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hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners thisnew video in this new video I would like to create our first e-mail safaruss with you of course I will click hereagain and in the marketing cockpit I simply clickhere on safaruss click on Overview of the campaign orno, we is not revise any but we create a new one only click hereon brand-new campaign, of course, delegate a name again and be again interesting for apprentices affiliate marketingbecause of course, if “were having” several campaigns last-minute, we know thatthis campaign is especially for those interested Those who have justregistered good I click on brand-new campaignand will now be automatically forwarded to marketing completelygood first of all, of course, it is very important that we first create a citycondition for this I simply click on start here and nowwe can read this campaign contains a reading instead of Affi liate market for beginnersmovement it can therefore exclusively be started by other campaigns meanswe have to create a city condition and I simply call thishere interested come so that intends if a guest receives this daythen this campaign is started so I clickhere on conditions for the contact and willi affecting and will nowthis day so this will and have ordered cd interested froma click on save and that was it Affiliate Marketing for fledglings alreadyor he received accurately was with clinks save the first thing we do it is ofcourse i want my promise who hasjust downloaded his present in my contingency it is of course this video coursehere an e-mail will be sent to the left here Affiliate Marketing for Beginners on e mailclick here again and worded these e mails in my occurrence module 1 becausei want us to be a day off visitorI received a gift to the prospective customer I became affiliate marketing for novices, of course, first of all to explain this courseand to create the first added value for my brand-new prospective customer Finished now, whichI can now edit now, I merely click on edit.I will now be forwarded previously in this window or it will of course open upthe sender Affiliate Marketing for Beginners here I don’t write your e-mails nowand if I were to do this now the video would ofcourse likewise be extremely long, that’s why I am not doing this in thisvideo and as far as your e-mails are concerned, I have to be creative nowand you in your interested affiliate Put commerce for amateurs into it andwrite a few emails resp w at the start yes, so I would generally alwaysrecommend writing this yourself now because that indicates your affiliate marketing for beginnerspersonality and these customers or theseinterested defendants like that much more than when they receive mails that you also receive from thepartner program, so I’ll establish you briefly i’m going out onthe descents again and they looked for this tinter dating guide andwe too looked at the sales page and read through the textbook Affiliate Marketing for Beginnersthe dates and now we have an affiliate on boardside if you promote this concoction volt you will usuallybe shown data now on the support page that you can use affiliate market for beginnersadvertising material animals to purchaser beliefs benner photosprobably for him is just affiliate marketing for beginnersfor this purpose circulars, for example, withcertainty more register facebook somewhere or something is with himor not well now we also have chrome and interior and ifwe click on Affiliate Marketing for apprentices probably a pdf record againstaurich gets again then we have here for example game is that we can use jensand first of all it is okay if you precisely do the whole thing now by print& adhesive so very simply now concerns brand-new mystery dating and then the e-mailtext with your associates for example affiliate marketing for novices but yes I recommend you AsI said, write these e-mails yourself then you will see whatworks it does not work whether your personalityreflects yours works well what can remember and so on well thatis of course a process that has to be learned and as soon as you organized it then of course it’s a breeze again, I’ll be back here and affiliate commerce for amateurs leave the ga nze now so only clicksave that is here, for example, I can doit again and ever tell this disappear so I will of course first edit this video after Affiliate Marketing for Beginnersso that the next one is not take too long in this videoWhat I do now is of course not to send another e-mail because yes we want if our interested party hasbeen given their costs to us has of course receivedinformation from send in my example, of course, would like to explain the firstly module firstand then I’ll give affiliate Market for amateurs to run so I don’t sendhim one email after the other because that is of course same to spam or ifyou have I wouldn’t like it, for example, and I wouldthen wear yourself out.You have to address your visitors and interested defendants Affiliate Marketing for Beginnersput here how would you act what can youdo with it you share the keep or instructing your feature of new marketingas comfortably as possible your affiliate sell for amateurs alters interested parties so that is whythe next war I am doing here is another groupI simply click on this now click on this gentle and writehere for example now exclusively expect a period where I click I then alsowait a day we naturally adjust as you demand but one dayis okay that is exactly 24 hours affiliate marketing for beginners you can specify it now abit but I wo n’t do it because I would like that ifmy epoch the visitor enrolled, for example today at 6 p. m.Theinterested defendant received the first e- forwards the next day 24 hourslater precisely 8 a. m. the next Affiliate Marketing for Rookies comes across me, so it soundshere again next activity e mail in my lawsuit of course again or 0 2the himself likewise moto2 so exclusively Do n’t forget to click ellen now, ofcourse, revise the whole thing again in your Affiliate Marketing for Beginners case at the beginning, as I said, it’s okayif I do the whole thing now with replica& paste, but if youare supposed to do professional sell I would recommend you learn totry it out firstly you see that affiliate marketing works for beginners what doesnt workits just like I said a process of hunting the learned must sometimes Ireally view so many people who write, for example, on facebook what Ido this, everything doesnt operate affiliate sell for novices But that’s reallyno wonder if you haven’t learned it, so online sell is ajob like any other, “youve got to” learn it 1 click on save Affiliate Marketing for Beginners so as you can see it is notreally difficult he build a campaign that I would, you canspecify it as you miss, but I build my expeditions soalways in the form of an e-mail on the working day I establish added value I explainwhat I give to interested defendants, i.e.Affiliate sell for Beginners have a real added value with alwaysimportant to let loose and as I said between 3 and 5 or better stillup to 7 e-mails you should of course write Affiliate Marketing for apprentices and then you can startto send advertising, so publicizing for a product as posh but too then notpermanently, but of course you have to adjust that yourself, of course, what works best for you or whatdoesn’t work at all, your affiliate market for rookies e forward safarus naturally adjusts so whenyou have done that you will see that you will then Likewise really wellearned commission now we have when this campaign fed everything is actuallyset up accurately In the next video we will go through the part casefrom the beginning to the end, so we are going through what we have set up Affiliate Marketing forbeginners step by step and we are now sitting in avisitor who really does every step goes through well as I said do the whole thingbuild your first safarus if affiliate market for rookies you use copy& dispute butreally later make sure that I write affiliate market for rookies these expeditions myselfso your personality develops in so far that it is included a little bit to theoutside and you will see that it productions better of course wellotherwise I would say let’s see Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in the next videountil then

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