Affiliate Marketing SEO 2.0 – Month 7 Affiliate Site Update

hey miles here miles Becker calm this video discovers phase two of my SEO strategy for my affiliate commerce website this is month seven in my affiliate market website case study where I’m construct a affiliate website from scratch and I’m documenting the process every 30 daytimes so at the end of this video we’re gonna get into how much I waste how much traffic I’m getting and how many auctions I drove this past month but first you’re gonna learn a process this is a very important process I marched my crew through it this month and you’re going to go through it with me now on the computer in a few seconds now the idea of time 2 with the SEO process phase 1 was what I call the shotgun SEO approaching we get and got a kgr keyword pack done for us that’s the keyword golden ratio hat tip to Doug Huntington who coined that period and we virtually experienced the the low-hanging fruit the easiest targetable keyword utterances in my niche that were able to rank for quickly and we ran built out all that content and now we’re looking at the logical process of helping the people who property on sheet a meet the other similar content or the other same products they might not yet know about the thought here is that your job and my work as affiliate marketers is to help people get that which they’re searching for and oftentimes the entering sheet they territory on isn’t the final thing they get so if they can’t find their way to find that thing they crave they’re gonna touched the back button they’re gonna leave your website they’re gonna going to see your adversaries so that’s the problem that you’re gonna learn how to solve here ultimately it’s gonna clear you more fund as an affiliate because your website will be that much more helpful so let’s jump on the computer here and I’m gonna display you how this is structured so first we’re gonna look at the structure idea frankly and then I’m gonna go through a niche precedent for you so the idea is that within every website there’s kind of a prime topic maybe one or two main topics under those main topics you’ve got a few subcategory ideas and then under each of those there’s often one two three four five sometimes even more specific keyword notions now these are the long tail keyword phrases down now okay so the example area we’re going to use for mapping this out to go through the full process is gonna be a nice like knife remember place and you might be down now at the best paring knife for peeling apples could be the type of content that’s down now and this is a nested mind so what we have done we started with the kgr parcel and all of these low-spirited longtail keyword words is what come up in the kgr parcel and now we need to build relevance so this can be considered like an SEO silo in one sense or other beings call them content assembles genuinely the list is irrelevant parties are just trying to coin different terms the goal is to link them together logically so your consumers who enter in a page where they don’t accurately know what they want they think they know what they want you can actually help them find that which they want through internal linking and through blueprint so we’re gonna talk about accompanying this on page through the UI through the user experience in the user interface but first let’s actually used to work a real example how we do it and I affection whiteboards and I adore notepads this is a messy process that I do over and over and refine it as we go so let’s say with pierces is the number one top idea right so it’s a pierce asses is what we’re doing here a pierce re-examine area and then we’re gonna look at the first segmentation we can do off of this is let’s do outdoor and kitchen okay so now on the outdoor area of things we’re going down the road of camping right so this is like camping knives what else do we have on the outdoor material we’ve got thicket crafting and then we’ve got hunting knives okay see how we’re doing here we’re starting to build this out with logical ideas of what are all of the things our customers might actually crave and then under each of these you’re gonna have different ideas so this could be a whittling knife this one over here could be like forbit awning lumber this under camp could be a foldable spear or a chosen blade spear is another way of interrupting it apart and then hunting you could have perhaps four four boning maybe four skinny etc etc and this is how you’re able to come down to all of the different affixes that you have and what we do in this process is we map out everything for the website if you have a very large divide in your website like outdoor versus indoor and outdoor versus kitchen sometimes it constitutes gumption to take on one of these firstly and go all the way through it because you can really build this out and what we want to make sure how things here is that if a lander if a used lands on one of the following options internal pages now and they’re like okay this sounds great this is close to what I craved but they actually want this you need to make sure that you’ve got the link there and too the link back up to the higher level so your used can actually work their practice through the content and find the exact thing that they want because that’s how you make money so I’m gonna go ahead and clear this we’re gonna proceed a little bit deeper into the kitchen just so you know solely what we’re talking about and how this works you need to map out your content be taken into consideration it again the process here is no longer thinking that from the algorithms or the keyword study precisely I’m thinking about the human person at this pitch the people who land on at this station when I started I came 60 plus uprights on my website at this phase so now I’m looking for where are the gaps that will allow me to let someone follow their own path through my material to get that accurate piece that they require because when they find it that’s when they buy and that’s when I earn income so we’re gonna start with kitchen pierces okay that’s what the K expressed