Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (Step by Step)

hey what is up this is rob palmer welcome back to my channel and in this video i’ll be evidencing you exactly how you can start generating an income with affiliate marketing now there’s mostly three or four things that you need to get started and get the best reactions i feel that this is one of the easiest ways to get started online with affiliate commerce and if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is it’s mostly you being the middleman between the concoction and the final customer so let’s say a produce sells for 100 and you give a 50 fee you’re gonna be earning fifty dollars from those one hundred dollars now affiliate market can be applied to virtually anything online so there are a couple of things that it is necessary to and i’m gonna be showing you exactly how to get the best causes towards the end of this video but first of all what you’re gonna need is a youtube channel now when you’re thinking about having a youtube channel don’t worry you don’t have to be a big youtuber you don’t need to have a thought path or fancy videos or any of those things you can actually get started with virtually free implements and then you can upgrade as you get better makes okay so first of all what you need is to get a youtube channel which is pretty easy only need a gmail chronicle and then you need a produce to promote i’m likewise gonna be showing you that and a lieu to host your render which is going to be kind of a supermarket but you know don’t get distracted by the word store it’s so much simple more simple it’s very very easy and there’s another thing that can get you better makes than your rival if you do it properly now if you go to any of the videos inside this channel you’re gonna see that i have a mix of videos inspecting makes and other videos are various kinds of tutorials for how to make money online with affiliate sell and so on but there’s one thing they have in common is that if you go to the description of any of those videos you’re gonna find links to different produces where i’m paying an affiliate commission when a person buys through my tie so that’s basically the relevant recommendations you submit its recommendations you make a review inside the video and then you time parties to the link in the specific characteristics and by the way since we’re talking about this you can check the links below in the specific characteristics but don’t do that yet do that toward the end of this video i’m going to show you i’m going to talk about more about that in exactly a moment okay now where do you get the products well in my in my view there’s basically one home where i like to get the products that i promote and the above reasons for this is because the products that are on this very specific place you know there’s there’s tons of makes each week so they’re fresh and there’s fresh traffic and uh i would say a surge of traffic each week which is gonna benefit you okay because because the more traffic is in relation to that make going to be easier for you to get those initial marketings so the place is a directory called there’s two articles and you can do either ones but you would like to concentrate on in my subject if i were about to start i would focus on the article that’s on the right side because it’s kind of easier to get approved for those produces now the products from warrior plus and jvzoo those commodities you’ll need an accounting and you need to get approved for those makes but one of the things that i did when i got started is i just mentioned that hey my appoint is robin palmer i have a youtube channel this is the channel and i slipped the full connect okay because people the marketer they’re gonna get an email and those links are gonna be clickable it’s gonna be easier for them to see who you are okay so mention what you’ve done you open a channel and if you have any kind of results you want to mention that if you can you can just record a short video with your smartphone or your phone okay showing who you are since they are want to know who they are dealing with okay so that’s one of the first things that i would do that’s what i did when i got started i indicated them the links i recorded a video and i even registered them the results that i was get in terms of traffic marketings or whatever they miss you to be honest because they want to know who they’re dealing with so that’s the first thing so that’s for jvzoo and warrior plus who the hell is two networks that you can sign up for and that’s mostly how you are able to approach that now you’re going to find all the details inside munchie if you go into each and three by date you’re going to see all the details you want to go to the jv page and you’re going to see at the bottom of those pages typically there are currently details to the product owners or merchants now if you want to go and use clickbank that’s another system that you might heard of which is also a marketplace for digital produces i’m talking about alone digital concoctions now if you go to that target or that directory you can also sign up for free but the good thing with clickbank is that you don’t need to get approval to promote the produce in most of the cases okay and you can select by different niches and that’s the difference with jv soon ocean plus which are more focused on you know software affiliate internet marketing type of concoctions okay so that’s what you want to do if you want to go to clickbank you can search for products there there’s both in english and in spanish as well the spanish market i think it’s less tournament than the english one so you might want to test it out if you speak another language like spanish but virtually what you want to do is you want to create videos either its consideration of the item or a video solving a specific problem and then forwarding people to this other most appropriate solution okay now you can check any of my asses videos on my youtube direct to see the exact process of how i make love and you’re gonna be able to see that i get it on in a very similar way in terms of how i re-examine the products when i want to review a specific product okay so that’s i would say the fastest way to get results now the other thing is that if you go to the descriptions of my videos you’re gonna see that there’s a link to a specific page or as i call it a bonus page now i use a software a page builder called a commission gorilla because it’s so simple it’s draw and droop and they have a like a yearly fee or something so it’s pretty cheap if you think about it but if you don’t want to start with that you can start with other free techniques you can for example go to groov pours okay groove moves if you search on youtube for group funnels scrutinized at the top and or you are eligible to precisely click the link below in the specific characteristics and that you can use you can get like three sheets or three templates that this enables you to to get started you can also use another sheet builder which is called wix the difference is that wix comes with kind of an advertisement at the top if you don’t want to have that you might want to go you might want to start with groove funnels or groove pages and then later on you