Affiliate Marketing Live Q&A (13-11-2020)

hi everyone how are you let’s wait a little bit for someone to come hironnie how are you is the voice clear everything is clear the audio the video please just sayokay if everything is clear are you hearing me hi dear yeah thank you ronnie okayhi i want to remind you that this Q& A is about affiliate marketing so i think in thisway we can get the most out of it we get the most benefit out of the 20 minutes Q& A everyweek so today it’s about affiliate commerce i’m here to help you what it is you want”how to create a free blog? ” is asking uh simply can use wordpress on a free hosting ishowed this on my channel or employing i likewise proved this on my channel satisfy stickto affiliate market questions so to get the best out of it “what is the best email software oraffiliate marketing? ” i think you mean what is the best way to send emails for affiliate market orwhat is the best affiliate email marketing assistance “theres anything” announced best email marketingservice any email sell service is perfect for direct emails and promoting affiliateproducts but you have to build the email funnel so i think one of the best to start as a beginneris Sendinblue which offers a free proposal or you can go with maybe GetResponse or you can build yourown system own email marketing system use mautic and connect to sendgrid if you crave you canfind all these videos on my channel let’s see “what is best google ads or instagram ads? ” youcan’t say what is the best between them each have its own positive sidesand drawbacks so i think if you require if you mean for affiliate marketing ithink both can work in a way but the best method is to use native ads for affiliate sell as iexplained now so native or push ads combined with affiliate is the best way “our man you’reawesome! ” thank you friend thank you very much hi everyone hi everyone thank you very much “how to learn affiliate marketing? ” simply bywatching seminars you can go to my direct or anyone who is explaining affiliate that you feelcomfortable with and start learning affiliate commerce here on my channel you will find twocase stu…Or two playlists one is for learning affiliate marketing from scratch and the otherare for case studies i used pictured you live how i promote how i did everything just go please andwatch them and you’ll learn everything you require “where should i share affiliate associations? ” usuallywe don’t time share affiliate joins like this it will be considered as spamming so the best way togo with affiliate marketing is creating content on your blog on your youtube canal maybe onquora but you can you need to use a arrive sheet on social media with a landing page or thisis the free procedures the second method is to go with native advertising and paid advertisingso you can go and promote your affiliate been linked to paid advertising those are the main twomethods to go with affiliate marketing and both are explained on my channel let’s see what wehave else we have a lot of questions let’s see someone is asking “sampath sendinbluealways rebuff my lotion what are the reasons? ” i mentioned that insendinblue and similar applications they don’t admit exactly anyone randomly theywant you to have a good spirit online like a good website with at least 50,000 visitors permonth so you need to establish a good existence this is why my affiliate sell videos ishowed you and i explained that you have to build presence online you have to create a blogyou have to get traffic you have to build maybe social media existence all this will help youto get accepted automatically by any service and by the way when you prove attendance allservices will contact you instead of applying to the affiliate program they will contactyou asking for promoting their services and this is what happens to me every day bythe method i just got emails from various companionships that they want to collaborate and be partnerswith H-educate so i can promote their concoctions let’s see “how can i create a blog? ” ianswered this please go to my channel i explained in detail how to create a bloglike quarry like h-educate using wordpress and how to use the free hosting everythingis explained please refer to my path let’s see another question do you are familiar with any cyber certificate companionships thathave low price products honestly i don’t know let’s see what do we have we have a lot of questions let’s see “Clickbank is not sacrificing favor for Indianaccounts how to create account in Clickbank? ” honestly i don’t know why it’s not enabled inIndia or all countries over the world but if you want to fix this question you have to contact someonein different country to create an account for you i think this is the best way all other trickslike consuming vpn or abusing virtual servers and virtual ip domiciles they are somehow risky so idon’t wish going with these stunt knotty procedures let’s go now “love you! ” i love you too thank you “How to find super targeted gatherings? ” this is not a specific question friend whatdo you convey by super-targeted gatherings on facebook you imply on social media we’reon google seo what do you imply precisely? “please make a video on free material? ” Anqitais asking please clarify your question what do you intend by make a video on a free contentwhat do you