Affiliate Marketing Must know For Beginners. The Real Truth Part#1

and you too how you doing the reason I’m doing this video peculiarly if you’re brand-new to affiliate market there’s a few things that you have to know I mean absolutely positively must know I’ve mostly been doing affiliate marketing for roughly about a month and I experienced a lot of lot of this is going on wait does not need to happen everybody will tell you hey you know click here and it’s automated it’s it’s not true there’s going to be a lot of wreak that you have to put in before you actually start determine some fund we have a lot of programs like Google Sniper which by the way is the one that I’m exploiting there is Commission Commission black ops pretty nice on program as well but if you go on blogs and you decide to do some study before involving yourself in affiliate marketing you’re going to come to realize there’s a lot of blogs and a lot of beings stating that it’s a swindle it doesn’t work the basic truthful to for that is it actually does work and ninety percentage of the people that’s saying it doesn’t work and it’s a swindle is because when they decided to start affiliate marketing they got a lot of this okay and that’s what these companies are doing they’ll basically just telling you what you have to tell you telling you all the results that they have you have guys saying hey you know here’s my Clickbank account I concluded three thousand last month oh you know here’s my plate bank account I’m making two thousand dollars a day and well the truth is this guy’s been doing this for almost ten years some of them been doing this for at least five six seven years and the truth is it’s not[ __] they actually do procreate that type of money but where they’re scamming you and doing a lot of this is they’re not telling you the how much work it frankly took to get where they’re making six seven thousand dollars daylight a month a week you know can you maybe manufacture $20,000 in a week doing affiliate marketing hell yes but they’re not telling you the amount of succeed and the key word here is wield that you have to put in before you can get to that object and that’s why I want to get do that this video because I required you to be prepared mentally and I do aim mentally for what you have to go through when “youre starting” an affiliate commerce planned especially if you’re brand-new to it you don’t really know what to expect and all these guys are saying you know it’s automated everything is automated you time put in the program you know you throw on our website you know you use my skills then you’ll make money yeah if you’ve been doing it for about eight years and here’s where it certainly goes interesting and they don’t tell you from the start this person sort of make it old-fashioned is 3, 000 4,000 5,000 dollars a day it’s not BS they’re making that money but for a rookie that does not understand how they’re making this money I want to make this video so you can understand what it genuinely takes to get to that so let’s get arm started one these guys that are making all these money they have at least 50 websites now for the average person you know if you look for each website that you want to put in whether it’s a squeeze page versus a blog you have to get a domain name what is the cost of a domain name on average if your go-to GoDaddy you know and all the other companies average cost for allay is going to be at least twelve dollars ten dollars so let’s go with ten dollars if you want to get 50 websites rolling at the same time right off the back you’re spending $500 for 50 websites they’re not telling you this because they don’t want you to realize the amount of money that you’re really going to have to put into it if you know it won’t cost you that much money most of us would not do it okay that’s trouble number one now when as they mentally prepare yourself I want you guys to understand when you’re doing affiliate marketing one you’re not going to make money right away don’t expect to make money within the first week second week third week I’m not saying it’s impossible it is possible but the the opportunities of you making money that weapon readily let’s be honest if it was that easy everybody would be doing it there is a lot of work a lot of research that’s going to go into it because first of all if you’re brand-new at this and you’re just looking to get into it you’re gonna have to learn WordPress you’re not going to jump on WordPress as everybody abides and you learn it in one day[ __] it’s going to take you at least a week to two weeks to really learn how to use WordPress to learn how to use the plugins

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