Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners 2020 // Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Guide

so you want to make passive income online well here’s the thing there’s no such thing as making money in your sleep overnight the good news is that slowly but surely with affiliate sell if you work hard enough you can eventually make it happen so today i’m going to give you my five step process for getting started with affiliate marketing and making money online and the best part is you don’t have to buy a 2 000 trend to learn how to do this let’s jump into the video hey everybody this is roberto blake helping you create something awesome today welcome back to the channel today we have another make money online video today we’re gonna be talking about affiliate marketing and i’m gonna stroll you through a simple stepbystep process with five specific steps to get you started with affiliate marketing now for the new people now my word is roberto blake i’m a artistic entrepreneur public speaker the founder of awesome creator academy and i have actually made a substantial income from affiliate marketing i’ve talked about it here very openly on the path i’ve transparently shown you some of my digits and one of my best affiliate curricula was really produced me almost a quarter million dollars over the last four years and that affiliate liaison is with tubebuddy and so i have been very open about how affiliate sell works at least for me and proving you real world examples of this and something that you can do if you’re willing to put in the work up front i’m gonna walk you through this five step process and it’s not gonna make very long to start to grasp this but i do want to really answer questions of your agnosticism the thing is that when you work at a company you’re probably earning that company a great deal of money and revenue probably much more than what you’re getting paid in salary what the hell is it look like if you were coming a 10 slashed of all the value that you’ve generated for the company over the years that would look very interesting for you in terms of your income right what if there were scenarios where you were getting 30 or even 50 of the ethic that you procreated since the transaction since the sale would not have happened without you at all that would be very different from the experience that you’re having right now so when we talk about affiliate market we’re really talking about commission sales and we’re talking about receipt sharing or gain sharing that’s the relationship we’re talking about we’re not talking about sketchy multilevel marketing we’re not talking about anything like that that’s a defraud we’re talking about the simple information that sometimes we are capable of be compensated for the ethic that we form proportionately and the reason that i think this will resonate for beings more is when you understand that regardless of what a transaction has taken place if you promoted it then you should probably share in the profits so let’s get into step number one step number one for affiliate market is gonna have to do with traffic and it’s really the thing that i know a lot of beings have the most significant denunciation of roberto i can’t do this i don’t have a big youtube canal i didn’t when i started either roberto i’m not well known i don’t have an gathering you have to start somewhere you either have to have a website that is a niche site that is targeting search engine traffic a blog that gratifies to a very specific community a podcast that people listen to and is distributed across all the different podcasts apps that people experience or a youtube canal this is going to be the dwelling for your content and a plaza to put your affiliate attaches and too connect them with an gathering so the thing is you do need to figure out what scaffold you’re going to use to get traffic so that’s the first part now in terms of building that up from scratch the good news is that there’s over a thousand videos on this canal and one of our big-hearted focuses is helping you to create content for different things so whether you want to start a blog or a website there is content now on the direct to help you if you want to grow and build an audience on youtube we have content around that and we also have some about to begin seminars around creating a podcast just like i did so step number one is creating that traffic source pace number two is going to be signing up for an affiliate program the most common ones are fee conjunction and share a sale these are larger affiliate systems that have access to a lot of different products and services the most common one that beings will be familiar with is going to be amazon and there are a lot of other ones that are very niche specific that are out there you likewise have individual websites that furnish affiliate planneds my specialty has always been software now i do a lot of tutorial content and so there are people who ultimately want to use the same software that i’m exerting to do my work produce my arises or the things i use to save me time in terms of productivity so when i create tutorials around that i end up going affiliate fees usually instantly from those companies amazon is the way that i think most people should go and it’s pretty easy to sign up now you do sometimes have to be able to give them a website or have a certain number of social media adherents i believe at least 500 right now is what you would need for the amazon influencer program you need that in some scaffold and make sense since that’s probably going to be a prerequisite to you actually making money and get parties to sounds in the first place other affiliate curricula may not have any requirements at all i’ve actually made a video on 10 of the most wonderful highest paying affiliate platforms that exist it’s a long video but i get into the details you need to know about each of these and how much they pay so i’m going to association that in the