represent exactly? delight write down a question that’s somehow clear so i can helpyou more and understand what exactly you demand let’s see let’s go down let’s go down “thanks for the opportunity to ask you” you arewelcome i’m here to help “can you advise us how much money should we spend a daytime on ads for ouraffiliate area? ” there is nothing called how much should i spend generally when whenever you want tostart with paid promote on facebook native ads any ad scaffold you can start with five dollarsa period or maybe less than that and then you will monitor the campaign if you see it’s successfulyou can simply scale it up and increase the number so in affiliate marketing generally we roll multiplecampaigns and we understand which is working the best and we scale it up as two examples in my lastcase study i operated a campaign with $50/ period precisely to show you how it manipulates and the campaign had aconversion about perhaps $25 i think so uh my profit was $ 25 i used can scale it up to like $100 the profit will be $ 50 and so on so begins with$ 5 if you are a beginner then later on youwill know what is the best type of expeditions and by the way you can use native ads investigate toolsto transcript and clone directing expeditions i explain this in detail also here on my canal please go andcheck it if you demand let’s go down again go down “give six representation video please? ” you entail how to obligate six chassis okay okayi will write it down on my observes let’s see six figure video you entail a plan for six illustrations let’s see we have a lot a good deal ofcomments let’s see what we have here we have hundreds of questions excuse me ican’t answer all them i will try my best “hello i have a question who aroused you to startmoney online you? ” mean who provoked me to start frankly i was an employee in an i.t corporation iwork as an i.t subscribe as an administrator and exactly the working day i foresaw how i can change the wayi’m living how i can change my work so i thought about working online and started my pilgrimage andsearching and i developed several employments to start working online and so on like it was2 013 i think or 2012 so that instant i started and i got in a class in my original in my master’sdegree and my prof told us about udemy and you can make money on udemy so that five minutesspeech of my prof merely invigorated me to start working online and i created some trends and thatwas my first target online selling courses on udemy and then i scaled up into different businessesnow i run five main torrents of income online someone’s asking “i answer questions on Quorato promote clickbank but quora removed my answer? ” look your question pictures why Quora isremoving look today we are in 2020 “we ii” 2021 now in two months we have the ai technology wehave the artificial intelligence so websites like google youtube Quora all these big-hearted websitescan analyze data and see if your answers are just meant to promote things or youare really adding value if you are just answering questions with affiliate tie-ups youwill get banned from quora quora doesn’t abode direct affiliate links especially if your answersis not giving real value so the best way is number one to add real value not to spam and number twois to use a arrival sheet in between your quora questions and your affiliate render don’t directlyconnect your affiliate proposal use a bring sheet let’s go down let’s go down “affiliate marketing blog versus googleadsense blog which is good sir? ” simply do both create a blog you can promote affiliate productsat the same time you can add google adsense ad why you have to choose one go with both soyou have two income torrents that simple friend “in 17 periods you will hit…” i think he means1 00,000 customers yes thank you all this with your help and support thank you let’s see “what commodities i promote on my musicchannel? ” candidly i don’t have any know with music or such topics i don’t share anythingi don’t know about i want to be honest with you “even with the landing sheet quora makes downmy answers? ” if Quora is removing your answers then you are violating their own policies pleasego and check your answers and recognize what you are doing precisely delight to try to add value go tomy profile and understand and look on my answers and be seen to what extent i affix attaches and how i answer questionstake an idea look at other profiles see how successful Quora consumers are working just don’t goand copy and glue refutes and add the clickbank or the arrive sheet it will be it will look likespam information systems will identify this this action we have almost five minutes more let’s seelet’s make some more questions “can we promote directly squandering pre-loaded landing sheets from cpalead? ” it depends on how you are promoting them if it’s on your blog if you have you knowpermission to do that you can do it but if you are using sometimes like native ad networkslike maybe Outbrain or maybe google or facebook the majority of cases it will not accept you directlinking to the link landing page you have to use uh in between your own landing page with your owndomain “pinterest is good for affiliate marketing affiliate traffic? ” for sure pinterest is oneof the best but i didn’t explain it more because honestly i didn’t have