Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #4 SSL-Zertifikat

hello and welcome to affiliate marketing for apprentices this new video will be in this new video we positioned the ssl credential together or set up ours with it page is encrypted and reassuring, and shouldn’t be a problem could get if our browser, for example, an hazardou alliance expresses if you have now prescribed your domain through all inkl first an e-mail with all your access data and domain is free Affiliate Marketing for fledglings switched so it is said within 24 hours but usually can I have some knowledge indicated that it takes between 30 hours and an hour perhap two hours so that you always different for me but it is quite fixed and I hope that it is just like that, we go to customer login now And as I said I got an e-mail with all your data for affiliate marketing for rookies the members locality for the customer administration system and for everyone other neighbourhood too, of course, and we are first and foremost interested that customer affiliate marketing for beginners organisation arrangement so I’ll register my details here quickly imitation the password again after we are logged in we already have a pretty good one clear detailed yes so an overview of us at excise we are therefore see here affiliate commerce for novices disciplines we have a procreated 5 “were having” free we have storage gap 100,000 mb, i.e. 100 gb with the normal private excise 150 gb private it is 100 gigabytes “its more than” the work requires the work requires not really many things can be uploaded except for a few images videos somewhere else so I “il tell you everything”, of course, step by step indicate and as I said, of course, look at each area formerly on it is always of course always good when “youve got” feels at home when you say okay, because now I know from here but affiliate commerce for beginners otherwise the one thing I truly need is simply domain affiliate commerce for novices e mail maybe if you want to set up your own e-mail, for example info at o otherwise software installation and that was actually good us want to set up the ssl credential with it our website is encrypted and too stigmatized as stick We do it as follows: We simply go to the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners domain then we encounter our orbit click on edit not on expanses so terribly, very important that you always pay attention so and then we see here previously ssl shelter and edit we of course merely click on it and want to every affiliate market for amateurs structure and grave ssl certificate from what is in our excise of course is free of blame so here we simply click the rejection accept and click on one last tip now get a certificate and So now of course we are waiting for a short time affiliate marketing for fledglings and wait until the whole thing is confirmed the certificate has been processed, it will take a few minutes for the change to be made are active so of course you don’t have to do more now So we’re not going to change any adjusts here, so what speaks otherwise you can unsubscribe now through affiliate sell for beginners We are now simply “il wait for” our website has been converted from http https In other messages, our website is encrypted and then we will move on do and set our software, of course, always step by step step forward and ultimately our specific sheet to ours produce what we have chosen for you to finish ok i am glad to you and affiliate commerce for novices we’ll see you in the next video until then

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