Affiliate Marketing Training Tips By Ben Martin [Part 2]

hey my friend been back here again with part two of the sit-down interview I did with my friend John McNeil if you miss some world-class affiliate marketing training then listen very closely to this interview make sure you’ve got a pen and paper and take notes now if for some reason you miss part one you’re gonna want to watch that first so make sure you scroll down towards the bottom of my description casket below and you click on the part one link once you’ve watched that come back here and tune into part two accept you did already watch part one merely a remember get a pen and paper you’re really gonna want to take notes and with that being said let’s just dive straight-shooting back in so I’m assuming that you do a bridge sheet to try to help with conversions on the sales page so the next question is how do you any gratuities to help us increase shifts on that connection sheet like what do you actually do in your connect sheet to help increase shifts on the sales page and then I want to get into how you actually pick your particular products because exactly from being on your register and you know seeing you on YouTube it’s just seems like every make you promote all the opportunities you jump into it just seems like you time ever make a lot of money so we’re trying to figure out how do you pick those special concoctions and opportunities rich cornerstone first okay yeah so to explain the bridge page that guess people need to understand that there are three different types of affiliates amateurs intermedius professional staff and how much your affiliate will like do youtube video will they pay for solo or whatever though and they’ll link back to their capture page in some way in fact and I don’t even help a capture sheet what a lot of them amateur affiliates will do is they’ll precisely set a tie-up in their YouTube description box that goes to the sales page because all that feeling is in that brain I’ve gotta make money and what they don’t realize is if person goes through the establish auctions page like by the first time they thumped the sales page it’s not God but sending your traffic directly to an volunteer you’re mostly squandering your time and coin now this is particularly true if you’re doing give congestion you’re paying for trafficking you’re not collecting emails then you may as well like set fire to your money it makes the average person seven to fifteen seasons of learning an present right before they make a decision on whether they want to buy or whether then they don’t want that proposal so some amateurs they just send beings straight to the sales page now it’s immediate affiliates are a little bit I don’t want to use the word smarter because it’s not really a suit of smart it’s a client of you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it’s if that realizes impression so I need to read it affiliate is figured out hang on a time I need to build an email list so I’m not going to send people straight to the sales page I’m gonna send them to a capture page so that I can follow up with them via email and then from the capture page I’m gonna redirect them to the sales page which is a little bit better because now you’re building an resource which is an email listing but it’s still not great and here’s why I don’t know how long have you been doing this right I have no idea but if you’ve been doing it any segment of meter I’m sure you’ve promoted commodities or business opportunities that were here the working day and abruptly we’ve gone the next day with like the business mashed all the products was taken down right if you are basically sending people moving traffic to a captivate page and that straight to the business opportunity or the jvzoo fighter or and obsessed auctions sheet or whatever all you’re doing is your your establishing a relationship between your email contributes and that companionship or that product creator but you’re not established in any affair with yourself so therefore if the make is removed or the company subdues beings don’t really know much about you they have no bond with you now the best thing you can do and this is what like it’s all super affiliates mostly do this is you transport traffic to a captivate sheet and then you send them to a aqueduct sheet and a connect page mostly connects the gap between a person answering that email on your captivate page and they give and you show your face and you are eligible to even show your face in an portrait with some written text and then link to the sales page or what I like to do is I like to jump on a video and I like to just like let beings hear my enunciate envision my face and a great deal of my videos I show people around my house and this is this is it’s not to boast right it’s just to show show people you are familiar with I am a real being you know you know this is where I live you know be fortunate enough to be able to like live here because I’ve had success with affiliate sell and you know I’ve started to say to parties as well you know I can’t show them the car which you know in case anybody’s wondering I don’t drive around in a Ferrari I’m really not interested in autoes at all to be honest but I will say I’ll make a point of saying to people in my videos you know you know this isn’t a Ferrari but this is a car that I did buy for 30 grand in money you know I was able to walk into a garage and buy this for 30 stately cash and I’m not saying this to brag I precisely want people to know