Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners // Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Guide

– So you wanna make passive income online? Well, here’s the thing, there’s no such thing as making money rightin your sleep overnight. The good bulletin is that slowly but surely with affiliate commerce, if you work hard enough, you can eventually make it happen. So today I’m gonna giveyou my five gradation process for getting started withaffiliate marketing, and making money online. And the best part is you don’t have to buy a $2,000 courseto learn how to do this. Let’s jump into the video. Everybody this is Roberto Blake helping you create something awesome, welcome back to the channel. Today we have anothermake money online video, today we’re gonna be talkingabout affiliate commerce, and I’m gonna move you through a simple step-by-step process with five specificsteps to get you started with affiliate marketing.Now for the new people heremy name is Roberto Blake. I’m a artistic financier, public speaker, and the founder of Awesome Creator Academy and I have actually madea substantial income from affiliate marketing. I’ve talked about it herevery openly on the channel, I’ve transparently shownyou some of my multitudes, and one of my best affiliate curricula is actually rendered me almosta fourth billion dollars over the last four years. And that affiliaterelationship is with TubeBuddy, and so I have been very open about how affiliate marketingworks, at least for me and registering you realworld examples of this and something that you cando if you’re willing to put in the work upfront.I’m gonna walk you throughthese five pace procedures, it’s not gonna go verylong to start to grasp this, but I wishes to be just answersome of your agnosticism. The thing is that whenyou work at a company, you’re probably earning that companionship a great deal of coin in receipt, probably much more than whatyou’re getting paid in salary. What would it look like ifyou were get a 10% reduction of all the value that you’vegenerated for the company over the years. That would look very interesting for you in terms of your income, right? What if there were scenarioswhere you were get 30% or even 50% of the significance that you caused since the transaction, since the sale would not havehappened without you at all. That would be very differentfrom the experience that you’re having right now.So when we talk about affiliate marketing, we’re really talkingabout commission sales, and we’re talking about revenuesharing or advantage sharing. That’s the relationshipwe’re talking about. We’re not talking aboutsketchy, multilevel commerce. We’re not talking about anythinglike that, that’s a swindle. We’re talking about the simple information that sometimes we canactually be compensated for the importance that wecreate proportionately. And the reason why I think this will reverberate for people more, is when you understand that regardless of what atransaction is taking place, if you promoted it, then you should probablyshare in the profits.So let’s get into step number one. Step number one for affiliate marketing is gonna have to do with traffic, and it’s really the thingthat I been a lot of parties have the most difficult criticismof, “Roberto I can’t do this, “I don’t have a big YouTube channel.” I didn’t have when I started either. “Roberto, I’m not well known, I don’t have an audience.” You have to start somewhere. You either have to have awebsite that is a niche site that is targeting search engine traffic, a blog that caters to avery specific community. A podcast that people listen to and is distributed acrossall the different podcasts, apps that people experience, or a YouTube channel.This is going be thehome for your content, and a region to put your affiliate joins, and to too connect them with an public. So the thing is you do need to figure out what stage you’regonna use to get traffic, so that’s the first part. Now in terms of buildingthat up from scratch, the good news is that there’sover a thousand videos on this channel, andone of our large-scale focuses is helping you to createcontent for different things. So whether you wannastart a blog or a website, there is content here onthe path to assist you. If you wanna grow and buildan gathering on YouTube, we have content around that, and we also have somegetting started tutorials around creating a podcast just like I did.So step number 1, iscreating that traffic informant. Step number two is gonna be signing up for an affiliate program. The most common ones are, Commission Junction, and ShareASale. These are larger affiliatenetworks that have access to a lot of differentproducts and services. The most common one thatpeople will be familiar with is going to be Amazon. And there are a lot of other ones they’re very niche specificthat are out there. You too have individual websites that render affiliate curricula. My specialty has always been software. Now I do a good deal of tutorial content, and so there are people who eventually wanna use thesame software that I’m use to do my work, induce myresults, for the things I use to save me time in terms of productivity. So when I appoint seminars around that I be brought to an end going affiliatecommissions generally instantly from those companies.Amazon is the way that Ithink most people should go, and it’s pretty easy to sign up. Now you do sometimes have tobe able to give them a website or have a certain numberof social media adherents, I believe at least 500 rightnow is what you would need for the Amazon influencer program, you need that in some scaffold. It performs impression since that’s probably going to be a prerequisiteto actually making money and going beings toclick in the first place. Other affiliate curricula may not have any requirements at all. I’ve actually made a video on1 0 of the best highest paying affiliate planneds that exist. It’s a long video, but I getinto the details you need to know about each of theseand how