pages open the landing page on theconfirmation sheet and the thank you page open like this and that is of course affiliate marketing for beginnersnow followed sent out now tactful visitorsthose looking forward to a solution to a certain problem are on aspecific website in this case it is now what we have now builttogether as I said you can emulate that one to one when youpromote my produce you can do affiliate marketing for beginners Build it in a similar way, of course, if youtry to market other makes to marketthen of course you have to see what various kinds of song earning or whatkind of offer magnet offers simply write a small e-book for example on affiliate sell for beginnersthis unit the course what we have ensure we have on the is 24 andpraise it Because here in the end and craved you that thetactful pilgrims of course sign in here the next thing that the days come pilgrims of course see is so that Affiliate Marketing worked forbeginners now one more step I have just sent you an e-mail with the linkset to the registration page here in the video presents once again how the wholething will look like and as soon as the visitor has opened the e-mail or has sounded theconfirmation link he long on the thanks to the page and has now been altered from anormal pilgrim to an interested party affiliate marketing for Beginnerson the thank you side here in my subject it says to put it there and immediately statenow next to tra nce a to receive your predicted then you areautomatically forwarded to the play area here in the video I showagain in “the two countries ” how it directs and here in between comes of course affiliate marketing for apprentices butthis area where you can give your life and ultimatelycontinue to work coaching so I commit my affiliate commerce for apprentices a free talent that ofcourse does that is up to you and as I said with optimal premium affiliate commerce for novices you can work wonderfully with it, everything keptnice and concise, clear and so far so good now we have affiliate Marketing for beginnersat least finished the first part of our move and now it’s ofcourse about this visitor who hasturned into an interested person to feed this interested party with tips-off and tricksand affiliate commerce for fledglings information and attempts to build trust and they are weupgrade iter so “that were going” last-minute succeed this interested party in anothermodule for the customer and of course earn money with itwell builds all and we’ll see you in Affiliate Marketing for Beginners another video in whichwe continue ok Affiliate Marketing for Beginners until then

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