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kate market and control hello and welcome to this post my word stefan b and today’s video let’s concentrates on kate market and oversight matters brackets so betting from the left and compiling commissionings this affix can be read again in full in writing on my blog The only difference to this video is that it is just a little more free here formulate and this whole post is dedicated to a little more people previously know at least the basic things in imposition constitution and already parties “ve ever heard” this pole for the first time when if you come into contact with you in charge rule, it will probably be a bit confusing but if you start at a high level then “youve had” that entire the fastest so what also my opinion on it otherwise there will be a fictional one in the coming few daylights or weeks pattern gives an example that is perhaps better suited for novices We share this contribution as follows, more, first of all we have to answer the question to register a commerce so I abbreviate trade with Gew ab because it is in the picture then what are the peculiarities of sales tax in this area perhaps the small business regulation obliges feel if one appeals to sell what there are disadvantages for it and what does it was like at the end of the tax returns Let move on to what is probably the most common question in this sense You have to register a busines for this whole topic and the short edition yes and must you probably pay taxes but which are dependent on how much the profit is is what we have to implement, but perhaps you are a small business But first of all, when it comes to registering a business, you have to do a business registry if one gives commercial income kind in germany as More independent if you are a private party or a company separately to three different types of income in this area that is formerly paragraph 13 and income tax here we find the agriculture and forestry then we have 15 this is for the commercial enterprises and paragraph 8 these are the radical professions are columnists levy consultants solicitors physicians pharmacist teach such legends now we have to see where we can our fit for net marketing is part of a freelance profession probably not the agriculture and forestry is likely yet so we have less left in the process of elimination or so the commercial-grade income left over and so is the general definition one has, by the way business income if you have neither agriculture nor forestry Having freelance income should be one of the few actions now which one generally has agricultural income if one has it You are a farmer or you are a doctor, taxation advisor, lawyer, journalist and has other income affiliate region on his homepage then there is the so-called poaching theory and now please all just listen to them work in a statute conglomerate because this waste heat ideology is a further digression into the beauties of german levy ordinance because it is possible that the full amounts of the income by agriculture and forestry or freelance act for commercial income in order to be qualified this is possible if there is a tendency towards commercial-grade income and this is a child limit of 3 percent of total net sales in a given calendar year and an additional amount of 24,000 euros a year exceed that represents now will make something As two examples, we have a journalist who almost has his has been working on his homepage paid announces on his homepage and still has business income, for example from philipp marketing, is now in this A mas of fund marketing sales on his homepage over 50 percent or accurately 50 percent of its annual turnover and outdo 24,500 euros so he not only has a lot of income as business income instead, his entire income becomes business income, the waste heat possibility was created by the bfh and it is legally very controversial largely used in partnerships if There are any problems here or anyone at the house in there is actually not a freelance and not this one should have freeing, hence, the whole thing is an exciting topic me but would no longer like to treat them as superficial, perhaps if actually interesting in it since we should meanwhile some people too Maybe we can hear this one some era who work in law conglomerates subject to treat separately but so much better about business enrollment, yes, clearly because It is a commercial enterprise because there is no freelance work and no country and forestry act is therefore to register a trade and now for the time being It is not at all bad to register a business that costs between 10 and what would it be? 50 euros depends on the city it depends on me in its own country we will soon be 15 euros for the whole thing in big cities like hamburg or Berlin can get a bit more expensive, but it tends to be yes now nothing bad and only because you have to register a market You don’t definitely have to pay taxes straight away, it ever depends nor from other factors on how far the sales I conclude small business owners probably get my marketings from here and of course how large-hearted is my profit in the end and of course which others I merely have income now, only cross-file as a business is part of it for the sake of order, the authorities know about it and magnet The next topic we are addressing is illegal the subject of sales tax, so the sales tax on the commissions you pay As an discoverer, sell receives parties and we have to differentiate here on the one hand there is the company that demonstrates us the money from experience domestically for us Now here in Germany or in other eu countries, of course, everything only if you in the regular taxation that the subject of small business regulation do as it aims afterwards as the next topic and domestic if actually that we do the whole thing out of time, so to speak, at the marketplace when this