much they compensate, so I’m gonna associate thatin the info card up now, and in the description down below, if you wanna watch that video. My proposal though, is that you don’t only chasethe thing that repays the most. I think you should realise your content, and your audience revolve around the thing that you areconfident to recommend and that you are eligible to, you know, truthfully suggest thatpeople use and pay for.Ideally you use yourselfon a regular basis. Step number three is gonnabe once you are signed up to an affiliate platform, you need to start creating and generating your affiliate joins. I’m gonna recommend thatyou use Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel to likewise keep track of these in a spreadsheet. This is gonna make it reallyeasy and convenient for you to always get access to this associations, and to share it with parties if you require. If you’re out and somebody asks you to refer or recommend something, you might even be able topull it up in your telephone, grasp this connection and to refer them. With regard to this by the way, if you happen to use an iPhone, and you are using theAmazon affiliate program, there’s a great app called Affiliator, and you can use that to generatelinks on the fly, you know, right here from your phone, and then you can copy andpaste them and send them to whoever’s asking for them.I have a lot of people whomight direct message me, and we’ll go back and forth, and they might be tryingto figure out like what camera they demand so on and so on, so I’m just able to gointo the app, grab a link and route it to them. If I didn’t have Affiliatoror let’s say I need a relation from one of my other affiliate planneds, then I would just gointo my Excel document or my Google sheets record in my phone, seizure it out of the mas, and then I know exactlywhat link I’m sending them. One other thing that you can do is if you have your own website, then you can also set-upshort relations that denote beings to your affiliate programswhatever they might be. Primary example, for a lotof my background music, I use epidemic announce, and I have a link for a30 day free tribulation to that.So when I want people togo to that affiliate join, I tell them go epidemicsound and use my affiliate linkand get a 30 date free contest. When they do that, it directlytakes them to this very long, very complicated link that Iwould never be able to remember that they would never be able to remember, and that I might type inwrong utilize, you know, my browser or whatever. So it’s actually starting it very simple to have these short ties. This is something you can do if you have a WordPressblog, if you don’t have one, then I’m gonna recommendyou check out Bluehost with my affiliate relation down below, or go to bluehosts. And you watch what I did right there. That is a example of howaffiliate marketing works in the real world. When you have a solution thatsolves someone’s problem, you can send them to this link, and as long as you make itconvenient and easy for them, beings are happy to use it. And if they buy, then you gain significance, or if they sign up for thefree ordeal, you gain value.This is also something peoplestruggle with with Amazon. A spate of you say, “Roberto, I have not been able “to stay in the Amazon affiliate program “because I didn’t stimulate therequired sales in 90 days.” Use the free inquiries that Amazon offers for things like AmazonPrime, Amazon Music, or even audible. With audible, if you recommendthe audible to people, they get to keep twofree audio volumes forever, even if they don’t keep the subscription and you actually get$ 5 commissionings on that, if they decide to buy audibleoff of your recommendation, you get $10 commission. So the thing is it’s azero risk to your public to do free inquiries, and there still might bepaying commission bonus in exchange for that.So merely look at when you sign on, and you do create your affiliate attaches, look at some of the rules, look at some of the terms of service, and look at the possibilities of. And then also considersomething like a blog to generate short connections, to only direct beings so that it’s easy and accessible to give them your affiliate. I told you, this wasgonna be a step-by-step that you probably didn’t believe me when you sounded on thisvideo, but that’s okay. I do understand the skepticismaround these videos, I’m okay with it, but I’mjust gonna tell you how it actually is and what you need to do.So that fourth thing thatyou do need to go ahead and set-up and put in place is you need to actually start makingindividual articles of content that give you a natural opportunity to offer your affiliate tie. For me, in the case ofdoing a lot of things that have to do withsoftware, I do lessons. Sometimes when it has todo with hardware though, I’ll do rolls, like top fivelist, top 10 inventory, fund list.This labor really good for me back in the working day with laptops on Amazon. And I think back thenlaptops regardless of price had a top out commission, regardless of their premium at about 25 or $30, I can’t remember. And this clothing well for me because I had these, you are well aware, extensive laptop buyer’s guides and I would roll multipleoptions for laptops, so parties were clicking on those associates. I do have some videos hereon the path specifically about tips-off for Amazon affiliate marketing, if you’re interested, but I’mjust using this as an example. So by making buyer’s guidesfor hardware recommendations for camera lenses, laptops, camera figures, lighting paraphernalium, microphones, things like that. I was able to realise substantialcommissions from Amazon when I was focused on techcontent earlier in my job, making as much as, youknow, $1,500 a few months in Amazon commissions, whichis actually really isn’t bad, it might be comparable to whatsome people are inducing now with their full meter task, really depending on what your job is.But with software as a service, there are often recurring fees