info card up here and in the specific characteristics down below if you want to watch that video my suggestion though is that you don’t time shoot the thing that liquidates the most i think you should perform your content and your gathering revolve around the thing that you are confident to recommend and that you can you know truthfully have shown that beings use and pay for ideally something you use yourself on a regular basis step number three is going to be once you are signed up to an affiliate program you need to start creating and generating your affiliate associations i’m going to recommend that you use google sheets or microsoft outdo to likewise keep track of these in a spreadsheet this is going to make it real easy and convenient for you to always get access to this connections and to share it with beings if you crave if you’re out and somebody ask you um to refer or recommend something you might even be able to pull it up in your phone grasp this link and to refer them with regard to this by the way if you happen to use an iphone and you are using the amazon affiliate program there’s a great app called affiliator and you can use that to generate ties on the fly you know right here from your phone and then you can copy and paste them and send them to whoever’s asking you for them i have a lot of people who might direct word me and will go back and forth and they might be trying to figure out like what camera they crave so on and so forth so i’m just able to go into the app grab a attach and transport it to them if i didn’t have affiliator or let’s say i need a relate from one of my other affiliate curricula then i would just go into my excel paper um or my google sheets substantiate in my phone grab it out of the vapour and then i know exactly what link i’m sending them another thing that you can do is if you have your own website then you can also set up abruptly links that refer beings to your affiliate programs whatever they might be primary precedent for a lot of my background music i use epidemic din and i have a link for a 30 day free test to that so when i want people to go to that affiliate relate i tell them go to epidemic announce and use my affiliate tie and get a 30 day free contest when they do that it instantly takes them to this very long very complicated link that i would never be able to remember that they would never be able to remember and that i might type in wrong use you are well aware my browser or whatever so it’s actually constituting it very simple to have these short ties-in this is something you can do if you have a wordpress blog if you don’t have one then i’m going to recommend you check out bluehost with my affiliate join down below or go to bluehost and you hear what i did right there that is a primary example of how affiliate marketing works in the real world when you have a solution that solves someone’s problem you can send them to this link and as long as you make it convenient and easy for them beings are happy to use it and if they buy then you gain appreciate or if they sign up for the free trial you gain quality this is also something parties struggle with with amazon a lot of “youre telling” roberto i have not been able to stay in the amazon affiliate program because i didn’t meet the required sales in 90 dates use the free trials that amazon offers for things like amazon prime amazon music or even audible with audible if you recommend the audible to people they get to keep two free audio works forever even though they are they don’t keep the subscription and you actually get five dollar fees on that if they decide to buy audible off of your recommendation you’d get 10 committee so the thing is it’s a zero threat to your public to do free inquiries and there still might be paying commission rewards in exchange for that so merely look at when you sign up and you do create your affiliate relates look at some of the rules look at some of the terms of service and look at the opportunities and then too consider something like a blog to generate short links to time refer beings so that it’s easy and accessible to give them your affiliate tie i told you this was going to be a step by step but you probably didn’t believe me when you clicked on this video but that’s okay i do understand the skepticism around these videos i’m okay with it but i’m just going to tell you how it actually is and what you need to do so that fourth thing that you do need to go ahead and set up and put in place is you need to actually start offsetting individual bits of the information contained that give you a natural opportunity to offer your affiliate connect for me in the instances of doing a lot of things that have to do with software i do tutorials sometimes when it has to do with hardware though i’ll do register like top five list top 10 roster fund roll this worked really good for me back in the day with laptops on amazon and i think back then laptops regardless of price had a top out commission regardless of their price at about 25 or 30 dollars i can’t remember and this did really well for me because i had these you know lengthy laptop purchasers guides and i would list multiple options for laptops so parties were clicking on those connects i do have some videos here on the direct precisely about tips for amazon affiliate marketing if you’re interested but i’m just utilize this as an example so by making use of buyers steers for hardware recommendations for camera lenses laptops camera bodies igniting gear microphones things like that i was able to establish substantial commissions from amazon when i was focused on tech content earlier in my job making as much as you know fifteen hundred dollars a few months in amazon fees which is actually really isn’t bad it might be comparable to what some people are compiling now with their fulltime job time depending on what your job is but with software as a service there are often recurring boards like the ones i receive from tubebuddy those