that if you follow me do the right things and these are some of the honors so basically exactly create a video where people get to see a little bit about you and who you are and you know why you can help them now I know some people want probably gonna say well what if I can’t yield to like live in a neat residence or buy a gondola I don’t have makes then what are you doing all such cases is you bent more toward leveraging the outcome of that a instructor leveraging the results of the person behind the business opportunity so rather than showing your own develops you say listen you know John here huge to meet you yada yada yada on the next sheet I’m gonna introduce you to XYZ person who’s being able to like build a affiliate marketing business that makes them XYZ if “youre watching” that video you’re gonna learn how you can do that and follow together with me as I as I are now beginning to do that too so you construct you have a bridge page where people see you or at least can speak your floor and you associate back to that columnist you’re building the know like and trust factor you can increase your alterations on the next page since they are now understand the person behind whose inventory they connects and worst case scenario if the company or concoction you promote disappears people still feel like they know you and they’re more likely to follow you into another business or buy a concoction from you yeah that’s great information male so in terms of like the products or opportunities that you tend to jump into tell us a little bit about like how you go about choosing those yeah saying I’ve been in a good deal of businesses and companies are suppressed so now that’s that’s good and that’s good bulletin for beings watching because you know sometimes you have to fail many times to like learn right and through outages I get good at identifying companionships that is often used to last a long time you know one of the companies I’m not going to mention any busines names on this one that one of the companies myself and my spouse Erin she was in it before we were married they’ve been saying out to us for over nine years every single month now that’s pretty much unheard of on the Internet that doesn’t happen too often in our cavity now so I’m not talking a small check in the check ranges from a thousand dollars to over four thousand dollars so so for night yeah for nine years nine years and if you put you’ll surely know of the company John I’m not sure if you use them but we can talk about that later you are familiar with and III know like I don’t really want to get into naming a company lists and all that kind of stuff but you guys if anybody is in Jersey can just get back to John on me you know we can message you off-camera or whatever yes but how I normally do it John is it kind of separate this into two areas if it’s a business opportunity or whether it’s a warrior sports brand-new product it differs slightly so with a business opportunity commonly I’m not overly enthusiastic about promoting material that’s really brand-new in in the first few days because although there’s a lot of enthusiasm a great deal of those companies crash right where I procreate the exception to the rule on that though is if I know the person behind the company or somebody who I respect is involved with the company and they talk to me about it I will take a look you know I got involved with a company last year that was openly like nine months age-old but I knew that I knew the owner I liked what she was doing no I cleared I manufactured fund with that fellowship in a short space of meter that gap I’m not super super interested in very brand new stuff I like to take a look for a few months at least to see do the direction of where this companionship is going is actually any substance in terms of real training and real produces because in the biz up room “theres a lot” of you really pay me money to pay money so someone else can pay money to join spit you know what I entail is not sometimes it’s not really any good product of the training the training they render is like something from like 1922 it’s outdated nonsense um so with the breath of opening so that’s kind of what I look out for my dessert place with biz ops is if any companies like two to three years old the owner has a good track record and the training is good that’s gonna you know get come my interest but again I “re saying” really in case anybody ever comes to my direct says you’re promoting something new I’m not saying I never promote anything new I’m I’m just saying I am more careful when it comes to the new material because I’ve glean fellowships before that when brand-new and flunks you know I was in a company one time where I travelled from zero to 25 gloriou a few months in less than 3 month but within nine months a company folded and they took apart twenty five thousand dollars a month in earnings and I’ve already moved to the Caribbean based on earning that morning so you know I’m kind of choosy now when it comes to jvzoo and warrior commodities again I’m interested in what’s the line owner our track record of the product creator yeah are they someone use are they releasing like BS oh I’m a human like a lot of customer complaints about this person um but also when I go to the sales page for those working makes if I speak the sales page and it doesn’t really interest me and it’s not something I feel I could use in my own business I’m not saying that would because you can’t ever try every approach and every