one it is based in germany, for example kisdorf 24 evenings amos or noticed eade the last three are members of the now to mention all my fellow members who belongs to the axel springer group and now It is as follows if you are now in your overview with your commission let’s say an example commission of 100 euros would be paid out then you get the sales tax of 19 from the payer percent on top so you don’t get 100 euros that you deserve paid under because this is the net amount because you get the 119 euros paid out 100 euro fee and 19 euro sales tax at 19 percent the 19 euro sales tax, in turn, has to be paid to our levy role as nuisance tax been paid then now it depends on when you have to hand in monthly quarterly time wise that is an independent topic that corporation that has paid off the whole thing that gets the 19 euros sales tax credited as input tax means that would have to be they paid 19 euros to us but got the 19 euros back from the tax office as paid for this zero-sum game a 19 euro received from the tax office b 19 euros back so +19 -1 9 stres 0 if you now If you are a small business owner, you don’t get paid 419 euros but merely 100 euros because the sales tax system is omitted and you exclusively have the net auctions get paid out as in the b2b area, everything is only done in cyberspace words expanse means you now have an advantage here by means of the Small business owners has not been able to be exclusively economically if they were the same net committee is paid at the end then the whole thing continues and Although if that and the whole thing and the company from which we get the money comes is not in Germany but in the eu abroad and we just have that as an example amazon you sit in luxembourg or google sit in ireland or from google ireland gets the adsense beings paid their coin and from amazon luxembourg, the amazons are now getting their money paid under and this is where it turns All of this means that the company does not get paid sales tax carry away the money but the company does the whole thing paid out must pay the sales tax as two examples now you must pay 100 euros net professionally again but it remains if you are in the regular taxation with these 119 euros at the 100 euros amazon since the company in the eu abroad now has to pay sales tax in its country exhaust this is called the spin of the sales tax liability he is not the one who gets the money but who gets the money Paid must report and pay the sales tax is now called the company im eu foreign countries pay the sales tax and receive the same at the same time nuisance tax counterbalance as input tariff represents reporting again VAT to be paid to the tax office and b but you get 19 euros again VAT offset and here too we construe plus 19 euros – 19 euros, the bottom line is 0 meant that the whole thing stays on here too zero-sum recreation the whole thing is called with the technical period reversal price procedure or alter reform weave then that speaks for itself But that’s how we conclude the whole thing in Germany in 13 b in German nuisance tax principle as well as of course in the sales tax system guidelines the whole thing for the eu rules entails no matter where you sit whatever it is you get your commission got at the end the bottom line was you got the 100 euro either you drive the sales tax yourself at your taxation department ab or the company that paid you for the whole ab and at the same time the input tax reads itself in the end Zero-sum sport should be a small business owned anyway simply the 100 euros paid out and this whole system with the sales tax will not appear and if we currently with the Small business regulations are another matter to many even to others online large-scale opinion largely constructs small business owners and you participate the sales tax nothing to do that is true at first, but it is there are other things that should be considered in this whole situation because what says the small business regulation that is one simplification you don’t have to pay sales tax for husband out of this sales tax system, but now you are a small financier Can’t see any input excise now, of course, “were supposed to” all because of exclusively personal the issue of whether the Small business regulation is worthwhile or not is a strictly subjective question you cannot answer objectively across the board, it emphatically depends on yourself advantages, of course, if you takes into consideration this sales tax for small business owners with inside is and has less administrative struggle since there is none sales tax advance notification no sales tax annual return and can The double bass actor has to submit the summary report, of course, to 17,500 euro annual turnover capped if you are no longer allowed to do to make small business owners and b the important point you can’t either Draw more input levy or offset it conveys after having expenditures or higher expenses you are a little bit professional vast controls you can pay the sales tax you offer in these Not drawing monies from other inventors intends taking more time in terms of income Either way, you end up with the same net income with them expenses the expenses are higher because of course you don’t have to pay the input levy I can offset the whole issue of whether the sales tax Small business regulation is worthwhile in a separate with video lump sum tries to analyze and illustrate a bit so the fist tendency is if if you work in the b to b field, then the sales tax is worth it Small business regulation predominantly not unless you can of course get one itself simply not in all the advance enrollments and annual testimonies to do then for appliance you can always say I’ll make love abide small business but purely inexpensive if you do everything yourself could make it useful the small business regulation in the b2b area Affiliate market is easy when you