a real case study youknow on my canal i always publish things that i researched before so to be honest with you ididn’t use pinterest till today for my business to share with test really pinterest how itworks and then i will share this with you “kindly suggest us a best affiliate join shorter? ” there is nothing called affiliate linkshortener we have a url shortener like my work but it doesn’t work withaffiliate relations in this way you are talking about “it is possible to promotesweepstake offers with facebook? ” again i will mention you can’t directlylink a sweepstake land page to facebook ads you will get spurned in the most oftime chiefly mostly so it’s better to use something in in between maybe a blog postan article another bring page and so on and then you take them the sweepstake offer butplease in the sweepstakes exactly make sure you are selecting some good volunteers we have a lot of scamand misleading offers especially in sweepstakes “want to know more about SAASbusiness ideas and niches? ” i know it’s out of the scope of this video but inshort i clarify about SAAS here on my channel but later on perhaps next month ihave a full lines about SAAS and i’m preparing too a full track aboutSAAS i will publish soon on my direct let’s go down “can i besuccessful? ” where is the question sorry “is it good for using google free bloggerfor affiliate marketing? ” sure you can use a free blogger with affiliate market and it worksperfectly no worries merely make sure to give real value write unique articles and promotethe compensate products as was reported in my videos guess is asking “i am here for the first time…”welcome friend “how can one become a professional seo analyst analyst? ” it’s out of the scopebut your main or the first step is to study and learn seo and apply it you have to create awebsite and start working seo hypothesis on your website then you can move to the next step andstart analyzing other websites you can use like works like semrash as an example Ashiftsif you want to start an seo business seo organization for other beings so the first stepis to learn seo apply on your own websites then you can move on to an advanced serviceslike semrush Ashifts and start analyzing other websites and contacting other websites toprovide this busines if this is what you make “please make a video about papa pushing ads with cpamarketing.” i will it’s on my planned by the way it’s here push ads with affiliateshere with cpa with cpa renders “hi friend from chile” thank you friend welcome to my canal “please make a video for content writingfor affiliate website” it’s a very good idea by the way how to write an article to promotesomething i will lend this to my schedule affiliate plus content blog thank you for the suggestion westill have one minute let’s take another question any procedure is asking “any method to promote cpa? “please go and watch my last video about detonator i showed principally two methods one for beginnersand one for advanced consumers to promote cpa proposals satisfy go and watch the videos almost all thequestions are answered in my videos please go just give some time and watch the videos and bythe lane you can go now to forums and you can ask any question you wantfrom now on and i will be almost every day to answer questions with my squad soplease fall open your questions discuss let’s discuss together with each other and helpeach other grow online it’s gatherings i have to end this Q& A i’m sorry we will meetagain next week let’s make the last question let’s see about affiliate commerce “how shouldi start in affiliate? i’m getting confused.” i will answer you in one minute simply inaffiliate market we have mainly two methods method number 1 which is totally freeis creating content like a youtube path creating a blog social charts buildingonline existence for free it makes some time but it’s one of the best methods that youestablish vicinity with material then you can link your public to affiliate links withemail marketing with the content itself from your youtube path with shout out and much morethe other method is to start directly with paid advertising with facebook ads with native ads withpush ads and so on as a novice i really prefer to go with the first step for free just createsome content try getting traffic i explained all this on my channel i have a full video howto start in affiliate marketing from 0 to 1,000 per month you can go and check it i have fullcase studies i have videos about creating content getting traffic everything else justgo please watch them and if you have questions you can go comment below on my channel or openquestions on the forum and we can discuss together and be seen to what extent i can help you more but pleasego and watch the videos try to learn impart some time to learn brand-new material and then try toapply and then we can ask and discuss together thank you everyone i have really a lot alot of questions i will see you next week next friday with a new Q& A discussion i will trymy best to make it maybe two times per week if you want if you feel it’s somehow good for you iwill make it two times like 20 minutes each time per week so thank you for expressed appreciation for for followingand see you in the upcoming session see you later


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