application yeah but if it doesn’t at least excite me and with me frequently I’m not going to promote it because if I’m not excited about it why why would my audience be excited about it and for me I made a decision a long time ago that it’s any schmuck can make a one-time sale right but merely a really small affiliate concern a one-time sale into a repeat patron you know so if you move BST or customers whether that be YouTube customers or email readers eventually they’re gonna stop buying from you because they’ll be like you know and all the all these products you pennies you’re absolutely garbage and they’re and they’ll run tune into somebody else you know so I promote a great deal little these days and where I usually because I’m feel that the masterpieces right now kind of few and far between if I’m honest so I’m awfully very selective right now about one I promotes even even to the point where the back end the last year was losing me fund because I was like there’s nothing really great I want to promote here but I you know I toy the long competition and you know what I risk losing in the short term I know I’m gonna prevail by being in the game for a long time and always liked sharing caliber with my directory which this is why I like to kind of give an example of how that can work this is why I have like subscribers on my schedule we’re like one just one subscriber on my roster who I converge back in 2013 he then flew out to a mastermind I was regarding in the Caribbean he flew all the way out from America to the Caribbean then when I was speaking in Orlando in 2017 I’m messaging instead I’m gonna be in Orlando I know you’re in Miami “hes taking” the whole week off are in place to time be staying with me for the week now this person between 2014 and 2019 I’d be giving you something towards I’d be tusk down planets if I “ve told you” we devoted $50,000 with me between that time to simply that one guy and I could specify two three four five different sorts who’ve expend same kind of money and you know that’s not including the subscribers you’ve just spend three grandiose or seven hundred records my spot is if you’re good to customers they can thicken sense basically they can sense it yeah you know we’re in a daytime and senility where you cannot you know you cannot like dupe people in this day and senility they know if you’re reap sincere and they know if you’re basically feelin bs so don’t discretion BS to make a quick book play the long game yeah I cherish that admonition husband I love it being so like I said I’m on your inventory and I consider you like an email marketing expert I get your subject wrinkles I speak your emails and they suck me in I feel like when I see your you feel your topic boundary I’m like oh I’m gonna you know read this email because I know it’s gonna be good so any gratuities I convey it may time merely be like your experience and you’ve been in the industry for so long but any tips you can give us in terms of the email marketing portion of your business because I know that’s a big portion of how you make your money like tips in terms of subject routes of replica like how many times you email your roll like any of those good gratuities you can give us that will help us out without you know marketing business yeah email sell like the last three months it’s been it’s been like a challenge for me in areas of I basically have to roughly pull and prawn at me from back and rehabilitate certain things in a different way you know in terms of like segmenting and automation which I don’t want to really get into but will vary depending on what slouse my enumerates on you’ll notice like sometimes if you open an email and read it it will trigger you going another email based on something you did right now want to nose-dive too much into that area because it’s really technical and race but in regards to subject positions the most difficult thing I can say to anybody is just be the difference be different as in how many times a day judge you get emails about brand-new application makes a hundred dollars and five minutes pending commissionings I’m not gonna lie and I’ve tried all those kind of things it’s one point to another and to a certain degree for the short term they come and do work and you can make money like that but the reality is right in 2020 the game is a lot different with Gmail and all that kind of stuff but it is with that was back in 2013 Gmail is very smart and a lot of marketers get caught up on some deadlines and open paces but they never “ve been thinking about” email deliverability now again that is a very technical thing that I can’t dive into on this core volume mostly long tale short-lived is if you’re tricking customers into opening they may open a couple of times but eventually they’re gonna reach spam and it’s gonna hurt your deliverability and you’re not gonna get your email into their inbox so with subject courses be different from be different from the norm if everybody else in your niche is talking about pending commissions and make $100 by farting in your sleep and all kinds of whatever all kinds of crap precisely be freaking different exactly be merely being totally freaking divergence like I wrote an email the other day and the email topic cable was about your brain grafts and it was basically talking about how most people fail because they’re bleak and a pessimist always tell them everything’s too good to be true and the reason I’ve replaced is because I’m Pollyanna which the word Pollyanna basically entails