Affiliate-Marketing und Recht – Was musst du beachten!

Hello everyone, there aretwo of us live again today: Sabrina is here and I am Katrin Hill, Facebook marketing expert. Today I want to squeeze the Sabrina into the law when it comes to sharing affiliate connects. I’ll interpret exactly what that is in a moment. First of all, I would like Sabrina tointroduce herself briefly and to tell you when didaffiliate sell even start and then maybe I will justify again to those whodo not yet know what that signifies precisely. Sabrina, tell me, what are you doing precisely, who are you. I’d love to. My name is Sabrina Keese-Haufs. I have been dealing with the whole subject of IT regulation and especially online marketing law for years. I like to be on Facebook a lot myself, it is therefore became gumption to say, I too like to do Facebook privileges in quotation marks.Exactly, that’s my area and yesterday I already said a bit about Jeff Bezoes and divorce diaries, where some people pondered what that has to do with affiliate marketing. Very simple, maybe it’s just a tale, but they say that Jeff Bezoes was at a cocktail party in 1996 and a dame was talking about her and said: Watch out, I have a portal for divorces because you could somehow getdivorces back then settle online and you likewise have books about divorces if younow put aside with me then probably sold more to thechain agent video on the varied assert it was back then because of totalwar arose accurately there linked the story ofloses marketing on the subject they say ever passive income i haveto work harder for it i can give you two examples wherei lose marketing efforts and work so that technicallyi sell something strange that necessitates something and no longer heard andget a commission for it and technically it is solved in such a way that i a certaincode where you can get a certain url that somehow has my body in itand you se hen everything is different, for example portals where we can dothat kisdorf 24 stations the storyoffers if i don’t have my products full i can say okay sabrina youcould sell my joins in my course and get acommission for it yes that intends me I use it, for example, when I represent my engineering, whichI have always fresh for live videos, is available on my website my implements, what I use and then I lost left tons thatI always say when I do it very well I know and can absolutelyrecommend it to others, but I have already done things there, for example, when I sell other third-party routes, I alsosometimes just briefly mentioned the third-party courses or I even did theentire parlour you can perhaps still remember I havethe song symmetry met for a whole week i sent beings to a stranger for ashort while shows the loss again and again ert left and isthen a cookie is set via this tie, that is, ifthe cookies are not removed at the particular diameters, then it measuresevery time even if a week later then buys love route if at some spot it wasmy life then I still get mycommission depends on how long this watch is stored, frequently 90 or 180 daytimes at amazon, for example if I havean amazon affiliate association then it doesn’t matter which make I buy thatday for 24 hours make i buy the person who i got the link fromgets the commission example that i can use this technologyto earn a little money i say a little bit aboutamazon, for example, there is not much leftthen but it is in the americas arches anddominants very common that 50 percent of the sale is given awaybut there you can still make real money The very different things you get for sale are what drive you with the sale, that is whatthe seller then required to determine himself, but and here we go that is of course nice and good ifwe do that when we finally do most of the money andsince we have already to talk with marina if we do that is alabeling requirement right there marina may have to have the same power totell and almost no one says to but tell us what youactually have to do when we lose such a thing, we just use it as Some meet push, but alsodo advertising, even in June a little bit of bacon banker would not offer any fund because countless too say yes, there are stillproducts sent or if it remains under construction, we all know thathermann htker is then done you don’t even offset the signaturethe ballet on the other side is also in any casecorrect and good of it but tro But too advertising what many have in thoughts advertisingonly when I get coin but “thats really not” or to a automobile backupand commerce also includes that is also the appreciation or that is usedto different things about christian canestrini edmarkey to do whether that is mainly explained through a contract with the state insurers oreven if I say we want to want to we do notcreate a problem together simply like a kind and what you have to consider in the bgh, however, saidby both parties concoction close i don’t want to have any termspeople said i was but we do n’t have aclue because then do the two top i’m elicited said succinctly idon’t get a commission that clarifies the procedures and but you areno longer so of course always important sometimes you think as if you are walking with thecustomer newspaper but may Of trend you don’t even conclude the ideal one anymore, nevertheless probably by not opening a judgment to judgegemma or suing someone en is very likely not be enoughold people’s home say ad so ought to have been the roof through your bank where theysay warm work with a partner together so amazon comesafter a few weeks too extranet they require then that alsocomes before the word advertising support Not for enjoyable either, but because ofcourse they likewise work with the law government ministries and over seemsover complicated and where that if we do nt have to do it in Germany, we dont have tosay that its lost, but we have to say that itsadvertising that would be more correct exactly you can of course likewise at 2that you are forwarded from it but i don’t get a commission i doadvertising for anderson concoctions or for this season makes important something also ofcourse the labeling on the second station also done youcan look there and on the school page over it formerly written becausesome manufacture that at some station you didn’t even have a superstar thehistory already knownearby, of course, ideally at the link or drive over the link or has always free-spoken mywhole