of you unfamiliar tubebuddy is an instrument which a lot of us youtube content designers use exactly help us with productivity and seo by urge this over the last four years and actually being a user and being a power user who uses the advanced peculiarity you know i’ve been able to refer thousands of beings to them and as a result of that i get 30 commissionings when i started or was it 20 was something like 20 or 30 percentage when i started they’ve reformed the programme now and you start at 30 then you move to 40 and then if you become a super affiliate like me 50 so in the case of tubebuddy i’ve had a long rapport with them i’ve been doing a lot of content that would actually encourage people to get this plugin for their youtube canal and as a result over the last four years i’ve earned about a quarter million dollars in commissions and that’s my slouse of the revenue and because this is software as a service it’s a subscription so that means that the money is recurring in nature so when you’re creating your material something to keep in mind is think about what you’re promoting “ve been thinking about” how to organize the content to where it’s a natural are suitable for you and for the public i don’t think you should oblige material exactly based on how much coin you stand to stimulate from doing those videos but i think you realistically should make it a consideration i think it should play some capacity in there because i’m not naive enough to think that you know you’re not going to be thinking about that when you shape content i don’t think it should be the number one priority but i do think it’s fine if it’s a priority because i understand that you have greenbacks to pay and since i know that’s exactly how it is and i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that i’m not gonna sit here and virtue signal to you and suppose that fund doesn’t matter to you when you are putting affiliate links in your material just make sure that you’re properly disclosing everything that you’re upfront with your audience make sure in your description that you have the proper amazon renunciation since they are certainly need that and really make sure you’re carried out in accordance with the ftc in the future i may do a brief video on affiliate disclosures i just think that’s something that’s very easy for you to google search and so i’m not 100 sure if it deserves stone video but i’ll probably just do it for remark because some people would rather watch than read that’s just how it is the fifth and final step is once you have an inventory a library of content that has your affiliate tie-ups in it you might want to go ahead and exactly start promoting that material more often it’s like i said you need traffic for parties to eventually buy consuming those tie-ups so if you’re going to create the content you need to promote the content so let’s go over those five paces really quickly before we close out the video and then i’m gonna give you a last-place and final tip gradation number one is to have a traffic source somewhere where you’re making material whether that’s youtube a blog or a podcast or a niche website number two sign up for an affiliate program of your choice list three in your affiliate platform of preference is moving forward and procreate the affiliate relation that you’re gonna pole to your material i likewise believe in having a spreadsheet that listings these out quantity four spawn material that gives people a natural opportunity to share these affiliate relates go ahead and made that where it’s appropriate and make sure that you’re offering your public something that you can truly recommend honestly and step numeral five promote your material so that gets eyeballs on it those are your five main steps to getting started with affiliate marketing i have more detailed information here on the direct whenever you need it my final tip when it comes to affiliate marketing is to do your research and do your homework make sure that when you are recommending something that you are familiar with enough about it to where you can follow up with your audience and answer their questions one of the above reasons that parties trust me and my affiliate connections is they know when i recommend software it’s something i’m expending in my business probably every day i recommend hardware where i recommend camera gear microphones lighting anything that i use now on the youtube path parties are able to see on a regular basis in my content in my instagram post on call that i’m always working and experimenting with these articles of gear changing things up and that i am familiar with my paraphernalium and my hardware intimately and i can give them advice on what to buy and what fits their needs and their budget so the more experiment you do the more you understand something that you’re recommending the more parties are going to trust that relationship and came to see you you as an arbiter whether through your content or through you directly so merely make sure you’re really trained about anything that you’re going to recommend people buy because they will probably come back to you with questions and i think that the better you act them the more likely it is that they come back to you again in the future and use your affiliate connect before anybody else’s question of the day what do you want to know about affiliate market and passive revenues and if you don’t have a question you can’t think of one tells you what do you think about affiliate marketing as a whole do you think that it’s a way that someone can make a fulltime living or do you think that’s just only good for a slope hustle let me know in the comment section like this video if you like it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome content on the path as always you guys thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget go out there and originate something impressive today take care

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