like overly optimistic and I basically the main points of the email was is if you want to start replacing start has been dragging on with most successful parties because it and more positive people because in the process you’ll feel like if I have psyche transplantings and you know you you become who you hang around and then it was kind of like if you want to know the best society to hang around that will not only utter your mistaken positive but too acquire your bank account positive check this out you know I intend so about your psyche transplantings is a very different subject line than entrust Commission’s totally ensure the same stuff all the time they become blind to you now when you’re a good lover lover spouse partner or ever right but if they mate if they start you as what’s your favorite menu I’m kind of a pasta chap like intend you okay let’s just you know let’s just kind of like we just pretend you now they “ve given you” lasagna every single day twice a epoch you get sick of it right yeah yeah perhaps every it’s the same with sub it’s the same with subject wrinkles when people encounter the same stuff over and over and over again they become blind suit they get sick of it so biggest tippin’s in the subject line is be unique now in terms of email copyrights what you got to remember is this fox tell storeys sell okay if you’re in your email and you’re like hey came this really amazing product it says push-button software it’s gonna make a bunch of money again that that can work to a degree bought what I like to do is I like to wrap up most of my emails in narrations with a slope at the end because whenever somebody identifies that you’re trying to sell them something their obstructions go up it’s the reason why if you walk into a auto gash today and you want to buy a vehicle the moment mortal comes up to you and says can I help you you’re instantly resistant because you know they’re there to sell you and even though you want something sometimes you’re withstand it if you feel somebody’s trying to sell you people dislike to be sold what they love to buy yeah so when you use stories in your emails what happens is you bypass sale people’s marketings detected you buy pass you slip under the radar they get sucked into your narration and before you know they’re clicking on your tie-up because they were so entertained by your tale now they want now they want to know well what’s the make on the other side of this story no longer do they feel like that makes soul more they feel like they were entertaining there’s a there’s a huge word when it comes to email and sell in general entertainment they feel entertained and they now want to know what is it that you’ve got that can help me so use employ unique theme indications and use narrations and and again just predicting pondering out loud about what parties are saying you know parties will say well what how can I tell tales you know what tales about what my life’s boring good-for-nothing that really happens all I do is wake up go to work come home blah blah blah blah what you go to imagine is is that imagine your life as II as a movie and mostly every single second is it is a separate scene II always say to beings emails are happening around you all the time let me give you an example um I’ll give an example before me donger on this bawl I was in the office and John was like saying then the lighting is a bit twilight a bit blurry you are familiar with and we were trying to figure out the best place for me to to sit and so we could get the best sun so you could see clearly I might write an email later in the day and I might call the subject line when the light-coloreds go out you might be thinking where’s this going back yeah I means that in my email I might tell a story about how this morning I was like getting on an interrogation with a brand-new friend of mine called John blah blah blah when we were setting up before the interrogation we notice up it was very dark in my chamber which was shaping it hard to see so what I had to do and patently I’m I would use different words what I’m just give me the but so what I have to do up to move to a different chamber with better igniting so we could see what we’re doing and I might say you know this kind of reminded us about the situation most people are in their business it’s almost like they’re sitting in a darknes area and they can’t see a clear way to make money and sometimes it takes somebody to come along and was an indication the light-footed yada yada yada if you’re sick of being in the dark and you want to see move closer to the light check this out here yeah you know I’m saying yeah you’re great follower you’re clearly a storyteller you’re you knows me they’re great as I love your emails I’ve been on your roll for a while so like I really like how you orientation yourself and tell those storeys and your emails are great yeah Wow yeah I want to touch on traffic for a second I know that I learn solo ads here on the path and that’s one of my favorite programme of getting traffic in terms of solo ads do you feel like there’s any specific residences to get solo ads I imply are using Facebook are you working you to me can you afford us merely a short quick tip on like solo ads and what you know some tips on that yeah I mean I I do use “youre going to” me I want I’m sure if you know John back in 2013 against the solid competition was a lot difference it was a lot easy to make money with solve alive back then because there were less marketers and they