Affiliate Marketing Programs For Dummies | Best 2 Fast Cash Makers (2018)

in this video I’m gonna give you my best2 affiliate marketing curricula for dummiesnow when I say dummies I’m not talking about stupid parties now I’m simplytalking about beings that want to skip past all the technological BS and getstraight to making money fast Ben Martin now aka the king of email and welcometo my youtube channel earnings and paradise now if this is your first timehere don’t forget to like this video and likewise remember to punch the subscribebutton a notification disallow so you can get updates of when I release new videos tothe direct by the way at the end of this video don’t forget to leave me acomment to let me know which of the two programs you are most likely to getstarted with so with that being said let’s head inside and let’s take a lookat two affiliate marketing curricula for dummies which are virtually guaranteedto set advantages in your bank accounts okay so let’s get into this then I’mgonna show you my top two affiliate sell platforms for dummies and againI want to reiterate I’m not saying that you’re stupid here you know you might bestupid you know you might like you know you might not know your left hand fromyour helping hand or you could be the most intelligent person on the planet itdoesn’t really matter because even if you are a high school dropouts or arocket scientist what I’m about to show you here come work for you if you followthe steps so the first curriculum I’m going to show you is something called theWi-Fi wealth system and this is what I call a low-grade ticket curriculum basically whata low-grade ticket planned represents is this it’s basically a programme designed that fees youcommissions are commonly a hundred dollars or less per marketing now the Wi-Fiwealth system was created by my girlfriendand I and this is actually a portrait or video of my girlfriend and this isliterally the second page you’ll see when you mostly begin theregistration process for the system now this system is free to join howeverthere are three different income opportunities inside of the system nowlet me backtrack a little bit here right and explain to you how a structure worksbecause commonly the reason a lot of people miscarry when they get started onlineand then maybe the reason why you’re struggling right now is most people comeonline and they don’t know how to drive freight they don’t know how to dotechnical stuff like appoint capture sheets which you know capture pagesbasically a page where you transmit visitors to to enter their email so you cancollect their items and follow up with them with sales emails most people areclueless about how to create capture pages that clueless about how to createsales emails and they’re clueless about what to say to beings in order to be allowed to to getthem to join the program they want to promote so this is where an onlinesystem comes in which is what we’ve created here with the Wi-Fi wealthsystem mostly when you sign on for the Wi-Fi wealth system for free we giveyou a capture sheet that we’ve created we show you how to get hundreds eventhousands of visitors per day to the income opportunities inside and we doall of the selling and ability for you for the free income opportunities insidenow I’m not going to give away what the income opportunities inside are but Iwill say this all of the income opportunities inside cost $40 or last-place toget started with and you are actually in every single case you’re getting somekind of service or product and training courses that you would need anyway andthat thousands and thousands and thousands of other beings on theinternet are searching for and need and we’re going to show you how to get thesepeople to hunt you down so that you can start generating these boundless $80 Commission’s online now with only one of the income streams inside of this systemwe currently make an average of three thousand dollars per week so that’stwelve magnificent a few months with only one of the income creeks with another one ofthe income creeks every single month we pick up a check for anywhere betweenfour and seven hundred bucks and with the third income stream every quarter wepick up a check from anywhere from five hundred to a couple of thousand dollarsso although although as I say the system that we’ve created is free to join thereis a minimal asset to get started with these programs so you know nodifferent to investing in going to college or the money you would investand fill in your automobile or to get to work you know if you want to create abusiness online there are some big outlays now remember I said this was alow ticket program right well as you can as you can hear from this video justbecause this is a low-pitched financing to get starteddoesn’t mean that you can’t acquire big money I convey I I don’t know you’ve mademaybe you earn more than three grand a week right now perhaps you weren’t a lotless but this system is ideal for you if you’re looking to make an extra fivehundred a thousand two thousand three thousand a week then this is the perfectsystem for you now I’m not I’m not going to tell you bullshit like a lot ofpeople do on on YouTube and on the Internet I’m not saying that you aregonna manufacture $500 or $1,000 or $2,000 or $3,000 in week one although we do havemany testimonies if you scour Wi-Fi wellsystem if you go over to Facebook and you look up Angie Leung you will seetestimony after evidence after witnes on my girlfriend’s page ofnewbies coming in and going four five six seven eight even ten or more eightydollar Commission’s within their first seven days from participating in that’s howpowerful this done-for-you system is so that’s my first affiliate marketingprogram for dummies that I wanted to share with you now with the second oneby the way just in case you’re skeptical and thinking you’re right then you don’tearn this kind of money while was the second one I’m gonna give you a tasterof the kind of money I am giving on the internet but this second one which I’mgoing over to right now is what’s known as a high ticket program and what thatmeans is this with a high ticket program generally there’s a bigger investment toget started but the payouts and the commissions you get in return are also alot bigger and you know you I’m not the best at math so you can figure this outbut let’s say let’s say you wanted to spawn ten splendid a monthhow many eighty dollar Commission’s or let’s say eight majestic a few months for thesake of math how many eighty dollar fees do you have to reach to makeeight stately a month well you need a there is a requirement to a hundred eighty dollarCommission’s right eight days ten is eight hundred so eight periods a hundredis eight thousand you would need a hundred eighty dollar fees butlet’s say you were selling