can upgrade to something called as i mentioned commission gorilla which is what i use you can also use a blog of course but that’s going to be a little bit more of undertaking and the idea behind this is to fix things a little bit more i would say easier for you so i will go for the options that i just mentioned okay so we have the youtube channel we have a product and then we have a place to host your give now if you want to see how i organize everything you can go to any of my remember on my youtube path you are you are right now on my youtube direct don’t do that freedom don’t do that right now do a little bit later on you can see how i have them set up and i have them in a very specific order but it’s very simple “youve got to” imitative what i do what i’m doing and it’s very very easy to do if you want to use commission gorilla but you can do the same thing with basically groove funnels if you just wanted to do that now as i mentioned in the beginning of this video there’s one thing that you can do to get better upshots when promoting these type of products and that is to offer bonuses in my opinion i would say that bonuses could prepare or transgress your safarus if you give high quality bonuses you can get so much better results and with exactly a little bit of traffic and the cool thing with this that you don’t need you don’t need tons of traffic you precisely need a little bit of traffic and trafficking in human beings for these type of offers is very targeted okay the latter are beings that want to buy okay so one thing that i forgot to mention is that you want to add the word okay of the product you’re going to find that on munchie and then you want to add the word review okay and that’s mostly all “youve got to” do and beings searching for the word the name of the product and the word review or the word bonus that the people that you want to focus on okay now how to do the description how to do the tags all of that don’t worry about that just go to vidiq which is a free add-on for chrome and this add-on is going to allow you to see precisely the specific characteristics and the labels for for the videos that are promoting those specific concoctions so what you can do is you supplement this add-on and then what you do you go to youtube and you search for the name of the produce and then the word review so let’s say you are you want to promote a produce called let’s say let’s say gemini revaluation so you search for gemini review and then you can see the videos okay and you can see the labels with this add-on called vidiq which is very simple you can time mimic them and then you can change them around if you want to so that’s mostly all you have to do it’s not that complicated now as i mentioned if you if you contribute bonuses to your presentation to your offering you’re gonna reach tons more sales now how do you volunteer bonuses well just to give you a short example let’s say you are promoting a commodity which is a software and maybe the software helps you to build sheets okay but they’re not showing you how to drive traffic to that specific sheet builder so that could be a bonus so think about how can i volunteer something that’s going to help the customer to be all right reactions with this product it can be you know a tutorial on how to use it better it could be as i mentioned a instant lesson on how to how to drive traffic to that specific make and so on so you mostly want to fill in the breaches and you want to ask yourself what is missing here “whats being” i volunteer that can help the customer get even better upshots it might be something that you’re doing differently from any other okay that are getting you arises that’s something that you can create a bonus around now how do you start those reviews and those bonuses it’s very simple you just have to download a free application announced obs and this software is going to allow you to record your screen now you can use the webcam from your computer if you don’t have a webcam right now you can really record your screen and you don’t need a figment you know equipment or anything you can use the microphone from your computer then later on you can upgrade to other type of equipment and so on but mostly that’s what you need you need a computer you can even do this with your phone and there’s a free application called mobison okay i’m not promoting that produce or anything but there’s no different kind of screen capture software which yeah some of them are even free and you can record your screen on your telephone and mostly do its consideration of the item from your phone and i’ll do this from time to time whenever i need it but if no if don’t you can do that from your computer and you can use obs to record your screen so that’s also free if you want to there’s other software like screen cast-o-matic camtasia i like to use screencast-o-matic for example i like to use wii video as well but those have a price in my subject i usually use in many cases obs because you can you know customize it however you miss so that’s i would say that’s a free software that you can use to record both your review and also you can use this to record many lessons can be three five minutes explaining something on how you know how you would do it and then you can give that out as a bonus now then you can upload those bonuses to youtube or to any free you know hosting kind of it can be for example mediafire anything like that and then you can simply link to those bonuses if “youre using” youtube you can for example define those videos to unlisted and if you do that merely the person or persons that you share the link with are going to be able to see your videos okay so we have talked about a youtube path we have talked about where there is a product or to host your offering how to get better upshots which mostly is with bonuses and now another question you might have is how do i rank for those makes well initially initially it’s going to be a little bit hard to get the best develops but i’ve noticed that the more you upload to your channel the more approval and you’re going to get and the better ranks you get now you don’t merely get views from the rank because you too get the opinions of the referred material okay so that’s what i recommend but if you want to rank a little bit better what you can do is once you have uploaded your video you want to play it a couple of times okay and then you can ask people and friends to watch your video to like your video to subscribe and leave a relevant comment okay you can start with that i know parties that have been doing this and they have been going huge upshots starting off there are other ways to get even better outcomes that i use and if you want to learn exactly how i am doing it you can check my trend below it’s a 10 division direction showing you some really cool hacks on how you can get even better makes with affiliate marketing how to rank on youtube and all of that okay so while you’re here don’t forget to smash the like button and to subscribe to my canal and please leave a comment and let me know what you think about any of these methods and if you have any questions about how to make money with affiliate market youtube and so on

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