were actually supplying higher caliber transaction and presenting what I call a genuine solo ads but there are still some good vendors out there who to me Houdini is one place I will use now again I know where John Tom 20 minutes and I’ve talked and talked I didn’t think but for more info on udemy I’m sure John’s got some nonsense on his town I’ve got a video on udemy on my path people can check out to where I kind of break down well when I’m receive the vendor what the criteria are set for identifying a merchant I wanna test so Edom is one place and then Facebook if you go and type in resolve our testimonies and you connect some of those groups that is another good way and what I’ve been able to do is over years of using solo ads I’ve actually various kinds of comprised a index of like 5 10 15 figures that I’ve gone back to over and over and over again yeah what I would say to parties is when you find a vendor who you want to do a solo I will do a small test and build up your own records of vendors that actually you can trust and that’s really the best way to go forward and what will happen is over times when you build up like a relationship with these merchants they give you better and better expenditures better and better and better distributes and a lot of periods now like when people complain about Solarize not work it’s like I as I say I’ve built up this stature with merchants over times which has always allowed me to do fairly well with them you know how I will give you one call because I know some people don’t be like well come on utter it a identify yeah you can you can go and buy test out a chap called jazz penetrating subside I’m sure John knows about jazz late now what I will say is this a lot of parties realize the lives as some sorcery medication every author proselytizes differently you know I’m not saying that name because I’m guaranteeing you an upshots you know I don’t know what ensues you’ll get you I just know that I’ve got good results with him over the years um what solo life is not a quick fix it’s all about how you work your produces with your email follow-ups and candidly if you don’t have an autoresponder in place you series in place I will I wouldn’t even advise “youre going to” do so laughter it’s a waste of time yeah and that’s just made me completely transparent utterly cool cool any other tips for you know newbie starting out any other final hopes you can give people here on my on my canal John’s probably fantasizing down to make it quick be yourself okay you know find find your own voice be yourself some you know don’t do the subconsciou if you’re a quaint slightly mysterious being and backhanded sense of humour to the point be yourself parties enjoy people who really being themselves remember it’s about and and about recreation so try and positioned some enthusiasm and rage into whatever it is you do be patience and be consistence rome wasn’t building in a epoch right now I have a goal in 2020 of built up my youtube canal I want to get to at least 50,000 readers so I can mind my canal of arts and it’s going to give uniformity I’m gonna have to do a video every day sometimes beings are so busy looking for the miracle cure that they don’t realize that the answer is in the small simple mundane things that the money and the riches is in the number I’m frankly a great deal of the most mundane stuff you do is what will determine you most amount of money so if it’s YouTube do a video a daytime or if it’s not a video a day commit to stick to whatever you say you gonna do one video a week one video a daytime if it’s solar watts determined yourself apart enough I’m gonna do solar on every week whatever it is whatever method you use consistency is king so that’s all about about it don’t really get advice man so if parties now on my canal want to get to know you more gets my different additional information about you and what you do is there something that you can give us are how can we get detailed information about you yeah so the first thing to do is like come come subscribe to me on youtube hitting that notification bell because I’m fell videos most days right now you can find me forward slash revenues paradise furthermore if you want to get on my email schedule and you kind of want to get savoured more of what I do is email marketing you can only honcho on over to congestion and subscribers into email index readers and patrons chaps I most most recommend you guys do both subscribe to his channel he’s dropping a good deal of free content every single day on there plus subscribe to his his email list because you’ll learn a lot only by going his emails and some of the proposals that he’s promoting the I knows what he’s doing yeah I was gonna say as well for those people watching this on my channel I’m gonna drop a link to John’s YouTube channel into John’s email listing in my description chest so um go go and John’s let’s go follow him because he’s dropping videos like crazy too and too he’s got like 10 times more readers than me though I’m kind of I acknowledge a bit thank you for taking the time and I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions for us you put a great deal of good knowledge subject thank you expressed appreciation for thank you guys I leave the links below in this video to his YouTube channel and to his relate so you guys can get on his email list and thanks again I increase your time no problem don’t with me on the Fox everybody for tuna[ Music]

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