a concoction that was a two thousand two thousanddollar cost to a patron and wishes to offset eight thousand dollars and let’ssay you were getting paid fifty percent commissions you would only need eightsales to do that and that’s basically what the seven-figure franchise offersseven thinkin dealership was is it as a program put together by my friend amentor Michael Shannon when I say him friend a instructor you know I actually atone theatre paid this person $20,000 to coach me one-on-one which mostly shaped meseveral hundred thousand dollars in a 12 -month period now don’t worry you’renot gonna have to invest twenty thousand dollars to get started with his programyou know I’m just telling you that because that’s how much I appraise this guyand that’s the kind of statu of honor and respect I give this guy this thisdude has been in the industry for like 15 years he knows his substance and hisprogram exertions now with seven-figure franchise I’m just gonna scroll down andby the way that the links to both of these programs are going to be in thedescription casket below my video and if you prefer to read this on a blog youcan also click my blog connect in the description box and come over to my blogand read my blog upright about this but seven think of franchise there’s loadsof testimonials and income proof on the sales page of not only Michael makingmoney but other beings making money and mostly what this program is and anutshell is Michael is giving you 100 percent Commission’s on all of hisproducts and he has numerous countless numerous products on the internet and he’s goingto pay you $1000 instant fees on a high ticket produces he’s ports on theback of all the sales moves that he’ll give consideration to you you don’t need to writeany sales copy you don’t need to create any produces you don’t need to docustomer service or anything like that you simply join the program which stepone is get seven pick a right gradation two if you get traffic and Yassi showsyou how to get your firstly of thousand tourists free of charge to his method and stepthree you get paid instantly a thousand dollar commissionspay instantly to your PayPal histories and you know there are tons and tons andtons of testimonies on the sales page including of my own where I started twogrand and my first 48 hours with this program so you know this one this one isa bigger buy-in I’m gonna let you I’m gonna let you click the link in thedescription container to check out what the buy-in is and to take a look at thispage for yourself but the payoff is much much really big so what you do reallydepends on where you’re at right now this is what I would admonish you ifyou’re on a budget right now you know money is tighten and you really you knowyou really need to become some fund before you kind of went to a higherticket program then the Wi-Fi wealth system is going to be perfect for youbecause the system itself is free to join and the income opportunities insideare $ 40 all less to get started with so we’re talking you know what is thatcomplicate or Starbucks chocolate you know less than the price of a family mealI’ll excuse me I have a highly itchy nose for some reasonprobably time I had a reduce I’m coming I’m kind of looking like the wild follower ofthe Caribbean here and you need to go and I was shave because my own facialhair is inflame me so you know it’s time to shave when your own facial hairfeels like he’s eating your face don’t you but anyways if you work if you’re anewbie you’re doubtful maybe a little bit skeptical perhap money’s tight right nowand you only kind of need to compile some money before you expend bigger moneyWi-Fi wealth arrangements for you if you’re somebody who already has event onthe internet and you’re looking to obligate big money fastest and most you have a little bitmore coin to play with seven-figure franchise is the perfect platform for younow I said I was gonna show you proof right and I am right now you can seethem by the route this is my account on jvzoo this is mineBen Martin there’s no guile going on I gave the date from the first of thefirst 2017 to today’s date which is the 31 st of May 2018 and you can see in thattime period this with the seven-figure franchise I’ve actually procreated seventythree over seventy four thousand dollars inside of the program but it’s actuallyprobably doubled that because there’s another level of the seventh pick offranchise which pays two and a half thousand dollar such committees and thosecommissions do not come through jvzoo they’re actually transmitted direct into PayPalso I’ve actually built over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars with this programand I listen if you’re skeptical at this site you can see my specify and you cansee I’m showing you the income proof now then the quite simply this isn’tfor you I’m not going to be trying to convince you and I’m not going to beresponding or replying to dumb mentions in the specific characteristics below if you do havegenuine questions or feedback about either of these two programs I’m happyto answer your statements but if you’re just a skeptical negative party I’lljust dismis you and probably block you from my youtube channel so what you doright now is you should just have a very quick thing for a few seconds aboutwhich planned you want to investigate or maybe you want to take a look at themboth and then you should go into my description carton and click on one of themto take a further look now remember both of these systems are done for yoursystems all you need to do is drive traffic to the systems and the Salandertalent is done for you and in both systems you will be shown how to gettraffic working both free and paid approaches so go ahead click one of thedescriptions click one of the links in the description box right now check outboth of these programs and then make a decision on which one’s best for you nowdon’t forget to subscribe to my path and touched thenotification buzzer because I do release brand-new videos on this channel everyweek and the content is great and is I know I’m here to help you as best as Ican and give you the no bullshit truth about how you actually make money on theinternet nothing’s gonna be veiled from you nothing’s gonna be dressed up andmade to look sickly sweet I’m gonna give you the very best the bad the unpleasant andeverything in between so if you do have questions please ask them below in anatural flabs let me know below in the comment section which one of theseopportunities most appeals to you and why okay hope you got a lot of valuefrom this tutorial about affiliate sell platforms for dummies with thatbeing said there is only one more thing to say and that’s this you’re just a 10 time email away I’ll told you in the next video you

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