has more and clearly you cansimply go upstairs compactly in principle via subscriptions, on the other hand, choose normaland then call it advertising then you are In any case, on the safeside because that would be a alerting, just like one and a halfstories with us, and simply because someone else would say yes, unfortunately a good deal of beings will not do it again so that myresearch headquarters will then espouse themselves The illustrates could have been discovered immediately after thepurchase and of course it sounds like 200 that you don’t even knowwhat obstructs me interested who of the viewers simply originates it simplewrite my statements yes that you already lose connections may have toor no if you don’t does and she still says about me, I would liketo know now if it comes down to you have on the w ebseite clarified soshould be clearly visible the same endermann various connects, forexample, tagged in the upper sphere leg that was currently on facebookif we have a link there, so to speak, I like to do that was because of a lostlink then make it posh again pattern with linking so how I don’t find itideal because satisfy make the link and a short sentence I don’t have tocover the link now everyone must have clicked me with how many people have clicked on me but it is, for example, theplug-in fairly wings statistics how many people have faked era the putinlink that got me kathrin help completelyamazon price and then forwards on my about not far from amazon andhave positioned immediately on kobe yes forward to nowi have to make clear with every facebook affix i knew that it is here ad is clearly so that should do somethingbut I think you would not mind it he will I always contemplate r and will not start from what the ever back what isbehind it not bad because of course purchasers or again suspectno longer pay me once from the tactics on the technology bakeand play that is also sold well still to people who are still belowand I am also looking forward to thinking about processing with everyone inportans forbid that in the conditions better from but dolls thereare of course in addition to the end of high-resolution but also otherportals, of course, where you either say a word and then I closeone Contract for a third if you will and therefore also therelationship must not be used the men eventually make their own toolsapparently not even able to notice or no intuition what kind ofkindergarten house if the increase rate and maybe still andswitch that ever always delight Read through a few cases numbersunder conditions even with these conditions there is exactly oneplace the word resident should otherwise be on your sidebecause I can also find something that you can find this course first to findthe emmerbach not only obligates the question you have to say it’s nice if it iswell hidden then it should in any case then once once done precisely therewe do a download not in the download what he has to pay attention to andcould also include with you from sabrina I was allowed to do that directly afterthe video here in the comment or can I do it againsabrina what is Now, if I don’t do it like that, I’ll be honest withyou, I didn’t ever do that when a few peoplesaid good publicizing on the facebook post now I’ll start again anddon’t make it so obvious I say, for example, I have thepost affiliate associations and have the note that it is advertising maybe acomment underneath to not be very obvious now it wasprobably again can say a ll affection and we also know that of coursemost of them will be fit again and become more and more clear vanish yes, themega virtuoso was yes the further development likewise move of course a littlewill of course is not only when you now advertise or advertise as The only thing that is clear is that I alsoknow best, so what can determine Kate can of course and in thewarning from a challenger, yes, all from competitors orconsumers, if she says that is not so I exit I don’t have to do anyadvertising at all, I only struggle to say that Imentioned that again in passing, that even if I now alsotalk about product rates and what they show then that about thesoundtrack may also be a little less critical in principle but alsowith videos video topic also more and more now also advertising orpermanent advertising what you understand when the at dm em and there you can get 1000 eurosometimes I’m not surprised and then it is clear how of course on thescreen and watching likewise cultivates accurately because youdon’t have the link now or that describes the oneswho get it on on thursday in bonn as “theyve never” done before is also probablyunlikely there but likewise the portals or in companies and youmust not be cold, of course, the things were conditions of use violatedagainst it, so I think that will not be so striking, reflect clearly whether you think about it, that’s just clearly something Advertising is exciting, so I think you have to bea little careful, I have realised that accurately, thereis really no liberty judgment or I am now learning the guidelines, but we have not yet clarified in court, so we have not and so it does not at all behind vw variantmy type of advertising was the rank i would go away d as ofcourse always good, of course, always weigh a littlemore strictly carefully whether you can live with it a warning because somebody countless, I likewise believe that maybe not the current state of affairs and thetime is really a completely different thingon board that is likewise simply from the account to other than affiliate marketingbecause you can’t going to go now and say what I knowmichael vassiliadis also another topic we can includeI would say that was this basic framework for now, in any case, I would liketo ask now At the beginning then you would have questions on the subject of affiliatemarketing and what to look out for is considerableberlin your comment even though they are we no longer like to perform very muchwe then inspect regularly again on the button and furtherdeeper questions may be subject of events we will takenext probably extremely, or we are already thinking aboutwhether even So there was a bit offeedback here in the comment below, which topic youhave been legally detecting facebook browses with me or competitions what you like to pay attention tobelow in the comment because that was again immense feedbackI once have in the comment legs in there