support for here and we’re gonna say prep bayonets we’re gonna do all round knives and we’ll do cooked pierces I don’t really know what you call that but if you’re rip cooked meat and obviously I’m not the panel of experts on this this isn’t actually my niche website if I was I would know the language blueprints I’d is currently working of this gibberish I’m just squandering this as an example so for cooked what I convey by that are particularly is “weve had” like steak spears right so something that you would actually eat a dinner snack with uncooked you might also have a carving knife and kind of that’s the basic idea there so the all-around knives we’re talking you are familiar with like a chef’s pierce we’re talking like a what is it a santoku etc etc so there’s the different types of kind of all-around knives and then on the prep what we would have is we’d probably end up having a lot more alternatives on the prep so let me clear that out here and on the prep we could have meat and we could have fruits and veg and then we would have bread right and so under a food you would probably have a serrated knife and then under fruits and vegetables is where you’d be able to break down have a chef’s bayonet you’ve had a penny oku and like a nakiri right and these are all different pierces they’re super specific and then you have a paring knife actually since that was my earlier illustration okay so what we do is we extort this all out and again this is messy I’m gonna show you personally I’ve actually got one delineated out right here on my notepad I only use my notepad for this a lot of goes and I’ll find out that sometimes I need to write it out and choose it out and I contribute things in and then I’ll time another one that’s cleaner and another one that’s cleaner it can often take various changes again the idea here is to figure out from a user’s perspective who your public member is what are all of the potential things they’re looking at and then how do you construct this into your material right so what we’re gonna need eventually in this and I really like this whole kitchen prep fruits and vegetables down to these other spears suggestion right so there’s gonna need to be a great patch of the information contained now that’s gonna talk about all of the different types of prep knives okay so this is like gonna talk about all of the differences between subsets and this slouse of content is gonna link down to all of the different subsets right because they’re gonna be a parts of it and then they’re gonna talk briefly about these it could possibly link all the way down but certainly we want to make sure that it’s joining down to the next lower subsets through internal attaches and then we relation down to the next and what Google will find when Google registers your website and their search engine spiders slither your locate is they’re gonna say okay this is a knife site and this is their kitchen knife section and this is their kitchen prep knives and these are the kitchen prep spears for meat and the government has specifically chef’s spear seven inch chef’s bayonet might be what they find or the reasoning will be knife to kitchen spear to prep to fruits and vegetables to a nakiri which is a very specific vegetable decrease spear it is therefore body-builds reasoning through this structure quick edit in here to make sure this is perfectly clear because this is so vital for your long-term success with affiliate sell I’ve redrawn this out and we’re following one reasoning chain all the way down to the bottom so the idea again is your homepage so this might just be best kitchen spears online okay that might be your your website and then the next sublevel down the first level they might go to is again gonna be the outdoors in the kitchen and on the kitchen this pole this is ultimately going to be a long post and this upright could be the seven kitchen knives that every foodie must have at home okay it’s a great post for someone who knows that they just wanted to get some kitchen pierces but they don’t know which pierces they want to get so you’re gonna explain to them through material here’s the 7 terrifying bayonets that you have to have to have a proper knife set at home and then underneath that plainly you’ll have a affix for each of the subs and one of those subs is having the right fruits and vegetable the liberty knives for fruits and vegetables so this might end up being the eventual leader to kitchen pierces for fruits and vegetables okay so that might be the fresh fruits and vegetable layers and then below this in the eventual leader it’s gonna talk about all of the differences between spears for this but then sub to this is the paring knife idea that we talked about and it might be the best paring knife for under twenty dollars might be what this is or this could just be a full review well the 27 best decreasing pierces that you must have in your kitchen and then below paring knives there might be a subset of slashing spear determined then there might even be another subset of the best paring knife gift set or the best paring knife set under $100 and then there’s also the best budget slashing bayonet or the best paring knife for apples or the best paring knife for I don’t even know what else you would use a paring bayonet or peeling broccoli none peels broccoli why would you use that who cautions but this is the main idea okay there’s a logical bond and each announce is attaching down through the content itself and oftentimes through the icons as I explained in the next segment when we go on page and this places a bit perspective into the amount of work required to build a proper affiliate site because you’re not just house out one of these logic directs you’re building out all of the content for all of these different logic canals and this is why I’ve said time and time again it’s really a hasten to hundreds upon hundreds of posts and this proves why you ultimately to creative really successful website in the world of affiliate market you’re gonna end up writing content for years on end and it’s gonna make hundreds of posts and now let’s