Affiliate Marketing of JVZoo | For Beginners | Premium Course | Part 1

[ Music] welcome to the course my call is alex kennedy and i’ll be your instructor i sincerely appreciate you joining the course i’ll briefly tell you what to expect from the course and we’ll followed right away this is a click by clink as i call it play by play course where i literally depict you how to sign up how to navigate the site how to look at the products how do you are assessed how to think about them you kind of get a peek inside my brain i’ll be telling you well this is not true trustworthy this is trustworthy this is how you should treat your consumers this is what are what this is what would be a good thing for them this is not this is how you how to evaluate everything so you’ll be able to go from a to z and pick produces that hopefully you’ll is the possibility of resell in your niche to your gathering you’ll also see how to sell products as a business to recruit of other affiliates that’s towards the end of the course that that’s not a focus of this course that’s a small focus of this course the bigger focus is if you’re a rookie affiliate market being and you wanna just get into the field you require the basic first steps this is perfect this is the most baby gradation i going to be able to start because it’s a programme designed that everyone gets accepted to and it’s very easy to steer it’s a pretty basic website and i’ll be establishing you every single thing that’s important so that you can just go get into this with trust and not get stuck and actually is advancing from the being stuck in the beginning step so with that let’s get started


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