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Hello chaps and welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to be evidencing you how you can sign up to be a Konga affiliate in Nigeria what you need to do is go to the description box of this video Click on the very first link that you see this will make you to yuboss. There you’ll be able to click on the sign up button at the upper right side of the website And you’ll be able to fill out your personal information and some additional information So I’m just going to go ahead and crowd this up right now So you can open a free website by see the free wordpress website or a youtube channel You can put up as your area URL make sure you read the terms and conditions and click on sign up after that you will receive a forward in your email inbox Confirming that you have successfully signed up After a day or two you will receive another email from konga welcoming you to the affiliate program So now you’ll be able to see your login details Copy your login details and click the affiliate login in the email This will take you immediately to your yuboss konga affiliate dashboard On the left of your dashboard you’ll be able to see The different places you can navigate to such as your promotion reports your sketch how you can actually contact if you have any question frequently asked questions and so on And you scroll down and precisely get yourself instructed with the dashboard and you determine some speedy ties-in quick association icons below the Dashboard also you can actually watch the affiliates Promotion video so to get your affiliate link as you can see at the priorities in the dashboard you can see your general affiliate attach and this would take you to, so anything you click on on this area that you Copy from this locate You know copy to your website or copy to your social media are really include your unique affiliate identification so that is how you get your Affiliate link on yuboss So let’s say I want to promote to this particular phone I’ve read through it and all that.What I need to do is just to go once I’ve clicked on it Go to the search bar and replica the link copy the link on your Computer or your phone after imitation the link, like I ever say it is important that you abridge the link a Very long link will are to be able employ people so merely copy the link then go to a shortener URL shortener like then Create a new connect by shortening the link. So you exactly click on form Paste the link from Konga there Then it decreases it for you Now what you can also do is add a title so that you can be able to track how many Clicks this particular link is getting from your dashboard so you copy this shortened join and that is what you share on your Facebook your Instagram your whatsapp status or titter or wherever you want to share this product So I’m just testing this out on another tab on my browser And as “youre seeing”, it associated me to that particular telephone I Actually love that their dashboard is well Detailed and awfully terribly self-explanatory While clicking on the different invoices on the left side of the affiliate dashboard you can get different information about such reports about Promotion, how to promote..You can see the quick start. You can be found in the sounds and the recreation thing about this konga affiliate also is that you have the opportunity to have sub affiliate That mean you get paid For promoting their products and going parties to buy and you too get paid for you know bringing in other parties into their affiliate program, which is known as Sorry, which is known as sub affiliate, so this is a very cool thing about the yuboss konga affiliate program so under the payment details You are to be able reform your payment procedure probably by wire move by direct situate you fill in your payment datum And there you’ll be able to see your payout counterbalances on orders. under your profile be able to edit your personal details the pay details You know email notifications make them know how you want to the receiving email or What time whatever it is you want to be receiving in your emails, then you can also change your theme. So you can change how your affiliates Dashboard actually looks and you can also browse through the frequently asked questions and actually ensure the answers that has already been provided and if you still don’t see your answers there you can actually Send a direct content to your affiliate director This is gonna be by clicking on the subsistence invoice on the left side of the affiliate curriculum dashboard.I simply feel that their Dashboard is quite well explanatory and highly ok Are you a konga affiliate soon? do you use yuboss affiliate platform? Please Let me know in the comment section. If you are yet to subscribe, please subscribe And tap the notification buzzer beside it. if you require more videos like this or you have your video entreaties Please let me know in the comment section and I’ll try my possible best. I hope This tutorial is helpful for you. If it is, delight make sure to share with a friend Thank you so much better for watching people, and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye You.

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