that signifies in there whatexactly describes in the download now likewise again with the program buttoday I said you also have the left-hand side of the hidden partnerstories, everyone understood I just like that again and againThe more it is all easy to postas immorality again from a tourist point of view, once again initiated marketingbecause today is just like going on here and as ever when youthen download but there is no problem here because small not thathe bought me but otherwise precisely I “d be happy” I now have a few more questions toget in cost expects For example, where abuse would be legally okay andnow it’s longer rumors say he would include it assubtitles section of the taboo yes because probably after as an exampleand only then I are happy to do a bit of promote for material that was mentioned in thepot kraft and blog if you There I get asmall commission that doesn’t cost you any more and enables me to get theplatform yes, there is an indictment push and marketing, but something else pass to me, I also constitutes I myself offer tie-ups for people whowant to sell my concoctions like that guaranteed redres because not every mouse buti too have to pay attention to something legally or is then ultimately the responsibilityfor the comfort itself no more than 100 connections so give it as important up to twoweeks really silly but the use in full has madedeliberate definition that is so from a exclusively legal point of view, it are really come aboutwithout having to think twice about it r becomes you because if less an understandable one islegally liable without you to copy so on the light-green quotation marks that isstill correct when you get things out I’m good that no produce but stillmakes the logo for example java then mutatedyou can get a free license from you you know that you can just for a short time onsaturday just for a certain period of time as we are cooperating may use my symbol, for example, or move the legs the direct so delic and leg shoulddetermine the advertising on the natural and what restraints where else perhaps perpetrates thebrands in june were alex if you are now of a special not necessarilyprovided so by uncritical but of course no matterseeing the pictures there again at all that does not automatically meanthat you can use the pictures available so when a seriesof the stage is made available then I’ll go too but that or seven yearsI’ll get it on as differently and accurately as it is and so I wouldlike to where may I likewise, for example, by having extra dropbox folders for the fourthwhere I is available to use a database for all three, whether he craved it or wine-colored market but with that chrysler So if I saya purchaser of mine utilizations mainz as two examples, loses a attach and makes amistake, that wants she may be informed by a competitorand then I can be held responsible for all burgio yes there will continue to beboth brand or then only he I am prosecuted because she made the mistakeand I am specially nervous in the economy now in the case Iwould expect every day and somethinglike that, the dependence on the communities their abortion that they sayyou are tax less that is a bit like coming to fruition, delight, I use a person, I give to all the things we haveand data that merely have to do with no ch the pedestal merely from whether I giveit to him says you can also characterize that will not assume any liabilitypurely theoretically could demonstrate legitimate armour on your pictureshe can not be very clear, so if Isend him this video now, for example, but not to then the liability lies withyou again or then I still have it from the fewpossibilities on it I don’t believe in it I no longer have plansbecause if I have the pulpit that would still be ornamented with the contract with whichit would only have to be and then Is there, for example, asuitable precede, how is one with the deletion and the importationcontract with the family forbidden to break open after his arrest andeffects where hardly any documents the question of whether the gardener and thenthere is still but that worked outI really clearly document it to the people that it is always the better that it isexplained and the better you can run for a few eras en and me not andnothing can be calculated what is right, I believe that theway I do this , not that you don’t allow everyone to eat now but that youreally select me a great deal and first price says that your ownwill recommend properly schneider point and i of course merely worktogether with teenie star, for example, because the technology is not resolved in this way can i say on facebook in my info pagethat all further links are advertisements in theposts or something is too hidden the bowls otherwise not always soeverything we find now advertisement is exaggerated and thus alsogiven up again on the train that conveys The current Bavarians are alwaysshort of their advertising on google the ec hten artilleries that would of coursealso with a proceed weblog is certainly imagine if I don’t read any more so which blog one from hereI still have no bombards I don’t know if I describe back therewould have to years of thanks a device or not at all internet always betterthan not having at all that is always all well and good has beenbetter, of course, it would be better if you already noted on the pageafterwards in the announce, for example, the missile super very niceI think that first clears most of the questions as I said relief happy to answer yourquestions on the topic you have in the commentsand then I ought to have between stop shops are probably not badas you can then too more and more the data can also be seen in belfast anddonate again many things that have been clarifiedwe start with the fact that he between and then still take care ofworking thank you sabrina many thanks for your input forall of us n have not downloaded the link yet, the link is inthe real estate comments and I precisely grab thedescription again, thank you very much again, very straight all the legal storiesI can’t cover myself I’m not a lawyer and sabrinais here simply our experts on the topic and that’s why we want to be able to improvise hereI am very happy that you were there I wish you a nice day and have fun with the affiliatelink and I know thank youSabrina and then until the next law interrogation

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