look at how to lay out these posts in a way that constructs this reasoning into each and every post the route I like to think of the content is when your sheet opens you often want to give the users specific access to the different types of content okay so here this might be let’s say we’re on the outdoor one this could be camping bushcraft and this could be hunting and this might be a long piece of mimic this could be a 2,000 oath announce that talks about all of the best outdoor bayonets okay so the idea is a top-level navigation when this page quantities we have icons that will allow the user to get into the deeper level so if this person who territories on the best outdoor pierces page because they search it on my site because I have it on my meridian sailing or because they came here from a search engine we may land on this page the first thing I’m doing is giving them the option to go deeper if they already know what they want this is the big idea here we’re making it easy for the humans to go get that next thing if they’re like I’m totally in the bush crafting I am totally looking for a thicket crafting knife they’ll click on this one it’ll take them to the best bush crafting bayonet and you’ll have the number one you’ll have the budget option you have the runner-up etc etc so they can quickly go from your top piloting clicking on outdoor knives they can say yep I’m into shrub crafting and then they land on the post that is going to get them what they want whether they want the best of the best or the best budget option that were able to within a couple of rapid clicks get that which they want and of course you reinforce these connects down here so the presumption is that this page would have h2s which is your heading freedom it’s a subheading call and there would be one for best tenting bayonets right and under there you talk about camping spears and you would have a link over to your best camping pierces and then there’d be another h2 that would be for the bushcraft and you would write about bushcraft and that would link out to the bushcraft page and on and on it goes there’d be a hunting subhead you have content about the hunting bayonets and in that content there would be a link to the specific hunting page okay and then on the top of your home page if your first divider is outdoor versus indoor that first split would be right there on your homepage what I’m seeing a lot happening inside of my affiliate place beings are entering on a specific page most people are going back up to the home page they’re going to a second page they’re not consequently ever sounding through to one of its consideration of this agenda item which induces me to understand that they’re not exactly obtaining what they’re looking for so what do I what can I do well number one I can have my main categories up on the top sailing so if they land on the sheet that’s close but it’s not exactly right they’re like ooh I missed a kitchen bayonet but I don’t think this is the one for me or I crave a flesh spear but I don’t actually miss a cleaver they can click on that top kitchen bayonets and then they would look meat fruits and vegetables they can click the meat they’ll get their list of flesh spears there they can either go straight to the product from there or they can click and go to a dedicated page about that spear and this is how we’re able to leveraging an internal associate formation in a exceedingly logical room that’s going to help my gathering catch what they want because again that is your job and my work as affiliate marketers is helping our gathering find that which they hope you can also see this in action on my miles Beckler comm website if you go to miles Beckler com on the home page I’ve got I conclude six icons it could be eight I conceive I’ve got six icons those are my main categories of content you’ll find on my blog if you click blog on the top sailing right up at the awfully top above my actual blog announces you’re gonna find those categories for all of the subcategories of content that I establish content on so if someone properties on my website and they’re only interested in marketing pours I’m not concealing that I’m not burying that I’m not making it difficult to find within one click on the home page they could find the actual link to all of my sales pour content or if they sounds blogs they want to go spoke blog announce about it then they’ll ascertain “the organizations activities” right there on top of my blog role and they can get to that which they hope more quickly when your website becomes a supportive reserve that allows them to quickly find what they’re looking for guess whose website they stay on longer the moment your website feels like it’s perplexing they don’t know how to get around they can’t actually find that thing they crave they moored now on a and they actually want B and they can’t find their way to it logically they leave to go find a more user-friendly website and that’s the big key so my team and I went through this um it took it takes time right this kind of research it made hours upon hours to build this all out but now that we have this map structure what we did is we vanished and simply traversed out the ones that we’ve already organized content on we clique the ones we don’t have content on and guess what my content unit is working on this month well crowding in all those gaps so we can start to build out these icons and that internal join that’s gonna make sure if anybody tracts on a they’re gonna be able to quickly find their way to the next stage up that has the categories or those other same commodities that they might actually want through internal linking through icons through graphics etc it’s ever and the sailing etc so that’s the main idea at this time we are going to transition into the numbers now if you demand diagrams of the numbers and you want to see how this seems go to my blog pole on it it’s joined down below I’m like a twinkle graphs up here because I ain’t got time to edit that so my confessions if you like these kinds of videos where I’m showing you what I’m actually working on with my