like the ones I received from TubeBuddy. Those of you who are unfamiliar, TubeBuddy is a tool that a great deal of YouTube content developers use to precisely help us with productivity and SEO. By recommending thisover the last four years, and actually being a userand being a power user who uses the advanced peculiarity, you are well aware, I’ve been able to referthousands of beings to them, and as a result of thatI get 30% committees when I started, or was it 20%? Was something like 20 or 30% when I started. They’ve varied the programnow, and you start at 30%, then you move to 40%. And then if you become asuper affiliate like me 50%. So in the instances of TubeBuddy, I’ve had a long affinity with them. I’ve been doing a lot of content that would actually encouragepeople to get this plug-in for their YouTube channel, and as a result over the last four years, I’ve earned about a quartermillion dollars in fees, and that’s my gash of the revenue.And because this is software as a service, it’s a subscription, so that means that the moneyis recurring in nature. So when you’re creating your material, something to keep in mind is think about what you’re promoting? Think about how to organize the contents to where it’s a natural fitfor you, and for the public. I don’t think you shouldmake content simply based on how much fund you stand tomake from doing those videos, but I think your realistically should make it its general discussion. I think it should represent some capacity in there’ compel I’m not naive enoughto think that, you are well aware, you’re not going to be thinking about that when you do content.I don’t think it should bethe number one priority, but I do think it’sfine if it’s their own priorities, because I understand thatyou have legislations to pay. And since I know that’s exactly how it is, and I don’t think there’sanything wrong with that, I’m not gonna sit hereand virtue signal to you and feign that moneydoesn’t matter to you, when you are putting affiliatelinks in your content, only make sure that you’reproperly expose everything that you’re up front with your audience, make sure in your description that you have the appropriateAmazon disclaimer,’ cause they really need that. And merely make sure you’recompliant with the FTC In the future I may do a very brief video on affiliate revealings, I just think that’ssomething that’s very easy for you to Google search, and so I’m not a hundred percent sure if it matters doing video, but I’ll probably just do it for comment because some people wouldrather watch than predict, that’s just how it is.The fifth and final step isonce you have an inventory, a library of content that hasyour affiliate attaches in it, you might gonna go aheadand only start promoting that material more often. It’s like I said, you need traffic for beings to eventuallybuy exerting those connects. So if you’re gonna cause the content, you need to promote the content. So let’s go over those five paces really quickly beforewe close out the video. And then I’m gonna giveyou a last and final tip. Step number one is tohave a traffic source, somewhere where you’re making material, whether that’s YouTube, a blog or a podcast, or a niche website. Number two, sign up for anaffiliate program of your choice. Number three, in youraffiliate planned of choice, go ahead and develop the affiliate joins that you’re gonna berth to your material. I likewise believe in having aspreadsheet that rolls these out. Number four, start content that gives you a natural opportunity toshare these affiliate connects. Go ahead and threw thatwhere it’s proper, and sees sure that you’reoffering your gathering something that you can truly recommend honestly.And step count five, promote your content so that it gets eyeballs on it. Those are your five mainsteps to getting started with affiliate marketing. I have more detailedinformation now on the channel whenever you need it. My final gratuity, when it comesto affiliate marketing is to do your researchand do your homework. Make sure that when youare recommending something that you are familiar with enough about it to where you can followup with your gathering and rebuttal their questions.One of the reasons that parties rely me and my affiliate relations is they know when I recommend software, it’s something I’m applying in mybusiness probably every day. When I recommend hardware, when I recommend cameragear, microphones, igniting, anything that use hereon the YouTube channel, beings are able to see on aregular basis in my content, in my Instagram, post on Twitter, that I’m always employing and experimenting with these slice ofgear, changing things up and that I know my gearand my hardware intimately, and I can give them advice on what to buy, and what fits theirneeds and its own budget. So the more study you do, the more you understand somethingthat you’re recommending, the more beings are gonnatrust that relationship and come to you as an official, whether through your contentor through you instantly. So really make sure you’rereally improved about anything that you’re gonna recommend beings buy, because they will probably comeback to you with questions, and I think that thebetter you act them, the more likely it is thatthey come back to you again in the future and use your affiliate tie-up before anybody else’s.Question of the day, what do you wanna know about affiliate marketingand passive income? And if you don’t have aquestion, you can’t think of one. Tell me something, what do you think aboutaffiliate marketing as a whole? Do you think that it’s a way that someone can make a full go living, or do you think that’s justonly good for a line-up bustle? Let me know in the comment section. Like this video if you likeit, don’t forget to subscribe, check out there other awesomecontent on the canal as always guys, thanksso very much for watching and don’t forget, got to go and createsomething terrifying, take care.( soft music ).

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