don’t get the money from private individuals but it ever pays off for business in most cases but not as I said, it is an individual question that can be asked across the board don’t answer 100 percentage, it ever depends on the person himself what this person is capable of doing himself or what has to is important that the person wants to pay and if you are a tax advisor for the whole thing if you simply have an annual turnover of 5, 600 euros anyway, I can understand it why they say no then i stay small business and have this whole sales tax question not but flat frequency that one exit is only one thing You shouldn’t make love immediately but you should deal with the whole thing individually So ultimately we deal with the last topic of income tax and that is for people who previously have a little idea about imposition rule , nothing more so complicated than what do we entail by income tax return right our income that is if you have a trade than him a lot coin marketing human draws his benefit so the surplus of the Income from expenses and here “were having” the sad earning determination Income surplus account because most of the cases and do marketing will not be included in the accounting indebtednes Otherwise I will relation you to the meadow where I provide an explanation from when you the accounting period, nonetheless, usually believes me for any market is not come in so quickly so it takes a bit of auctions and profit means we are in the area of revenue surplus account the income surplus note is also 43 Debits mentioned because you can find yourself in 4 paragraph 3 of the income tariff here all income and overheads are recorded from December 1st to December 31 st at industrialists are clearly on of course there are other things that assets if you have this team over the useful life however, the inflow principle is generally acquired we find again in the relevant paragraphs that says that all income from the first first until 31.12 are included in this profit decision differently Revenues and expenditures to be taken into the other calendar year if this two factors are met once if they reappear every month and b if they likewise belong economically to the calendar year other than example one has that the year 2001 and season but January 9th 2002 is his December 9th before the 10th, that is, until the 10th, that works and that is the one december with that entails december fee belongs to december of the previous year payment entails monthly recurring overheads so check one economically belonging to the calendar year or the previous year checks 2 and it is until the tenth happened so check 3 is now called december rent would then in the framework year 2001 and not he had to be taxed in 2002 or as spending are recorded then we choose our profit in full ordinary the normal principles of income – expenditures on top of that with depreciation, assets are called the team Used over several years we have written off parenthesis on except in the ggs gwg it is low-value resources that are in resources with a net value of less than four or ten euros net or if they are purchased from the first in 2018, 800 euros net these resources come the so-called amwg regulations can quasi to be written off immediately symbolizes in the year in which they are bought instantly as output on almost others assets such as a home are devalued over 50 times if I buy a house for 100,000 euros now, I will share it acquisition expenditure through 50 so 50 times and then have one each year fiftieth of my expend or if I buy a pc for say now eras 199 euro net pc arrangements are depreciated over three years then namely 999 euro segments that by three years so 333 euro again bracket on if I buy the whole thing during the year so not in January but let’s say in june or july I have to go through the whole twelve of the again twelve months and then for each month in the purchase or the whole used where it was so much better we don’t want to digress into depreciation, but very this upright should be more likely to hear 0 people this time basic got an idea of the whole thing so regular revenue resolve comes with it again in the coming few days or weeks in fictional mustafa that is completely normal The gain that we establish in information systems after the inflow close principle this ends up in the seed g there our profit from commercial operations comes universally and b in the commerce excise declaration but no horror busines taxation only comes from one gain of 24,500 euros out and simply this thread this 24,500 euros If it exceeds this, it is subject to trade tax In addition, you should also know the busines excise Trade duty is partially offset against income duty this means that most of the people in this area do not have to pay as much trade tax as they do benefit of less than 24 1500 euro does not win turnover anyway Trade excise often out in this sense, I hope older workers you have now informed a bit you know and how he works with those for the protagonists of the practice get along well if their people are really nothing have an idea of imposition constitution and the whole thing is heard through to the end sorry but I counselled myself that these craftsmen are a bit more is suitable for professionals and not for newbies otherwise be talking about this Of route, do not post a contribution to me and do not write in the comments because as I said these are pure opinions analyzes of our general Transfer of knowledge personal tariff admonition is only allowed to tax advisors and solicitors in such cases carry out that she is and remains one pure education path in this sense the video with friends and well-known who have questions about this area in this video inscription or way of pushing asked until the next affix agreed for Your stephan d will come up with the fictitious sample of make


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