squad surely give me a thumbs up give me a yes in specific comments so I know to represent more of these if “youd prefer” me to precisely keep it short and tell you the numbers and get out of here um let me know that in the comments as well I’m open to your feedback I do appreciate it so in this month month number seven we traffic has gone up a hundred and forty three percent so traffic is more than doubling traffic from Google is up a hundred and sixty three percent so that’s the main source of traffic I miss when someone pursuits best slashing knife for peel apples and I want them to find my announce on best slashing spear for peeling apples and that happens from Google so as my Google traffic increases the curious of me deserving more income increases because that’s the kind of content I have so my impress are up over two hundred and fifty percent now this is a conducting show when your impress move up that means you’re being displayed on the engines more often I get this digit from from Google webmasters tool or Google search console it’s at forward slash webmasters you need to make sure your sitemaps tied in that’s how you learn about this data point so the fact that the notions are up 250% and my Google traffic’s of 163 percentage says that I’m confident my traffic is gonna continue to increase in the next in the next months to come my income was four dollars and fifty five cents last-place month now if you’re like dude seven months in four dollars and fifty five pennies I got two things number one that is three times the increase than what it was last month this is called exponential growth and I have a video that educates you the superpower of deepening cuz that’s what’s gonna happen here just like this YouTube channel that you’re watching three years ago it had maybe four thousand readers today has come over a hundred and twenty thousand customers because of the supremacy of compounding so we successful entrepreneurs know how to delay gratification I understand it’s gonna take years to got to get my maximum commerce elevation because all of these efforts are compounding so the fact that it has grown 3x month over month is huge and I can tell you already this month looked at the data sales are already up quite a bit so make sure you subscribe so you get next month’s update because it’s going to be an exciting month on the basis of the early numbers from this month and I’m only 12 eras into this month I’m expenditures this month four thousand six hundred and twenty two dollars I spend I bought a large backlink package from your best friend at reach creator they I’ve done a lot of backlink work with them they’re the only beings I’m confident in buying backlinks from they don’t actually is not buying them from them they do outreach for me we initiate tie magnet posts and then they going to see outreach so it’s 100% white hat coming to the game my unit is still working out the kinks and getting our backlink machine exiting and I certainly wanted to juice the site’s Authority so I took the rush that was twenty one hundred and fifty dollars now if you think a mile four thousand dollars endowed I don’t have money for that great you don’t have money for it you should have time and what’s your time merit if your time is worth $ 40 an hour that’s just a hundred hours of work if your time is worth $ 20 an hour that’s 200 the working hours that I put in this week which is essentially 50 hours a week so I’ve got my team working full-time on this project just like you could work full-time on this project just like I improved this path here with zero coin vested and really doing the work and like we constructed my wife’s previous business from scratch to multiple millions of dollars again with a hundred dollar invested in hosting and simply doing the make so the fact that I’m investing money’s in this doesn’t mean you can’t time roll up your sleeves and do the efforts and yes it’s a lot of work so where did the money disappear $400 on study we’re researching brand-new concoctions specific I’ve got a professional in service industries of what I’m working with who does all of my investigate got to make sure I am delivering the absolute best of the best options for my gathering so that was $ 400 the writing unit was $674 the editors and publishers was $646 the project overseer was $750 to attract it all together again run your hourly proportion on those quantities if you’re $15 an hour and that’s what your time’s worth cool when I devote $450 on something that exactly signifies it’s 30 hours worth of your time is what I actually spent on that task and that’s really where I’m at today that’s where I’m at with the website it’s growing on pace on schedule I’m super energized about get these backlinks done because it’s gonna elevate my power that’s gonna elevate my higher-rankings even more that’s gonna give you more intuitions which entails I’m going to get more clinks more traffic my used know-how is gonna be better they’re gonna perceive more of what they want I’m gonna come more click throughs Amazon tada I’m gonna be establishing more fund and it’s a long route it’s a long process to build a business online but it’s a honourable direction and a honourable process I’m about to head out of the country for about six weeks because I don’t like cold weather and I have the freedom of the media in “peoples lives” to do that because I expended 17 years building industries online nothing happened overnight nothing’s passive about this takes a lot of work to get this built and the reinforces the lifestyle assistances you can achieve an experience once you do put in the work and you got to get that proverbial prominence and you start getting the recurring income and the residual income coming in it’s pretty magnificent so on that note thank you very much for your time today I do appreciate you let me know what you think in the comments thumbs up like subscribe do what the hell are you do I regard you and I will see you on the next video and until we meet again be well my friend and I’ll see you soon Cheers


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